Academician Evgeni Kharadze

31. X. 1907 - 10. X. 2001

Professor of Astronomy

Dr. Ph. Full Member of Georgian Ac. of Sci. (from 1955) and of USSR Ac. Sci. (from 1984).
Director of Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory of the Georgian Ac. Sci. (1932-1992).
Honorary Director of the Observatory.
Rector of Tbilisi State University (1959-1965).
Vice-President of the Georgian Ac. Sci. (1972-1973).
President of the Georgian Ac. Sci. (1978-1986).
The Georgian Sciences Emeritus Professor (1961).
The Armenian Sciences Emeritus Professor (1982)
George Soros Emeritus Professor.
Member of the Astronomical Council of USSR Ac. Sci. (1960-1992).
Vice-President of the Internrtional Astronomical Union (1976-1982).
Author of about 50 scientific papers, 10 Manuals for Universities and Schools.