Academician Albert Tavkhelidze

Albert Tavkhelidze, born on 16 December 1930, is Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences; Fellow of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
In 1957 Prof. A.Tavkhelidze defended the Candidate's scientific degree at Steklov Mathematical Institute (Moscow), USSR Academy of Sciences.
In 1963  degree of  Doctor of Sciences was conferred on him at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Moscow).

Prof. A.Tavkhelidze's scientific works are mainly in the fields of the Quantum Field Theory, Theory of Elementary Particles, Theory of Quarks, Quantum Chromo-dynamics.

Prof. A.Tavkhelidze was President of the Georgian Academy of Sciences, scientific leader of the Institute for Nuclear Research(Moscow), Russian Academy of Sciences; Director of  High Energy Physics Institute, I.Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University; Head of the Department of Theoretical Physics at A.Razmadze Mathematical Institute of Georgian Academy of Sciences; Director of the Georgian Branch of ICSC-World Laboratory, Chairman of the Presidential Committee of State Prizes in Science and Technologies.

Prof. A.Tavkhelidze is Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal "Elementary Particles and Nuclear Physics" edited by the Joint Institute of Nuclear Physics, Member of the Editorial Board of the Journal "Fortschritte der Physik" (Berlin).

Prof. A.Tavkhelidze is winner of the USSR State Prize (1973), Lenin Prize (1986), N.Bogoliubov Prize of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences (1996), Prize of the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (Dubna). He is one of the authors of the discovery of Quark Counting Rules (1987).

Prof. A Tavkhelidze is Fellow of the Academies of Sciences of different countries.

Some of the principal works of acad. A. Tavkhelidze:

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