volume 164  number 3 November-December






L. Zhizhiashvili


On Hardy Operators

Presented June 19, 2001


Abstract. In the present paper, some properties of Hardy operators for the class Hw, where w satisfies A.Zygmund’s condition, are established.

Key words: Hardy operators.






K. Bitsadze


On Changes of Variable that Preserve Convergence and Absolute Convergence of Fourier Series with Respect to Haar Wavelets System

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, April 17, 2001


Abstract. It is established that among all continuously differentiable homeomorphic changes of variable only those preserve convergence and absolute convergence of Fourier series with respect to Haar wavelet whose preimage of zero is diadic rational and derivative is equal to 2m on the whole real line for some integer m.

Key words: Fourier-Haar, Haar wavelets, continuously differentiable, homeomorphic.






T. Akhobadze


Relations between Hw, V[n] and BL(p(n) ­Ґ,j) Classes of

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, December 12, 2000


Abstract. The necessary and sufficient conditions for the embedding of classes Hw and V[n] in the class BL(p(n) ­Ґ,j) is stated.

Key words: classes of functions.






A. Gachechiladze


A Maximum Principle in Signorini Problems

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy R. Bantsuri, March 6, 2001


Abstract. In the present paper, the analogue of the weak maximum principle for a scalar, linear eliptic equation, in coercive case is given. The result is applied to locate the coincidence set in the classical problem of Signorini for some concrete cases and also, for the formulation of the weak maximum principle for the same problem. An implicit Signorini problem was studied earlier by Bensoussan and Lions. They investigated the mentioned problem and proved the existence of solution, but the uniqueness result remained open. From the above mentioned results the uniqueness of a solution under asserted conditions is derived. If any of asserted conditions is missing, the existence might fail; in particular, there are found data, under which the problem has no solution at all.

Key words: Signorini problem, coercivity property.






Z. Avaliani


The Idempotent Elements of Complete Semigroups of Binary

Relations Defined by Semilattices of the Class

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Baladze, October 18, 2001


Abstract. The idempotent elements of complete semigroups of binary relations defined by semilattices of the class are completely described in the paper. The formulas of computing the idempotent elements are derived for the case when X is a finite set.

Key words: binary relation, semilattice, semigroup.






Ya. Diasamidze


Right Units and Idempotent Elements of Complete Semigroups of Binary Relations

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Baladze, September 18, 2001


Abstract. In this section, we give a description of right units and idempotent elements of the semigroup BX(D).

Key words: binary relations, semigroup, unit elements.






U. Goginava


On the Uniform Convergence of N-Multiple Walsh-Fourier Series

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, June 7, 1999


Abstract. In this paper, we consider the uniform convergence and divergence at point of N-dimensional Walsh-Fourier series of

 f in

Key words: Fourier series, Walsh functions, uniform convergence.






D. Namgaladze, Z. Samkharadze, S Danelia


Mathematical Model for the Analysis of Distribution of Local Velocities with Account of the Anomaly Properties of Liquid

Presented by Member of the Academy Ts. Mirtskhoulava, July 3, 2001


Abstract. The influence of rheological models on the hydrodynamic parameters of the flow has been theoretically studied for the liquids with anomaly properties. Namely, the Caisson-Shulman rheological model is considered. The law of distribution of local velocities in the flow section has been analytically obtained.

Key words: rheology, tangent tension, viscosity, velocity.



Mathematical Physics



D. Gordeziani, G. Avalishvili


On the Investigation of the Boundary Value Problem for Nonlinear Model in the Theory of Elastic Mixtures

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Burchuladze , November 16, 1999


Abstract. In the present paper, the nonlinear model of the mixture of two elastic solids is considered. Theorem of uniqueness and existence of the solution of Dirichlet boundary value problem is obtained.

Key words: PDE, elastic mixtures.



Theory of Elasticity



D. Natroshvili, G. Karseladze


Uniqueness Results for Fluid-Solid Interaction Problems

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy R. Bantsuri, October 30, 2001


Abstract. The uniqueness problem for the fluid-solid interaction three-dimensional problem, when interacting media are assumed to be lossy and a contact boundary is an infinite rough surface, is considered. It is established that the homogeneous version of the interaction problem has only the trivial solution in the class of regular functions with a bound on growth at infinity O (exp(q|x|)) for some q > 0.

Key words: fluid-solid interaction.






G. Gamtsemlidze, K. Gamkrelidze, M. Mirzoeva, G. Shonia


Experimental Study of Magnetization Porosity Dependence of

High-Temperature Ceramic YBa2Cu3O7-x Superconductor Sample

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, September 30, 2001


Abstract. The porosity of high-temperature ceramic YBa2Cu3O7-x superconductor prepared by solid phase reaction has been evaluated. True value of sample constituent granules susceptibility has been estimated.

Key words: magnetization, porosity.






J. Javakhishvili, N. Shatashvili


On Nonlinear Theory of Propagation of Pumping Transversal

Electromagnetic Wave with Arbitrary Amplitude in Two-Temperature Electron-Positron-Ion Plasma

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Tsintsadze, September 4, 2001


Abstract. The influence of relativistic effects on appearance of nonlinear structures and modulating instabilities while propagation of high-power transversal electromagnetic pumping wave in relativistic two-temperature electron-positron-ion plasma has been studied (the parameters of solitons and the increments of modulating instabilities have been calculated in explicit form).

Key words: nonlinear wave, Srцdinger nonlinear equation, electron-positron-ion plasma, modulating instabilities.






I. Ratishvili


H-H Interactions in the Superstoichiometric Rare-Earth Dihydrides

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Kharadze, January 22, 2001


Abstract. Chemically similar compounds LaH2+c and CeH2+c have qualitatively different values of the energy parameter p. There is made an attempt to understand the reasons of this difference.

Key words: hydrides, ordering alloys.






G. Devidze


m-Atom Double Radiative Decay

Presented by Member of the academy N.Amaglobeli, March 20, 2001


Abstract. Double radiative decay of the m–atom m+e- ® gg is studied in frame of the supersymmetric extension of the standard model. Numerical estimate for branching ratio is perfomed.

Key words: atom, photon, supersymmetry, lepton,quark.






Corr. Member of the Academy R. Kiladze


Express-method of Revealing of Asteroids Colliding with the Earth

Presented September 4, 2001


Abstract. The criteria for predicting if the asteroid collides the Earth in the nearest future has been found. Based on these criteria the prediction is possible by means of two observations only.

Key words: asteroid, criterion of collision.






I. Aladashvili, Z. Khvedelidze


Determination of Direct and Feedback Relations Between Solar Radiation and Air Temperature for the Territory of Georgia

Presented by Member of the Academy B.Balavadze, April 10, 2001


Abstract. On the basis of many years observation we aimed to establish the dependence of total and radiation balance change of solar energy on fluctuation of temperature field of the Earth's layer with account of solar activity change. We have processed total Q for 1975-1992, radiation balance R, temperature T, annual cycle of solar activity W. Correlation coefficient between them which is within the range of 0.9 was calculated. This helps to assume that the identity of the above fields is of high precision. On the basis of this we can compare the field of different meteorological values with total radiation or radiation balance and determine their interrelations.

Key words: solar radiation, nonstandard energies.






E. Jibladze, I. Gurguliani, N. Tsereteli


Particular Qualities of the Magnitude Frequency Relationship Law

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Chelidze, March 13, 2001


Abstract. Distribution pattern for the earthquakes of Javakheti and Enguri areas has been established. The value of an energetic class, after which the function of earthquake distribution N(K) can be written as linear, is established taking into account representative energetic ones. The value of an energetic class, after which seismic process is exhausted, is found.

Key words: earthquake, recurrence law, energetic class, representative, exhausted.






I. Gabisonia, Z. Kereselidze


The Character of Magnetospheric Boundary Porosities in
Approximation to Boundary Layer

Presented by Member of the Academy B.Balavadze, March 27, 2001


Abstract. Magnetic boundary layer of the Earth identified with the magnetopause is considered within the limits of plasma pipe formalism. It appeared that in the meridional section of the magnetopause necessary conditions for validity of porosity model of the magnetospheric boundary are automatically satisfied. In equatorial cross section the criterium of the validity of these conditions is small amount of electric drift in the boundary layer on the large-scale flow velocity of plasma which is satisfied with necessary storage for normal value of solar wind parameters.

Key words: magnetopause, solar wind, boundary layer.



Analytical Chemistry



Sh. Shatirishvili, G. Zakalashvili


Determination of Phenolcarboxylic Acids in Wines by Thin-Layer Chromatography Method

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Andronikashvili, December 5, 2000


Abstract. Direct determination of phenolcarboxylic acids in wine materials doesn’t always give positive results due to the complexity of their composition. That’s why their determination carried out by the method of thin-layer chromatography is realized after preliminary separation of yielding sample into fractions with various molecular mass.

Key words: thin-layer chromatography, phenolcarboxylic acids.



General and Inorganic Chemistry




Corr. Member of the Academy A. Shvelashvili, K. Amirkhanashvili, T. Sakvarelidze,

G. Adeishvili


Synthesis and Investigation of Coordination Compounds of some Transition Metals with Volatile Inhibitors of Corrosion

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Tsintsadze, May 8, 2001


Abstract. The purposeful synthesis is carried out in order to obtain coordination compounds of certain type with volatile inhibitors of corrosion. The influence of different factors on conditions of synthesis is stated. By IR spectra the conception on the rule of ligand’s coordination is put forward. The crystals fit for roentgenostructural analysis are obtained.

Key words: ligand, transition metal, IR-spectrum, piperidine of 2,4- and 3,5-dinitrobenzoates, corrosion, volatile inhibitor.




Organic Chemistry




T. Alavidze, V. Vasniov, T. Gogiashvili


Synthesis and Study of Arsenic-Containing Polyarylates on the Basis of Dichloranhydride of Di-(n-carboxyphenyl)phenylarsinoxide

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy L. Khananashvili, June 26, 2001


Abstract. The new arsenic-containing polyarylates were synthesized on the basis of chloranhydride of di-(n-carboxyphenyl) phenylarsinoxide. Their chemical, mechanical and physical properties have been investigated.

Key words: arsenic-containing polyarylates.



Organic Chemistry




K. Ebralidze, G. Papava, A. Dolidze, E. Gugava


Biodegrading Homogeneous and Mixed Matrixes of Amidoaldehyde Type for Microcapsulation of Multicomponent Compositions Containing Biologically Active Substances

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Andronikashvili, March 1, 2001


Abstract. Kinetic regularities of thiocarbamido-formaldehyde oligomers formation in water medium have been studied in temperature range of 50-700C, at molar correlation of thiocarbamide and formaldehyde 1:2 and initial concentration 0.1 and 0.2 mole/l, correspondingly. We nave determined kinetic parameters of the process: order, effective constant of reaction velocity, activation energy and probability factor. The scheme of homogeneous and mixed co-polymers formation is given.

Key words: oligomer, formaldehyde, amidoaldehyde.



Physical Geography




I. Bondyrev


On the Experience of Geomorphological Zonation of African Continent

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Z.Tatashidze, March, 2001


Abstract. The scheme of geomorphological zonation of the African continent is presented. Roman numerals mark 5 large diamentionally different geomorphological units - countries: African platform, East-African rifting country, mountain country of Cap, Mauritania-West-Sahara country, alpin mountain country of Magrib. The following domains, provinces, regions are ect. (191 domains).

Key words: geomorphological zonation, Africa.






N. Machitadze, V. Gvakharia, A. Tvalchrelidze


Vanadium and Chrome Content in Present Sediments of Georgian Sector of the Black Sea

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Zaridze, July 24, 2001


Abstract. In shelf sediments of Georgian sector of the Black Sea the high concentration of chrome and vanadium is marked on the territory of the Gonio cape up to the river Supsa tributary. In this zone they are characterized by positive correlation. In the north the concentration drastically decreases and the correlative link disappears.

Key words: bottom sediments, denudation, migration, chrome, vanadium.






A. Mirianashvili


The Influence of Forging Method on the Mechanical Properties of the Forging

Presented by Member of the Academy I. Zhordania, August 7, 2001


Abstract. On the basis of mechanical tests analysis it is shown that for the various methods of forging at the small value of the preliminary forging is possible to obtain the high quality billet if forging process is realized at high coefficient of transition.

Key words: forging, drawing, coating, billet.



Automatic Control and Computer Engineering





V. Mdzinarishvili


Optimal Control of Antagonistic Objects

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chichinadze, March 28, 2000


Abstract. We present the models of first order of antagonistic objects. Both deterministic and stochastic models are considered. Operation of these objects is realized using functional methods of optimal operation.

Key words: control, antagonistic, unsensibility, strategy, zone.







M. Svanidze


Principles of Typological Classification of Pine Forests in Georgia

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Gigauri, March 3, 2001


Abstract. The main principles of typological classification of pine ecosystem are viewed in the article. The classification scheme of pines is presented.

Key words: pine, forest, ecosystem, classification, genesis.







N. Gvarishvili, T. Tskhoidze


On Artificial Phytocenoses of the Batumi Botanical Gardens

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Gigauri, July, 15, 2001


Abstract. In the present paper, we have studied artificial phytocenoses of the East Asian phytogeographic section. Foreign species along with local ones created the original phytocenoses. Active intrusion of aboriginal plants (Rhododendron ponticum, Hedera colchica, Laurocerasus officinalis, Vaccinium arctostaphylos. Rubus Caucasicus, Smilax exculsa, etc.) depresses gross development of exotic species. To preserve the structure of artificial cenosis the protection care and filling the collection with new dropped species are recommended.

Key words: phytocenoses, aboriginal plants, exotic species.


Plant Physiology




G. Badridze, N. Janukashvili, E. Giorgobiani, M. Kikvidze, N. Kacharava, Sh. Chanishvili


Reaction on UV Radiation of Two Forms of Kidney Bean

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Nutsubidze, January 21, 2001


Abstract. The influence of additional ultraviolet (UV) radiation and plants adaptation to it have been studied in two forms of kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L. var. “Borjomula 16” and its yellow mutant M-61-2). Leaves photosynthetic activity, stomatal conductivity, starch content and nitrate reductase activity, also antioxidative substances: ascorbic acid, glutathione, carotenoids and tocopherol were studied. The obtained results have shown, that the studied forms of kidney bean differed in adaptation to the changed irradiation regime. In both varieties of plant high and low intensities of radiation caused the decreasing of photosynthesis, stimulation of stomatal conductivity, activation of synthesis of starch and nitrate reductase. The main defensive antioxidative systems revealed diverse reactions. In “Borjomula 16” carotenoids may be regarded as the main protective substances, while in mutant plant - ascorbic acid+glutathione and tocopherol.

Key words: UV radiation, photosynthesis, starch, stomatal conductivity, nitrate reductase.



Plant Physiology




M. Gachechiladze, A. Litvinov, G. Alexidze


Extraction of a New Lectin from Roots of the Georgian Endemic Medical Plant Thyme (Thymus tiflisiensis Klock et Schost) and Some of its Properties

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Aleksidze, January 1, 2001


Abstract. For the first time proteins with lectin activity have been extracted from roots of Thymus tiflisiensis. Lectin has been purified partially and some of its biochemical properties were studied. It was determined that lectin reveals no ability to agglutinate human A,B,AB and O erythrocytes. It reveals specificity not only to monosaccharides of glucose group and some glucose-containing oligosaccharides, but also to N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. The correlation between the lectin activity in the roots of the thyme and the physiological state of this plant was shown.

Key words: thyme, root, lectin activity.



Genetics and selection


I. Khorava, Corr. Member of the Academy D. Jokhadze


Stimulatory Effect of Spirulina (Spirulina platensis) on Wine Yeast (Saccharomyces vini) growth and development

Presented March 20, 2001


Abstract. Stimulation effect of blue-green alga Spirulina was confirmed by experiments held on the wine yeasts. The above-mentioned provokes experimental object biomass form substantially stimulation. The effect is fixed on the photo by the yeast colonies growth.

Key-words: Spirulina, wine yeast, biomass stimulation.







I. Modebadze, T. Shavlakadze, M. Gurushidze, Z. Kokrashvili, D. Dzidziguri


Study of the Peculiarities of Growth Controlling Genes Expression in the Hepatocytes of White Rats under Conditions of Hormonal Disbalance

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Tumanishvili, March 27, 2001


Abstract. It has been shown that in the hepatocytes of white rats stimulated for the proliferation under the conditions of the hormonal disbalance (bilateral adrenalectomy) the expression of the early response genes is essentially changed. The peak of the transcriptional activity of the delayed response genes emerges three hours earlier respectively. We also have demonstrated that the early mitoses start to show up in the hepatocytes of adrenalectomized rats stimulated for the proliferation after 6 hours of partial resection of the liver tissue. The early mitoses rising within 6 hours after the operation indicate the existence of the population of G02 cells with high ploidity in the liver tissue. The obtained results let us conclude that the reprogramming of genes controlling mitoses in stimulated hepatocytes is accelerated under the conditions of the hormonal disbalance.

Key words: proto-oncogene, bilateral adrenalectomy, partial hepatectomy.







N. Gumbaridze, K. Chakhunashvili


Prematurity Background in Clinical Characteristics of Children with Diabetes Mellitus

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Chanishvili, May 20, 2001


Abstract. In present study, we show the background of prematures in relation to diabetes mellitus. Prematurity is suggested as one of the possible risk factors.

Key words: prematurity, diabetes mellitus.







A. Telia, M. Chikhladze, G. Abuladze


Frequency Structure of Childhood Allergy in Summer and Fall in Tbilisi

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Bakhutashvili, June 6, 2001


Abstract. Clinical investigations support mutually exclusive assumptions about relation between atmospheric pollen concentration and allergic symptomatology. We analyzed occurrence of pollinosis (rhinitis, conjunctivitis, rhino-conjunctivitis), asthma and dermatitis in summer and autumn. We have found, that there is no relation between the pollen concentration and the increase in attendances to medical facilities. The occurrence of respiratory allergy in summer substantially depends on children’s age but in fall this relation was not detected. Further studies may help to elucidate the cause of this phenomenon.

Key words: pollinosis, allergy, pollen grains, asthma, rhinitis, conjunctivitis.







M. Makharadze, G. Getashvili, E. Tabuashvili, D. E. Khoshtariya


Calorimetric Study of Selected Globular Proteins by the Method of Thermal Annealing

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Zaalishvili, July 10, 2001


Abstract. The method of thermal annealing at different preheating temperatures was applied in difference scanning calorimetric studies of representative globular proteins, myoglobin (at pH 9.0 and 10.7) and lysozyme (pH 3.0), with a special attention to the applicability of a three-state model for the protein denaturation process. The results obtained in certain cases can be explained on the basis of this model involving a native, and two denatured states, with the implication of the first reversible (fast) and the second irreversible (slow) stages, respectively. Deviations from this model that observed in some cases are also discussed, considering additional (“hybrid”) conformational sub-states.

Key words: differential scanning calorimetry, globular proteins, three-state model, heat denaturation, intermediate conformational sub-states.







D. E. Khoshtariya, M. Makharadze, G. Getashvili, Member of the Academy M. Zaalishvili


On the DSC Rate Performance for a Three-State Thermal

Denaturation of Globular Proteins

Presented July 17, 2001


Abstract. The three-state model for a thermal denaturation of globular proteins, including the native and two denaturated states, with the first stage assumed to be reversible and fast, and the second one deemed as irreversible and slow, is discussed in the context of relevant literature data. It is demonstrated that the “true” thermodynamic parameters for the first reversible stage can be obtained by linear plotting of the series of experimental data obtained at different scanning rates (presented in logarithmic coordinates), and by their extrapolation to hypothetical extremely high (but not infinite) scanning rates, amounting to 50 grad. sec-1.

Key words: differential scanning calorimetry, globular proteins, thermal denaturation, three-state model, thermodynamic parameters.







N. Metreveli, L. Namicheishvili, K. Jariashvili, I. Jorjishvili, G. Mrevlishvili


The Influence of Ultraviolet Irradiation on Collagen

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Zaalishvili, July, 2001


Abstract. The influence of ultraviolet irradiation on collagen by differential scanning calorimeter is studied. The carried out experiments prove the suggestion that ultraviolet irradiation is characterized by destabilized action. A reaction of helix-coil transition of irradiated collagen develops from less thermostabilized region towards more thermostabilized one.

Key words: collagen, ultraviolet irradiation.







M. Tabagari, L. Kutateladze, T. Aleksidze, D. Chkhartishvili


Selection of Producers of Thermo- and Acid-Stable Amylases and the Perspectives of Application of the Obtained Enzymes

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Kvesitadze, March 3, 2001


Abstract. The producers of thermo- and acid-stable glucoamylase Aspergillus Awamori and acid-stable a-amylase Aspergillus niger have been selected. The strains are nontoxic and nonpathogenic. The optimum conditions for cultivation of mutant strains have been determined. The glucoamylase of Aspergillus awamori - L56 was highly thermostable and stable in acid media.

Acid-stable a-amylase and glucoamylase from Aspergillus niger –147A and thermo- and acid-stable glucoamylase Aspergillus awamori-L56 have been tested in bakery.

Key words: acid-stable a-amylase, glucoamylase, biosynthesis, fungi, medium, conidium, enzyme, temperature, pH, aeration, fermenter.







G. Papunidze, A. Kalandiya, S. Papunidze, M. Vanidze


Kiwi Fruit Chemical Composition

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Kvesitadze, March 27, 2001


Abstract. Chemical composition of Bruno, Kolomikta, Hayward, Monti kiwi fruit varieties was studied by thin - layer and high-pressure chromatography. The kiwi fruit chemical constituents are glucose at 49.0-52.0 %, fructose at 9.0-12.0 %, citric acid at 1.5-2.0%, malic acid at 0.75-1.0%,oxalic acid at 0.05%,phenol compounds 25 mg /kg, vitamin C at 4 mg/g (in terms of dry solids).

Key words: kiwi fruits, chemical composition, glucose, fructose, citric acid, malic acid, oxalic acid, phenol compounds, vitamin C, thin-layer and high-pressure chromatography.



Microbiology and Virology




E. Kartvelisvili, Sh. Khetsuriani, K. Khetsuriani


Antibacterial Activity of some Antifungal Drugs

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Nutsubidze, June 1, 2001


Abstract. The oral microflora involves almost 200 species of microorganisms. Antimicrobial effect of Candida spp. and bacterial strains (S.aureus, S.haemolyticus, S.epidermidis, S.agalactiae, S.mitis, S.pyogenes, S.sanguis, E.coli, P.vulgaris, L.salivarius) to antifungal agents - macmiror (nifuratel) and sporanox (itraconazole) have been defined. Wide antibacterial and antifungal action of sporanox and macmiror gives the possibility to use them in treatment of dental diseases.

Key words: Candida spp. strains, antifungal resistance, macmiror (nifuratel).







M. Murvanidze


Daily Vertical Dynamics of Oribatid Mites (Acari:oribatei:) in Conditions of a Town

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I. Eliava, May 12, 2001


Abstract. Daily vertical migration of oribatid mites on the grass is considered in conditions of a town. A list of species, which have the ability of migration on the grass and so might be the source of invasion for domestic cattle, is presented.

Key words: daily vertical dynamics, Scheloribates laevigatus, Pergalumna myrmophila, Punctoribates punctum.







Ts. Jorbenadze, J. Oniani, A. Chogoshvili, T. Amiranashvili, T. Oniani, Kh. Danelia


Stress Factor Influence on the Coniferous Plants in Conditions of Woody Cover Restoration in Mountainous Regions

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Aleksidze, May 29, 2001


Abstract. The injury possibility of coniferous plant seedlings by the stress factors in the process of woody cover restoration in mountainous regions of Georgia was investigated. The study of primary processes of photosynthesis, respiration, membrane permeability for ions and water content in seedlings shows that freezing and winter drought can be considered as principal damage factors of abiotic stresses, which intensify due to drastic change of diurnal temperature in winter and early spring.

Key words: acclimated, nonacclimated, photosynthesis, stress factors.



Experimental Medicine




A.Chkhotua, Corr. Member of the Academy L.Managadze, Z.Shapiria, A.Tobar, E.Shabtai, A.Yussim


The Ability of New Senescence Markers to Predict Kidney Function Recovery from Transplantation Associated Ishemia/Reperfusion Injury

Presented October 10, 2001


Abstract. None of the existing parameters of donor organ quality assessment can reliably predict post transplant graft function outcome and alternative markers therefore are under the research. The goal of our study was to check if renal senescence may impact the ability of kidney to recover from Tx associated stresses. For this purpose experimental model of rat kidney Tx was created. Estimation of sensitivity and specificity data showed that initial staining was more sensitive and specific marker and with the combination of both up to 100% of sensitivity could be reached. For the first time, the cellular senescence estimated in this study by b-Gal expression and T length measurement, was found to be correlated with the whole organ senescence in vivo and could reliably predict the ability of rat kidney to withstand ishemia/reperfusion injury.

Key words: kidney transplantation, kidney senescence, ishemia.reperfusion, telomeres.



Experimental Medicine




I. Topuria


Main Prognostic Factors of High Aggressive Haematosarcomas

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Chanishvili, November 1, 2001


Abstract. Multivariant analysis of 447 cases of high grade malignancy of non-Hodgkin lymphomas (lymphoblastic, immunoblastic and reticulosarcoma) revealed that the presence or absence of intoxication symptoms and clinical stage I and stage II versus III and IV have the most important statistically significant prognostic value. Sex, age and histomorphologic variants have not such prognostic value, but at different time of observation these parameters revealed some prognostic significance. In fourth and fifth years the survival outcome is statistically sifficiently better in females. Median survival for immunoblastic lymphosarcoma is better than it is in lymphoblastic and reticulosarcoma. These data should be used in the selection of appropriate theurapeutic trials in the patients with aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Key words: aggressive haematosarcoma, immunoblastic lymphosarcoma, lymphoma.



Experimental Medicine



N. Gordadze


Cyclophosphamide-Induced Injury of Conduction System of Rat’s Heart

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Javakhishvili, October 11, 2001


Abstract. Electron-microscopic study of rat’s conduction system has been carried out under the influence of antitumor drug cyclophosphamide. This investigation comprises a fragment of morphological analysis of the influence of different groups of antitumor drugs on the heart conduction system.

Cyclophosphamide was injected intraperitoneally, in two regimens: 1) high dosage regimen – 150 mg/kg, 4 everyday injections. 2) long-term low dosage regimen – 40 mg/kg once a two week; 6 courses with two weeks interval.

Cyclophosphamide high dose administration produced in rat’s conduction system acute degenerative changes with multiple interstitial myocardial hemorrhages. Mainly pacemaker cells in S-A and A-V nodes were damaged.

Cumulative long-term cardiotoxic effect of cyclophosphamide was revealed during low-dosage regimen. Latent pacemaker and Purkinje cells undergo calcium-type injury-contractions of sarcomeres, hydratation of sarcoplasmic reticulum, electron-dense inclusions in mitochondrial intercristal areas.

Key words: cyclophosphamide, cardiotoxicity, conduction system of heart.



Experimental Medicine




N. Manjavidze, M. Mamaladze


Electron-Microscopic Analysis of the Action of Dentin Adhesive Systems

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Dekanosidze, September 11, 2001


Abstract. The mechanisms of adhesive dental systems in endodontics are unknown for today. The levels of adhesion and penetration into the tissues of dental channel have been investigated. The adhesive system - Etch & Prime 3.0 (Degussa) showed positive effect in endodontology.

Key words: adhesive systems, dental (channel), penetration.







Ts. Gabelaia


Fossil Fish in Chiatura Manganese Beds

Presented by Member of the Academy L.Gabunia , March 6, 2001


Abstract. The paper deals with the discovery of fossil fish within Chiatura manganese beds, dated back to Oligocene. It was stated that Archaeus glarisianus, a Stauridae representative, inhabited the Oligocene sea in the environs of Chiatura.

Key words: Chiatura, Oligocene, Khadum, fossil fish, Stauride.







E. Lobzhanidze, M.Gabunia


The Effect of Environment Pollution Caused by Waste Products on Cambium Activity of Pine Species and Anatomic Structure of Wood

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Urushadze, May 29, 2001


Abstract. We report on the negative action of environmental pollution on woody plants Pinus nigra Arn., and Cedrus deodara Fond in Kutaisi city and its environs. The dynamics of cambium activity in vegetative period is studied. The Pinus nigra Arn. appeared too sensitive in relation to pollutants due to which the depression of its cambium activity and structural anomaly during secondary wood formation take place. As to Cedrus deodara Fond., it reacts to air pollution comparatively less which can be the index of its resistancy.

Key words: woody plants, environment pollution.







A. Mamardashvili, D. Magradze


On Problem of Personal Peculiarities of Offenders

Presented by Member of the Academy Sh. Nadirashvili, October 10, 2001


Abstract. On the basis of rich clinical material we have studied the personalities of individuals committing suicide, particularly in the state of alcoholism. It is shown that structural and functional peculiarities of pathopsychological personality must be connected with changes of pure morphological character occurred on the cellular, as well as subcellular and genetic levels.

Key words: oligophrenia, delinquent, offender.







M. Kakulia


Concept and Indicators of Dollarization

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V. Papava, October 26, 2001


Abstract. This paper is devoted to dollarization problems. Definitions of cash and electronic dollarizations are introduced. Based on money demand hypothesis in the economy the expert method of estimating the level of dollarization is developed.

Key words: cash and electronic dollarizations, currency substitution, aggregate indicator of dollarization.







G. Tsaava


Innovation Management as the Basis of Modern Banks Control

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L.Chikava, October 16, 2001


Abstract. The practice of major innovations in activities of business banks of Georgia, the way of essential increase of competitiveness, qualitative service improvement of clients are considered. Essential researches, revision or refinement of the main branches of innovation management with reference to bank sphere of Georgia therefore are being discussed.

Key words: management, innovation.







M. Nanitashvili


Competitive Advantages in Retail Trade

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L. Chikava, November 1, 2001


Abstract. The paper deals with the definition of the concept of competitive advantages in retail trade. Different viewpoints are analyzed and the author’s opinion is advanced about it. Characteristics of competitive advantages are described.

Key words: retail trade, competition, competitive relations, competition rate, methods of hierarchy analysis.







G. Shubladze, M. Nanitashvili


Foreign Experience in Regulation of Circulation Sphere

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L. Chikava, September 11, 2001


Abstract. The paper regards the experience of leading economic countries of the world in government regulation of economic development. Government role in regulation of economic relations, the principles and mechanism of government regulation of economy in the West European countries, and the necessity to elaborate general policy to support and increase the activity of the small-scale business are considered.

Key words: circulation sphere, market regulation, government regulation.







T. Babunashvili


Sources of Raw Materials for Georgian Industry and Prospects of Utilization

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L. Chikava, November 10, 2001


Abstract. The author reports about deposits of raw materials of Georgia being enough for favourable development of Georgian industry. State objective programs for exploitation of the materials and energy resources are being elaborated.

Key words: raw materials, energy resources, deposits.







N. Ovsyannikova


Georgian Legislation on Asset and Finance Declaration by Public Officials

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Intskirveli , June 19, 2001


Abstract. The article reviews the legislation of Georgia on declaring the asset and financial state of public officials. Some opinions and proposals for further improvement and development in legislation in this sphere have been reported.

Key words: asset, finance declaration.







N. Ardoteli


On One “Anomalous” Sound-Correspondence in the Avar-Andi-Dido Languages

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Topuria, June 15, 2001


Abstract. The present article suggests the analysis of some peculiarities of the correspondence between the consonant k. and its intensive correlant k. in the Avar-Andi-Dido languages. The double reflexation of the consonant k. in the Dido language is conditioned by its position and can be explained by the combinative factor. It means that there is no “anomalous” sound correspondence in the given case. It is an ordinary phonemic correspondence and there is no need of postulating one more back-velar glotalized phoneme.

Key words: anomalous, archiphoneme, correlant







R. Berulava


Categories of Scientific Term System and their Role in the Formation of Local Terminology

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Gamkrelidze, June 17, 2001


Abstract. An innovative flowchart is given to describe the terminological schedule of integrating processes in modern fields of knowledge. This scheme is characterized by two so-called terminological communications inside the certain area of a particular scientific field. These communications are: a) feedforward; b) feedback. The flowchart demonstrates terminological intercouplings between the categories and considers an object (or subject) and process (or phenomenon) of a mode in an application process of devices or instrumentation built from set of subjects - objects of researches.

Key words: scientific concepts, applied sciences, scientific term systems.







N. Ratiani


The Function of Specific Colours in Funeral Ritual (Ancient Greek Literature)

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy R. Gordeziani, November 1, 2001


Abstract. Preference of the black colour by the mourners in the funeral ritual is connected with the idea that the black is an organic epithet of the underworld. Being dressed in blacks, dirtied with black ground creates the image of the participant of the ritual, as opposed to the dead – washed, dressed in the new clothes, covered with white. All these show that the colours connect the different worlds.

Key words: funeral rituals, colours, underworld.







G. Meskhi


Myth as Culture-Creating Principle and Modern Consciousness

Presented by Member of the Academy K. Tsereteli, February 24, 2001


Abstract. Two different types of consciousness are identified: mythic consciousness, which creates mythological images and modern ‘material’ consciousness. They are totally different from each other.

Key words: experience, perception, non-self, selfhood.