volume 163  number 3  May-June




Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili

On Boundary Values of Multidimensional Schwarz Operator

Presented May 23, 2000

Abstract. The boundary values of multidimensional Schwarz operator are established.

Key words: multidimensional Schwarz operator, boundary values.




G. Nadibaidze

On the Convergence Almost Everywhere of Double Series with Respect to Block-Orthonormal Systems

Presented by Member of the Academy L.Zhizhiashvili, May 23, 2000

Abstract. The double block-orthonormal system is introduced. The two-dimensional analog of V.F. Gaposhkin's theorem about convergence of series almost everywhere with respect to block-orthonormal systems is proved.

Key words: block-orthonormal systems, double block-orthonormal systems.




T. Akhobadze

Generalized BV(P(n)­¥,j) Class of Bounded Variation

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, May 30, 2000

Abstract. Various properties of the generalized Wiener BV(P(n)­¥,j) class are considered. Besides, the necessary and sufficient conditions for the embedding of classes Hw and V[v(n)] in the class BV(P(n)­¥,j) are found.

Key words: BV(P(n)­¥,j) class, V[v(n)] class, Hw class, Wiener class BVp.




G. Oniani

On the Convergence of Fourier-Haar Multiple Series' Partial Sums Along the Set of Indices

Presented by Member of the Academy L.Zhizhiashvili, May 16, 2000

Abstract. We investigated the convergence of Fourier-Haar multiple series' partial rectangular sums when the indices of partial sums tend to infinity along the some subset of Nn.

Key words: Fourier-Haar series, rectangular sums, convergence.




I. Khazhalia

On the Rate of Convergence of Multiple Fourier Series of HV Class Functions

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, June 27, 2000

Abstract. The order of convergence of the multiple Fourier series of functions of bounded variation in Hardy's sense is established.

Key words: multiple Fourier series, bounded variation in Hardy's sense, rate of convergence.




S. Khazhomia

On Determination of Cohomotopy-Type Functors by Means of Hom Functor

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy N.Berikashvili, June 13, 2000

Abstract. Determination of introduced by the author earlier cohomotopy-type functors Pn by means of Hom functor is given.

Key words: cohomology, (co)homotopy, inverse limit, extensions of functors, Hom functor.




G. Sirbiladze

Fuzzy Subset Construction through the Associated Probabilities

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N.Vakhania, June 6, 2000

Abstract. Insufficient expert data induce unique pair of dual fuzzy measures - Choquet's capacities of order two. In this paper, we build fuzzy subset from the class of associated probabilities of fuzzy measure constructed on the field of insufficient expert data.

Key words: fuzzy subset, fuzzy measure, associated probability.




D. Ugulava

Some Problems of Approximation on Locally Compact Abelian Groups

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, April 18, 2000

Abstract. The direct and inverse theorems for the approximation of functions defined on some locally compact Abelian Hausdorff group G with Haar measure m are given. As the capacity of the approximating subspaces analogs of exponential type entire functions are considered.

Key words: approximation, locally compact Abelian group, Fourier transform, exponential type entire functions.




K. Kachiashvili, D. Melicjanyan

Interpolation of Nonlinear Function of the Certain Class

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chavchanidze, June 29, 2000

Abstract. The algorithms of interpolation of one-parametrical families of functions from polynoms and some nonlinear functions are offered. The given algorithms are frequently used by the authors of work in approximation problems of functions, on its discrete experimental values for definition of initial intervals of search of unknown parameters.

Key words: interpolation, nonlinear function, optimal algorithm.




Z. Piranashvili

Kotelnikov-Shannon's Generalized Formula for the Random Fields

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chavchanidze, June 13, 2000

Abstract.  Kotelnikov-Shannon's generalized formula for random fields is investigated.

Key words: Kotelnikov-Shannon's generalized formula, random field.





I. Metskhvarishvuli, N. Kekelidze, M. Metskhvarishvili, L. Khorbaladze

Tbilisi State University, Physics Faculty


Penetration of the low magnetic fields into the HTSC ceramics

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy T.Sanadze, February 16,2000


 Abstract. High temperature superconductor in the case of low magnetic field was inestigated. The experimant shows that the HTSC ceramics are multijunctional Josephson mediums consisting the grains by weak links between them which leads to the small amount of the .

Key words: HTSC ceramics, Sesceptibility , Static susceptibility (cdc), Third harmonics .




N.Gochaleishvili, A.Gerasimov, E.Maziashvili

Comparative Analysis of Self-Diffusion Mechanisms in AII BVI, AIII BV and AIV BVI Semiconductor Compounds

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy T.Sanadze, October 31,2000

Abstract. Self-diffusion in semiconductors of AII BVI, AIII BV and AIV BVI - type is studied and on the ground of a new mechanism of diffusion the earlier inexplicable experimental facts are explained. The value of self-diffusion coefficients of A atoms are always greater, and their temperature dependences weaker than those of B atoms. According to this mechanism the element migratory act is defined by the change of potential energy of chemical bond of migrated atom to another atoms. Herewith, the way of change is not significant ( light, injection, temperature). The coincidence of experimental data and the temperature dependences of self-diffusion coefficients calculated after this mechanism are quite satisfactory.

Key words: self-diffusion coefficients, antibonding quasi-particles (AQP), electro-negativity, effective potential, semiconductor compounds.




A. Gerasimov, Z. Bokhochadze, M. Vepkhvadze, N. Gochaleishvili, E. Maziashvili,
Z. Samadashvili, G. Chiradze

Type and Concentration of Impurity Influence Mechanism in
Semiconductor on Diffusion

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T.Sanadze, March 27, 2001

Abstract. Change of the value of isothermic diffusion coefficient depending on concentration and type of impurity in semiconductor is connected with the change of concentration of antibonding quasiparticles (free electrones and holes) formed by zone-zone transition due to the occurrence of antibonding quasiparticles of impurity ionization, having less loosen action than antibonding quasiparticles formed by zone-zone transition.

Key words: impurity, antibonding quasiparticles (AQP), semiconductor, diffusion.




G. Berria

Ball Lightning-Outcome Peculiar Condition of Matter

Presented by Corr. Member of Academy T.Chelidze, September 5, 2000

Abstract. It is proved, that there exist the elementary, discrete, universal streams of tension of electric and magnetic field, which resemble the strings or tubes. We call them simmily (stringtube in Georgian language). They exist independently of each other, but they can interact and produce elementary particles and fields.

In the Earth atmosphere there are different structures of simmilies in invisible form, which interact with molecules of air.

Electric simmilies produce a particular structure in atmosphere. We call it AUSTES (Atmospheric, Universal, Stationary, Teruslike,Electric Structure).

The AUSTES are induced by the linear lightning current and then are trapped and hold in a potential "sack" of an atmospheric electrostatic field. They can exist in such a state for an unlimitedly long time. Trapping of the simmilies results in disintegration of the electromagnetic field into components.

The AUSTES hase a special point on the symmetry axis, where strength tends to infinity, that leads to setting up an electric discharge in the air in a form of a luminescent sphere and is called a ball lightning.

Key words: a ball lightning, a string.




T.Toroshelidze, S. Chilingarashvili

Vertical Diffusion near the Turbopause by Observation of the 557.7 nm Emission

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy R. Kiladze, July 18, 2000

Abstract. The investigation of the night airglow oxygen emission 557.7 nm at the Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory using multiazimuthal electrophotometer and an oscillator filter, reveal space heterogeneity and intensity variation with a period less than one night which is connected with diffusion and vertical shift of the emitting layer. On the basis of previously received data on height variations of emitting layer by simultaneous observations from two stations the spatial-temporal significance of the vertical molecular diffusion coefficient Km and the velocity of vertical shifts of the emitting layer Vn for summer of 1998 were estimated. The obtained value of the coefficient Km is within 0.3-11 x 107 cm2/sec, with an average value of 3 x 107 cm2/sec. Its value is increasing with height. The vertical shift velocity of the emitting layer varies from zero to 170 cm/sec with a mean value of about 85 cm/sec. On the basis of these data the vertical average flow of atomic oxygen at heights of 90-100 km is estimated.

Key words: 557.7 nm emission of night airglow, vertical molecular diffusion, vertical shift velocity, vertical flow of oxygen atoms.




Member of the Academy A. Apakidze, G. Tabagua, L. Chanturishvili, Corr. Member of the Academy T. Chelidze, G. Kipiani, M. Jakhutashvili

Some Results of Archaeogeophysical Studies on the Territory of Ancient Urban Area Armaztsikhe-Baginety

Presented May 16, 2000

Abstract. Detailed electric profiling and sounding on the second and third terraces of Armaztsikhe-Baginety archaeological objects were carried out. From the revealed anomalies four perspective regions were selected. Three of these anomalies were examined by trenching in total length of 20m. Various archaeological objects were found. After final processing of materials the schemes of underground arrangement of constructions is offered.

Key words: archaeogeophysics, geoelectrical section, ancient city Armaztsikhe.




I. Gabisonia

Estimation of a Possible Electromagneric Effect of Solar Wind Viscosity in the Frontal Region of the Magnetosphere

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Chelidze, December 21, 1998.

Abstract. The model by which the solar wind plasma has ordinary viscosity is used. Earlier it was postulated that constancy and isotropy of electric conductivity in the magnetosheath of the magnetosphere was constant. As a result, in some cases the development of anomalous resistance in the plasma can be caused by the ordinary viscosity effect.

Key words: solar wind, magnetospere magnetosheath.


Physical Chemistry


M. Kekenadze, M. Rusia, G. Bezarashvili, Z. Dzotsenidze, R. Gigauri

Statistical Modelling of Obtaining of the Chromium (III) Tetraoxoarsenate Complex with b-acetylphenylhydrazine

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Andronikashvili, March 20, 2001

Abstract. Statistical modelling of the chromium (III) tetraoxoarsenate (V) with b-acetylphenylhydrazine formation was carried out. First order experimental design method was used and the regression equation has been deduced, which describes the dependence of weight percent yield of the reaction on the temperature and pH-value. The strong interaction of these factors has been brought to light.

Key words: mathematical modelling, experimental design, coordination compound, tetraoxoarsenate, b-acetylphenylhydrazine.




R.Kvaratskhelia, E.Kvaratskhelia

Study of Electrochemical Dehalogenation Reaction at the Solid Electrodes in Mixed Media

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy J.Japaridze, May 24, 2000

Abstract. Electrochemical dehalogenation of bromoacetic and iodoacetic acids at the electrodes from various metals and alloys in the mixtures of water with acetone, ethanol, dimethylformamide and pyridine has been studied. The characteristic peculiarities of these reactions in mixed media have been shown. The values of the dissociation constants of chloroacetic and bromoacetic acids in mixed media have been determined.

Key words: bromoacetic acid, iodoacetic acid, voltammetry, electrode, wave, reduction.


Pharmaceutical Chemistry


V. Barbakadze, Member of the Academy E. Kemertelidze, A. Usov

Structural Characterization of Glucofructans from some Plants of Georgia

Presented June, 13, 2000

Abstract. The glucofructans were shown to be the main water-soluble polysaccharides of Symphytum asperum Lepech., S. caucasicum Bieb. (Boraginaceae) roots and Ornithogalum ponticum Zahar., Muscari szovitsianum Baker (Liliaceae) bulbs. According to the methylation analysis and 13C NMR spectral data, all four polysaccharides belong to the branched type (mixed-linkage type) fructans, containing both the inulin and the levan type of structures. Besides, the polysaccharides from M. szovitsianum and O. ponticum have an unusual structural element of the neokestose type.

Key words: glucofructan, polysaccharide, Symphytum asperum, S. caucasicum, Muscari szovitsianum, Ornithogalum ponticum.




I. Bondyrev, N. Tskhovrebashvili-Kvirkvelia

Geographical Factor in Determining Ecological Compatibility of Autochthon and Allochthon Population

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Z.Tatashidze, June 13, 2000

Abstract. The behavior of aboriginal (autochthon) and new-comers (allochthon) populations is different both in relation to each other and environment. The results of the researches allow to treat the problem of ecological compatibility from a new angle.

Key words: population, ecological compatibility, ecosystem, geographical factor.




V. Gugushvili

Crust and Mantle Influence on the Origin of Various Types of Sulfide Deposits

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy M.Topchishvili, June 6, 2000

Abstract. The influence of the crust and mantle on the origin of the various types of sulfide deposits are revealed in the Phanerozoic evolution of the Tethys Ocean. Nonferrous metals: Cu, Zn and Pb formed different types of sulfide deposits according to geodynamical situations. Cu-pyrite deposits were originated during oceanic spreading, Cu-Zn deposits - in inter-arc and backarc rifts and Cu-Pb-Zn deposits are connected with island arc, collisional and postcollisional situations. The source of Pb is in sialic crust only (including calc-alkaline volcanics), the source of Zn is in basaltic crust. Cu is the only heterogenic element among base metals and has mantle source.

Key words: subduction zone, calc-alkaline volcanics, basaltic crust.





O. Mikadze, B. Bulia

Scientific Principles of Chromium Matrix Heat-Resistant Alloying

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Gvelesiani, July 18, 2000

Abstract. The general principle of development of particularly heat-resisting materials is formulated in consequence of systematic researches of the effects of small additions of rare-earth metals on the growth of chromia scales. It is established, that formation of oxide layers with low volume diffusion parameters and suppresion of grain-boundary cation diffusion by dispersed particles of thermodynamically stable compounds qualitatively improve the high-temperature protective properties of metallic matrix.

Key words: chromium, oxide.


Hydraulic Engineering


Ts. Basilashvili

Forecasting of the River Run-Off without Account of Current Hydrological Information

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Z.Tatashidze, October 12, 1999

Abstract. Methods of long-range forecasts of flood, vegetation period, maximum, quarterly and monthly run-off for main hydrological cross-sections of the Georgian rivers - Enguri, Rioni, Kvirila, Khanistskali, Ajaristskali, D. Liakhvi, Ksani, Aragvi, Iori and Alazani have been worked out on the basis of statistic modelling without hydrological information.

Key words: long-range forecasts, statistic model, river run-off.


Automatic Control and Computer Engineering


V. Mdzinarishvili

Generality of Soliton Solutions of Evolutional Equations

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chichinadze, July 18, 2000

Abstract. Generality of solition solutions for Liuwel and Fokker - Plank - Kolmogorov equations is shown. Differential mechanism of transition for hyperbolic functions is used. Hamiltonian for these functions is recorded.

Key words: transition, soliton solution.


Soil Sciences


R. Keshelava

The Influence of Herbicide Karagard on the Soil Microflora
in Vineyard

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Gigauri, December 19, 2000

Abstract. The material on negative influence of herbicide Karagard on the soil microflora in vineyard has been presented. The preparation inhibitory action on the spore microorganisms is established.

Under the influence of Karagard the number of spore bacteria is sharply reduced in the first year of experiment as well as in subsequent years. The herbicide inhibitory action is significantly reduced on the background of fertilized soil.

Key words: soil, microflora, herbicide, vineyard.


Soil Science


G. Gogichaishvili, Ts. Basilashvili

Exposure of Soil Erosion Processes in the Kvirila River Basin

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T.Urushadze, May 24, 1999

Abstract. Annual soil losses caused by erosion processes in the basin of the riv.Dzirula make 29.5 t/ha, in the basin of the riv.Borimela - 44 t/ha, in the basin of the riv.Kvirila (without basin of the riv.Dzirula) – 44 t/ha. Generally in the upper (zemo) Imereti annual soil losses were about 33-35 t/ha. Annual soil losses figures were also calculated using the hydrological data and they were close to the real amount of soil losses from the cultivated lands.

Key words: erosion, Georgia, river basin, soil loss.




N. Kiknadze

Transformation of Phosphorus Forms in Brown Carbonated Soils of East Georgia during Introduction Various Doses of Phosphoric Fertilizers

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy T.Urushadze,July 29, 2000

Abstract. The study of fractional composition of inorganic phosphates by the Ginzburg-Lebedeva method in brown carbonate soils of East Georgia revealed abundant content of fraction of hardly soluble calcium phosphates of apatite type and low content of easily soluble calcium phosphates. The mentioned soils belong to the group with low content of phosphorus and they need phosphoric fertilizers which provide accumulation of more soluble forms of inorganic phosphates in soil: Ca - PI, Ca - PII and Al - P- fractions.

Key words: brown carbonate soils, active phosphate.




Ts. Inashvili, T. Svanidze

Preliminary Survey of Epiphytic Lichens in Supsa Terminal Zone for Future Utilization as Air Pollution Bioindicators

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G.Nakhutsrishvili, December 21, 1999

Abstract. The condition of the epiphytic lichenoflora was studied in the vicinity of Supsa Oil Terminal with the aim of using lichens as bioindicators of long-term effects of terminal operation on local air quality. In total 21 sample sites were selected and their lichenoflora was studied. As a result, 25 (twenty-five) species of lichens were recorded. The sample sites were later grouped into three categories by air purity index (API) values. The research revealed that API for Supsa Terminal is higher than baseline API of the adjacent villages and road.

Key words: lichens, air purity.




N. Eradze, J. Kereselidze, M. Loria

Propagation of High-Mountain Oak (Quercus macranthera) by Layer Shoots

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Gigauri, December 19, 2000

Abstract. Some biological peculiarities of rare Georgian species (Quercus macranthera) propagated in the surroundings of Tbilisi by specialized plagiotropic shoots and stalks are studied and described.

Key words: plagiotropic, Betania, phototropic.


Plant Growing



Member of the Academy T. Andronikashvili, S. Urotadze, S. Kvernadze, N. Osipova

On Evaluation of Comparative Seedling Emergence and Growth of Wheat Seeds at Application of Laumontite into Soil

Presented September 5, 2000

Abstract. We have used laumontite-containing tuffs of Georgian deposits (Tbilisi environs) in extremal conditions (air temperature 28-30oC) to evaluate comparative seedling emergence and seedlings height of wheat seeds. The obtained data testify that the introduction of laumontite in soil stimulates the increase of seedling emergence, germination and seedlings height of wheat seeds as compared to control test (absolute background-soil, soil+NPK).

Key words: seedling emergence, wheat, laumontite, soil, mineral fertilizers.


Human and Animal Physiology


Z. Nanobashvili, T. Chachua, E. Adamia, I. Bilanishvili, N. Khizanishvili

Alterations of Electrical Activity of the Thalamo-Reticular System during Multiple Audiogenic Stimulation

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Oniani , June 6, 2000

Abstract. Alterations of electrical activity in the nervous circuits of the inferior colliculi (IC) and thalamo-cortical system in conditions of daily audiogenic stimulation (for 14-35 days) have been studied in the Krushinsky-Molodkina rats. Audiogenic stimulation elicited development of paroxysmal discharges in the IC, which significantly increased after cessation of stimulation. On the 6th-7th day of audiogenic stimulation the peak-wave activity was recorded in the neocortex and thalamic reticular nucleus (TRN), which also increased post-stimulation. It is suggested that multiple application of the audiogenic stimuli induces recruitment of the thalamo-cortical system and TRN into development of the peak-wave activity.

Key words: audiogenic epilepsy, kindling, Krushinsky-Molodkina rats, peak-wave, thalamic reticular nucleus.


Human and Animal Physiology


Member of the Academy T. Ioseliani, Kh. Kuprashvili, R. Intskirveli, N. Mgaloblishvili,
M. Chikovani

Influence of Intrahippocampal Noradrenaline Injection and
Electric Stimulation of Locus Coeruleus on the Penicillin-Induced Hippocampal Seizure Activity

Presented July 4, 2000

Abstract. Experimental investigations have shown that intrahippocampal injection of noradrenaline attenuates the seizure activity induced by intrahippocampal penicillin injection. The reference data and results of the present experiments once again corroborate our earlier suggestion that supression of the hippocampus-induced seizure activity is determined by decreased excitability of the hippocampal neurons due to the action of noradrenaline.

Key words: hippocampus, noradrenaline, seizures, Locus coeruleus, rabbits.


Human and Animal Physiology


N. Okujava

Effect of Various Triggers on Seizure Induction in Adolescence

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Okujava, December 15, 2000

Abstract. The role of some specific and non-specific seizure provocative factors, like photic stimulation (PS), alcohol, sleep deprivation and menstrual cycle was investigated in adolescent patients. In the group of patients with idiopathic generalized epilepsies (IGE) a very high rate of seizure provocation by different specific and non-specific precipitants was established (91%). Among the patients with partial epilepsies (PE) the frequency of provoked seizures was much lower (36%) and the seizures were precipitated mainly by non-specific provocative factors. Comparative study of coexistence of different triggers in IGE and PE cases showed significant prevalence of such combination among the patients with IGE.

Key words: epilepsy, adolescence, provocative factors.




A. Gvritishvili, N. Butkhusi, E. Boot, Member of the Academy M. Zaalishvili

The Study of Troponin I - Troponin T complex

Presented June 12, 2000

Abstract. Using the dependence of spectrum position of intrinsic fluorescence of troponin I and troponin I - troponin T complex on pH we suppose that the W-158 of troponin I remains in its position in troponin I - troponin T complex i.e. in the site which responses the environmental changes. To determine the position of another two W-206, W-259 in troponin I - troponin T complex the technique of fluorescence quenching has been used. From experiments we can conclude that the W-206 occupies inner hydrophobic position and the W-259 is disposed in the hydrophilic region of troponin I - troponin T molecule.

Key words: fluorescence, quenching, troponin I - troponin T.




G. Davitaya, M. Ebralidze, N. Talakvadze

On some Problems of Prostaglandins and Lysosomes Interrelations

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N.Aleksidze, June 6, 2000

Abstract. The present study shows that there is an interrelation between prostaglandins and lysosomes. In the presence of PGF2a an increase of enzymes activity and reduction of inhibitor activity index in lysosomes of rat's liver occur. Lipids peroxidation processes are activated during carcinogenesis in tumor-bearing liver and in tumor tissue rat lysosomes induced by benz(a)pyrene. Acid phosphatase increases the binding of 3HPGE2 and 3HPGF2a with receptor parts. Such interrelations are significant in the course of cells regulatory processes. In our opinion, during the development of carcinogenic processes the prostaglandins balance in cells changes which further plays an important role in progression of the pathology.

Key words: prostaglandins, lysosomes.



V. Chubinidze, T. Beriashvili, N. Kekelidze, D. Chubinidze

Volatile Oil and Monoterpenoide Hydrocarbons of Abies Nordmanniana Spach

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Jokhadze, April 4, 2000

Abstract. We investigated volatile oil and monoterpenoide of different age needles and cortex of Abies Nordmanniana Spach. Their quantitative content and physico-chemical characteristics have been established.

Key words: Abies Nordmanniana Spach., volatile oil, monoterpenoide.




V. Ugrekhelidze, V. Phiriashvili

Influence of Copper (II) Ions on Detoxification of Phenols in
Common Duckweed (Lemna minor L.)

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Kvesitadze, May 16, 2000

Abstract. Aseptic culture of common duckweed (Lemna minor L.) adsorbs and transforms U 14C-phenol and U 14C-o-nitrophenol. The experimental plants grown up on a medium, containing nontoxic concentrations of Cu+2 (10 and 50 mM), transform these toxicants more actively, than the control plants grown up on a medium without copper ions. In experimental plants the activity of the polyphenol oxidase is higher, than in control plants. Labelled carbon atoms of phenols are mainly localized in chloroplasts. The participation of the polyphenol oxidase in detoxification of exogenous phenols is discussed.

Key words: Lemna minor L., phenolic pollutants, uptake and transformation, copper(II) ions.



R. Kupatadze, K. Kuridze, S. Simonishvili, L. Rusia, A. Abuladze, N. Svanidze,
M. Simonidze, Member of the Academy M. Zaalishvili

Investigation of the Myosin Rod "Tender" Regions by the Limited Hydrolysis Method

Presented March 28, 2000

Abstract. Using the method of limited hydrolysis we have established that the lability and flexibility in the hinge region of the myosin rod and power generation being the result of structural changes are based exactly on the conformational flexibility of the hinge region of the myosin rod.

Key words: myosin rod, papain, chymotrypsin, trypsin





N. Moseshvili, M .Chachua, A .Chogoshvili, G. Alexidze, Corr. Member of the Academy N. Aleksidze

Hemagglutination Activity of Mentha pulegium Soluble Proteins Fraction under High Environment Temperature

Presented May 25, 2000

Abstract. The hemagglutination activity of the Mentha pulegium soluble proteins (specific in relation to D-galacturonic acid, D-trehalose-dihydrate and raffinose) with lectin activity in Mentha pulegium and, accordingly, their content depends on environment temperature: during heat acclimation their content increases and in the high temperature stress conditions their content decreases.

Key words: proteins with lectin activity, heat acclimation, high temperature stress.




T. Beriashvili, V. Chubinidze, L. Beriashvili

Conversion of Citric Acid in Grape Berries

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Jokhadze, June 6, 2000

Abstract. By conversion of citric acid in grape berries at the periods of growth of berries and beginning of ripening organic acids, amino acids and sugars were formed. The definite part of carbon atoms of carboxyls of citric acid was incorporated in biopolymers.

Key words: citric acid, grape berries, conversion.





N. Suknidze, N. Sulaberidze, I. Chogovadze, L. Shanshiashvili, D. Mikeladze

Lipid Vesicle Aggregating Properties of some Isoforms of the Myelin Basic Protein

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Oniani, June 6, 2000

Abstract. After the chromatography of the myelin basic protein (MBP) on a CM-52 cellulose cation-exchange column the resolution of the acid-soluble material into several peaks corresponding to the unbound fraction (C8) and components C7-C1 has been achieved. The lipid vesicle aggregating properties have been studied for C8, C7 and C5. Our experimental data have shown, that in the case of the plasma membrane form (18.5-kD) of the MBP, lipid vesicle aggregating properties increase by increasing positive charge: from C8 to C7 and C5. In this action the minor fraction, which accompanies the dominant fraction plays the main role. The nature of this minoral peak is still unknown.

Key words: myelin basic protein (MBP), charge isomers, lipid vesicle.


Experimental Medicine

T. Chartolani, D. Abuladze, G. Pipia

Laparoscopic Transabdominal Preperitoneal Inguinal Hernia Repair by Mesh (TAPP)

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Oniani, May 2, 2000

Abstract. Laparoscopic surgery was introduced in Thoracoabdominal clinic at the Tbilisi City Hospital No.1 in 1998 by Academician Z. Tskhakaia. Since that period various types of laparoscopic operations have been performed and among them was laparoscopic hernia repair (LHR) - TAPP first performed by local surgeons in Georgia in 1.04.2000. The present report gives a brief history of LHR and modern classification (Nyhus) of inguinal hernia as well as anatomic peculiarities of inguinofemoral area and specific techniques of TAPP including absolute indications and relative contraindications. The authors offer a special tactical novelties concerning LHR of scrotal hernia.

Key words: hernia, laparoscopic hernia repair, TAPP, TEPA.


Experimental medicine


T. Jokhadze

Physiotherapeutical Method of Treatment of Nocturnal Enuresis

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Javakhishvili, Ferbruary 20, 2001

Abstract. Some conceptions on treatment of primary nocturnal enuresis and the results of treatment of 30 patients using nonpharmacological - physiotherapeutical method, electroneurostimulation are reported.

Key words: enuresis, treatment.


Experimental medicine



M. Tevzadze, V. Barbakadze, L. Burdjanadze, D. Kvirkvelia, N. Gachechiladze,
A. I. Usov, N. Porakishvili

Peripheral Blood Lymphocyte Proliferation - Inducing Activity of Glucofructan from the Roots of Symphytum asperum Lepech (Boraginaceae)

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Bakhutashvili, April 27 , 2000

Abstract. Immunostimulatory activity of glucofructan from S. asperum was evaluated by its ability to induce peripheral blood lymphocyte (PBL) proliferation in different immunopathological models. The glucofructan at the concentration of 100mg/ml was found to have PBL proliferation-inducing activity in patients with insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, idiopathic nephrotic syndrome and healthy donors of different age. The level of proliferation induced measured by 3H-thymidine incorporation was comparable with that induced with well-known mitogens such as phytohaemagglutinin (PHA) and pokeweed mitogen (PWM). The polysaccharide failed to stimulate PBL proliferation in patients with acute and chronic glomerulonephritis and insulin independent diabetes. Nevertheless, the glucofructan seems to be a strong in vitro PBL mitogen, especially in persons with T-cell dependent autoimmune status. The possible mechanisms of the glucofructan mitogenic activity are discussed.

Key words: Symphytum asperum, glucofructan, PBL, proliferation.


Experimental medicine


N. Lomishvili, N. Kalandadze, N. Porakishvili

Serum Factors and T Cell Phenotype in Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE), SLE-complicated with Glomerulonephritis (SLE-GN) and in Healthy Controls

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Tumanishvili, April 26, 2000

Abstract. A total of 39 patients with SLE and 15 patients with SLE-GN were studied for the expression of CD3, CD4 and CD8 antigens on peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBL) as some serum components. Moderately decreased number of activated T cells (DR+T) was significantly increased in peripheral blood.We detected significantly elevated concentration of large circulating immune complexes (CIC) in patients of SLE. In SLE-GN patients the concentration of this type of CIC and especially middle size CIC was decreased.The overproduction of IgE directly indicates its involvement in SLE pathogenesis, and dramatically decreased concentration of IgE in the development of SLE-glomerulonephritis could lead to its deposition in glomeruli.

Key words: SLE,SLE - GN, CIC, IgE.


Experimental Medicine


T. Kviria, M. Machaidze, T.Tsintsadze, V. Beridze, R. Katsarava

Enzyme Catalyzed in Vitro Biodegradation Study of Poly (Ester Amide) Used as a Matrix for Preparing "PhagoBioDerm" Wound Covering

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Tsintsadze, March 20, 2001

Abstract. In vitro biodegradation of poly(ester amide) (PEA) composed of L-phenylalanine, adipic acid and butanediol-1.4 was carried out using trypsin, a-chymotrypsin and lipase as hydrolytic enzymes. The enzymes solution in phosphate buffer as well as the enzymes immobilized onto surface or impregnated into the PEA matrix have been applied to study their activity to catalyze PEA’s hydrolysis. It has been found that the hydrolysis rate depends on the conditions the enzymes are in. However, in all cases the studied hydrolysis in a substantial extent has been carried out according to zero order kinetics that along with erosive mechanism of biodegradation establishedt is important for sustained release of drug into surrounding tissues with a constant rate, providing in that way "PhagoBioDerm" preparation with a high therapeutic effect.

Key words: PhagoBioDerm, enzyme, biodegradation.

Experimental Medicine


M. Janiashvili, T. Matcharashvili, G. Alpaidze, N. Mamamtavrishvili

Investigation of End Diastolic Pressure and Ejection Fraction Variation Dynamical Complexity in Subjects with Hypertension

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Oniani, April 11, 2000

Abstract. In this study, we have investigated complexity of dynamics of two major physiological parameters, namely: end diastolic pressure (EDP) and ejection fraction (EF), in subjects with hypertension. We have used the method of algorithmic complexity measure together with measures of long range correlation in data bases. It was found that in sense of their dynamical complexity, the mentioned parameters of healthy persons are similar to patients with mild form of hypertension. On the other hand, patients with median and severe hypertension reveal an equal value of complexity measure of both investigated parameters which in turn is significantly smaller than for both mentioned groups.

Key words: hypertension, complexity measure, long range correlations.


Experimental Medicine


N. Kachlishvili, D.Pirtskhalaishvili

On the Role of Mononuclear Phagocytes Different Populations in Host Defence against Tumors

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Dekanosidze, August 8, 2000

Abstract. The mobilization capacity and antitumor potency of peritoneal mononuclear cells different populations were tested. Groups of experimental animals were intraperitoneally injected with nonantigenic (3% sterile starch suspension) and antigenic (BCG vaccine) irritants. 24, 48, 72 hours and 5, 8 days after the injection, peritoneal exudate cells were isolated and counted to determine the whole number of peritoneal exudate cells and the percentile content of mononuclear cells. Mononuclear cells antitumor potency against SV-40 sarcoma cells was tasted in vitro by spectrophotometric microassay. It was shown, that both irritants are potent modulators of peritoneal mononuclear cells mobilization capacity and cytotoxicity, they facilitate generating mononuclear cells populations with opposite tumor stimulatory and tumor inhibitory activities.

Key words: peritoneal mononuclear cells, tumor , cytotoxicity.


Experimental Medicine


L. Khonelidze

The Use of Rigevidon and Ovidon

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Dekanosidze, May 30, 2000

Abstract. The use of oral contraceptives in Imeretian Region is studied. Rigevidon and Ovidon are high effective contraceptive pills, characterized with low rate of complications.

Key words: contraception, contraceptives.




A. Beridze, B. Chakhvadze

On Thyrotoxicosis Treatment

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Chanishvili, March 20, 2001

Abstract. Structural indices of formed elements of blood at different forms of thyrotoxicosis reveal homogeneous structural changes by their character and nonuniform ones by intensity. Structural indices during thyroiditis approximate to diffuse form of toxic goiter. Number of structural indices indicate the presence of nonspecific antigene during thyrotoxicosis and thyroiditis.

Key words; thyrotoxicosis, thyroiditis.




T. Zarnadze, T. Sadagishvili, A. Shatirishvili

Study on Resistance of Wine Yeasts to Ultraviolet Rays

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G.Tumanishvili, February 27, 2001

Abstract. The UV dose-dependent survival of diploid vegetative cells has been studied in 14 strains of "sensitive" and "resistant" wine yeast morphs obtained in six different wine-making regions of Georgia. Curves for all the strains appeared to have S-like outline. Different strains of the same morphs revealed unlike radioresistance.

Key Words: population, UV-resistant strains trains, yeast.




S. Lashkareishvili

Plankton Primary Production in Three Reservoirs of West Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I. Eliava, March 13, 2001

Abstract. Plankton primary production (A and SA) and destruction (Rand SR) seasonal dynamics in the Paliastomy lake, Tkibuli and Shaori water ponds are described. As it is apparent A and R are maximal in summer and minimal in late autumn and winter. In the upper layer of the water under the solar radiation influence the process of photosynthesis reduction takes place. According to SSA’-s quantity the Paliastomy lake belongs to high eutrophic and Tkibuli and Shaori water ponds to the type transforming from mezotrophyc into low eutrophic phase.

Key words: phytoplankton, photosynthesis, primary production and destruction.



R. Khomeriki, I. Shatberashvili, G. Laperashvili

The Methods of Psycho-Medical Testing for Special Academies

Presented by Member of the Academy Sh. Nadirashvili, June 20, 2000

Abstract. The prognostication of students personal educational results at the academies of enforcement structures according to psychological and medical tests using methods of mathematical statistics is presented.

Key words: psychological test, medical test, prognostication, correlation, regression.




A. Dzodzuashvili, Z. Kipshidze

Dynamic Model of Testing

Presented by Member of the Academy Sh. Nadirashvili, December 19, 2000

Abstract. Study of the current educational system has revealed that the being applied knowledge evaluation methods were not always sufficiently flexible. The given paper deals with just one example of test results assessment. It studies the application of the widely used today "multiple-choice" test method. The method of direct addressing was implemented to detect any deviation in the appraisal procedure. The PC aided method dynamically assesses all answers.

Key words: addressing, algorithm, binary, correlation, deviation, education, vector.




J. Putkaradze

The Georgian Legal Institution of Borrowing

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L.Aleksidze, June 5, 2001

Abstract. Borrowing is the legal institution of neighborhood relations. It is an important deal. The data of actual law prove this too. According to the agreement the borrower has to offer to the counterpart the property in temporary and non-paid using. The leaseholder on his part assumes obligations to follow the conditions of the agreement and to return back the borrowed thing.

Key words: borrowing, using the property free of charge.




M. Nanobashvili

History of Christian Arabic Literature - New Discipline for the Magistrates of Semitology Department

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A.Gvakharia, July 11, 2000

Abstract. The two-stage system of studies has been established in I.Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. It has become necessary to revise the syllabi systematically and to redistribute the material for the baccalaureate and the magistrates respectively. Particular attention was paid to introducing the new disciplines and special courses of studies for the both stages. One of such new subjects is History of Christian Arabic Literature, which was resently introduced at Semitology Department of Oriental Faculty. It is shortly analyzed in the present paper.

Key words: Arabic literature, Christian Orient, Orthodox patriarchates.




G. Tumanishvili

Time in the Structure of Shakespeare’s Tragedy "Othello"

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A.Gvakharia, June 26, 2001

Abstract. "Time" as an organizing factor of dynamics of plot development is used by Shakespeare as a structural element. We consider the formulation of the issue and argumentation of our standpoint to this problem, being, in our view, in the exact interpretation of the text fragments providing objective picture to be very important. The approach we state in this article is explained using the material of Shakespeare’s tragedy "Othello".

 Key words: Time, construction, Othello.




N. Ratiani

The Phenomenon of Matrimony in "Iliad" of Homer

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy R. Gordeziani, May 15, 2001

Abstract. If we consider the ritual to be the culmination of the matrimony phenomenon, then this phenomenon is worth nothing to develop in the definite period of the time before the point of culmination (i. e. the ritual) and after it as well. It is just three phases that are shown in their different levels of development in time with possible exactness.

Key words: matrimony, wedding ritual, marriage.




V. Dolidze

Industrialists and Changes in the Postcommunist Georgian Politics

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Tevzadze, December 19, 2000

Abstract. Political activity of businessmen, especially industrialists is one of the main characteristics of new period in the development of postcommunist Georgian politics. The appearance of these groups in the politics signifies the changes in the sources and interests, which influence politics in Georgia. The influence of economical interests on politics was studied. Contradiction between interests of different spheres of business is shown.

Key words: industrialists, new nationalism.