volume 165 number 1 January-February







G. Khimshiashvili, E. Wegert


On the Complex Points of Planar Endomorphisms

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N.Berikashvili, July 5, 2001


Abstract. We present an explicit formula for the number of complex points on the graph of a polynomial endomorphism of the plane. We also show that one can compute the number of elliptic complex points and explain relation of our results to Bishop’s problem.

Key words: complex point of a surface, elliptic complex point, Gaussian curvature.








Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili


On Marcinkiewicz Type Multidimensional Operators

Presented May 29, 2001


Abstract. In the paper the best possible conditions for almost everywhere existence and integrability of Marcinkiewicz type multidimensional singular operators are established.

Key words: multidimensional operators, Marcinkiewicz operators.






B. Dochviri, M. Shashiashvili

On the Characterization of Costs in the Optimal Stopping Problem

Presented by Member of the Academy I. Kiguradze, May 29, 2001.


Abstract. Excessive and regular characterizations of costs in optimal stopping problem of Markov process are obtained.

Key words: Markov process, optimal stopping, cost.








T. Abuladze, A. Danelia, B. Dochviri, M. Shashiashvili


The American Lookback Call Option

Presented by Member of the Academy I. Kiguradze, June 5, 2001


Abstract. In this article an American call option is considered. Here the behavior of its price function is determined. Relation between payment function and function of price are determined. The form of the rational instant for selling the option is also found.

Key words: option, payment function, rational instant.







T. Akhobadze


On Convergence of Spherical Riesz Means of Multiple Fourier Series and Fourier Integrals

Presented by Member of the Academy L.Zhizhiashvili, April 10, 2001


Abstract. The theorems on convergence in a point and uniform convergence of Riesz means of multiple Fourier series and Fourier integrals of functions from the generalized Wiener class are considered.

Key words: spherical Riesz means , spherical Riesz integral means , generalized Wiener class BV(p(n)­p,j,[0,h]).







Ya. Diasamidze


Complete Semigroups of Binary Relations with Unique Right Units

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Baladze, October 2, 2001


Abstract. In this work the complete semigroups of binary relations with unique right units are studied.

Key words: binary relation semigroup, unit elements.







G. Tevdoradze


The System of Axioms of the Axiomatic Theory of Transformable Systems

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V.Kokilashvili, April 10, 2001


Abstract. We can formulate the foundations of the theory of transformable systems (a well-known theory in engineering) as the foundations of the theory of mathematical type. Theorems of the given theory are proved basing on the substantial axiomatics, and at that, if we exclude any axiom from the system of axioms then we’ll obtain the depleted reserve of theorems what means that each of the axioms is independent. It can’t be derived from other axioms of the system. The independency of every member of axioms system in axiomatic theory of transformable systems is the independency of the whole system, and this last approves the elegancy of considered axiomatic formulation of the mentioned theory.

Key words: Axiomatization, axiomatic theories, transformable systems.







G. Japaridze


Preliminary Results on the Basic Propositional Logic of Racefree Games

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy H. Inassaridze, November 6, 2001


Abstract. The semantics of parallel game combinations is refined and the corresponding propositional logic is fully axiomatized.

Key words: game logics, game semantics, linear logic.







M. Bitsadze


On Trigonometric Series with Special Coefficients

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, December 4, 2001


Abstract. Some integral properties of partial sum majorants for trigonometric series of definite class have been established in the present paper.

Key words: trigonometric series.







A. Aplakov


On the Absolute Convergence of the Multiple Series of
Fourier-Haar Coefficients

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, August 14, 2001


Abstract. The absolute convergence of the series of Fourier-Haar coefficients of f in PBVp is considered.

Key words: Fourier-Haar coefficients, absolute convergence, multiple series.







D. Namgaladze, Z. Samkharadze


Definition of Complex Characteristics of Reliability

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Prangishvili, July 9, 2001


Abstract. Complex characteristics of reliability of compound dynamic system are considered in the paper. Analytical expression for the density of distribution of the system readiness probability coefficient is obtained for the case when densities of distribution of the non-failure operating time and restoration time probability are known.

Key words: reliability, readiness coefficient, probability, characteristic.







D. Tsiskaridze, D. Khelashvili, E. Bikashvili


On the Definition of the Arithmetic Weight

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chavchanidze, May 8, 2001

Abstract. The paper deals with presenting the whole numbers in such a polynomial way that enables their use in the generation process of AN arithmetical code.

Key words: AN codes, arithmetic weight, arithmetic distance.






J. Mebonia, V. Jikia, G. Skhirtladze

Three-Particle Approach to Ionisation of Hydrogen by Electrons

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Khelashvili, September 18, 2001


Abstract. Reaction of H(e,2e)H+ is considered in the limits of approximate three-particle approach, saving unitarity of amplitude. Analytic expression for three-dimensional differential cross-section is obtained, the fact of orthogonalization of primary and final asymptotic wave functions is estimated, concrete calculations are carried out and satisfactory agreement with experimental data is reached.

Key words: reaction, unitarity, cross-section.







L. Kerashvili


Transport Equations of Collisional Electron-Ion Plasma in HF Electromagnetic Field

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Tsintsadze, July 18, 2000


Abstract. The system of transport equations for collisional electron-ion nonrelativistic plasma placed in HF electromagnetic field was obtained. It has been shown, that the received system is valid, when the electrons and ions temperatures greatly differ from each other and the usual hydrodynamics cannot be used.

Key words: plasma, collisions, transport, phenomena.








D. Kurtsikidze, M. Katsiashvili, R. Janelidze, M. Janelidze


Reversible Electrical Switching Phenomenon in Amorphous Ge:(O,N) Thin Films

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, April 11, 2000


Abstract. Electrical properties of films a-Ge(N,O) are discussed. It is shown that the volt-amperic characteristic of structure Al-a(P)Ge(N,O):Zn-K(P)Ge-Al created on the basis of these films has S-like form, which indicates electrical reversible transition of the structure.

Key words: amorphous germanium, doping, passivation, volt-current, heterojunction.









T. Adeishvili, L. Khvedelidze, Z. Shashiashvili, N. Adeishvili, T. Toroshelidze


To the Study of Disturbances due to the Fall of the Comet Shumaker-Levi 9 in the Jupiter's Atmosphere

Presented by Member of the Academy J.Lominadze, December 24, 1999.


Abstract. The purpose of the present paper is to analyse the effects of collision Shumaker-Levi 9 comet with the Jupiter, which took place on July 16, 1994. The corresponding mathematical formulae and calculations are presented. Also the variations of geomagnetic fields in the Hersel diapason are formulated in the paper.

Key words: the evolution, collision.








T. Matcharashvili, Corr. Member of the Academy T. Chelidze, G. Melikadze, E. Ghlonti


Earthquake Related Disturbance in Stationarity of Water Level Variation

Presented May 22, 2001


Abstract. We have investigated disturbance of stationarity of water level variations of three boreholes in Georgia before and after Spitak earthquake. Stationarity testing was based on calculation of the coefficient of variation - Cv. Sequential values of Cv and water level records by consecutive lengthening of considered time series, as well as the sequence of Cv at fixed width sliding windows have been calculated.

It was shown that integral dynamics of water level hourly change in boreholes for considered time period was clearly nonstationary. At the same time water level changes were sufficiently stationary if taken separately before and after strong earthquake.

Apparently there is intermittence in stress generating processes after strong earthquake. This in turn lead to the mixing of data values corresponding to the different in sense of underlying dynamics processes and consequently to the disturbance of stationarity of integral time series.

Key words: water level variations, dynamics, stationarity.




General and Inorganic Chemistry






I. Beshkenadze, N.Mestiashvili, E. Zedelashvili, N.Zhorzholiani, M. Tskitishvili.


Synthesis and Research of Heteronuclear Citrates of
Me2IMeIIL2 Ч nH2O type

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Tsintsadze, May 15, 2001


Abstract. The conditions of synthesis have been determined and compounds with general formulae Zn2MeL2ЧnH2O and Fe2MeL2Ч nH2O [MeII - Fe, Co, Cu, Ni; L - citrate ion; n = 2-4 ] have been synthesized. By the way of microelement analysis and by measuring the melting temperature their composition and individuality were determined. On the basis of the study of infra-red (IR) absorption spectra a conception on the nature of citrate ion coordination with metals was suggested

Key words: coordination compounds, citrate ion, IR spectrum.




Organic Chemistry




N. Maisuradze


Synthesis of Dioles Containing Fluorene Group of Card-Type

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Andronikashvili, December 18, 2001


Abstract. Dioles with fluorene group of card-type containing secondary alcohol groups as functional groups have been synthesized.

Key words: card group, dioles, fluorene, functional group.



Physical Chemistry





E. Kachibaia, R. Imnadze, R. Akhvlediani, Sh. Japaridze, T. Paikidze


Phase Content and Structure of Cathode Materials of
Li(Mn2-xMxO4), (M=Cr,Co,Ni) type

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy J.Japaridze, April 24, 2001


Abstract. The Li(Mn2-xMx)O4 (where M=Cr, Co, Ni and 0 Ј x < 2) and Li-Mn-Cr-Ni-O and Li-Mn-Cr-Co-O (where a part of manganese atoms is substituted by chromium atoms in the couple with nickel and cobalt atoms) type compounds were synthesized. Phase content and structure of the above mentioned compounds as promising cathode materials for lithium-ion secondary batteries were studied. The assumption was made that the reduction of unit-cell parameters of doped spinels could promote decrease of unit-cell volume in lithiation-delithiation processes and stabilization of working regime of cathodes based on them.

Key words: lithium ion secondary batteries, cathode material, lithium-manganese spinel, doping, synthesis, phase composition, structure.




Pharmaceutical Chemistry





V. Mshvildadze, R. Elias, R. Faure, M. Sutiashvili, G.Dekanosidze, G. Balansard


Chemical Constituents of Possible Antihelminthic Preparation from the Leaves of Hedera colchica

Presented by Member of the Academy E.Kemertelidze, July 17, 2001


Abstract. The optimal conditions of qualitative high performance liquid chromatography analysis of dry extract from the leaves of H. colchica have been determined. Two known compounds: stygmasterol-3-glucose and kempferol-3-rutinoside were identified.

Key words: Hedera colchica, Araliaceae, triterpene glycosides, antihelminthic activity, HPLC.




Physical Geography




Z. Kulumbegashvili


Geographic information systems in the Engineer-geomorphologic study

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Z. Tatashidze, May 29, 2001


Abstract. We consider the problems of organization of engineer-geomorphologic and geomonitoring resarches, where geoinformational systems (GIS) should take an important part. We have elaborated structural scheme of databases, which will give us the opportunity to systematize, save, search, manage and visualize the information.

Key words: geoinformation systems, geomonitoring, digital map, engineer-geomorphology, database.








D. Kereselidze, G. Bregvadze, V. Trapaidze


Mathematical Modeling of Flood Wave in the River Basins

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Z. Tatashidze, May 23, 2001


Abstract. Transformation of San-Venan's system of differential equations for prismatic river bed is considered which is used for mathematical modeling of flood wave.

Key words: slope, flood wave, river bed.







A. Okrostsvaridze, B.D. Clarke, P.H. Reinolds, D. Bluashvili


Sm-Nd, Rb-Sr and K-Ar Izotopic Systems and Ages of Tonalites of the Dzirula Salient Inner Caucasian Massif

Presented by Member of the Academy N.Skhirtladze, 10.05.2000


Abstract. Sm-Nd,Rb-Sr and K-Ar isotopic systems and age research of Tonalites of the Dzirula Crystalline Salient of the Inner Caucasian Massif have been discussed. It is assumed, that these rocks (SNd = -2.8891 - 6.8906; Isr = 0.7081 - 0.7089) belong to peraluminous, S- type granitoids, which were formed as a result of anatexis of crust type protolith. Their formation Rb-Sr isotopic age (532±63 Ma) corresponds to Cambrian and its genesis must be related to Pan-African tectonic-magmatic cycle. K-Ar izotopic age (306±2 Ma) reveals their cooling late Hercynian time.

Key words: tonalite, izotopic system, protolith, anatexis.




Power Engineering




V. Kashia, O. Gogishvili, V. Sherozia, G. Bokuchava


Thermoelectric Generator for Direct Transformation of
Low-Potential Heat into Electric Power

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy M. Salukvadze, November 13, 2001


Abstract. The paper reports on the possibility of construction of a simple, considerably cheap thermoelectric generator (TEG) on the basis of the existing high effective low-temperature p-type (Bi-Sb-Te) and medium-temperature n-type (PbTe) thermoelectric materials to transform the heat obtained from any source of organic fuel directly into electric power. The technology of production and further commutation of p- and n-branches of TEG is given as well as the TEG construction and its characteristics. It was shown that if TEG consisted of 162 pairs of branches, the temperature in the heat-absorbing and heat-generating nodes equalled 290K and 550K, respectively, their maximal power would be 12.5 W at 6 v.

Key words: thermoelectric generator, thermoelement, thermoelectric material, Commotation.








M. Mosulishvili


The Genus Trisetum (Gramineae, Koeleriinae) in Georgia: Systematics and Distribution

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy G.Nakhutsrishvili, August 1, 2000


Abstract. The native Caucasian species of Trisetum have been studied. The work was based on herbarium specimens and material collected during field trips. The results have affected the taxonomic evaluation. This contribution includes identification keys for the species and subspecies, data on the geographic distribution, ecology and phenology.

Key words: Angiosperms, Gramineae, Trisetum, taxonomy, identification key, distribution, ecology, phenology, the Caucasus, Georgia.




Plant Physiology




Sh. Chanishvili, G. Badridze, N. Kacharava, M. Dolidze


Influence of Partial Defoliation on Photosynthesis and Plastid Pigments Content in Grapevine Leaves

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Nutsubidze, April 10, 2001


Abstract. The effect of partial defoliation on pigments (chlorophylls and carotenoids) content and photosynthetic activity of grapevine leaves has been investigated in daily dynamics and following the phases of vegetation. The one year old shoots of fruit-bearing plants of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L., var. “Rkatsiteli”) served as an experimental material. On experimental shoots the 2/3 of leaves were removed. Data were taken on the third day after defoliation.

It was shown, that defoliation didn’t change the daily dynamics of variation of plastid pigments amount, but it increased the quantity of chlorophylls and carotenoids in leaves, both in daily dynamics and in different phases of vegetation. These results are in accordance with the data of photosynthetic activity of leaves.

Key words: defoliation, chlorophylls, carotenoids, photosynthesis, leaf plastochron index (LPI), grapevine.




Human and Animal Physiology





D. Janelidze, I. Intskirveli, K. Anjaparidze, M. Malania, M. Roinishvili, M. Tarasashvili, M. Sharikadze


Modified Visocontrastometry Test as a Method for Revealing Pathologies and Experimentally Induced Delicate Functional Shifts in the Visual System

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Ioseliani, May 8, 2001


Abstract. It has been shown that modification of the visocontrastometry test, based on assessment of contrast sensitivity in conditions of preferential activity of long-, medium-, and short-wave cones’ raster, significantly increases the test’s diagnostic capability in evaluation of the side-effects in the visual system induced by antituberculosis drug – Ethambutol, and probably in some other pathologies or experimentally induced alterations.

Key words: visual system, testing, tuberculosis, Ethambutol, visocontrastometry.




Human and Animal Physiology






T. Naneishvili, T. Asanidze, M. Alaverdashvili, M. Devdariani, A. Noselidze


The Importance of the Drug Self-Administration Frequency During the Development of Drug-Addiction and Formation of the “Heavy” user in Albino Rats

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Oniani, April 3, 2001


Abstract. In this study the method of intravenous (i. v.) self-administration was used to show that the rate of the acquisition of fentanyl addiction is dependent on the received drug dose and the frequency of pressing an active lever represents an important determinant for the acquisition of compulsive drug self-administration behaviour.

Key words: drug-addiction, self-administration fentanyl, rat.




Human and Animal Physiology







Interrelation between Na, K, and Ca Ions Transport Values and DNA Synthesis in the Tumor Cells Before- and After Ionizing Irradiation

Presented by Member of the Academy K.Nadareishvili, April 24, 2001


Abstract. The goal of the work was to determine a relation between the content of DNA in the tumor cells, as related to the level of transmembrane transport of Na, K, and Ca ions, in both intact and irradiated conditions at various doses. Experiments have shown increased transmembrane transport of these ions in the tumor cells (sarcoma-37) as compared to the normal fibroblasts. In such a case the content of DNA in the cells is linked with the volume of transmembrane transport of the ions. Ionizing irradiation at a dose of 200 rd suppresses ionic transport of Na, K, and Ca in the tumor cells and, in a correlational way, content of DNA as well.

Key words: sodium, potassium, calcium, DNA, transmembrane transport, radiation.




Human and Animal Physiology






M. Chkhartishvili, E. Agdgomelashvili, V. Maloletnev, M. Chkhikvishvili, G. Iashvili,
D. Chitashvili


On the Evaluation of Functional Capacity of the Aerobic System

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Oniani, May 1, 2001


Abstract. The dynamics of changes of indices which characterize power, economy and stability of the functional state of the respiratory system (RS) in physical loading during maturation of the organism was studied on 237 subjects (male, age 12-22).

The most prominent changes of power and economy of the RS functioning related to the age and training nature are displayed at the age of 14-15. Parametres of stability of the RS functioning at physical loading are established in elder (17-22) age groups.

Key words: respiratory system, economy and stability, productivity of critical work.









M. Dolidze, I.Gabriadze, N. Gognadze, N.Surguladze, G. Zaalishvili, Corr. Member of the Academy T. Zaalishvili


Electron Microscopic Study of the Role of ADP-ribosylation in the Structural Organization of Rat Brain Chromatin

Presented June 26, 2001


Abstract. Post-translational modification of proteins by ADP-ribosylation in isolated nuclei of the rat brain has been shown to cause structural modulation of chromatin. Electron microscopic study of chromatin preparations revealed decompactization of chromatin by ADP-ribosylation.

Key words: brain, nuclei, chromatin, ADP-ribosylation.









E. Bendeliani


Influence of Green Tea Extract on Fermentation Process during Beer Production

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Nutsubidze, September 20, 2001


Abstract. Dry extract obtained from green tea increases the activity of fermentation yeasts. Due to this the process of fermentation is accelerated by 2 days, fermentation depth and organoleptic indices of the obtained beer increase.

Key words: tea extract, fermentation degree, beer stability.








B. Arziani, T. Talakvadze, Ts. Chikhladze, M. Kobakhidze


Biodegradation of some Exogenous Phenols in Rats

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy D.Ugrekhelidze, October 10, 2001


Abstract. We have studied detoxication pathways of phenol, p-nitrophenol and hydroquinone in white rats. It is shown that along with conjugative transformations biodegradation of aromatic nuclei of the studied phenols and excretion of the mentioned xenobiotics in unchanged form is realized in a significant degree.

Key words: phenols, detoxication, metabolism, conjugation.




Microbiology and Virology





I. Gorozia, Z. Lomtatidze


The Natural Variation of Antagonistic Activity of Actinomyces

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy M. Gordeziani, May 16, 2001.


Abstract. The natural variation of antagonistic activity of actinomyces has been studied. It is established, that the variation of actinomyces antagonistic activity correlates with the morphological characteristics of the culture.

Key words: actinomyces, natural variation, antagonistic activity.




Microbiology and Virology






T. Berishvili, M. Garuchava, M. Gurielidze, D. Pataraia, Ch. Kakhniashvili


Biological Characteristics of Actinomycetes with Degrading Ability for Phenoxyacetic Acid-Derived Herbicides

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Kvesitadze, May 12, 2001


Abstract. Ability of 110 cultures of actinomycetes to degrade herbicide – 2,4 – dichlorophenoxyacetic acid has been studied. Three active strains have been distinguished, which belong to streptomyces genus: Streptomyces caniferus 82, Streptomyces glaucus 71, Streptomyces coeruleus 132.

Key words: herbicide, actinomycete, biodegradation.




Microbiology and Virology






M. Jgenti, M. Samadashvili, N. Ramishvili


Morpho-Physiological Peculiarities of Soybean Nodule Bacteria

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Chanishvili, May 29, 2001


Abstract. The morpho-physiological peculiarities of 19 strains of soybean nodule bacteria obtained from the West and East Georgia soils were investigated. Also the industrial strain N646 from Amur region was studied.

It was revealed, that some of the strains scarcely alkalized the medium, in spite of the place they were obtained from, but in most cases the pH of the medium didn’t change. The tested strains didn’t grow in beef-extract agar and gelatine. All studied strains utilized different carbohydrates and revealed different level of catalase activity.

Key words: nodule bacteria, soybean, carbohydrates, catalase activity.









M. Kalatozishvili


The ATPase Activity of Neurons in the Cat’s Cerebral Sensorimotor Cortex After Two-months Alcoholization

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Oniani, May 15, 2001


Abstract. The ATPase activity was studied in the neurons of the cat’s sensorimotor cortex after two-months alcoholization. To reveal ATPase the sections of 8-10 mkm thickness obtained on cryostat were stained by the method of Pedicula and German. Our findings enable to suggest that a sharp enhancement of functional activity of motor neurons in the V layer of the sensorimotor cortex observable after two-months alcohol administration may be due to the enhancement in them of the intensity of exchange processes, requiring great energy expenditure and, consequently, utilization of ATPase.

Key words: ATP, alcoholization, intoxication, utilization.









M. Labadze


Nucleo-Cytoplasmic Indices of Morphometric Correlation of Nerve Cells


Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy T.Dekanosidze, December 20, 2001


Abstract. Cytometric indices of nucleo-cytoplasmic and nucleolus-nuclear interrelations of dog’s spinal cord motoneurons determine inversely proportional dependence of perikaryon-nuclear relations which disagree with some literature data. As to the nucleolus-nuclear relations our data agree with those of numerous authors.

Key words: motoneuron, cytometria, dog’s spinal cord.









E. Mishatkina, E. Cherkezia, Corr. Member of the Academy G. Tumanishvili, P. Tchelidze


The Study of Nephron Epitheliocytes Functional Levels Changes after Unilateral Nephrectomy

Presented May 1, 2001


Abstract. Any influence on a kidney has an effect on the morpho-functional status of the other from the pair. It has been suggested that the increase of active cells number after unilateral nephrectomy can be a part of adaptive mechanism as a response to decreasing of nephrons number and the growth of functional load to the remaining tissue. In our study the nucleolar criteria for estimation of functional levels of intact and activated epitheliocytes have been used.

Key words: unilateral nephrectomy, kidney tubule epithelium, nucleoli parameter.









G. Khechinashvili, V. Volobuev, N. Khvitia


Phagocytosis as Defense Reaction of the Cell from Specific and Nonspecific Antigens

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Chanishvili, December 26, 2001


Abstract. Phagocytosis symptoms during infections of various genesis are not uniform. They appear as complex defense reaction consisting of numerous intercellular phenomena proceeding in a definite sequence in which all substructures of a cell take part. The breaking of phagocytosis reaction is associated first of all with energetic potential of the cell.

Key words: phagocytosis, nonspecific antigen.




Experimental Morphology





L. Nijaradze


Alloxan Diabetes with Changes in Quantity of Androgen
Receptors at the Particular Terms of the Disease in Adrenal Gland

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Javakhishvili, July 17, 2001


Abstract. Experiment shows that the adrenal gland undergoes morphological and functional changes during Alloxan diabetes. The study shows that increase of sugar content in the blood of experimental animals is observed at each particular term of the study, but the index of testosterone concentration declines. The quantity of androgen receptors is characterized by an upward trend and on the 30th day of the experiment its percentage totals 466%.

Key words: adrenal gland, testosterone, androgen receptors.




Experimental Medicine





N. Gvelesiani, O. Nemsadze


Clinic, Diagnostics, Treatment and Morphological Peculiarities of Anomalous Styloid Process

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Dekanosidze, November 20, 2001


Abstract. Patients having styloid process syndrome have been observed for the period of their treatment.

Syndromes of anomalous styloid process have been found and classified.

It is shown that definite symptoms depend on the length of the styloid process and its position requiring different conservative or even surgical treatment.

Key words: styloid process syndrome.




Experimental Medicine





Corr. Member of the Academy N. Karsanov, A. Melia, G. Sukoian


The Use of Refrakterinв in the Management of Ischemic and Nonischemic Refractory Heart Failure and Energostimв in Ischemic Heart Disease

Presented January 15, 2002


Abstract. It has been shown that a direct action antihypoxant Energostimв with antioxidant properties is an effective drug for treating patients with ischemic heart disease (IHD). Energostimв when added to the standard therapy reduces the size of peri-infarction zone and prevents the expansion of necrotic zone. As a result, the complications associated with remodelling and regional contractility increase most probably by restoring the function of hibernating myocardium. The cardiotropic drug Refrakterinв, containing Energostimв, when given to those with congestive heart failure (CHF) caused by IHD as well in post-coronary aortic bypass grafting patients with advanced CHF and arrhythmias, confers an immediate and significant positive effect, improves the functional class of CHF, cardiac hemodynamic, quality of patients life and severity of atrial fibrillation.

Key words: ischemic heart disease, chronic heart failure, Energostimв, Refrakterinв.




Experimental Medicine





I. Mikadze, G. Abzianidze


The New Ways of Vascular Prostheses Healing Improvement

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy F. Todua, December 18, 2001


Abstract. We presentation original method of prostheses treatment. Tissue growth factor (GF) obtained in our laboratory was used for earlier forming of endothelial covering of prosthesis' luminal surface. Experimental animals were divided into 4 groups depending on increasing GF concentration on the prosthesis wall.

There were made operations of grafting the carotids (54), femoral arteries (48), infrarenal part of abdominal aorta (174), thorakoabdominal shunting (16).

The best results were obtained in the third and fourth groups. All experimental prostheses in 4 – 6 weeks after implantation had good cellular organization of neointima and endothelial coverage of luminal surface that is kept for the 6 months of observation.

Key words: growth factor, vascular prostheses, prosthesis healing, endothelial cell, neointima, neomedia, neoadventitia.





Experimental Medicine






A. Chkhotua, E. Shabtai, Corr. Member of the Academy L. Managadze, A. Yussim,
N. Bar-Nathan, E. Shaharabani, Z. Shapira, S. Lustig, E. Mor


Comparative Analysis of the Results of Kidney Transplantation from Related and Unrelated Living Donors

Presented October 30, 2001


Abstract. Advances in immunosuppressive therapy during the last two decades have led to significant improvement in the outcome of kidney transplantation (Tx).

Key words: kidney transplantation, complications.




Experimental Medicine





N. Khmaladze

Peculiarities of Psychological Adaptation of Practically Healthy Children in Correlation with Academic Progress

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Tatishvili, December 14, 2001

Abstract. We have studied personality set in correlation with academic progress in 112 children aged 7-12 years using D.Uznadze fixed set method. Pathogenic action of this fact on academic progress of children has been established. Plastic set was more frequently manifested by children having better academic progress and awkward set was displayed by children with bad academic progress and perinatal pathologies. High plastic-dynamic frequency was revealed in children with unsatisfactory academic progress and perinatal pathologies. Thus we have established a certain connection between fixed set of a person and academic progress.

Key words: personality set, academic progress.




Experimental Medicine





G. Abuladze, I. Ubiria, A. Telia


Spectral Analysis of Heart Rate Variability in School Children During Examination Load

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Oniani, December 6, 2001


Abstract. Spectral analysis of heart rate variability (HRV) in school children was performed in steady state, before and after examination. The results of this paper substantially demonstrate that HRV is significantly different in individuals. In particular, Fast Fourier analysis shows that low-frequency (0.03-0.3 Hz ) power /high-frequency (0.3-0.5 Hz) power ratio individually reflects emotional load independently from the mean heart rate.

Key words: heart rate variability, spectral analysis, emotions.




Experimental Medicine





E. Japiashvili, K. Gogilashvili, L. Zhorzholiani


The Effect of Medico-Biological and Sociohygienic Factors in Enamel Hypoplasia of Non-Caries Pathology

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy T. Dekanosidze, October 16,2001


Abstract. We report an investigation of non-caries disease in children. The revealing of risk factors was carried out on the basis of patient’s case reports. A total of 617 children aged 2-17 years have been examined. Two main groups were formed: those with enamel hypoplasia and control group. Enamel hypoplasia was marked in 8.6% of the examined population. The investigated case histories evidence that 97.5% of children with enamel hypoplasia were diagnosed for the first time.

Key words: enamel hypoplasia, non-caries, risk factors.




Experimental Medicine





M. Javakhadze


Clinical and Epidemiologic Peculiarities of Diphtheria in 1994-95 According to the Data of the Center of Infectious Pathology

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V. Bakhutashvili, December 26, 2001


Abstract. The goal of the present work was to study the case histories of all the patients hospitalized in the Center of Infectious Pathology in 1994-95 with the diagnosis of diphtheria and to carry out clinical-epidemiologic analysis of the material. The study showed that diphtheria maintained its characteristic clinical picture, though in 1994-95 it was characterized by a number of peculiarities: 1) increasing proportion in adults; 2) existence of one main clinical form of diphtheria in our region –the faucial diphtheria; 3) the main cause of death was myocarditis.

Key Words: diphtheria, clinic, epidemics, epidemiology.



Experimental Medicine





G. Abzianidze, I. Mikadze


Investigation of Mitogen Activity of the Tissue Growth Factors in Culture and Organism

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy F. Todua, December 26, 2001


Abstract. The growth factor (GF) obtained from calf’s brain in our laboratory was investigated on the growth of endothelial cells’ culture in different concentrations in proportion to heparin 2:1. The following concentrations of GF were investigated: 100; 200; 400; 600 mg/ml of medium. The most effective concentration of growth factor is 200 mg/ml in combination with 100 mg/ml of heparin. The research of this concentration of GF and heparin allows to receive quickly proliferating culture of endothelial cells with the population doubling time of 24 hours.

We investigated the possible mitogenic effect of GF on different organs after one-time intra muscular injection of laboratory white rats (equal 0.002 g/kg of animal’s weight).

The investigation of the organs showed no pathological processes.

Key words: growth factor, endothelial cell, population doubling time, mitogen activity.








I. Shatilova, L. Rukhadze, N. Mchedlishvili, N. Makharadze


The Main Stages of Development of the Western Georgian Vegetation and Climate during the Kimmerian Age on the Basis
of Pollen Data

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Mchedlidze, April 24, 2001


Abstract. The palynological material from 10 outcrops of Kimmerian deposits of Western Georgia was studied. The dynamics of vegetation and climate development is retraced.

Key words: vegetation, climate, stages of development.









Member of the Academy Sh. Nadirashvili, G. Gligvashvili


Psychotropic Effect as an Independent Parameter of the
Toxicological Estimation

Presented April 17, 2001


Abstract. When taking out toxicological investigation of any chemical compound being used in every day life and having industrial and commercial application it must be analyzed for the parameter of “psychotropic effect”. The mentioned parameter must be studied at different stages of the toxicological investigation and fixed as an independent criterion of security estimation from the point of view of medical-hygienic standard (e.g. when determinating the extremely permissible concentrations).

Key words: toxicology, psychology, psychotropic effect.









D. Magradze, A. Mamardashvili


Psychopathologic Peculiarities and Disposition of Sex-Chromosome of Individuals Committing-Offences under the Alcohol or Without It


Presented by Member of the Academy Sh.Nadirashvili, October 20, 2001


Abstract. The persons committing offences under the alcohol or without it manifest disposition of sex-chromosome. From the viewpoint of pathopsychology these individuals suffer with alcoholism or a certain mental retardation. The studies connected with the bodies of sex chromatine, i. e. their form, size, staining, etc., evidence the disposition of chromosome during mental retardation.

Key words: X-chromosome, offender.








D. Kakhiani


Study of Children’s Intelligence

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D.Charkviani, January 3, 2002


Abstract. The approbation and adaptation of the well-known Wechsler intelligence scale (WISC-R) in Georgian population were carried out. Georgian variant of the test for 6-12 years old children has been worked out.

Key words: Wechsler test, scaled scores.







M. Kakulia


Composition of the Domestic Foreign Exchange Market in

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V.Papava, December 20, 2001


Abstract. This paper is devoted to the problems of the domestic foreign exchange market in Georgia. It describes the structure of this market and explains the National Banks’ active role as a “market maker”.

Key words: market maker, inter-bank, In-house and dealing markets, spot and forward transactions.








G. Tsaava


Main Tendencies of the Improving Bank Products Supply to the Market

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy, L.Chikava, November 1, 2001


Abstract. Wide use of the possibilities of the up-to-date bank marketing becomes the norm of the activities practically for every commercial bank of Georgia. Two of the problems are to be considered: passive one involving thorough study of the clients’ demands to the services allotted by the Credit Institute and active one involving the formation and stimulation of the demands for different bank products in order to increase the level of realization and deficiency, also total profitability of the business activity of the bank.

Key words: communicative policy, publicity, advertising, bank activities.









M. Nanitashvili


To the Problem of Regulation of Goods Circulation in Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L. Chikava, December 28, 2001


Abstract. The paper deals with the problem of formation of the mechanism of government regulation of goods circulation in Georgia under the conditions of economical transformation. The premises of formation of market and nonmarket regulators, necessity of formation of the relevant structure for regulation of the goods circulation sphere and principal functions of the state (governmental), namely, of the territorial governmental bodies in social-economic regulation are considered. Recommendations for pursuing the government policy in goods circulation sphere are suggested.

Key words: goods circulation, government regulation, government policy.








L. Kokiauri


Social and Economic Aspects of Investment Crisis in Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L. Chikava, December 28, 2001


Abstract. Social and economic aspects of investment crisis in Georgia have been investigated. Main indicators of investment process, absolute and structural characteristics have been defined in order to analyze the investment crisis in Georgia.

Key words: investment, investment crisis, indicators of the investment process.









T. Babunashvili


Some Socio-Economic Results of Industrial Reformations

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L. Chikava, December 26, 2001


Abstract. This paper is an attempt to evaluate industrial reformations in Georgia. The results and achievements of the recent ten years have been summed up and the negative factors analyzed.

Key words: privatization, private property, private entrepreneurs.








Ts. Baramidze


Phonotactic Restrictions for Disposition of Class Signs in Verb Stems of the Tabasaranian Language

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G.Topuria, December 25, 2001


Abstract. In present paper, we consider the phonotactic restrictions for disposition of class signs in verb stems of the Tabasaranian language. In the northern dialect of the Tabasaranian the grammatical class is preserved, whereas in the southern dialect it is lost. In the nouns it is lexico-semantic category and in the verbs it is morphological category. Class sign in the verb is either prefix or infix.

I. In verb stems with VC structure class sign is prefix. When adding class sign in anlaut the closed syllable is formed which is natural for the Tabasaranian language (CVC).

II. Verb stems with VC structure when the subject stands for the class of people simultaneously address prefix-infixation.

III. In verb stems with CVC structure class sign is infix. For infixation either r or w. Will be used the Tabasaranian language avoids the use of consonant clusters grouping and admits only the consonant clusters containing sonor. The disposition of class signs has phonotactic restrictions.

Key words: phonotactic restrictions, Tabasaranian language, grammatical class.








N. Ratiani


The Function of Blood, Hair and Tears in the Funeral Ritual (according to the Greek Literature)

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy R. Gordeziani, October 9, 2001


Abstract. Ancient beliefs had three elements which had a certain power so much needed by a dead‘s soul to enter the underworld successfully - blood, hair and tear. Describing the rites of cutting face, tearing out hair and wetting dead‘s grave and body with tears the Greek authors preserved for us the important elements of funeral ritual. We proved, that all above mentioned elements were important during the performance of the funeral ritual, as these elements according to Greek literature had a power by which a dead‘s soul was enforced.

Key words: blood, curl of hair, tears, funeral ritual.








T. Kotrikadze


The Biblical Image of the Angel and its Transformations

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Gvakharia, April 17, 2001


Abstract. The image of the angel in modern West European literature has been studied. We define its functions religionwise first, as it was religion from where it was transposed into the modern western literature. The religious phenomenon of the angel is given in three dimensions: functional, phenomenological and historical-diachronic.

Key words: protoangel.







G. Ghudushauri


Social and Economic development of Tusheti in XVIII-XIX cc

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Giorgadze, November 20, 2001


Abstract. Tusheti is one of the regions of Georgia. People living there are called Tushins. Being settled high in the Caucasian mountains in severe climate with Alpine meadow, they led a nomad's life. The main occupation was breeding cows and sheep, which made them roaming from one place to another. These and other factors being described in the article influenced the social and economic development of Tushins.

Key words: sheep breeding, wool manufacture, Tusheti.




History of Science





T. Epremidze, I. Lekvinadze


Derivation of Einstein Formula for Brownian Motion using Mirianashvili's Method

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, September 18, 2001


Abstract. In present paper we consider M. Mirianashvili's method developed in 1937 for rotary motion of Brownian particles. The obtaining of Einstein formula using Mirianashvili's method is analyzed and its advantage is shown in comparison with I. Krutkov's method.

Key words: Brownian motion.




History of Science




L. Khidasheli


New Cosmetic Cream on the Basis of Tbilisi Sulphur Waters

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L. Khananashvili, December 26, 2001


Abstract. The historical examples of sulphide waters application have been studied according to the old Georgian manuscripts.

Chemical analysis of Tbilisi city thermal sulphide water is carried out and a new cosmetic cream is created on its basis. The wide possibilities for restoration of old Georgian perescriptions and the use of mineral waters in cosmetology are discussed.

Key words: thermal sulphide waters, cosmetology.