volume 165 number 3 May-Jun



Member of the Academy N. Vakhania, V Kvaratskhelia

An Application of the Brunel-Sucheston Spreading Model

Presented April 16, 2002


Abstract. It is proved that in every infinite-dimensional normed space for any positive integer r there is an "unconditional sequence" of r elements. The proof uses the Brunel-Sucheston spreading model.



Member of the Academy L. Zhizhjashvjli

On Conjugate Functions and Hilbert Transform

Presented July 26, 2001


Abstract. In this paper; A.N. Kolmogorov's and E. Titchmarsh's corresponding results for established conjugate functions and Hilbert transforms are sharpened.

Key words: Hubert transform, conjugate functions.



U. Goginava

Cesaro Means of N-Dimensional Trigonometric Fourier Series

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvil, October 30, 2001


Abstract.  L. Zhizhiasvili proved sufficient condition for the Cesaro summability by negative order of N-dimensional trigonometric Fourier series in the spaces Lp, 1£ p£ ¥ . In this paper, it is shown that this condition cannot be improved in the cases 1£ p£ ¥ .

Key words: Cesaro means, trigonometric Fourier series.




A. Danelia

On the Property of the Conjugate Function of Many Variables

Presented by Member of the Academy L.Zhizhiashvili October 23. 2001


Abstract. In the given work the direct estimations are received for the partial moduli of continuity of second order of the conjugate functions of many vanahies in the space of continuous functions. The exactness of received estimations are established by fitting examples.

Key words: conjugate function, modulus of continuiti of second order.


G. Khimshiashvi1i

Counting Roots of Quaternionic Polynomials

Presented by Member of the Academy N.Vakhania January 4, 2002


Abstract. We present several results on the structure of zero-set of a quaternionic polynomial. In particular, it is shown that the Euler characteristic of the zero-set is equal to its algebraic degree, which may be considered as a generalization of the Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. We also indicate an effectively verifiable sufficient condition which guarantees that the zero-set is finite.

Keywords: quaternionic polynomial in standard form, Jacobian matrix, Euler characteristic, mapping degree, signature of a quadratic form.



Z. Tediashvili

Uniqueness for Two-Dimensional Domains in the Inverse Problems

of the Potential Theory

Presented by Corr. Member of tbe Academy R.Bantsuri October 16, 2001


Abstract. Inverse problems of the potential theory are considered for two-dimensional domains. The uniqueness theorems are proved within specific restrictions for boundaries of the domains and densities of potentials.

Key words: inverse problems, potential theory.



Z. Avaliani

Number of Regular Elements of Complete Semigroups of Binary

Relations Defined by Semilattices ofthe Class S 1(X, 5)

Presented by Corr. Member of tbe Academy D. Baladze, December 18, 2001

Abstract. The formulae for computing the regular elements of semigroups defined by semilattices of the class S 1(X, 5) are given in the paper.

Key words: complete semigroups, regular elements, binary relafions.




Sh. Makharadze, I. Diasarnidze

Characteristic Sets of Complete X-Semilattice of the Union

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D.Baladze , November 20, 2001

Abstract. The characteristic set of complete X-semilattice of the union is described. Such sets are widely used to study the complete semigroups of binary relations.

Key words: complete selnigroups, complete X-semilattice, binary relations.




Ya. Diasamidze

Right Units of Complete Semigroups of Binary Relation Defined by Complete X-Semilattices Generated by Sets of Nonchainwise Pairs

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Baladze, November 26, 2001

Abstract. In this paper, we give a complete description of right units of the semigroup Bx(D), where D is a complete X-semilattice generated by a set nonchainwise pairs

Key words: nonchainwise pairs, complete semigroups, complete X-semilattices.




T. Tevzadze

On Lipschitz Type Classes and Fourier Coefficients

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvlii, October 16, 2001


Abstract. Theoremas generalizing corresponding results by M. and Sb. Izumi for the classes Am(a,l, r), a >0, r³ 1 of Lipschitz type functions are given.

Key words: Lipschitz Type Classes.




Corr. Member of the Academy T. Iamanidze. M. Losaberidze

On the Problem of the Action of the Stamp Moving with Constant Velocity along Elastic Semiplane and the Effect of Load Existing beyond it

Presented March 20, 2002


Abstract. It is shown that additional load under the stamp as a result of the action of forces existing beyond the boundaries of the stamp can be regulated to a certain degree.

Key words: stamp, load, differential equation.


Mathematical Physics


D. Gordeziani. M. Avalishvili

Investigation of Hierarchic Model of Prismatic Shell

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy R.Bantsuri, August 31. 2001


Abstract. In the present paper two-dimensional model of prismatic shell is constructed. Existence and uniqueness of the solution of corresponding boundary value problem are proved, the rate of approximation of the solution of original problem by vector-function restored from the solution of two-dimensional problem is estimated.

Key words: prismatic elastic shell. Fourier series.


Theory of Elasticity


G. Karseladze

Uniqueness Results for Fluid-Solid Interaction Steady State Oscillation

Problem for a Half-Space

Presented by Corr. Meuiber of the Academy R.Bantsuri March 7. 2002


Abstract. The uniqueness theorem for fluid-solid interaction steady state oscillation problem is proved when the interface between the adjacent domains is the plane x3=0. The result is obtained in the space of functions satisfying the Sommerleld-Kupradze radiation condition.

Key words: fluid-solid interacfion.



N. Jorjiashvili


New General Characteristics of Word Syllabic Fuzzy Organization in

Georgian Language

Presented by Member of the Acadeniy M.Salukvadze, September 11, 2001


Abstract. New characteristics of word syllabic fuzzy structure, such as fuzzv phonological length of the consonant structure of the syllable, most typical interval (MTI) of the structure fuzzy image and the measure of dissonance are considered. On the ground of primary information the images (fuzzy subsets) of a word syllabic structures have been constructed.

Key words: fuzzy image, fuzzy structure. fuzzy measure.



I. Metskhvarishvili


Investigation of Multipo1e for 192Os 201.29 keV g -transition

Presented by Member of the Academyy N. Amaglobeli, July 31 2001

Abstract. By high resolution (0.04%) magnetic prism beta-spectrometer inter-

nal conversion electron spectrum for Os 201.29 keV g -transition was measured. K-, LI-, LII-, LIII-conversion lines are divided, their forms are investigated, and values of their relative broadening are measured. Relative and absolute internal conversion coefficients of this transition on the LI-, LII-, LIII-subshells are determined. It was established that this g -transition is electric quadruple and magnetic dipole multipoles mixtures. Share of the mixture for magnetic dipole is determined as the average significance of a, a=(28± 2) %.

Key word: high resointion beta-spectrometer, internal conversion coefficients, g -transition,, conversion lines.




A. Rcheulishvili, K. Kaadze

Determination of the Content of Cr(VI) by the Method of Flame

Atomic-Absorption and Atomic-Fluorescent Spectrometry

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Kharadze, September 18, 2001

Abstract. The approach of detemination of six-valent chromium has been developed using the methods of atomic-absorption and atomic-fluorescent spectrometry. The approach is based on the known phenomenon that the sensitivity of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) detemination by the methods of AA and AF spectrometry differ from each other. It is shown that the sensitivity and accuracy of determination of Cr(VI) concentration increases with the increase of the difference between the sensitivities of Cr(VI) and Cr(III) determinations.

The condition was found experimentally when the sensitivity of Cr(VI) determination is twice more than that of Cr(III). For converting of Cr(VI) into three-valent form HCI is used.

Key Words: atomic-fluorescent spectrometry, flame, chromium.




O. Davarashvili, G. Gegiadze. M. Enukashvili, N. Kekelidze. M. Metskhvarishvili.

V. Zlomanov, V Aliyev

Heterostructures for IR Lasers with Emitters of PbCaSrSeTe and

Doping Active Layers of PbSnSeTe

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T.Sanadze, November 1 2001


Abstract. In order to achieve operation of IR lasers on the basis of IV-VI semiconductors at room temperature new semiconductor materials PbCaSrSeTe and PbSnSeTe:Ca or Sr; PbTeSe:Ca or Sr; PbSe:Sb as emitters and active layers for corresponding heterostructures are proposed.

These structures are distinguished with high heterobarrier, profile operation of arrangement of fast-diffusive components and the possibility to broaden the range of elastic deformation of active region.

Key words: IR lasers. lattice constant. mismatch of layers. threshold current, diffusion.



The Electric Structure and Very Low Frequency Electromagnetic

Radiation of Magnetosphere Forehead Area

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy T Chelidze, July 10, 2001

Abstract. The possibility of generation of energy electrons in forehead area of magnetosphere, which is able after penetration inside the magnetosphere to initiate generation of very low-frequency electromagnetic waves (VLF), is investigated



Analytical Chemistry


L. Mujiri, Sh. Gigilashvili, I. Shatirishvili


Gas Chromatographic Analysis for Determination of Aromatic Compounds

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Andronikashvili, July 15, 2001


Abstract. We have studied different stages of fermentation of wine materials of "Rkatsiteli" and "Muskat Rkatsiteli" varieties. The variation of terpene alcohol content has been determined by gas chromatographic analytical method.

Key words: terpene, aromatic compounds, wine varieties.


Organic Chemistry

G. Khidesheli

Structural Formula of Benzene "Resonance Hybrid"

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy J.Japaridze, December 26, 2001

Abstract. New structural formula (II) of benzene molecule "resonance hybrid" is offered and compared with the lenown formula (I) of resonance hybrid.

It is shown, that formulae I and II explain many of benzene properties similarly, but the formula II explains orientation of substituent electrophilic group in benzene monoderivatives better than the formula I

Key words: benzene, resonance hybrid, benzene monoderivatives, electrophilic group.


Physical Chemistry


L. Eprikashvili, K. Kvariani, Member of the Academy N. Skhirtladze,

D. Chipashvili, B. Tutberidze

Thermal Properties of Chabazite from Gomareti Plateau (Georgia)

Presented December 15, 2001


Abstract. Thermal properties of chabazite crystals of some dolerites of Gomareti plateau were investigated. It was shown that according to the series of the indices they are very close to the mostly studied chabazites of different world deposits.

Key words: chabazite, thermal analysis, endo- and exoeffects, moisture loss




R. Kvaratskhelia, E. Kvaratskhelia

Voltammety of Dichloroacetic Acid at the Solid Electrodes

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy J. Japaridze, July 6, 2001


Abstract. Voltammetry of dichloroacetic acid at the electrodes from Cu, Cd, Ta,:Cu-Hg and alloys of Cd with Cu, Hg, Sn, Ni, In and Ag in aqueous solutions has been studied. The role of electrode nature and solution composition in the process of acid electrochemical dechlorination has been discussed.

Key words: dichloroacetic acid, voltammetry, electrode, wave, alloy.


Chemical Technology


L. Grdzelidze, L. Tedeishvili, G. Gaprindashvili, Z. Kovziridze

Phase Analysis of Heat-Resistant Low-Temperature Ceramics

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Tsintsadze, May 13, 2002


Abstract. On the basis of roentgenostructural and petrographic investigation qualitative and quantitative phase analysis of talc containing heat-resistant ceramics (HRC) has been carried out at different temperatures.

The content of crystalline phases of mullite, quartz, orthoclase and enstatite in the material is established.

Key words: low-temperature ceramics. heat-resistance, roentgenostructural analysis, quartz, mullite, enstatite, orthoclase. antophyllite.


Economic Geography


D. Gabunia, B. Goishvili, G. Kartvelishvili, J. Khantadze

Determination of Complexity of Mountainous Areas of Georgia

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Oniani, February 19, 2002


Abstract. A complex criterion of definition of complexity of the populated high-mountainous areas taking into account hypsometric height, climatic conditions, relief, proximity to State border, roads` characteristics and feasibility of agricultural activities of an inhabited locality have been developed.

Key words: mountain, policy, complexity, criterion, populated area, frontier.



Economic Geography



M. Ghvinjilia

Principal Problems of Tourist Marketplace in the Black Sea Region

of Georgia on an Example ofKobuleti Resort

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Z. Tatashidze, March 12, 2002


Abstract. Due to transition of the country to the market economy, hard political and socio-economic conditions and deterioration of international relations the resorts in Georgia have become oriented to the native consumers. A tendency to the tourist "juvenescence" has been marked. Low level of infrastructure, ecology and service are considered to be the main problems of the resorts.

Key words: tourist, resort, tourist market, requirement, service structure.



Machine Building Science

J. Dochviri


Optimization of the Dynamics of Electromechanical Drive with

Modal Control

Presented by Members of the Academy R. Adamia, October 6 2001


Abstract. In the present paper the dynamics of electromechanical drive with modal control is investigated The object of considered agregate is a system of regulable thyristorical electrical drive, with elastic mechanical junctions. The expressions for optimal calculation of feedback coefficients of system are received which provide the supressions of elastic oscillations in considered system of drive.

Key words: Electromechanical drive dynamics. modal control


Human and Animal Physiology


G. Todua

Effect of Basal Amygdaloid Nucleus Stimulation on Units of the

Central Nucleus

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Oniani,September 10, 2001


Abstract. The extracellular electrical activities of the amygdaloid central nucleus (CN) neurons to electrical stimulation of basal nucleus (BN) in unanesthetized, immobilized cats were investigated. Main types of responses were: phasic activation in the form of single spike or seldom discharge, initial activation followed by inhibition and pure inhibition. Excitatory responses prevailed. To basal nucleus stimulation in medial and lateral parts responded 73.9 and 26% of studied neurons respectively. Among the neurons, which were activated 40.6% responded with short latencies (less than l2msec) Units, pertaining to the short latency group were always activated from the parvicellular part of BN. Characteristics of responses with short latency were investigated during the stimulation of different frequency. Unability to response regularly high frequency stimulation (above 200 sec-1) and fluctuation of the latency permits considering them as orthodromic and transsynaptic.

The data support the existence of a monosynaptic pathway from BN to medial part of CN.

Key words: Unitary response, short latency. basal nucleus. central nucleus. amygdaloid complex, direct connection.


Human and Animal Physiology


A. Shalamberidze, R. Sakandelidze

Comparative Study of Central and Peripheral Anticholinestherase

Drugs in the Passive Avoidance Test in the Rats

Presented by Member of the Aetdemy T Ioseliani, August 21 2001


Abstract. Effects of central (galanthamine hydrobromide) and peripheral (proserin, syn. neostigmine) anticholinestherase drugs (AACh) were compared in the punished water drinking test, which is a variety of passive avoidance tasks and, at the same time, a test for anxiety measurement in the muroid rodents. Experiments have shown that central AACh increases retention of the avoidance behavior, while the peripheral AACh does not change the animals' behavior. The latter fact must be due to facillitatoly action of neostigmine on the peripheral neuromuscular transmission only, but not on the central acetylcholine synapses, hecause of strong hemato-encephalic barrier against the drug.

Key words: acetylcholine, cholinestherase, memory, emotions, avoidance. rats.



T. Samsonidze, Corr. Member of the Academy N. Karsanov

Structure of Thin Myocardial Filaments in Cardiac Insufficiency'

Caused by Athyroid Cardiomyopathy

Presented January 15, 2002


Abstract. Diffraction patterns of single thin myocardial filaments and its Mg2+ paracrystals from normal myocardium and in heart failure caused by athyroid cardiomyophaty are presented and three-dimensional reconstruction of normal and pathological filaments is carried out. It is shown that in rigor solution,pathologic actin protomers are elongated, while normal filaments are kidney shaped. It is concluded that changes in thin myocardial filament helix parameters in heart failure caused by toxic-allergic myocarditis is due to the loss of conformational mobility of native actin filaments.

Key Words: structure, three dimensional reconstruction, thin myocardial filaments,heart failure.



N. Metreveli. L. Namicheishvili. K. Jariashvili, E. Chikvaidze, G. Mrevlishvili

Microcalorimetric and Electron Spin Resonance Study of the

Influence ofUltra-Violet Irradiation on Collagen

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Zaalishvili, March 30, 2002


Abstract. Microcalorimertric method shows, that ultra-violet (UV) irradiation cardinally changes the heat capacity dependence on temperature and reduces the unwinding enthalpy of collagen triple helix. Using the electron spin resonance (ESR) it is observed, that the primary products of acid-soluble collagen solution irradiation are hydrogen atom and acetic acid radical, which decomposes in methyl radical by the influence of visible light. This radical reacts with acetic acid molecule and the acetic acid radical arises. These free radicals interact with collagen molecule. As a result seven superfine components of ESR spectra with splitting D H=1. 13 mTl appear. Presumably, this spectrum belongs to proline free radical which occurs on the collagen molecule. It may represent basic defect in collagen triple helix which causes the triple helix destabilization.

Key words: collagen, ultra-violet irradiation, free radicals.




G. Davitaia, T. Matiashvili, M. Ebralidze

On some Aspects of Treatment and Prophylactic Properties of

Garden Thyme Saturela hortensis

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy T.Chaniashvili, October 16, 2001


Abstract. The antimicrobial activity of Satureja hortenisis 30% alcohol extracts against Gram-positive bacteria has been shown. Preliminary clinical testing of Satureja hortensis preparation has shown its antiinflammatory activity and antiallergic properties.

Key words: Gram-positive bacteria, Satureja hortensis



N. Surguladze, G. Zaalishvili, K. Kolkhidashvili, K. Kutalia,

Corr. Member of the Academy t' Zaalishvili

Influence of Cu2+ , Zn2+ , Polyamines and Neutral Lipids on the Rat

Brain Nuclear Matrix DNA-topoisomerase II Activity

Presented July 10, 2001


Abstract. It has been revealed that polyamines (spermine, spermidine) increase rat brain nuclear matrix DNA-topoisomerase II activity while Cu2+ and Zn2+ cations inhibit the enzymatic activity. The obtained data indicate that neutral lipids do not participate in nuclear matrix DNA -topoisomerase II activity.

Key words: brain, nuclei, nuclear matrix DNA-topoisomerase II.



T. Devdariani, Mernber of the Academy T. Beridze, I. Devdariani V. Tabidze


On the Influence of some Carcinogenic Polycyclic Aromatic

Hydrocarbons on Protein Synthesis in Plants

Presented January 29. 2002


Abstract. The Influence of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PA H)-benz(a)pyrene (BP), benz(a)anthracene(BA) and dibenz(a,h)anthracene(DBA) on inclusion of 1,2-14 C-leucine in separate protein fractions of plants has been investigated. The effect of these carcinogenes on the content of protein, starch and sugars in grains of cultivated plants, on incorporation of radioactive amino acids - leucine and lysine in various fractions of plant proteins has also been investigated. It was established that PAH influenced the biosynthesis of starch, sugars and proteins in plants.

Key words: carcinogenes, proteins, oxidoreductases, enzymatic activity. biotransformation,, radioactivity.



E. Akhalaya. T. Kuprashvili

Variation of some Physiological Indices in Leaves of Table Beet

Affected with Fungus Phoma betae Frank

Presented by Corr Member of the Academy D Jokhadze. March 22. 2002


Abstract. The respiration intensity and activity of oxidation enzymes in leaves of table beet considerably vary under the action of fungus Proma betae. The resistance of table beet in relation to fungus disease is determined by high respiration intensity and activity of oxidation enzymes of 0-diphenoloxidase and catalase that allows to use these data for diagnostics of the resistance of table beet.

Key words: table beet, fungus Phoma betae Frank.




I. Chkhikvishvili. 0. Khachidze

Antioxidant Activity of Red Wines and White Wines, Made by

Different Technologies and its Change at Ageing

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy N Nutsubidze. July 3. 2001


Abstract. Antioxidant activity of red wines and white wines made by the European and Kakhetian technologies and changes they undergo at ageing have been studied. It has been shown that red wines are distinguished by the highest antioxidant activity. In white wines, made by Kakhetian method this activity is much higher compared to European ones, that is conditioned by high content of phenolic compounds. At ageing antioxidant activity of wine decreseas, that is more significant in European types of wines.

Key words: red wines, white wines. antioxidant activity, phenolic compounds. antioxidant activity, quercetin, gallic acid, caffeic acid. (+)-catechin. rutin.


Microbiology and Virology


N.Khurtsilava Z Lomtatidze


Natural Variability of Streptomyces violaceus

Presented by Corr Member of the Academy M.Gordeziani, July 10, 2001


Abstract. Natural variability of the producer of niveetin - Str. violaceus has been studied. Four stable morphological variants are found in the population. It is determined, that such morphological features as colour and form are characterized with high level of variability and the sporulation type represents a relatively stable feature.

Key words: actinomycetes. spontaneous variants.


Microbiology and Virology


I. Gorozia, Z. Lomtatidze

The Intensification of Prodigiozin Synthesis under the Conditions of

Streptoniyces fulvissimus Cultivation

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Sh. Nutsubidze, June. 26, 2001


Abstract. The strain producing the antibiotic of prodigiozin group has been obtained from the high-mountain (Khevi region) soils of Georgia. This strain was identified as Sfreptomyces fulvissimus. The optimal conditions of producer cultivation were established under which the intensive synthesis of antibiotic took place.

Key words: Sfreptomyces, Streptomyces fulvissimus, prodigiozin.



G. Edisherashvili

The Structure of the High-Mountain Population of Birds in the Didi

Liakhvi River Basin

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I. Eliava, March 5, 2002


Abstract. The strutcture of the high-mountain population of the birds nesting in Didi Liakhvi river basin is considered in the paper. The population density and dominating species according to the different biotopes are established: curving woods and bushes- 158 sp./km2, dominate Caucasian warbler (48 or 30.37%) and common chaffinch (25 or 15.18%), subalpine grasslands - 290 sp./km2, dominates water pipit (164 or 56.55%), Alpine grasslands - 183 sp./km2, also dominates water pipit (126 or 68.85%), rocky places - 118 sp./km2 dominates black redstart (43 or 36.44%) and water pipit (24 or 20.33%).

Key words: birds population of Liakhvi basin, subalpine meadows.


Parasitology and Helminthology


Corr. Member of the Academy B.KurashviliB.Kurashvili

Diversity of Helminths of Man and Vertebrate Animals in Georgia

Presented Octoher 9, 2001


Abstract. The work gives a history of studying helminths of man and vertebrate animals in Georgia. At present 1137 of helminths are registrated in Georgia. Of them 21 species are found in man while invertebrate animals (Pisces, Amphibia, Reptiles, Aves, Mammals) 1116 species.

The zoogeographic analysis of the registered species demands taking into account the peculiarities of geographic spreading of helminths, hosts according to the separate systematic groups. Many of the game birds make far migrations, the other ones are settled and according to these signs helminths are: ubikvists (widely spread forms), north forms, south forms, unknown by the natural habitat and of last endemic forms.

Key words: diversity. Trematoda. Cestoda. Nematoda;. Fasciola hepatica, Taenia solium, Ascaris lumbricoides, Pisces. Alnphibia, Reptilia. AVes, Mammalia).



N.Chipashvili, M.Mamaladze,G.Didava

Structural Peculiarities of Tooth Pulp Innervation in Norm and

at Acute Pulpitis

Preseented by Member of the Academy T.Chanishvili, December 18 2001


Abstract. In contemporary medicine the problems of pain onset, its remove or relief are closely linked with issues of anesthesia and analgesia. The peculiarities of innervation of human pulp in norm and in cases of acute pulpitis have been studied. A total of 15 samples of human tooth pulp were investigated. The material was divided into two groups: intact pulpae (5 cases) and pulpae with acute inflammations (10) cases).

The obtained data have shown a sharply manifested distinction between morphological peculiarities of tooth pulp in norm and at the pathology. The above said is very urgent when evaluating the effectiveness of applied anesthesia and the problem of anesthesia at some stomatologic diseases.

Key words: tooth pulp. pulpitis. pain anesthesia. analgesia, myelin.




M. Kalatozishvili, R.Kandelaki, N. Beloivanenko, T. Basishvili

Alterations of Alkaline and Acidic Phosphatases in the Sensorimotor

Cortical Neurons and Capillary Walls in the Cats, Following the

Two-Month Alcoholic Intoxication

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Dekanosidze, August 14, 2001

Abstract. Examinations of the alkaline and acidic phosphatases (stained according to Homori) in the neurons and capillary walls of the cat's sensorimotor cortex, following the two-month alcohol administration, have shown that alkaline phosphatase is more labile enzyme. Therefore, it has been concluded that following the two-month alcohol administration, it undergoes the most significant changes. Stability of acidic phosphatase, in these conditions, may be due to its localization in the lysosomes.

Key words: alkaline phosphatase, acidic phosphatase, alcoholism, drug addiction, cats.




H. Khvitia, T. Khechinashvili

Some Peculiarities of Neutrophils Phagocytosis during Tuberculosis

Prsented by Member of the Academy T.Chanishvili, December 20. 2002


Abstract. We have studied the phenomenon of phagocytosis during the infections of various genesis. Phagocytosis is not homogenous. It is a complex defense reaction consisting of numerous intercellular phenomena in which all substructures of the cell take part. The breakage of phagocytosis reaction is linked with energetic potential of the cell.

Key words. phagocytosis, antigen.


Experimental Medicine


M. Javakhadze

Clinical and Epidemiological Peculiarities in Diphtheria Deads

Presented by Corr. Member of tbe Academy N.Tatishvili December 26 2001


Abstract. The case histories of the patients who died of diphtheria during 1993-2002 have been analyzed. Mortality was found to be 9.6%. On admission 80% of the patients did not denote contact with the diphtheria diseased person. In 213 of the patients diphtheria was diagnosed in an infectious stationary. At the very beginning their case was severe and on the very first day 32% died. Half of the patients died during the first three days. None of the children died below one year. All the patients were diseased with faucial diphtheria. Only in 40% it was mixed with the larynx diphtheria. None of the adequately vaccinated ;patients died. Diagnosis was bacteriologically proved in 18%. The cause of death was myocarditis in 94% and the infectiousa and toxic shock. in other cases

Key Words: diphtheria, mortality, serotherapy. complications.


Experimental Medicine


M. Loladze. M. Tarasashvili, A. Alecksidze. Ts. Turmanidze.

Member of the Academy T.Chanishvili

Influence of Preparation Bilidase on the Intraocular Pressure

Presented April 2, 2002


Abstract.  The present work investigates the effect of staphylococcal hyaluronidase preparation bilidase on intraocular pressure. The 50 individuals with normal and open angle glaucomatous eyes were enrolled in this study. In response to subconjunctival injection of bilidase in both groups was observed statistically reliable fall of intraocular pressure. In normal eyes group the average drop amounted to 3.6± 0.3 mm Hg (27%) (P<0.005). In the glaucomatous group, the applanation pressure was lowered on the average by 9.4± 0.5 mm Hg (52%) (P<0.001).

Key words: hyaluronidase, bilidase, intraocular pressure. open- angle glaucoma.


Experimental Medicine

A. Gogelia

Efficiency of Laser Therapy at Acute and Chronic Sinusitis

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Dekanosidze. February 22. 2002


Abstract. Patients with acute and chronic sinusitis were treated by low intensity laser radiation. To all patients with chronic sinusitis laserotherapy was applied as an independent method of treatment. Cure of chronic suppurative sinusitis by low intensity laser was performed on the a backround of antibioticotherapy and nasal medicines. For intranasal laserotherapy red rays were used. In parallel to the treatment with red laser the simultaneous irradiation of painful areas and trigger zones with infrared rays was applied.

Key words: Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), paranasal sinuses, sinusitis. laseropuncture.



K. Adeishvili

Action of Power Frequency (50 Hz) Electromagnetic Fields on

Phosphorylation of Fructose-6-Phosphate and Synthesis of

Phosphofructokinase from E.Coli

Presented by Member or the Academy K~Nadareishvili. .September 11. 2001

Abstract. For the gaining of better insights into the biological effects of power frequency (50 Hz) electromagnetic fields (PF-EMFs) on organisms and obtaining new information on the biophysical mechanism of action of weak PF-EMFs we had performed exposure of E.coli in order to detect changes in phosphorylation and synthesis of bacterial phosphofructokinase. Using 32P labeling, one and two dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and data from the SWISS-2DPAGE internet data bank it was found that upon exposure to PF-EMF synthesis of the protein under study has been slightly (~10-15%) decreased, which was accompanied by increase of phosphorylation by ~20-25%. Beside the confirming biological effects on PF-EMFs our results also have shown strong correlation between the protein synthesis and the level of its activity.

Key words: phosphofruktokinase. power-frequency electromagnetic fields, E. co/i.




R. Khomeriki, I.Shatberashvili

Determination of Hemodynamic Parameters during Computer


Presented by Member of the Academy Sh. Nadirashvili. November 20, 2001

Abstract.  Psychomedical problems of interrelations with computer while studying the general course are considered.

Key words: medical test, heimodynamic parameters. correlation, computer.





Government Reforms and Money Circulation in Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of tbe Academy L.Chikava, December 28, 2001

Abstract.  The causes of inflation and anti-crisis government program in order to prevent the inflation in Georgia are analyzed.

Money circulation in the country reflecting economic and political life, anti-inflationary measures including rigid control over money supply in circulation, compilation of the budget, extension of public production, etc. are being considered.

Key words: inflation, money circulation. Georgia.




M. Kvaratskhelia

Ilia Chavchavadze on Social-Economic Development in Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V. Papava, January 15, 2002


Abstract. Georgia, one of the republics of the former Soviet Union is a unique country having original nation, special geopolitic position, beautiful climate. At present the country faces economic difficulties. She tries to develop its own economy, considering national interests as the laws adopted from the others may serve as preventive factors for social~onomic development of Georgia In this view Ilia Chavchavadze's suggestions written almost a century ago present great interest.

Key words: Ilia Chavchavadze, economics. Georgia.





R. Otinashvili

On Problems of Economic Security in Georgia

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy L. Chikava, January 15, 2002


Abstract.  In the present paper, we have made an analysis of specificity of transition period from centralized to modern market economy. It is shown that by overall recognized basic indices and criteria of social welfare, Georgia excesses critical parameters of security. In such conditions normal development of the society in accordance with legal and ethic norms is impossible. An elaboration of governmental strategy of economic security is needed.

Key words: economic security, transition period, market economy.




M. Tetruashvili-Kardava

The Development of Finance-Economic Relations between Center

and Regions in Georgia

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy A. Silagadze, March 7, 2002


Abstract. Analysis of Georgian economy has been considered in order to establish the necessary climate for development of Financial Budget Federalism. Financial policy for distributions of the rights and responsibilities between center and regions, criteria for new policy have been offered.

Key words: Budget Federalism, regional finances, decentralization.



Communication Ensuring Problems of Euro-Asian

Transportation Magistral via Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L.Chikava, November 26. 2001


Abstract. Analysis of technical level of Communication system of Trans-Asia-Europe Magistral (TAE) by means of optico-fibric technology shows that realization of TAE will be possible after complete construction of Optico- Fibric Magistral via Georgia

Some recommendations for ensuring effective functioning of TAE Magistral and its social and economic effects have been considered.

Key words: Communication ensuring. Euro-Asian Transportation Magistral




Ts. Baramidze

Disposition of Verbal Suffixes in the Verb Stem of the

Tabasaranian Language

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy G.Kvaratskhelia, March 7, 2002


Abstract.  In present paper, we report on the principles of verbal suffixes disposition in verb stem of the Tabasaranian language. More than 30 verbal suffixes are represented in the verb stem of the Tabasaranian language. These suffixes are productive, during the derivation of various stem patterns. The masdar and infinitive suftixes are immediately added to the verb stems with CVC, VC and C structure. On the boundary with morphemes while adding other suffixes the language tries to preserve voicing but the reduction is also possible if the secondary two-member consonant cluster may be assumed. Syntagmatic principles of vowels don't allow the junction of two vowels not only in the root and stem but on the boundary of morphemes too. The reduction here is also conditioned by phonotactic restriction. The disposition of verbal stems and their phonetic variations in the Tabasaranian determine the peculiarities of vowel and consonant syntagmatic patterns.

Key words: Tabasaranian language, verbal suffixes, derivation, phonetactic restriction.





K. Nadareishvili

The Role of Women in the Religion of Athens

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy by R. Gordeziani February 28, 2002


Abstract. The article aims at discussing the role and character of religious activities of women in the sacral space of Athens. Various types of women religious services have been marked out and investigated here, such as: Consecration rituals, religious offices held by women, as well as participation of women in the cults of Athens, both in state and in specifically women festivals. The article explores the ambivalent and contradictory nature surrounding the role of women in the religious sphere. At the same time unique importance granted to women's religious activities by the Greeks has been specially emphasized.

Key words: consecration, religions offices cults of Athens thesmophoria, the panathenaea.





George P Tuinanishvili

On Probletn of Word Interpretation in Text

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy A.Gvakharia, April 30, 2002


Abstract.  We regard a word as an "independent lexical unity". With such approach a word should be taken as an indivisible element of lexis. The semantic load being attached in the given unit is fixed by its parameters and presented in the form of constanta in time-space continuum.

Key words: word-sign, oath, Hammurapi.



G. Meskhi

Richard Wagner and the Problem ofObjectiveness of Human


Presented by Member of the Academy K. Tsereteli. November 6, 2001


Abstract. Wagner's attitude to the key problem of philosophy of his time urges us to gain a deeper insight into the fundamentals and principles of his world outlook, as a result of which the greatness of his person will be manifested in one more aspect.

Key words: realia, real essence, ethereal sphere.


Oriental Studies


I. Gocheleishvili

From the History of the Interrelations between Iran and Georgia in

the 13 th Century (Rebellion of Teguder Oghul)

Presented by Corr.Member or the Academy A. Gvakliaria, November 6, 2001


Abstract. In 1268 Mongol prince Teguder Oghul rose in rebellion against the Ilkhan and fled to Western Georgia. Finally he was captured by the Ilkhan's troops dispatched to this effect to Georgia and brought before him. As working on the paper the Persian, Georgian, Armenian sources were used. We try to ascertain some geographical names and solve discrepancies existing in various sources concerning the issue.

Key words: The Ilkhanid state, rebellions of the noblemen, relations with Georgia.


History of Art

N. Kochladze

Evolution of Urban Infrastructure in the Historical Aspect of Street


Presented by Member of the Academy O. Japaridze, November 20. 2001.


Abstract.  Trade and therefore markets fulfilled a central role in the public life and architecture of different cultures and periods and gradually their character changed according to the demands of the times The spontaneous outdoor vending, which exists in the modern Georgian cities is the demand of the time and putting ban on it isn't the right decision. This problem can he solved by including the outdoor vending into urban infrastructure by means of suitable architectural organization and design.

Key words: trade, markets.



H. Kuprashvili, K. Odisharia, T. Sharashenidze

Some Aspects of Informational-Analytical Securing of the Process of

Political Modernization in Georgia

Presented by Meember of the Academy G.Tevzadze. February 20. 2002


Abstract. The analysis of the informational material done on the automatic system "Didgori" is considered. The obtained results help to make right decisions in order to solve the problems of conflict situations in the Caucasian region, namely in the conflict zones of Georgia, such as separatistic trends in political life, etc.

Key words: Political modernization, national security. automatic system "Didgori", informational-analytical securing.



V Khocholava

A New Aspect of Methodology on Politology

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V. Shamiladze. November 20.2001


Abstract.  Politology as science about politics intrudes into the life of society more widely. In this respect Georgian society is not an exception. In the matter of research-investigation of politology the methodological question plays an important role, in which the most important is relation between theoretical and empirio-practical aspects. In this respect, in this article main attention is concentrated on relation between philosophic comprehension of the history and empirio-practical aspects of the methodology of politology.

Key words: methodology of politology, comprehension.