volume 168  number 3





G. Giorgadze


On Representation of Connections by Exponential Iterated Integrals

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Kharatishvili, September 9, 2003


ABSTRACT. We express monodromy matrices of a holomorphic connection with logarithmic singularities on a holomorphic vector bundle over a Riemann surface by exponential iterated integrals. A similar representation is obtained for more general classes of connections on holomorphic vector bundles on the Riemann sphere.

Key words: holomorphic vector bundle, connection, logarhitmic singularity, exponential iterated integral, Riemann surface.




B. Mamporia


On Existence of the Stochastic Integral in a Banach Space

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Vakhania, June 10, 2003


Abstract. Stochastic integral of nonanticipating random process (generalized random process) in an arbitrary separable Banach space with respect to one-dimensional Wiener process is defined. A sufficient condition for existence of the stochastic integral is given.

Key words:  stochastic integral, Wiener process, covariance operator, 2-absolutely summing operator.





N. Lazrieva, G. Meladze, T. Toronjadze


Continuous Semimartingale with Small Noise. Construction
of Optimal B-Robust Estimates of Multidimensional Parameter

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy E. Nadaraya, April 15, 2003


ABSTRACT. Optimal bias-robust estimate for multidimensional parameter in drift term of  continuous multidimensional semimartingale with small noise is constructed.

Key words: bias-robust estimate, semimartingale, small noise.





G. Chelidze, V. Kvaratskhelia, K. Ninidze


On a Method of Finding Sign Invariant Pairs of Elements in Normed Spaces

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Vakhania, May 14, 2003


Abstract. The method of construction of sign invariant pair of elements in normed spaces is presented.

Key words:  normed space, sign invariant pair of elements.




N. Demetrashvili


Approximation of Rieman Function  of Second Order Linear Differential Equation of  Elliptic Type

Presented  by Member of the Academy  N. Vakhania, May 27, 2003  


ABSTRACT.  The  approximation of Rieman function of second order linear differential equation of elliptic type is studied.  With some restrictions under certain constrains on the coefficients of the given equation the convergence of the process is proved.

Key words: Rieman function, differential equation, linear elliptic equation





R. A. Kordzadze


General Representation of One Class of Functions through Holomorphic Functions

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy R. Bantsuri, May 27, 2003


ABSTRACT. The spaces  and  are introduced and a general representation of various vectors of these spaces by means of holomorphic functions is given.

Key words: holomorphic function, complex variable, normal conver­gence, vector space, compactum.





I. Tsivtsivadze


Extreme Differentials in a Wide Sense

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, May 27, 2003


ABSTRACT. The notions of upper and lower differentials in a wide sense are introduced for functions of two variables. For each of these differentials to exist,  a sufficient condition is established such that their simultaneous fulfillment is equivalent to necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a total differential.

Key words: extreme differentials, unilateral derivatives in angular and in strong, upper and lower angular partial derivatives.






N.  Gorgodze


Necessary Conditions of Optimality for Quasilinear Neutral Optimal Problems of some Classes with Discontinuous Initial Condition

Presented by Member of the academy G. Kharatishvili, September 12, 2003


Abstract. Necessary conditions of optimality for quasilinear neutral optimal problems of some classes with the discontinuous initial condition are obtained. The discontinuous initial condition means, that at the initial moment  the values of the initial function and trajectory, generally speaking, do not coincide.

Key  words: neutral optimal problem, necessary conditions of optimality.




N. Manjavidze


The Riemann-Hilbert-Poincare Boundary Value Problem on a Cut Plane

Presented by Member of the Academy R. Bantsuri, September 30, 2003 


ABSTRACT.  The  Riemann-Hilbert-Poincare boundary value problem on a complex plane cut along smooth arcs in case of several unknown functions is considered. The necessary and sufficient solvability conditions and the index formula for this problem are established.

Key words: boundary problem.MATHEMATICS






A. Beridze


On Partially Continuous Finitely Defined Alexander-Spanier Cohomology Theory

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Baladze, May 5, 2003


Abstract. In this paper the partially continuous finitely defined Alexander-Spanier cohomology groups are constructed and axiomatically studied. It is showed that these defined cohomological groups intrinsically describe the partially continuous Alexander-Spanier cohomological groups of Stone-Čech  compactification.

Key words: Alexander-Spanier cohomology groups, partially continuous map, finitely locally zero map, Stone-Čech  compactification.





G. Japaridze

A Basic Soundness Theorem for Computability Logic

Presented by Member of the Academy H. Inassaridze, June 16, 2003


ABSTRACT. The paper sketches a proof of soundness theorem for a propositional system that axiomatizes one of the most basic fragments of computability logic.

Key words: computability logic, interactive computation, linear logic, game semantics.





I. Ramishvili


The Linearized Maximum Principle for Quasilinear Neutral Optimal Problems with Contunuous Initial Condition and Variable Delays
in Control

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Kharatishvili, December 9, 2003


ABSTRACT. For quasilinear neutral optimal problems with variable delays in phase coordinates and controls necessery conditions of optimality are obtained: in the form of the linearized integral maximum principle for initial function and control, in the form of equalities and inequalites for initial and final members

Key words: neutral differential equation, necessary conditions of optimality.




D. Gordeziani, G. Avalishvili


On Statical Two-Dimensional Model of Multilayer Elastic
Prismatic Shell

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy R. Bantsuri, February 25, 2003


ABSTRACT. In the present paper statical two-dimensional model of multilayer prismatic shell is proposed and corresponding boundary value problem is investigated. Convergence of the sequence of vector-functions restored from the solutions of reduced problems to the solution of original problem is proved and the rate of approximation is estimated, which is proportional to certain degree of maximum of layers' thicknesses.   

Key words: multilayer prismatic shell, Fourier-Legendre series.




V. Mdzinarishvili


New Non-Periodic Attractors and Orthogonal Discrete Systems

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chavchanidze, May 27, 2003


ABSTRACT. New non-periodic attractors have been obtained. There are presented orthogonal discrete functions in the paper and the relation between this class of fractals and orthogonal discrete functions is shown.

Key words: attractors, dimension, set, orthogonal, discrete, function, fractal.




T. Sharashenidze


Definition of Dependence of Information Transmission Probability
on the Package Amount Using the SWP and ABP Restoring Methods

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Prangishvili, June 17, 2003


Abstract. In the present article, using the developed model of computer network functioning, the quantity dependence of the probability of undisturbed information transmission on the package amount is defined. Recommendations are given to the network designer.

Key words: computer networks, restoring methods, reliability and package amount.




F. Akopov, G. Mamniashvili


Investigation of Magnetic Susceptibility Dependence on Amplitude of Low Frequency Exciting Magnetic Field of Single-Phase HTSC Ceramics ErBa2Cu3O7-X Fabricated at Different Pressures

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Sanadze,  May 12,  2003


ABSTRACT. The temperature dependence of superconductive transition on the amplitude of low frequency magnetic field of the single-phase metalloxide ceramics ErBa2Cu3O7-X fabricated at different pressures was investigated by the way of susceptibility measurements.

Key words: high temperature superconductors, pressure, magnetic field, magnetic susceptibility





L. Chelidze, A. Gongadze


Metastable States of Superfluid Helium Rotating in a
Doubly-Connected Region

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Kharadze, July 8, 2003


ABSTRACT. The properties of superfluid helium rotating in an annulus in the presence of a vortex cluster are considered. The vortex cluster is surrounded by the normal and superfluid counterflows from the both sides. Nonexponential time decay of the angular velocity of a freely suspended decelerating vessel with superfluid liquid as well as the effect of vessel acceleration are predicted.

Key words: vortex cluster, normal and superfluid counterflows.





K. Tavartkiladze, I. Aladashvili


Effective Radiation Field on the Territory of Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T.Chelidze, June 3, 2003


Abstract. We have determined effective radiation in case of clear sky for 33 observation stations on the territory of Georgia using calculation formula of effective radiation obtained from differential equation of electromagnetic radiation transport in dispersion medium. To account the effect of cloudiness on effective radiation an empiric formula is obtained. Continuous field of effective radiation on the territory of Georgia is represented in the form of a map.

Key words: effective radiation, empiric formula.




L. Javakhishvili


Comparison of the Anomalies of Entropy above the Conductive Sphere for Different Separations of the DC Device Operating in Non- Stable Regime of ra in the Range of Critical Point

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Chelidze. May 6, 2003


ABSTRACT. The DC device operating in non-stable regime of ra is characterized by the critical point. In the range of critical point the amplitude of the entropy and its spreading front depend on the separation of device and on the depth of immersion of the center of sphere, but the anomaly becomes visual. In the range of critical point the characteristic parameters of the device approach to the parameters of the immersed body. Due to this the result principally depends on the information of the existence of the body.

Key words: apparent resistivity, specific electrical resistivity, non-stable regime of ra, critical point, entropy.




N. Karkashadze, G. Areshidze, A. Dolidze


The Specificity of Development of Organic Catalysis in Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Sh. Samsoniya, June 17, 2003


ABSTRACT. Research works in the field of organic catalysis have been started by Academician Ch.I. Areshidze who investigated chemical compounds of Georgian oils, catalytic transformations of oil hydrocarbons and the products received as a result of their processing. Further, the Georgian scientists have carried out large-scale researches in the field of organic catalysis. The results of the specified works and their analysis create a basis for forecasting the further priority directions of this field of research.

Key words: organic catalysis, oil hydrocarbons, oil processing. 


Physical Chemistry


D. Tsagareishvili, Member of the Academy G. Gvelesiani, N. Nadiradze,
K. Ukleba, A. Nadiradze


Standard Entropy of Inorganic Crystals Calculated According to Shear Elastic Constant Significances of Their Single Crystals

Presented July 15, 2003


Abstract. A semiempirical formula has been derived for calculation of the standard entropies of inorganic crystals on the basis of their single crystals shear elastic constant values with the accuracy + 0.5 cal/g-atom. K.

Key words: standarad entropy, single crystal, shear elastic constant, inorganic compound.




D. Namgaladze, G. Zhorzholiani


Study of Petroleum Leakage in Soil at Parabolic Loading When the Main Pipe-Line Placed between Two Rivers is Accidentally Ruptured

Presented by Member of the Academy Ts.Mirtskhoulava, September  23, 2003


ABSTRACT. The work presents results of analysis of petroleum leakage in soil when an accidental rupture of a main pipe-line placed between two rivers takes place. An analytical expression is obtained for current outline between two rivers.

Key words: petroleum leakage, parabolic loading.




Ts. Minashvili


Stratification of Maikop Series of the Eastern Georgia According to New Nannoplankton Data

(Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy M.Topchishvili, July 15, 2003 )


Abstract. On the basis of calcareous nannoplankton studies the sediments of Maikop series of Kartli molasses subzone of the western Georgia we have isolated: (1) Upper Oligocene which corresponds to NP24-25 (=CP19); 2) Upper Oligocene-Lower Miocene (NP25-NN1=CP19-CN1) transient  layers; 3) Lower Miocene (Aquitanian) (=NN1) and younger than Aquitanian – the level corresponding to Sakaraulo story.

Key words: molasse, calcareous nannoplankton, sediments, Maikop, Aquitanian, Oligocene, Miocene.





T. Mikaberidze, A. Gachechiladze, V. Badzoshvili, T. Tsuladze


Influence of Fine-Dispersed Oxide Inclusions on Polymorphic Transformation in Cobalt

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy I.Baratashvili, November 30, 2003


Abstract. We have studied the influence of oxide inclusions of different chemical composition on temperature spectrum of internal friction of dispersion-hardened cobalt obtained using special technology. In order to create single domain structure and exclude  magnetomechanical damping the measurements were conducted in saturated magnetic field. The damping process of torsional oscillations at 3000 and 4000 C has been revealed. It has been established that low temperature maximum is determined by polymorphic a-b transformation.

Elastic stresses around  inclusions increase the intensity of this maximum.

Key words: oxide inclusions, polymorphic transformation, internal friction.





Z. Shiolashvili, K. Jakeli, L. Kristesashvili, D. Jishiashvili, V. Gobronidze


Submicron Diffusion Layers in Si Produced by Pulse Photon Annealing

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Gvelesiani, June 17, 2003


Abstract. The boron doped diffusion layers with the depth of 110-210 nm were formed in Si by Pulse Photon Annealing (PPA) of borosilicate glass (BSG)/n-Si structures. The initial concentration of boron in BSG diffusion source was No=1021cm-3. Negligible changes in the diffusion layer depth were observed when changing the light intensity from 80 up to 100 Wt/cm2. However, the surface concentration of boron was increased from  1018 up to 1020 cm-3.

Key words: BSG-diffusion source, pulse photon annealing, substitutional-interstitial diffusion, boron, silicon.





G. Tavadze, O. Okrostsvaridze, A. Khvadagiani,  D. Sakhvadze


New Composite Ceramic Materials

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I. Baratashvili, May 27, 2003


ABSTRACT. Two and multicomponent ceramic materials B4C; Al2O3; TiC; TiB2 and SiC are obtained by the method of Self-propagating High-Temperature Synthesis.

The offered technology gives the possibility to regulate phase composition of powders in wide gaps. Total composition of additional components in powders is in 1¸5% gap. Grain size is 0.7¸1.5 mkm. Compactness is 2.9¸4.2 g/cm3, hurdness of phase compositions is 2000¸5200 kg/mm2, and fragile strength 7¸15 MPa×M½.By inter-alloying  of phase components together with high hardness and flexible total resistance, materials are characterized by high plasticity.

Key words: Self-propagating High-Temperature Synthesis, Method of Self-propagating High-Temperature Synthesis aftereffect pressing, Composite Ceramic Materials, Coefficient of Intensive Tension, Time of pressing delay, Time of Pressing, Measure of pressing pressure, Phase Components.




Power Engineering


V. Jamarjashvili, G. Arabidze


Heat-Power System without Thermal Pollution of the Environment (Ecothermal Power Plant)

Presented by the Corr. Member of the Academy A. Prangishvili, April 18, 2003


ABSTRACT. The paper shows that in certain cases it is possible to transform thermal energy into mechanical one without thermal pollution of the environment. Relative factor of thermal pollution is introduced. Function principals of ecothermal power plant as that of heat energy system is described and it is proved that its theoretical efficiency hetpp=1

Key words: thermal pollution, ecothermal power plant, gas turbine, steam turbine, efficiency, heat-power device, throttling device.


Power Engineering


L. Mgaloblishvili, Y. Bijamov,  N. Uplisashvili


Hydraulic-Turbine Generator Losses upon Current Frequency Decrease in Power Network

Presented by Member of the Academy M. Salukvadze, September 16, 2003


ABSTRACT. The work presents some results of experimental study of the effect of current frequency decrease in power network upon the mode of operation of electrical station equipment, particularly hydraulic-turbine generators.

Some data have been given on the changes of losses and heating of active parts of machines at a wide range of current frequency changes illustrating the generator of KhramHES-1 as an example. It has been demonstrated that the rotor winding and an active steel of rotor are found to be in the most difficult conditions, that they receive significant heat overloads due to losses increased.

Key words: hydraulic-turbine generator, current frequency, losses, stator, rotor.


Automatic Control and Computer Engineering


V. Khocholava

Probability Characteristics of Transmission C­hannel Capacity

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A.Prangishvili, May 13, 2003


Abstract. The paper considers the model of communication channel when the functions of time distributions of transmission, between neighbouring failures, duration of interfering factor and restoration of the failed communication channel have the general form.

Key words: communication channel reliability, function of distribution, Laplace tranformation.


Automatic control and computer Engineering


I. Kakubava, N. Svanidze, N. Chkaidze


Analysis of Closed Queuing System with Consideration
of Extrasystem Delays of Service Facility

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chavchanidze, June, 24


Abstract. The closed queuing system with two types of sources of requests is considered. Service facility may be in two states - passive and active. Service time and time of service facility staying in passive state are random values distributed by general law. Analytical model of the system in steady condition is obtained.

Key words: realiability, repair, switch over, service.


Automatic control and computer Engineering


Corr. Member of the Academy R.Khurodze, R.Kakubava, T.Chumburidze


Model of the Analysis of Duplicated System Downtime with Inspection

Presented September 29, 2003


ABSTRACT. Analytical model of the probability analysis of duplicated system downtime with repaired units, one repair facility and with consideration of inspetion time and standby unit switch over have been constructed and investigated. The length of failureless operation of the operating, as well as, standby units, also lengths of inspection and switching and repair are random values with arbitrary distributions. The Laplace transform of distribution function of system downtime is obtained.

Key words: lengths of inspection, servicebility.Automatic control and computer Engineering





N. Memiadze


Botanical and Geographical Review of Ajara-Shavsheti Flora

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy G. Nakhutsrishvili, May 20, 2003


Abstract. On the basis of the botanical and geographical study the 13 endemic species of Ajara-Shavsheti have been revealed for the flora of Ajara. In the present paper we consider the distribution of these species in the botanical and geographical districts of Ajara, in various biotopes and in plants vertical belts. We present new botanicogeographical division.

Key words: endemic, biotope.


Genetics and Selection




Homological Deviations in Natural and Induced Mutants of Mandarin Kovano Vace

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy P.Naskidashvili, July 22, 2003


Abstract. In the present paper, we consider homological deviations in natural and induced mutants of mandarin Kovano Vace. It has been established that due to the polymorphic character mandarin Kavano Vace rather intensively produces homological variations, which differ from each other both by separate and complex features. In contrast to the plant fruit of the initial variety they are characterized with acidity, vitamin and sugar content and productivity of useful structural parts. Positive mutant forms have been isolated.

Key words: mandarin,  mutant.





T. Zarnadze


Study of Conditionally Lethal Radiosensitive Mutants Induced in Wine Yeasts

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D.Jokhadze, July 15, 2003


Abstract. The 64 conditionally lethal radiosensitive mutants with concomitant defective capacities for sporulation have been induced in wine yeasts. Sporulation abilities were studied in different regimes of incubation at 200, 300 and 340C. Three mutant groups were identified with “low”, “mild” and “high” sporulation abilities. Genetic analysis revealed the recessive and monogenous character of inheritance for the studied mutations.

Key words: yeast, mitosis, meiosis, repair, ascogenesis. genetics and selection


Genetics and selection


Zh. Chitanava, N. Baratashvili, A. Shatirishvili


On Genetic Changes in Somatic Cells of Soybean (Glycine max(L) Merr.) Induced by the Fungicides Kurozit and Mykal

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D.Jokhadze, September 16, 2003


ABSTRACT. A genotoxic activity of the herbicides Kurozit and Mykal was studied in the test-system specially worked out for the soybean Glycine max(L) Merr. The preparations revealed different genotoxic activities in the plants germinated from sustained seeds with unlike genotypes. The agents were found only to induce gene mutations, but did not affect the crossing-over.

Keywords: soybean, pesticide, mutation.Genetics and selection





K. Dolidze


Natural Polyploidy in Citrus Genus

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy P.Naskidashvili, September 16, 2003


Abstract. The data of a number of scientists dealing with polyploid or aneuploid forms in natural conditions in citrus have been summarized. The author singles out polyploid and aneuploid forms using natural and purposeful crossbreeding and colchicine. The mechanism of their formation, viability and the perspective of  using in genetic-selection works have been analyzed.

Key words: polyploidy, citrus.





V. Bregadze, I. Khutsishvili, E. Mtchedlishvili, J. Chkhaberidze, Kh. Sologhashvili


Interaction of Polyethyleneglycol with DNA Molecule, Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra and Turbidimetry

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Zaalishvili, November 18, 2003


ABSTRACT. Interaction of polyethyleneglycol (PEG) with DNA in 45000-16000 cm-1 spectra region was spectrophotometrically investigated; also the fluorescence quenching of ethidium bromide (EB) intercalated in DNA was presented. We demonstrated, that dependence of DNA UV absorption spectrum changes on the concentration of PEG at n=34200 cm-1 confirmed the continuous transition from B conformation. The curve demonstrating ejection EB from DNA has an S shape, which is a proof of cooperative condensation in Y conformation. By curve of scattered light the size of DNA aggregates, is calculated and it equals to 250 nm in approach, that the aggregates are spherical.

Key words: PEG, DNA, conformational changes, UVS, Turbidimetry.




N. Metreveli, K. Jariashvili, L. Namicheishvili, G. Mrevlishvili


The Influence of UV Irradiation on Collagen in the Presence of Vitamin C

 Presented by  Member  of  the Academy  M. Zaalishvili,  July 1, 2003


Abstract. The influence of Ultraviolet (UV) irradiation on collagen in the presence of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has been investigated by microcalorimetric method. It has been observed the gradual decrease of collagen molecule destabilization whereas the vitamin C concentration in the solution increases. At some ratio of vitamin C and collagen in the solution the influence of UV irradiation has not been observed any more. Taking into consideration that vitamin C is a protective system against the appearance of free radicals our results confirm the assumption, that the collagen molecule destabilization, caused by the influence of UV irradiation, is the result of free radicals presence in the solution [1]. At the same time the real molecular mechanisms of vitamin C action as a protective system are revealed.

Key words: collagen, melting thermodynamics, DSC, UV irradiation, free radicals, vitamin C.




E. Ekaladze, J. Kuchukhidze,  N. Tkhilava, E. Rapava


Percentage Correlation of Oxyhemoglobin, Deoxyhemoglobin and Methemoglobin in Rat’s Erythrocytes

Presented by Corr. Member of the of Academy T. Dekanosidze, June 17, 2003


Abstract. Megadoses of two antioxidants (triovit and the extract of Populus nigra L buds) completely dissipated methemoglobin (MetHb) in newborn rats blood during breast-feeding.

When using synthesized preparation, triovit (b-carotene–10 mg, vit. E –40 mg, vit. C –100 mg, Se- 50 mg), the amount of deoxyhemoglobin (Hb) increased and with natural antioxidant Populus nigra L (leaf buds of Populus nigra L. contain natural compounds vit.C, b-carotene, tocopherol and flavonoids) the amount of oxyhemoglobin (HbO2) increased.We suppose it is connected with the variation of 2,3 biphosphoglycerate (2,3 BPG) concentration.

Key words: hemoglobin, deoxyhemoglobin, methemoglobin, antioxidant, free radicals.




L. Kalandarishvili, I. Ochigava, T. Buachidze, T. Bolquadze, N. Kotaria


Antagonistic Dependence of Wine Yeasts on Pathogenic Microorganisms

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Nutsubidze, April 15, 2003


 ABSTRACT. Studyng the dependence of wine yeasts (Sacch. vini 57, Sacch. vini 74, Sacch. oviformis) on pathogenic microorganisms (St. aureus 17, St. aureus 39, St. aureus 43, Sh. flexneri 15, Sh. flexneri 20, E. coli 2, E. coli 10, E. coli 16, E. coli 17) we have discovered, that the wine yeasts possess antagonistical dependence on the pathogenic microorganisms.

Key words: Sacch. vini, Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella flexneri, E. coli, antagonism.



Member of the Academy S. Khechinashvili, N. Vashakidze

Characteristic Features of Chronicle Tonsillitis during Fungus Diseases

Presented April 15, 2003


Abstract. The ear, nose, throat mycosis is an infectious disease which progresses due to the action of pathogen fungus. The upper respiratory tract is affected most of all because the agent is often conditionally – pathogenic fungus. The main agent of the nose-ear throat is a mold fungus belonging to Candida family.

Key words: mold fungu, tonsillitis, Candida.




M. Kalatozishvili, R. Kandelaki, N. Beloivanenko, T. Basishvili


The Effect of Seizure Activity of the Neurons in the Cat’s Sensorimotor Cortex on the Intensity of Metabolism

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Oniani, May 6, 2003


ABSTRACT. Histological study has revealed  that in a definite group of neurons seizure discharges cause an increase in metabolism intensity resulting in the intensification of energy generating processes and respectively, in ATPase utilization.

Key words: ATPase, utilization, seizure discharges.




M. Gogebashvili, N. Ivanishvili, L. Pkhaladze, E. Popiashvili, N. Popiashvili


Dynamics of Changes of the Sizes of Callusis Cells at
Gamma-Irradiation of Plant Tissues Culture

Presented by Member of Academy K.Nadareishvili, April 22, 2003


ABSTRACT.  On the basis of conducted experiments it was ascertained that at various stages of cultural tissue development the cells have certain sizes. By means of gamma-irradiation the mentioned index was studied under  conditions of average (50 Gy) and strong (100 Gy) damages. The investigation shows that if under 50 Gy dose radiation the unimportant change of quantitative parameters in cell sizes during post-radiational period is seen, the exposure to radiation by 100 Gy dose causes the change of the dynamic process. Corresponding to the situation that the development of small size cells indicates high proliferative activity of tissue callus,  it can be supposed that a low index of cell sizes created under the strong radiational damage points to the active restoring processes. Hence comparing the obtained results on cultural tissues and intact plants it can be concluded that we deal with the universal adaptation reaction expressed by variability of cell sizes of callus tissues.

Key words: gamma-irradiation, plant, callus tissue, cell size.




N. Buachidze, M. Mchedlishvili, Z. Lomtatidze


Microbiological and Chemical Investigations of Aquatorium in Poti (Georgia)

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Sanadze, June 11, 2003


Abstract. Development of Ports and construction of Terminals on the Black Sea shores of Georgia caused special interest of the scientists from the point of environmental pollution. Level of contamination of the Black Sea water in the aquatorium of Poti city with oil and oil products has been studied, microbiological investigations have been conducted. The results of the research are given in the article.

Key words: pollution, oil products, Black Sea.





Ts. Gigineishvili, E. Abzianidze, N. Kurashvili, M. Chipashvili


Some Results of the Paarlan Toxic Action Study in Conditions of Chronic Experiment

Presentet by corr. Member of the Academy D. Jokhadze, July 29, 2003.


ABSTRACT. According to the results of the experiment done in warm-blooded laboratory animals we can conclude that the pesticide of 2,6-dinitroaniline group paarlan belongs to the group of moderately toxic substances by the classification of WHO. (The I I I class of danger).

In the clinical illustration of intoxication by paarlan lead the marks of CNS injury  manifested in the degradation of amounted-threshold impulses; morphological changes of peripheral blood; generation of methemoglobin; damage of fermentative functions of liver. The preparation is not characterized by specific gonadotropic action. It is characterized by the insufficiently depicted mutagenic activity and provokes pathomorphological changes in the internal organs.

Key words: Alat - alanineaminotransferase, asat - aspartat-aminotransferase, Limch spec- specific parameter of threshold dose.




N. Bakhtadze, G. Bakhtadze, E. Kvavadze


To the Karyological Investigation of Dendrodriloides polysegmentica Kvavadze, 1973

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I. Eliava June 25, 2003


ABSTRACT. Karyological investigation of the species Dendrodriloides polysegmentica Kvavadze, 1973, belonging to the new genus of earthworms Dendrodriloides Kvavadze, 1999 has been carried out.

It is established on the basis of analysis of chromosome preparations, that diploid chromosome set of the studied individuals contains 36 chromosomes (n=18).

Key words: species, karyotype, chromosome set.



Ch. Tchovelidze, J. Tritto, Th. Guetta

The Testicular Biopsy of Infertile Patients with Bilateral Varicocele

Presented by Member of the Academy N.Javakhishvili, September 9, 2003

ABSTRACT. In this article we describe the examination and the results obtained in 203 patients subjected to surgical intervention, i.e. microsurgical bilateral varicocele or to the conventional Ivanisevich technique and systematic multiple and bilateral testicular biopsy at the scrotal examination. 25 patients were operated using conventional technique of Ivanisevich inguinal approach and 178 patients  with microsurgical technique . Mean patients age: 33.6 (from 17 to 70), primary infertility 175 cases and secondary infertility 28 cases .The results of testicular biopsies have been evaluated according to the biological group. In the group with azoospermia and the extreme oligozoospermia (85 patients) the TB  has determined the degree of the spermatogenesis derangement in 84 cases, in the majority of cases  45  MA (maturation   arrest)  + SCOS (Sertoli Cell Only Syndrome) + TF(Tubular fibrosis). There are 137 cases (67.5 %) of biopsies in our series HYPO(hypospermatogenesis). However in many cases  HYPO is accompanied with   MA, SCOS or TB. Among the MA there are 6 cases of  early stage  spermatocyte I, MA spermatocyte  II   in 19 patients and MA spermatide (late arrest) in 3 cases. SCOS  was observed in 20 patients . Tubular and peritubular fibrose atrophy was observed in 5 cases. Generally the common picture of spermatogenesis in varicocele cases as it demonstrates itself in our series of testicular biopsies is the disorganization of spermatogenesis accompanied by various disorders of intraluminal maturation in the seminiferous tubule analysis in cases of varicocele.

Key words: testicular biopsy, spermatogenesis, varicocele, male infertility.



M. Akhvlediani, M. Emukhvari, D. Gachechiladze


Correlation between Leukocytes Metabolic Activity and Different Types of Carotid Atherosclerotic Lesions in Brain Circulation Disorders

Presented by Member of the Academy P. Todua, September 1, 2003


ABSTRACT. The study of the leukocyte metabolic activity has shown that there is a certain relationship between the intracellular metabolism activation of neutrophiles and monocytes, and the degree of carotid atherosclerosis development. Cytochemical findings of the leukocyte cells indicate that the disorders available in the neutrophile and monocyte microbicidal system determine the intensity  of developing pathological processes and nonspecific reactivity of organism in case of the brain circulation disturbances.

Key words: leukocytes, atherosclerosis, carotid arteries, stenosis.




Experimental Medicine


E. Shatirishvili


Application of Some Methods of Extracorporal Detoxication while Treating Obstetric Sepsis

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy N.Tatishvili, June 2, 2003.


Abstract. The methods of extracorporal detoxication namely, ultraviolet and laser irradiation of blood play key role while treating sepsis. A long with the known methods ot antibioticotherapy, antithromb therapy, infusive therapy, surgical intervention the application of this method causes an abrupt improvement of patients’s state in obstetric-gynecological practice. Proceeding from this, the use of these methods is recommended during complex treatment of the mentioned pathology.

Key words: sepsis, detoxication.




E. Vorobyova, P. Gagua, M. Emukhvari, M. Martiashvili


Prognostic Value of Paracoagulation Phenanthroline Test in Patients Operated for Lung Carcinoma

Presented by Member of the Academy P.Todua. July 28, 2003


ABSTRACT. Specificity and diagnostic importance of quantitative paracoagulation phenanthroline test (PT) has been assessed in 45 patients, operated for lung carcinoma. It was found that average content of soluble fibrin-monomer complexes (SFMC) in examined patients before surgery 3.6 – 4.7 times exceeded average normal value. Comparative analysis of the method with ethanol test (ET) and protaminsulphate test (PST) showed the most frequent positive results of PT, which proved high tropism of this test towards SFMC.

Key words: lung carcinoma, haemostasis.EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE


Experimental MEDICINE


I. Mamuchishvili


The Role of the Changes in the Blood and Hair Content of Zinc and Cadmium in the Premorbide State of Adolescents Living in High Contaminate Region

Presented by Member of the Academy  N.Javakhishvili, April 10, 2003


Abstract. We conducted a randomized prospective clinical study in 23 pediatric patients suffering from moderate and severe atopic dermatitis. All children were on a normal diet. We measured B cells, T cells, CD4+ cells, CD8+ cells, NK cells, immunoglobulins in serum and cadmium, zinc, copper, iron in serum and in hairs. The results showed that the cadmium levels in serum of our patients were higher and zinc levels were lower than the cadmium and zinc levels of 11 healthy adolescents of similar age and sex (p<0.01 and 0.05 respectively). However the level of copper does not change. Initially 7 of the 23 adolescents had elevated total IgE levels in serum and 14 of the 23 patients had CD8+, T cells in peripheral blood (p<0.05) increased. Our data indicate that apart from role of Zn in activity of main antioxidant enzyme superoxidedismutase zinc and cadmium modulate the immune system in patients.

Key words: adolescents, zinc, copper, hair, serum, ecology, immunodeficite state, oxidative stress.





Corr. Member of the Academy D. Charkviani, K. Kopaliani


Peculiarities of the Motivation of Achievement in Adolescents

Presented June 3, 2003


Abstract. In the present paper we consideres the peculiarities of the motivation of achievement in adolescents. As a result of the correlational analysis, it has been established that in a sports team of adolescents, the level of sportsmen’s aspiration has been determined by the effectiveness of the team, while the connectness of a team, according to the instrumental and expressive dimension, has been determined by the level of its members’ aspiration. The close relationship has also been observed between sportsmen’s satisfaction and the level of aspiration in official games; as for the relationship between the latter variable and sportsmen’s satisfaction in relation to a coach, also between leadership and coach’s activities, according to the spheres of activities (instrumental and expressive) no statistically significant correlation has been evidenced.

Key words: motivation of achievement, level of aspiration, activity satisfaction, connectness of a team.




M. Bliadze


Evaluation of Contemporary State of the Development of Georgian Health-Resort Property

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy A.Silagadze, October 17,  2003.


Abstract. Amony one of the radical measures for Georgia to overcome current economic crisis, resort economy is of particular importance. The delay of resort service development in the country is conditioned by poor economy and break of traditional ties. In the present paper we consider the problems of restucturing of tourism management in Georgia in conditions of transition to the market economy. The necessity of creation of favorable conditions for the rest accessible to various strata of the society is discussed. 

Key words: tourism.





J. Zarandia


Preconditions for Attraction of Investments to Regions in Georgia and their Effective Use

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Silagadze, June 30, 2003


Abstract. Investment environment is a specific sub-system of institutional system of economy, the primary purpose of which is ensuring of the best preconditions for scientific-technological development of production capacities and innovation through extensive investment activities. Unfavourable investment environment in the country has negative impact on the situation in regions in this respect.

Thus, heavy social-political conditions and unstable situation in this direction, existing in the country significantly hinders investments in Georgia (in regions).

The article formulates corresponding priority directions in the process of development and implementation of regional investment programs (RIP)  in particular, variety of the regions of Georgia and differences in the opportunities (including opportunities to attract investments). In this respect it would be reasonable to rank the regions. Implementation of regional investment program shall be a significant component of state regional economic policys. In the future, with improvement of investment environment and attraction of investments, provided their effective utilisation, preconditions for successful formation of market relations and sustainable development will be ensured in Georgia and its regions.

Key words: Investment environment, investment legislative basis, regional investment programs, regional investment infrastructure.





G. Erkomaishvili


Nut Production in Georgia and Consumer Market

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V. Papava, June 3, 2003


Abstract. During the last period the needs in the nut culture are considerably risen. It can effectively take place of the tea culture, and together with economic revival in a village, favours the provision of low load-functioning processing and food industries’ enterprises with expensive raw material. It was estimated, that an investor who put the money into the nut production development is never a loser.

Key words: nut production, stone - fruit cultures.


M. Pagava

On One Case of Changes of Vowel Complexes in Southern Dialects of Georgian Language

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy G.Kvaratskhelia, July 15, 2003


ABSTRACT. Since the 30s of 20th c there existed an opinion of linguists that in Acharian dialect of Georgian language aa, ee, ii, uu vowel-sound complexes assimilate into one long vowel-sound a, e, i, u (a:, e:, i:, u:).

In the present work by analysis of the various dialectical texts we show that the above-mentioned opinion is not proved. There is found also that an Acharian dialect stands close with other southern dialects of Georgian language, where analogous changes are revealed and long vowels absent, what may be useful as supplementary material to demonstrate our opinion.

Key words: vowel-complexes, long vowels, dialects.Linguistics




L. Jokhadze

A Systemic Approach to the Study of Informative Potential of
Word-Concepts in Literary Texts

Presented by Member of the Academy M. Salukvadze, November 21, 2003


Abstract. The article deals with a systemic method to formalize semantic transformations of a polysemic word from infinitude to a full-fledged cognitive concept in literary texts. This allows to make in-depth analyses of creating a stylistic effect of polysemy in speech and evaluate its aesthetic-cognitive function. The proposed ways of analysis and the study of informative potential (IP) of polysemic word are viewed from the text-analyst’s standpoint and consequently the ways of calculations might be modified and varied in reference to the sensory perception of the reader-receptor and his/her subjective attitude (emotional state, thesaurus, language competency, intellectual abilities, etc.).

Key words: word-concepts, IP (informative potential), self-governing system, stochastic choice, dynamic hierarchical multilevel system, stratified phased model (SPM), average entropy.




N. Sharikadze


On One Peculiarity of Philip Glass’ Style
(On the Example of Early Period)

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy P. Zakaraya, March 25, 2003


Abstract. This paper is devoted to the early period of Philip Glass’ style. It is an original key for complete perception of various musical traditions and subcultures in the second half of the 20-th century and in parallel with traditional means it implies the use of stylistic specificity of non-Western musical culture.

Key words: minimalism; Phillip Glass, additive process; cyclic rhythm; non-Western music



I. Simonia


Abuserisdze Tbeli in Context of the Development of Ancient Georgian Astronomy

Y. Bibileishvili


Saint Abuserisdze Tbeli

M. Makharadze


World outlook Ideas in Abuserisdze Tbeli’s Creations

Y. Sikharulidze


Feudal House of the AbuserisdzesY. Sikharulidze



Scientific session


Scientific session devoted to the 800th anniversary of the great Georgian writer, scientist and thinker Abuserisdze Tbeli was held on October 7, 2003 at the Georgian Academy of Sciences with the participation of K.Kekelidze Institute of Manuscripts, Shota Rustaveli Institute of the Georgian Literature, I.Javakhishvili Institute of History and Ethnography, G.Tsereteli Institute of Oriental Studies, Batumi Scientific-Research Institute after Abuserisdze Tbeli and E.Kharadze Abastumani Observatory.

Materials devoted to this scientific session are published under the editorship of Academician G.Tevzadze.