Volume 171  number 1


Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili

Analogue of Flett's Result for Hilbert Operator

Prezented November 30, 2004

Abstract. In the paper some integral properties of Hilbert transform of even function of bounded variation are asserted. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: bounded variation, Hilbert transform.


G. Gát, U. Goginava

Uniform and L-Convergence of Logarithmic Means of Cubical Partial Sums of d-Dimensional Walsh-Fourier Series

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, June 8, 2004

ABSTRACT. In this paper we study some convergence and divergence properties of logarithmic means of cubical partial sums of the d-dimensional Walsh-Fourier series of functions in the uniform and in the L Lebesgue norm. We give necessary and sufficient conditions for the convergence regarding the modulus of continuity of the function, and also for that of the function space. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: multiple Walsh-Fourier series, logarithmic means.


V. Baladze, V. Abuselidze

On Uniform Fiber Shape Theory

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Berikashvili, June 29, 2004

Abstract. In this paper we defined and studied the absolute neighborhood fiber uniform retracts. We constructed and investigated a uniform fiber shape theory by the inverse system approach using the fiber preserving semi-uniform homotopy. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Fiber shape, uniform fiber shape, uniform space, fiber preserving semi-uniform homotopy, A(N)FRU-space, inverse system approach.


T. Akhobadze

Generalized Bounded Variation of Functions of Multiple Variables and Convergence of Fourier Series

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, July 6, 2004

ABSTRACT. BV(, n) classes of functions of multiple variables of generalized bounded variation are entered, some properties of these classes and conditions of inclusion BV(, nVn [] are given, a sufficient condition of uniform convergence of multiple Fourier series is formulated. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Classes of bounded variation, uniform convergence of multiple Fourier series.


V. Jaoshvili, O. Purtukhia

Stochastic Integral Representation of Functionals of Wiener Processes

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy E. Nadaraya, September 28, 2004

ABSTRACT. In this paper we suggest the method which allows to cinstruct explisit expressions for integrands taking part in the stochastic integral representation of functionals of Wiener processes. Several examples are considered which are not covered by the earlier known schemes. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Wiener process, Malliavin derivative, Sobolev's space.



Criteria for the Completeness and Minimality of a System of Exponents with Degeneration

Presented by Member of the Academy I. Kiguradze, October 26, 2004

ABSTRACT. Necessary and sufficient conditions of completeness and minimality of a system of exponents with degenerate coefficients are established in the spaces , . © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: degenerate coefficients, univalent, congruence.


N. Toradze

On Convergence of Certain Finite Symmetric Partial Sums of Haar Wavelet Expansions

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, November 9, 2004

ABSTRACT. Convergence properties of Haar wavelet expansions of functions at points of discontinuity are established. Convergence of certain series of Haar wavelet coefficients of the function of bounded variation is investigated. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Haar wavelets, Fourier coefficients, Dirichlet kernel.


V. Bugadze

On a Property of Fourier Expansion with Respect to Haar Wavelet System

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, November 9, 2004

ABSTRACT. A property of Fourier expansion with respect to Haar wavelet system is established. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Haar wavelet, Fourier expansion, convergence, homeomorphism.


Y. Tevzadze, G. Kuratashvili, T. Kuratashvili, T. Djalagania

Analysis of the Models of Inelastic Cross Sections of the Relativistic Nuclei Interactions

Presented by Member of the Academy A. Tavkhelidze, July 14, 2004

Abstract. Analysis of the experimental data is performed according to different theoretical models. Based on this analysis, one can deduce that dependence of the overlap parameter b(b) on mass numbers Ai and At of the

scattered nuclei in the case of light nuclei give different results and interaction picture is clearer when this dependence is taken into consideration. In case of interaction of the heavy nuclei both models give similar results for parameter R0, but error in overlap parameter b(b) becomes higher and then the model of the solid spheres without overlap should be used. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: inelastic scattering, nuclear interaction.


T. Pagava, N. Maisuradze, G. Mtskheradze, N. Khasia, M. Stamateli

Impact of Conditions of Irradiation on Nature of Radiation Defects in n-Si crystals

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Tsintsadze, May 3, 2004

Abstract. It is shown that efficiency of formation of radiation defects of high thermal stability (Tann³400ºC) in n-type silicon crystals reaches its maximum at Tirr=150ºC. The observed effect may be explained by formation of multi-vacancy, phosphorus-containing defects (PV2 or PV3) based on thermally ionized E centers and non-equilibrium negative mono-vacancies. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: silicon, irradiation temperature, secondary radiation defects.


S.V. Gotoshia, L.V. Gotoshia

Concentration Dependence of Photoluminescence Spectra of Tellurium-Doped Epitaxial Films of n-GaxAl1-xP

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, October 26, 2004

Abstract. Photoluminescence has been studied for epitaxial films doped with various concentration of tellurium. It turned out that tellurium-doping in large quantities causes the green luminescence attenuation and at the same time the red luminescence origination in the films. The mentioned effect is observed for all compositions of the films under observation. We have stated that the ratios of intensities of the peaks characterizing the green and red luminescence characterizes the structure quality of the films. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Photoluminescence, semiconductors, epitaxial films.


A. Gerasimov, B. Gerasimov, A. Gerasimov-Titov

Correlation between Heat-Conductivity of Solid States and Electron Configuration of Atoms constituting them

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, October 5, 2004

Abstract. Connection between solid states heat-conductivity and electronic configurations of their atoms is considered. Existence of direct correlation between heat-conductivity magnitudes and electronic configurations of atoms is shown, which is corroborated by the comparison magnitudes taken from the experiments and magnitudes received by calculations for all elements. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: heat conductivity, chemical bonds, solid state.


I. Mebonia, B. Jikia

Unitarity Approximate Method of Investigation of Atoms Single Ionization

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Khelashvili, December 21, 2004

Abstract. Three-particle approximate unitarity method of theoretical investigation of single atoms ioniza

tion allowing to conduct calculations without introduction of normalization parameter is offered. Reaction He(e,2e) He+ has been studied concretely. The obtained results and their comparision with experimental data indicate the importance of saving such fundamental physical principle, as unitarity while formulating approximate theoretical methods of investigation. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: unitarity, ionization, approximation.


V. Kirtskhalia

Plasma Jet as a Generator of Magnetohydrodynamic Waves

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Chagelishvili, October 9, 2004

Abstract. Dispersion equations describing natural oscillations of plasma jets of plane and cylindrical configurations with tangential discontinuity surfaces are discussed. It is shown that in case of a steady stream different type of MHD waves may be generated. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: plasma jet, Alfven speed, magnetoatomic waves, Alfvén type waves.


D. Kekelidze, G. Kekelidze

Investigation of Optical Properties of InP, InAs and their Solid Solutions InPAs before and after Irradiation by Electrons with 3MeV and g-Quants

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A.Khelashvili, December 21, 2004

Abstract. Selective bands of absorption have been revealed in the optical spectres of absorption of crystals under investigation InP, InAs and InPxAs1-x after irradiation by electrons with 3MeV and g-quants. The character of absorption increase with irradiation dose up to 3.1018 e/cm-2 has been established; this fact may be associated with defect appearing after irradiation in the crystals of association type. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: quants, irradiation, defect, absorption.


V. Kulijanishvili

Polarization Measurements of the June 21, 2001 Solar Corona

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy R. Kiladze, December 28, 2004

ABSTRACT. Five series of coronal images have been obtained during June 21, 2001 total solar eclipse. A photographic mirror-lens coronagraph-polarimeter (D=100 mm, F=1000 mm) was used. The absolute brightness, polarization and direction of polarization of the inner corona were measured. Standard techniques are used for the separation of the F- and K-coronas and for determination of coronal electron densities and temperatures. The background skylight polarization and intensity are calculated.

Key words: solar eclipse, corona, polarization.


Z. Kereselidze, M. Chkhitunidze

A Model of the Magnetic Field on the Surface of the Earth's Premagnetospheric Stagnation Zone

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Chelidze, September 9, 2004

ABSTRACT. A topological analogy between premagnetospheric stagnation zone and the magnetic surface with

a cusp-shaped singular point is studied. The interaction of the interplanetary magnetic field with the modeled ring-shaped magnetic field on the surface of stagnation zone is considered. This interaction leads to the formation of a helical magnetic structure. It is shown that the helix pitch of the force line of the total magnetic field depends on opening angle of a cone-shaped body that approximates the stagnation zone. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: interplanetary magnetic field, Earth's magnetosphere, stagnation zone, singular point of magnetic field.


G. Gordadze, G. Agladze

The Method of Scale-up of Electrochemical Systems

Presented by Member of the Academy J. Japaridze, June 22, 2004

ABSTRACT. It has been elaborated the general criterion determining the similarity of electrochemical systems according to the electric energy spent for obtaining the unit of the product. The method of scale up has been built on its basis, which allows to design the electrochemical unit of the needed efficiency according to the results obtained on the laboratory installation. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: similarity coefficient, the method of scale-up.


R. Kvaratskhelia, E. Kvaratskhelia

Some Aspects of Dissociation of Weak Tribasic Organic Acids with a Complete Dissociation on the First Step

Presented by Member of the Academy J.Japaridze, May 28, 2004

ABSTRACT. The equations connected the dissociation constants of the second and third steps with the shares of these steps in the hydrogen ions concentration in the diluted solutions of some weak tribasic organic acids have been suggested. The role of the second and third steps in a formation of the hydrogen ions concentration was quantitatively estimated. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: dissociation constant, hydrogen ions, acid, concentration.

Chemical technology

E. Sanaia, E. Kutelia, G. Darsavelidze

Amplitude Dependence of Internal Friction and Thermal Expansion of ErBCO Superconducting Ceramics

Presented by Member of the Academy I.Baratashvili, September 21, 2004

ABSTRACT. Amplitude dependence of internal friction and temperature dependence of relative expansion of ErBCO high temperature superconductor ceramic (HTSC) samples at various temperatures were investigated. On the curves of internal friction amplitude dependence (IFAD) a maximum was found near the deformation amplitude of oscillations 10.2x10-4. The hysteresis character of dependence was revealed in 200-4000C temperature range. The observed features of IFAD and are explained from the point of view of twin boundary migration controlled by the diffusion of oxygen atoms. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: internal friction, amplitude dependence, relative expansion.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

B. Tabidze, N. Tabatadze, V. Mshvildadze, R. Elias, C. Canlet, G. Balansard,

Member of the Academy E. Kemertelidze

Triterpene Glycosides from the Tubers of Cyclamen adzharicum Pobed.

Presented September 9, 2004

Abstract. Two triterpene glycosides _ Cyclamen K (1) and Cyclamen Q(2) have been isolated from the tubers of Cyclamen adzharicum. The structures of these compounds were established as 13b,28-epoxy-3b-O-[b-D-glucopyranosyl-(1® 2)]-[b-D-xylopyranosyl-(1®2) ]-b-D-glucopyranosyl-(1®4)-a-L-arabinopyranosyl)-oxy] -16a,23-dihydroxy-olean and 3b-O-[b-D-glucopyranosyl-(1®2)]- [b-D-glucopyranosyl-(1®6)]-[b -D-xylopyranosyl-(1®2)]-b-D-glucopyranosyl-(1 ®4)- a-L-arabinopyranosyl)oxy]-16a,28-dihydroxy-olean-12-en-30-oic acid, respectively.The structure elucidation of compounds was accomplished using both by spectral (1H, 13C, COSY, NOESY, HMBC, HMQC) and chemical methods. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Cyclamen adzharicum, triterpenoid saponin, triterpene glycoside, RNM.


G. Tamazashvili

Water Power Potential of Small Mountain Rivers in Georgia
(On the example of the River Roshka)

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy A.Kiknadze, September 14, 2004

ABSTRACT. Estimation of secure elements of flowing of small mountain rivers in respect of resources is very important for setting small-scale hydroelectric power stations and for general development of hydroenergetic systems in mountainous regions.

In the work by means of geographical-hydrological methods prospective power of 500-600 kWh of the hydroelectric power station is calculated. The hydroelectric power potential of the catchment basin of the river Khevsureti's Aragvi is analyzed. The water consumption and the flowing module of the river Roshka (Khevsureti)are fixed on the basis of an obvious regularity of unique dependence of mean heights of the river basins and a flow. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: geographical-hydrological methods, small hydroenergetics, micro-hydroelectric power station, cascade order.


Z. Gulashvili

Observation Methods on Water Ecosystems

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I.Buachidze, November 1, 2004

ABSTRACT. In present work current situation of hydrometric network on the rivers of Georgia and division of observational stations, categorized according to economico-ecological principles, which study water hydrometric and physico-chemical characteristics, are considered. The necessity of searching of new methodology of taking hydrometric measurments and developing optimal plan of allocation of the stations, based on the modern standards, is proved. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: monitoring, ecosystem, section.


F. Maisadze

The Relationship between Sedimentation and Orogenic Phases on the Example of Mesozoic-Cenozoic Sediments in Georgia

Presented by Member of the Academy I. Gamkrelidze, September 9, 2005

ABSTRACT. On the basis of litho-facial analysis of Mesozoic-Cenozoic formations, deposited during the manifestation of orogenic phases, the processes of sedimentation accompanying these phases, as well as some paleogeographic and structural changes have been considered. Among these phases, the most significant were Chegemian, Pyrenean and Styrian orogenies, which created the principal morpho-structural units and predetermined, in general, the characteristic features and present-day structure of the region. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: orogenic phase, folding, regressive sediments, sedimentation.


K. Akimidze

On the Petrography of the Late Pliensbachian-Early Toarcian Subalkaline Basaltic Volcanism of the Riverhead of the Alazani

Presented by Member of the Academy N.Skhirtladze, June 29, 2004

Abstract. Volcanism in the slates suit of the southern slope of the Caucasus is the subject of permanent interest of researchers. In the sediments of this suit the outcrops of lava sheets unknown before have been fixed on the territory of Transalazani Kakheti by the author. The results of petrographic and petrochemical study are given. The present work is an attempt of their dating in the history of Early-Middle Jurassic magmatism. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: subalkaline, texture, structure, aggregate, microlite, complex.

Machine Building Science

A. Bagdoeva, H. Tsulaia

Model Researches of Rhythm Assimilation in Brain Neurons

Presented by Member of the Academy R. Adamia, June 25, 2004

Abstract. The model investigations of changes of neuron endocellular potential under the rhythmic influence are conducted. The conditions of appearance of rhythm assimilation, as well as regimes multiple to frequency of irritation and its harmonic components are considered. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Keywords: Simulation, Vibration, Neuron, Synchronization.


N. Gonjilashvili, Z. Mushkudiani, B. Margiev

Nonmetallic Inclusions in Liquid Iron at the Deoxidization by Alloys Containing Calcium and Barium

Presented by Member of the Academy I. Baratashvili, December 28, 2004

Abstract. The nature and morphology of oxide inclusions in liquid iron deoxidized with silicocalcium, silicobarium and silicon-calcium-barium-aluminium alloy were investigated. High content of barium in primary inclusions of iron deoxidized by barium containing alloys demonstrates that barium can dissolve in liquid iron and participate in deoxidization processes. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: nonmetallic inclusions, deoxidization, calcium, barium.


Member of the Academy R.Adamia, N.Beradze, J.Dochviri

Frequency Analysis of Dynamics of Control System Thiristorical Electric Drive with Excitement's Regulation Accounting Elastic Sections

Presented February 30, 2004

Abstract. The dynamics of electric drive with three contour system regulation has been studied. Mathematical model of the drive is constructed. The logarithm-frequency characters by which optimal parameters of speed regulator are defined, have been constructed. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: control, drive, dynamics, excitement.


T. Pavliashvili

Forest as Regulating Factor of Man's Heat Sensation

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Gigauri, November 16, 2004

Abstract. Borjomi region is one of the main resort centers of Georgia, known with its mineral waters. It is rich with great variety of forest which makes it very useful for recreation. The diversity of forests creates different curative properties of the climate. With this aim the determination of the effective temperature influences on human organism has been determined and studied. The studies show that there is an essential difference between the effective temperatures of pine and spruce forests and barren areas.

The results of the investigation proved that the uniqueness of the curative properties of the Borjomi region is in combination of local forests with mineral resources. The effective temperature is of great significance from the viewpoint of recreation and very often plays a decisive role in the evaluation of the curative properties of the climate. The best resort is considered to be the one which is characterized by more days with comfortable effective temperature. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: resort, effective temperature, comfort zone.


E. Baiashvili

The Intraspecific Polymorphism of the Genus Prunus

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Nakhutsrishvili, June, 8, 2004

ABSTRACT. According to the cytological investigation into the genus Prunus the polyploid row was determined inside the species. According to our investigation we suppose that the initial polyploids of the studied seedlings of alycha have arisen as a result of hybridization of the genetically diverse diploid forms of alycha, via alloautopolyploidization. Allopolyploids are genetically constant, which is evident from our results. The analysis of the discussed material reveals the polyploid row inside the species, in the case of particular individuals, that is the indication to the great polymorphism of the genus Prunus. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: polymorphism, polyploidy, Prunus cerasifera, micro- and macrosporogenesis, antipodes, polar nuclei.


T. Svanidze, I. Murvanishvili, N. Dekanoidze

Pistachio "Turk terebinth" (Pistacia mutica Fisch. & C. A. Mey.) Mycobiota,Vashlovani State Reserve (Eastern Georgia)

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Nakhutsrishvili, July 20, 2004

ABSTRACT. Pistachio (Pistacia mutica Fisch. & C.A. Mey.) is one of the key components of the arid thin forest at Vashlovani State Reserve. Pistachio mycobiota was studied within the reserve area in 1988 _ 1991. In total, thirty-

three species and one variation of Micromycetes were identified. Out of the above, three fungi genera, five species and 1 variation are recorded first time for the Georgian mycobiota; twenty-nine fungal species are recorded on the Pistachio first time in Georgia. The remaining four species have already been recorded in different parts of Georgia according to various literature sources; for such species corresponding locations and literature sources are given. Genera new for Georgia are denoted by one asterisk, new species - by two asterisks and variation _ by three asterisks further in the text. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Pistachio, mycobiota, Vashlovani Reserve, Georgia.


I. Mikeladze

The Main Pests and Injuries of Roses in the Batumi Botanical Garden

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Papunidze, November 9, 2004

Abstract. The present article describes the results of studies conducted on the resistant forms of rose species and genera towards the main pests in Batumi Botanical Garden, Georgia. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: rose, pest, pert-resistance.


L. Rapava, S. Shamtsian, E. Ketskhoveli

Influence of Acid Rains on the Total Activity of Endogenous Growth Regulators in Castorbean and Soybean Leaves

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Nutsubidze, July 20, 2004

ABSTRACT. The effect of artificial acidic precipitations (pH2.0 solution of sulfuric acid) on the total activity of endogenous growth regulators in leaves of two forms of castorbean (red and green leaved-forms) and soybean has been studied. In castorbean leaves acid rains inhibited the activity of auxins, while in soybean the activity of growth stimulators increased. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: acid rains, growth regulators, castorbean, soybean.

Genetics and Selection

M. Baratashvili, L. Vashakidze

Viability of Pollen Grain in New Varieties of Apple (Malus domestica Borkh.)

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy P.Naskidashvili, September 14, 2004

Abstract. The peculiarities of pollen grain of new perspective varieties of apple: Armazi and Mziuri have been studied. It is established that pollen grain of the experimental varieties is binuclear which develops according to simultaneous type. It is mainly characterized by wheat-like form with well expressed pore in eksina. Normal pollen grain is three porous. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: apple, selection, pollen grain.


M. Koridze

Some Physiological Deviations in Growth Rhythm of Spontaneous and Induced Mutants of Kovano Vace Mandarin

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V. Papunidze, November 30, 2004

ABSTRACT. Investigation of physiological deviations of growth peculiarities of spontaneous and induced mutants of Kovano Vace mandarin has confirmed that great share of mutations arisen as a result of influence of mutagenic factors have not practical significance. However, they may serve as valuable material for ascertainment of biology of mandarin genotype and resolving its comlex genealogy (reconstruction of some lost characters). Mutants with short vegetation period (those characterized by single-vawe growth), arisen with comparatively higher intensity as a resuls of induced mutagenesis, make prospective material for solving the problem of frost-resistance. The samples of remontant nature have been found among spontaneous and induced mutants of Kovano Vace mandarin, which is rare phenomenon for the biology of mandarin in conditions of Georgian subtropics. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: growth rhythm, single-vawe growth, spontaneous mutant, induced mutant.

Human and Animal Physiology

M. Chkhartishvili, M. Chkhikvishvili, G. Lotuashvili, V. Maloletnev,

G. Iashvili, L. Kokoeva

Age-Related Dynamics of the Cardio-Respiratory System Power of Sportsmen under Identical Physical Loadings

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Oniani, July 20, 2004

Abstract. Teen-agers of 12-13 and 14-15 before being involved in sports were divided into 2 groups: with high (stayers) and low (sprinters) values of VO2max. Heterochronicity in developing of cardio-respiratory System (CRS) power values was revealed. The aerobic power is developed at earlier stages as compared to anaerobic productivity values. Under identical mixed trainings, the increase of aerobic productivity power is greatly displayed in the teen-agers with higher original level of VO2max. and the increase of anaerobic productivity power is less pronounced. The negative correlation in dynamics of aerobic and anaerobic power has not been displayed. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Cardio-respiratory system, aerobic and anaerobic power, sprinters, stayers.


G. Todua

Electrophysiological Properties of Identified Output Neurons of the Basal Nucleus of the Amygdaloid Complex: Evidences for the Existence of the Branched Neurons

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Oniani, June 30, 2004

Abstract. In anesthetized cats the responses of basal nucleus (BN) output neurons to intraamygdaloid stimulation were studied. Output neurons were identified by their antidromic responses to ventral amygdalofugal tract (VAF) stimulation. The action potentials were considered antidromic, because they showed stable latencies, reliably followed short trains of high frequency stimulation at 300 Hz and more and could be blocked by orthodromic collision. 12 efferent units were activated antidromically by stimulation of central, medial and cortical nuclei. The data demonstrate the existence of BN efferent neurons, having axon collaterals, projecting to the different intraamygdaloid structures. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: antidromic activation, collision test, output cell, latency, axon collateral.


G. Getashvili, A. Gvritishvili, N. Bootkhuzi, E. Boot, L. Lomidze, D. Khoshtariya,

Member of the Academy M. Zaalishvili

Microcalorimetric Study of Troponin T

Presented July 6, 2004

Abstract. The method of differential scanning calorimetry has been applied to study the thermal denaturation of troponin T at different pH varying between 5.75 and 10. The microcalorimetric curves at pH 5.75 represent two heat sorption peaks. The increasing of pH from 5.75 to 9.55 changes the curves. The melting temperature of high-temperature peak decreases with simultaneous increasing of its intensity. The parameters of the first peak remain practically unchanged. At pH 10.0 the heat sorption peak is quite symmetrical at Tm = 51oC. These results demonstrate that pH of enviromental solvent greatly affects conformational state of troponin T. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key-words: troponin T, differential scanning calorimetry.


A. Lebanidze, Z. Tsetskhladze, S. Kiladze, E. Chikvaidze

Studying the Thermal Denaturation of Proteins in Tissues by the ESR Method

Presented by Member of the Academy M. Zaalishvili, July 27, 2004

ABSTRACT. In the present work it is shown, that thermal denaturation of iron-sulfur proteins (ISP) N-1b and S-1 takes place in the tissues too. However, it happens at the higher temperature then in ISP of the same structure extracted from the tissues. Increasing of temperature of denaturation might be caused by the fact, that in the tissues these proteins are located in mitochondrial membranes and not in solutions. The process of denaturation in the tissues takes place according to the same scheme as in the proteins extracted from the tissues. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: thermal denaturation, iron-sulfur proteins, low-temperature oxidation, electron-spin resonce.


M. Akhvlediani, N. Sharashidze, M. Martiashvili

Optimization of the Evaluation of Blood Serum Different Class Lipids in Patients with Hyperlipidemia

Presented by Member of the Academy F. Todua, November 2, 2004

ABSTRACT. The purpose of our work was to determine LDL cholesterol by indirect and direct (enzymatic) methods as well as to optimize the total cholesterol (TC) measurement in patients with hypercholesterolemia. It was established the advantage of LDL cholesterol determination by enzymatic reagents over the value received be the Friedewald equation. The necessity for the double TC measurement in 5,2-6,2 mmol/l interval was defined, while over 6,8 mmol/l a single measurement is sufficient. In order to minimize variability of the results obtained by TC and LDL cholesterol fractions evaluation, it is necessary to carry out everyday intralaboratory quality control, and for the laboratory to participate systematically in the external quality control system. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, hypercholesterolemia,quality control.


N. Ebelashvili

The Effect of Thermal Treatment of Pulp on the Variation of Phenol Carboxylic Acids and Color Intensity of Strong Pink Wines

Presented by Member of the Academy O.Kvesitadze, November 2, 2004

Abstract. The effect of thermal treatment of pulp on variation of phenol carboxylic acids and intensity of strong pink wines color has been studied. It was established that thermal treatment of pulp intensifies extraction processes of phenol substances from the peel and of grape stones. As a result of treatment quantitative content of phenol carbonic acids and the indicator of intensity of color increase. Those changes have favorable action on wine quality and raise its biological value. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: phenol carboxylic acids, thermal treatment, strong pink wines, indicator of color intensity, pulp.


I. Lomsianidze, N. Amashukeli, T. Sadunishvili

The Effect of Ammonium Nitrate Doses on Amino Acid Content of Proteins in Maize Grains

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Kvesitadze, August 31, 2004

Abstract. The amount of essential amino acids in maize grains has been increased during the application of various quantities of ammonium nitrate in soddy-podzolic soils of Ajameti which raised nutritive value of grains. Percentage composition of amino acids remained unchanged, i.e. biological value of grain protein didn't change.

The content of unsubstituted amino acids in maize grains in relation to tested nitrogen doses is variable and high in case of using N180 and N210 per ha with the increment of 11.669 and 37774 g/kg in comparison with the background. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: albumin, amino acids, maize grain, field experiment, soddy-podzolic soil, mineral fertilizer, ammonium nitrate.


Kh. Totochava, D. Apkhazava, M. Vanidze, A. Kalandiya

Effect of Ecological Conditions on the Content of Vitamins in Kiwi Fruit

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V. Papunidze, June 22, 2004

ABSTRACT. Vitamin content of kiwi (Actinidia chinensis) fruit (the varieties Haivard, Monti, Bruno) grown in the regions of Georgia with different ecological and climatic conditions (different humidity of soil and annual precipitation) has been studied using the method of high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLQ). Ecological conditions seem to have slight effect on the qualitative indices of kiwi fruit. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: kiwi fruit, vitamin, high pressure liquid chromatography.

Microbiology and virology

N. Khurtsilava, I. Gorozia, Z. Lomtatidze

Study of Cryptogam Vitality of some Streptomyces and their Morphological Variants

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy M. Gordeziani, May 18, 2004

Abstract. Str. violaceus, Str. levoris, Str. albogriseolus and the vitality of cryptogam formed in morphological variants during the natural changing process have been studied. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Streptomyces, morphological variants, cryptogam vitality.

Microbiology and Virology

I. Ochigava, L. Kalandarishvili, T. Buachidze

Study of Antibacterial Activity of Saccharomyces Genus Yeasts on the Routine Medium and in the Conditions of Forced Antagonism

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Nutsubidze, November 9, 2004

Abstract. Coexistence of various phenotype of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (S.cerevisiae) with pathogenic microorganisms (E.coli, Sh.flexneri, S. aureus, Ps.auroginasa) was studied in vitro.

Under conditions of forced antagonism S.cerevisiae of all kinds of phenotypes have antimicrobial qualities and on the routine media the antimicrobial ability was demonstrated by the killer and neutral S.cerevisiae strains. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Saccharomyces cerevisiae, killer yeasts, microbial antagonism, Ziel-Nillson staining.


E. Orjonikidze, Kh. Datusani

The Results of Pesticides Testing in Relation to Peach Aphid Pterochlorides persicae Cholodk.

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy B.Kurashvili, September 21, 2004

Abstract. Numerous pests damage fruit trees, particularly peach aphid Pterochlorides persicae Cholodk. Bioecological peculiarities of this pest and the results of testing modern pesticides have been studied. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: pests, pesticides, Pterochlorides persicae Cholodk., resistance, ecology.


Sh. Barjadze, E. Kvavadze

Biodiversity of Aphids (Hemiptera: Sternorrhyncha) in the Rv. Tedzami Ravine (East Georgia)

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I. Eliava, December 2, 2004

Abstract. This paper represents the results of the study on aphid,s biodiversity in the ravine of the Rv. Tedzami. 77 species of aphids were registered on the above mentioned territory, that are united into 3 families and 40 genera. 35 % of registered aphids (27 species) are serious pests of the cultural plants. The majority of species (57 species) are registered in the steppes, arid forests and hemixerophilous grass-shrub belt. Their number is sharply decreased towards Alpine belt direction. 34 species of aphids belong to the monozonal, 28 species-bizonal, 13 species-everyzonal and only 2 species to the azonal group. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: The ravine of the Rv. Tedzami, aphids, Mt. Trialeti, host plant.

Experimental Morphology

M. Beltadze, L. Gogiashvili, L. Nebolsina, Z. Tsagareli

Structural Changes in Large Cerebral Hemispheres after Physical Load Effects Against the Background of Chronic Alcoholic Intoxication in Rats

Presented by Member of the Academy N.Javakhishvili, July 6, 2004

ABSTRACT. The light and electron microscopy has revealed the presence of widespread pathologic changes in the structural formations of brain cortex in rats developing in conditions of alcoholic intoxication within 8 months. A physical load favoured the stabilization of the structural changes in nervous elements and induced an intracellular restorating process in the nervous tissue. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: alcoholic intoxication, brain cortex, physical load, morphology.

Experimental Medicine

T. Bikashvili, T. Tsintsadze, A. Shukakidze

Effect of Manganese Intoxication on Astrocytes' Fine Structure in some Cerebral Regions of Rats

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Oniani, September 14, 2004

Abstract. Daily intoxication of rats during one month with different doses (10, 20 and 50 mg/kg) of manga

nese chloride, provokes strongly expressed dose-dependent ultra structural changes in the frontal-parietal region of cerebral cortex and astrocytes of nucleus caudatus. Cytotoxic effect of manganese chloride is expressed: in damage of normal structure of mitochondria in these cells; in dilation of canals and cavities of vacuole system and accumulation of glycogen granules. In case of relative high doses of manganese chloride (20 and 50 mg/kg), after intoxication phagocytic activity of astrocytes, sharply increases and it is non-specific reaction of these cells - with respect to the problem of manganotoxicose. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: manganese, cerebral cortex, nucleus caudatus, astrocyte, rat.


N. Elizbarashvili, M. Mshvidobadze

Bone Allotransplantation at Orthopaedic Diseases and Traumatic Injuries of Skeletal System

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Javakhishvili, September 28, 2004

ABSTRACT. The paper presents the results of grafting of cortical bones and semijoints, preserved in the solution of 1% formalin, performed on 1300 patients (age 7 -75 years) during the period of 1962-2004.

Cortical grafts have been proved to be valuable plastic material and can be succesfully applied in orthopaedy and traumatology at the appropriate indications.

Allotransplantation of semiarticulations seems to be promising approach due to the resolution of the problem of immunogenetic compatibility between the graft and the patient. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: allotransplantation, cortical graft, semijoints, bone injury, false joint, bone tumor.


I.Shatilova, L.Rukhadze, N.Mchedlishvili, N.Makharadze

The Vegetation and Climate of Western Georgia in Egrissian

(Late Pliocene) Time

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy G.Mchedlidze, July 20, 2004

ABSTRACT. The results of palynological investigation of 12 outcrops of Egrissian (Kuyalnikian) deposits of Western Georgia are given. In development of vegetation and climate 7 stages are distinguished, which make the basis of division of Egrissian Stage into palynozones. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: palynology, Egrissian, Western Georgia, landscape-phytocenological method, vegetation, climate, palynozones.


R. Goradze, T. Gogmachadze

On the Assessment and Management of Georgian Fishery Resources

Presented by Member of the Academy I. Eliava, June 20, 2004

Abstract. The Black Sea fishery resources have been studied and assessed. The main target for commercial fisheries is Black Sea and partly Azov sea anchovy, stock of which varies between 200-300 tons. In the first half of the past century 150 species used to occur here, of which 26 were of commercial importance. In 1990s number of the latter has been decreased to 4 species. Since 1930 up to now, the fishing period can be divided into 3 stages: 1930-1960, 1960-1990, when the catch has reached its maximum 93-928 tons, and since 1991, when the catch has dropped to 80000 tons. Over the last years along the fisheries degradation, the illegal fishing practice has become more widely applied, caused by hard socio-economical conditions. Conservation, rehabilitation and management strategy of the Black Sea salmon is discussed. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: commercial fisheries, valuable fishes, illegal fisheries, conservation.


T. Museliani, J. Oniani, T. Oniani

Pollution of the Black Sea Coastal Waters on the Territory of the West Georgia

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy N. Aleksidze, June 29, 2004

Abstract. We have studied quantitative distribution of radionuclides on the Black Sea coast and hydrological characteristics of some rivers flowing into it. The obtained results and regularities can be used in the assessment of water pollution of the Black Sea coastal stripe. © 2004 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: radionuclide, Black Sea, rivers.


L. Khetsuriani

Plastid Pigments Content in High-Mountain Plants of the Central Caucasus

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G.Nakhutsrishvili, July 13, 2004

Abstract. The content of leaf plastid pigments, chlorophyll and carotenoids has been studied in high-mountain plants of the Central Caucasus. Peculiarities of quantitative variation of pigments in plants of various biotopes of subalpine, alpine and subnival belts and the importance of their adaptability are considered. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: high-mountain plant, adaptation, chlorophyll, carotenoids.


L. Lursmanashvili

Heavy Metals Content in the Bottom Sediments of the South Western Part of the Black Sea Coastline

Presented by Member of the Academy Ts.Mirtskhoulava, April 6, 2004

ABSTRACT. Heavy metals (Zn, Cd, Cr) content in the bottom sediments of the south-western part of the Georgian Black Sea coastline has been studied, using the method of atomic absorption spectrophotometry. The amount of Zn, Cr and Cd has been determined. © 2004 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: South-West coast, bottom sediments, cadmium, zinc, chromium.


Sh. Abramidze, N. Katamadze, G. Kiknadze, G. Nabakhtiani, M. Razmadze,

Z. Rostomashvili, Z. Saralidze

Estimation of the Consequences of Hypothetically Possible Maximal Accident on Low-Power Facilities

Presented by Member of the Academy K.Nadareishvili, September 15, 2004

ABSTRACT. Specialists of Institute of Physics of Georgian Academy of Science work for assess physical parameters of new low power (~50kW) nuclear facility proposed to install into free part of old shut down research nuclear reactor IRT-M. The article considers evaluation of consequences of hypothetically possible maximum nuclear accident occurred on that facility. The values of several magnitudes were calcluted. As the calculations show, even in the case of hypothetically possible maximum accident, the damage to the environment will not be very large and its generation is possible after a certain period of time. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sc

Key words: reactor, safety assessment, nuclear accident.


N. Machavariani

Words Associated with "Harvest" in Abkhazian Language

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Kvaratskhelia,

Abstract. Words and loanwords associated with the word "harvest" in Abkhazian language are considered in the paper. Semanticostructural analysis of the words connected with "harvest" on the material of Abkhazian language in comparison with Georgian language has been done. Similarity of word building in Abkhazian and Georgian languages has been established. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Abkhazian Languige, harvest.


I. Amniashvili, M. Gergedava, L. Sikharulia,

L. Zurabashvili, T. Talashvili

Psychostress and its Influence on Human Organism
Presented December 10, 2004

Abstract. Health of an individual depends on physical, social, psychological and spiritual elements. Doctor is to coorelate the elements of medical observations and create maximum possibilities for ill individual and environment close to his own. Psychological peculiarities, being in straight dependence with subjective emotional experience, which constantly affects the state of the whole organism, make the person suffer, loose the ability to work, have become the subject of our studies. Psychological corrections of patients have been analyzed. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: psychostress, organism, disease.

History of Literature

I. Shiolashvili

Political Thought in the Works by "Gruppe 47" Members

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Kvaratskhelia, November 11, 2004

Abstract. The "Gruppe 47" was a literary association founded by writers and poets after the World War II in West Germany. They wished to create a new literature after the national-socialistic regime whose official diction was marked by bombast and false pathos. Therefore, the works of the individual group members were marked by plainness and verbal veracity.

The "Gruppe 47" developed into the most important literary association and platform in the fifties and sixties in West Germany. On their meetings the latest literary productions were recited and their political and social implications discussed. In the late sixties "Gruppe 47" came to an end in 1967 after 20 years of existence. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: anti-Fascist nature, democratic ideas, political peripetia, influence of contemporaneity.


Z. Tsotniashvili

On Journalistic Genres

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy E.Khintibidze, November 26, 2004

ABSTRACT. In the article different genres of the journalism are considered. The author considers journalism to be an independent field based on literature. The way of development of journalism as folklore -literature-journalism is considered. The genre individuality of the depiction forms of the reality is analyzed. © 2005 Bull.

Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: journalism, genre, interview, reportage.

History of Art

N. Khubashvili

Genre and Form of "Styx" by Gia Kancheli

Presented by Member of the Academy A. Apakidze, July 14, 2004

Abstract. Gia Kancheli (1944) is one of the most remarkable Georgian composers of these days. The article refers to the aspects of genre and form of program, piece "Styx" by G. Kancheli. The composer does not define the genre of the piece and thus the question is considered to be discussed. In "Styx" there is an organic mixture of different genre features, it represents a liturgical symphony-concert.

Its form does not subordinate to norms of the traditional forms in the whole, it represents a grand, one-movement individual form.

Key words: "Styx", genre, form, dramaturgy.

History of Art

Z. Dolidze, G. Iasashvili

Personification as Main Aspect of Television Art

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Giorgadze, December 7, 2004

Abstract. In the present paper we consider the problem of the efficiency of television programmes realized by the method of subjective insight. It is of particular significance to carry a broadcast proceeding from human principles. The programme created by the method of personification has all kinds of human characteristics. Personification is an important aspect in television. It involves giving human characteristics to non-human objects or things. Oftentimes personification is used to convey hard concepts. It can be a powerful, original and very effective style of programme making. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: television, programme, personification.

History of Art

G. Ghvinjilia

On Study of Romances in Zakharia Paliashvili's Creative Activity

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Giorgadze, July 6, 2004

Abstract. In order to make complete appreciation of the creative activity of Z.Paliashvili (1871_1933), the representative of Georgian classical music, along with his famous operas it is necessary to study the composer's romances. Although the number of romances is not numerous but in the frames of artistic space of romanticism they actually have historical significance. They played a role of a kind of laboratory in the process of the formation of composer's creative style in the whole and artistic, musical and intonation side of his operas. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: romance, style, and lyrics.

History of Art

M. Tabliashvili

The Role of Polyphony in the Chamber-Instrumental Works of Zurab Nadareishvili

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Giorgadze, October 7, 2004

ABSTRACT. Polyphonic features of the chamber-instrumental ensembles of the contemporary composer Z.Nadareishvili have been studied. One of the specific features of his style is his polyphonic thinking. In his trio, two quartets, the quintet, "Chants", "Mon Plaisir" both imitative and counterpointal polyphony are shown not only by polyphonic means, or but as imitative-canonic forms. This is connected with the genre form, content sphere of the ensembles and some features of the national music. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: polyphony, texture, imitation, canon, stretto, counterpoint, ostinato.