Volume 171  number 2


Member of the Academy N. Vakhania, V. Kvaratskhelia

Weakly Sub-Gaussian Random Elements and Banach Spaces with Finite Cotype

Presented December 14, 2004

Abstract. The characterization of Banach spaces with finite cotype is given in terms of a.s. unconditionally convergence of weakly sub-Gaussian random series. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: a.s. unconditional convergence, sub-Gaussian random variable, Gaussian standard, weakly sub-Gaussian random element, unconditional bases, Banach spaces not containing uniformly, Banach spaces with finite cotype.


R. Getsadze

On the Sets of Convergence in Measure of Multiple Orthogonal Fourier Series

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili September 21, 2004

ABSTRACT. Let be an arbitrary orthonormal system (ONS) on that is uniformly bounded by a constant M. Let T be a subset of such that the Fourier series of all Lebesgue integrable functions on with respect to the product system converge in measure by squares on T. We study the following problem: How large may the measure of T be?

We prove a theorem that implies that for each such system we have

(for the d-fold product systems we have , ). This estimate is sharp in the class of all such product systems.

Key words: orthonormal system, convergence in measure.


P. Karchava

On Kolmogoroff's Extended Netting Integral of the Abstract Set Many-Valued Complex-Value Function

Presented by Member of the Academy L.Zhizhiashvili, November 30, 2004.

ABSTRACT. In the present paper Kolmogoroff's extended netting n-multiple integral of the abstract set many-valued complex-value set function is introduced and investigated. Necessary and sufficient conditions for n-multiple netting integral and n-multiple iterated netting integrals to be equal are established. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: netting partition, netting integral.


L. Chechelashvili

Partially Continuous Singular Cohomology

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Berikashvili, November 30, 2004

ABSTRACT. Singular cohomologies with coefficients in a topological abelian group are determined for an arbitrary topological space. Constructed cohomologies satisfy additivity, exactness and dimension axioms for arbitrary spaces and homotopy axiom for paracompact spaces. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: topological space, cohomology, axiom.


G. Khimshiashvili

Holomorphic Tubes and Isolated Singularities

Presented by Member of the Academy N.Berikashvili, December 8, 2004

ABSTRACT. We introduce a special class of foliated solid tori, called holomorphic tubes, which appear connected with a number of interesting geometric topics. In particular, we prove that each isolated singularity of algebraic plane curve defines a holomorphic tube in a small 3-sphere around the singularity. We also show the existence of holomorphic tubes containing a given real analytic loop. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: almost complex structure, holomorphic mapping, analytic disc, Cauchy-Riemann manifold, transverse loop, solid torus, plane curve singularity.


G. Tkebuchava

Logarithmic Summability of Fourier Series

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, December 12, 2004

ABSTRACT. A set of regular summations logarithmic methods is introduced. This set includes Riesz and Norlund logarithmic methods as limit cases. The growth of these logarithmic means for Fourier series of continuous functions are established. The kernels of these logarithmic methods are estimated. The applications for approximation of continuous and integrable functions are given. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Fourier series, logarithmic summability, spaces of continuous and integrable functions.


L. Bantsuri

On the Relation between the Differentiability Condition and

the Condition of the Existence of Generalized Gradient

Presented by Member of the Academy L.Zhizhiashvili, November 24, 2004

ABSTRACT. There is introduced the notion of gradient of a function with respect to a pair of plane's subsets which contain corresponding coordinate axes, and the condition of its existence is compared with the condition of differentiability. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: differentiability, gradient, partial derivatives.


G. Bagaturia, O. Bagaturia

Cybernetic Conception of Public Management

Presented by Member of the Academy M. Salukvadze, May 31, 2004

ABSTRACT. The article considers the possibility of the use of cybernetic model in public management issues. The concept of multi-criteria management object and strategic criterion has been developed for formalizing multi-constituent (federal) public management. The efficient public management of multi-criterion system (political-economic process) is possible only by optimizing the state strategic criterion. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: public management, cybernetic model of public management, strategic criteria, local criteria, feedback, multi-criterion process, strategic optimization.


J. Mebonia, G. Skhirtladze

Three-Particle Approach to the Ionization Processes of Complex Atoms and Ions

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Khelashvili, December 28, 2004

Abstract. Suggested earlier approximate investigation method of three-particle scattering is generalized for processes of single ionization of complex atoms and ions. Concrete calculations have been conducted for reaction Li+(e, 2e)Li++. On the basis of the obtained results certain conclusions as to the peculiarities of dynamics of the charged multiple-particle systems have been done. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: ionization, scattering, dynamics.


Z. Saralidze, M. Galustashvili, D. Driaev

Formation of Dislocation Rosette at High Electric Potential

on the Indenter

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Kharadze, October 26, 2004

Abstract. The results have been presented showing that in alkali-haloid crystals, in addition to other mechanisms, the dislocation mechanism of the formation of indentation is realized. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: dislocation, deformation, microlocations.


S. Gotoshia, L. Gotoshia

Laser Raman Spectroscopy of Ternary Thiospinel CdIn2S4

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, September 16, 2004

Abstract. Raman spectrum of ternary thiospinel CdIn2S4 has been studied with 632.8 nm excitation. On the

basis of low temperature, polarization measurements and theoretical-group analysis classification of fundamental phonons of the first order has been carried out. The classification has been carried out considering the cubic symmetry of thiospinel. Because of extra first order phonons discovered experimentally CdIn2S4 thiospinel has been attributed to partially inverse spinel class. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Raman Scattering, ternary semiconductors, phonons.


N. Kevlishvili, Corr. Member of the Academy A. Khelashvili, T.Nadareishvili

On the Klein Paradox in Modified Dirac Equation

Presented December 7, 2004

ABSTRACT. We present a detailed consideration of Dirac modified equation, which is obtained by infinite overweighting of one of the particles in Salpeter equation. It is shown, that separation of angular variables and reduction to a radial equation is possible by using standard methods in momentum space.

The kernel of the obtained radial equation differs from that of spinless Salpeter equation in bounded regular factor. That is why the equation has solutions of confined type for infinitely increasing potential. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Klein paradox, Dirac equation, quark confinement, Foldy-Wouthuyson transformation, Projection operators.


V. Kirtskhalia, A. Rukhadze

On Peculiarities of Frequency Spectrum of MHD Waves Generated by Flat Plasma Flow

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Chagelishvili, November 19, 2004

Abstract. The present paper provides analysis of approximate solutions of dispersive equation of characteristic oscillation of plasma flow in the areas of low and fast phase velocities of perturbation extension. It is demonstrated that at low phase velocities the spectrum of frequencies of MHD-waves is continuous while at fast ones it is discontinuous. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: frequency spectrum, oscilation, plazma.


Sh. Abramidze, N. Katamadze, G. Kiknadze, G. Nabakhtiani, M. Razmadze,

Z. Rostomashvili, Z. Saralidze

Some Safety Problems of Low-Power Nuclear Facility to Be Installed in the Tank of Decommissioned Irt-M Reactor of the Institute of Physics, Georgian Academy of Sciences

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Kharadze, September, 2004

ABSTRACT. Some safety problems of low-power nuclear facility (~50kWt) to be installed in the decommissioned IRT-M nuclear reactor have been considered. The calculations show that at optimal ratio of fuel and amount of water in the core, the possibility of nuclear accident is very little. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: reactor, flux of neutrons, natural circulation of coolant.


G. Kantaria

The Scattering Matrix in the Media Field

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Kopaleishvili, March 18, 2005

ABSTRACT. Dispersible Pseudo-Fourier Transformation (P-F) and the Scattering Matrix is constructed in Pseudocomplex Space *K. In this space we can find the exact solution of scattering equation in impulse presentation. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: media field, pseudocomplex number, dispersible pseudo-Fourier transformation, scattering matrix.


D. Kekelidze

Some Aspects of Defect Formation in Compounds InP, InAs and InPxAs1-x

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A.Khelasvili, December 20, 2004

Abstract. An attempt to explain the defect formation processes in compounds InP, InAs and their solid solutions InPxAs1-x on the ground of literature data and obtained by us experimental results is carried out in the work. It has been established that the processes of defect formation during irradiation with rapid neutrons and high energy electrons of specimens under investigation are generally similar to the processes of defect formation occuring during irradiation of crystals with low energy electrons (E=3 MeV). © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: solid solution, defect formation.


K. Tavartkiladze, I. Aladashvili

Variability of Radiation Balance in Tbilisi City in the Period of Global Warming

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy B.Balavadze, October 5, 2004

Abstract. The values of radiation balance for 1906-1990 have been calculated using actual data of the earth's surface temperature for Tbilisi city. The acouracy of the calculations was estimated. It has been established that during the 20th century each square centimeter of the underlying surface took from 2 to 2.5 kkal more radiant energy than it gave out by heat irradiation. This appeared one of the main reasons, which caused the increase of the average annual temperature up to 0.5°C. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: global warming, climate, radiation balance.


Corr. Member of the Academy R. Kiladze, N. Kachakhidze, Z. Kereselidze,

M. Kachakhidze, G. Ramishvili, V. Kukhianidze

Atmospheric Pressure as an Earthquake Initiative Factor on the Example of Five Earthquakes in Georgia

Presented December 28, 2004

ABSTRACT. In order to reveal atmosphere pressure triggering possible ability factors for earthquakes we consider 5, M³5.0 earthquakes of Georgia's territory. Based on the east and west meteostations data, we have calculated atmosphere pressure horizontal gradient meanings towards these earthquakes epicenters before 5 and after 2 days of their occurring. By using of summation method with variable sign we have got variation of atmosphere pressure horizontal gradients, which may be considered as earthquake's trigger. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: earthquake, horizontal gradient, atmospheric pressure, trigger.

Physical Chemistry

A. Nadiradze, Member of the Academy G. Gvelesiani, R. Razmadze,

K. Ukleba, K. Nadiradze

Increment Calculation Method Standard Entropy, Enthalpy Increase in 0-298.15 K Interval and Standard Heat Capacity of Ternary Oxides

Presented October 19, 2004

ABSTRACT. The increment calculation method of standard enrtopy (S0298), increase of the enthalpy (H0298-H0 ) in the interval of 0-298,15°K and standard heat capacity Cp298 of ternary oxides have been suggested, that ensure to define these functions with satisfactory accuracy. In particular, as compared with experimental data the probable error (dS) of standard entropy is ±2,8 cal./mole·K, for increasing of enthalpy dS=±290 cal./mole and for standard heat capacity dS=± 0.59 cal./mole.K. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: calculation method, standard entropy, enthalpy, interval, standard heat capacity compound, ternary oxide.

Physical Chemistry

V. Gverdtsiteli, M. Gverdtsiteli

Algebraic Chemical Investigation of the Correlation "Structure-Properties" for Monohalogen-Substituted Acetic Acids within the Scope of Quasi-anb-Matrices Method

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Sh.Samsoniya, March 8, 2005

Abstract. The correlation equation "structure-pKa" was constructed for monohalogen-substituted acetic acids within the scope of quasi-ANB-matrices method. According to Japhe's criteria correlation is satisfactory. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: monohalogen-substituted acetic acids, quasi-ANB-matrices.

Physical Chemistry

G. Papava, V. Sherozia, G. Abashidze, Sh. Papava, N. Gelashvili,

M. Gurgenishvili, N. Khotenashvili

Mathematical Modelling of Polymeric Compositions Processing Technology

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Andronikashvili, March 18, 2005

ABSTRACT. On the basis of factor experiment by least squares technique the optimum conditions of processing of polymeric compositions, obtained on the basis of polycyclic bisphenol, were established. In polymeric compositions thermal reactive oligomer (rezol type) was used as matrix, and elementary boron as filler (10-80 mass%). Obtained polymeric materials have high physical-mechanical properties. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Polycyclic bisphenols, polymetric composition.


R. Kvaratskhelia, E. Kvaratskhelia

Some Regularities of Dissociation of Weak Multibasic

Organic Acids

Presented by Member of the Academy J.Japaridze, December 10, 2004

ABSTRACT. For the processes of dissociation of weak multibasic organic acids with comparatively close values of the dissociation constants of neighbouring steps the general equations are suggested which give possibility to estimate different parameters of dissociation processes in diluted solutions of mentioned acids. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Keywords: weak multibasic acids, hydrogen ions, dissociation steps, dissociation constants.

Chemical Technology

N. Gogishvili, N. Demuria, G. Agladze

The Improvement of the Technology of Obtaining of Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide in the Suspension Bath

Presented by Member of the Academy J. Japaridze, July 13, 2004

Abstract. It has been shown that the suspension bath process (SBP) provides an increase of anode current density without passivation of titanium electrode that is twice more than during the obtaining of ordinary electrolytic manganese dioxide (EMD). The efficiency of this process depends on the use of small-dispersed suspensions of MnO2. The smaller the size of suspended particles, the greater degree of the adhesion of active particle absorbed on the electrode. On these particles an increase of the SBP-EMD precipitate takes place. Simultaneously the effective anode surface increases and the effective current density decreases, respectively. In these conditions the properties of obtained SBP-EMD are related with those obtained at low current density. It has been established that the most stable suspensions are obtained during the suspensation of MnO2 particles of 5-10 m size. The SBP-EMD precipitate obtained by means of mentioned suspensions is characterized by high current efficiency and high g - MnO2 content. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: bath, manganese dioxide, aggregatively stable suspension, adhesion, sedimentation.

Pharmaceutical chemistry

N. Tabatadze, V. Mshvildadze, G. Dekanosidze, L. Zviadadze,

R. Elias, E. Ollivier, R. Faure, G. Balansard

Triterpenoid Glycosides from the Roots of Cephalaria gigantea L.

Presented by Member of the Academy E. Kemertelidze, November 2, 2004

ABSTRACT. Two triterpenoid glycosides - giganteoside J and giganteoside J¢ have been isolated from the roots of Cephalaria gigantea. The structure of these compounds 3b-O-[b-D-glucopyranosyl-(1®3)-a-L-rhamnopyranosyl -(1®2)-a-L-arabinopyranosyl]-28-O-[b-D-glucopyranosyl-(1 ®6)-b-D-glucopyranosyl] hederagenin (1) and 3b-O-[a-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1®3)-b-D-glucopyranosyl-(1 ®3)-a-L-rhamnopyranosyl-(1®2)-a-L-arabinopyranosyl]-28 -O-[b-D-glucopyranosyl-(1®6)-b-D-glucopyranosyl] hederagenin (2) were established on the basis of the chemical and spectroscopic (1H, 13C, COSY, HMBC, HMQC) evidence. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Cephalaria gigantea, giganteoside, triterpenoid saponin, triterpenoid glycoside,


Machine Building Science

I. Khatiskatsi

Topologic Transformation in Solution of Applied Problems in Machine Building

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Prangishvili, February 27, 2005

Abstract. In the article by means of topological transformation of space the problem on construction of intersection line of machine-building detail is solved. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: topologic transformation, intersection line of surfaces.

Power Engineering

J. Dochviri, T. Kandelaki

Stabilization System of Voltage of the Electric Power Station with Generatory Excitation Flow

Presented by Member of the Academy R.Adamia, May 4, 2004

Abstract. In the present paper we have studied voltage regulation system of hydroelectric power plant at normal conditions of loading of generators. The scheme of synchronous generator control with negative feedback on voltage is given. General transfer function of the system is obtained. Using logarithmic frequency characteristics the parameters of regulator providing dynamic indices of the system are determined. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: synchronous generator, stabilization, voltage, control, excitement.

Automatic Control and Computer Engineering

Corr. Member of the Academy R. Khurodze, Z. Baiashvili, S. Mania

Optimization of Closed Queuing System by Economical Criterion

Presented December 28, 2004

Abstract. A complex standby system is considered with two types of technical maintenance: replacement and repair of failed elements. Multichannel closed queuing system is constructed and investigated. Optimum number of standby and renewal facilities are determined, when the index of economical effectiveness of the system takes maximum value. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: closed queuing system, serviceable element, replacement facility.


I. Mikeladze

The Characteristic Features of Rose Propagation in Batumi Botanical Garden

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I. Papunidze, December 28, 2004

Abstract. In this work the methods of rose propagation in the conditions of Batumi Botanical garden are given: objects of rose propagation by grafting and rooting. The features of rootstock making, the time of grafting and rooting have been studied. The genera of roses, which can be propagated by rooting are distinguished. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: rose, propagation, grafting, rooting, rootstovk.


N. Nadirashvili, G. Gvaladze, M. Akhalkatsi

Atypical Embryo Sacs in Allium cepa L.

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Nakhutsrishvili, December 7, 2004

Abstract. The following atypical structures have been observed in the embryo sac of Allium cepa L.: 1. Variation in the number of egg cells (1-3), synergids (1-6), polar nuclei (2-4) and antipodals (3-5); 2. Transformation of synergids and antipodals into additional egg cell; 3. Hypertrophy of more than one synergid and antipodals. Increase in the number of hypertrophic synergids and antipodals may improve nutrition of the developing embryo. The additional egg cells increase probability of seed development. An increase in the number of synergids and antipodals may be caused by mutations leading to the cytokinesis during mitotic divisions instead of endomitosis occurring during hypertrophy. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: antipodals, embryo sac, onion, synergid.

Plant Physiology

A. Apakidze, O. Khachidze, T. Chigvinadze

The Response of Grape-Vine on Ecological Stresses According to some Physiological and Cytological Indices

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Nutsubidze, October 19, 2004

Abstract. During the ecological stresses some physiological indices and morphocytological characteristics of Vitis vinifera L. cultivar Rkatsitely have been studied. It was shown that coagulation of leaf mesophyllous cells cytoplasm begins at 50°C. The cells of vine leaf perish at 54°C. In protection properties free amino acid proline plays an important role. Together with other osmotic active substances it rises osmoregulation ability of vacoule and is responsible for turgid state of a leaf. The leaves from various layers display different degree of resistance to ecological stresses that is also stipulated by their cytological characteristics. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Vitis vinifera L. cultivar Pkatsitely, ecological stresses, free proline, vacuole.


S. Shamtsian, E. Ketskhoveli, L. Rapava, L. Antadze, S. Abramidze, N. Razmadze

The Influence of Acidic Precipitations on Water Balance and Protoplasm Permeability of Some Legumes

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Nutsubidze, November 12, 2004

ABSTRACT. Investigation of the influence of acidic precipitations on soybean (Glycine hispida Moench, Max.), kidney bean (Phaseolus vulgare L.), pea (Pisum sativum L.) and horse bean (Vicia faba L.) leaves have revealed the changes in water balance and protoplasm permeability. Spraying with acid solution caused inhibition of plant growth. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: acidic precipitations, water balance, protoplasm permeability, legumes.

Plant Physiology

J. Oniani, N. Mangaladze, T. Oniani, N. Gogonaia

On the Effect of Iron on Anatomical Structure of Leaves in

Solanum melongela

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Aleksidze, December 9, 2004

Abstarct. Iron deficiency in nutrient solution causes decrease in the height and volume of columnar parenchymatous cells of the leaves in Solanum melongela. Presumably, these effects are due to the alterations of metabolic activity in chloroplasts. Excess of iron leads to the marked decrease in the cell height and length, as well as in the width and volume. Evidently, excessive iron turns into poisonous agent for cells, affecting the normal development of leaves in Solanum melongela specimen. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: leaves, cells, size, iron.


G. Geladze

Segregation of Pollen Grains in Remote Hybrids of Citruses on Amylo- and Leucoplast-Containing Gametes

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy P. Naskidashvili, December 28, 2004

ABSTRACT. The genus citrus (Citrus L.) is subdivided into two subgenera: archicitrus (Archicitrus) and metacitrus (Metacitrus). Architruses accumulate bitter essential oil in both fruit flesh and peel, which makes the fruits inedible. Metacitruses accumulate the bitter essential oil only in the peel and due to this the fruits are edible. The bitter essential oil is accumulated in elaioplasts (kind of plastids). The gene of bitter essential oil (AO) and the gene of amyloplast (AP) are conjugated and are inherited dominantly. The presence of amyloplasts in pollen grains and in cotyledons indicates that the fruit of the hybrid is unfit for being used as food. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: amyloplast, elaioplast, leucoplast, segregation.


Corr. Member of the Academy P. Naskidashvili, M. Naskidashvili, T. Darsavelidze,

M. Dekanosidze, I. Naskidashvili

New Genetic Sources of Shortstemness from Genus Triticum L.

Presented February 8, 2005

Abstract. Shortstemness heredity while crossing the sorts and forms (mainly Georgian) T.aestium, T.persicum var T.Durum Desf.,T.turgidum L. has been investigated. Depending on combination of crossing it was inherited in both ways oligenes and polygenes. In the first case nonallelick interaction connected with two or four locuses is meant to take place. Some of the forms were recommended as the sources of shortstemness perspective for selection. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: locus, oligenes, polygene, polygenes segregation.


M. Varsimashvili, E. Moniava, M. Butskhrikidze

Influence of Oxytocin on the Two-Way Avoidance in Generation Prenatally Subjected to Hypoxia

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Oniani, September 28, 2004

ABSTRACT. Influence of pituitary neurohormones vasopressine and oxytocin on mnemonic processes

remains a controversially problem. According to some literary data oxytocin may improve or hamper memory processes. The aim of our work was investigation of oxytocin influence on performance of two-way avoidance test in normal rats and in those, antenatal development of which occurred in hypoxic conditions.

The offspring born to the rats, which during pregnancy were subjected to hypoxic conditions, lagged behind their normal counterparts by initial body weight and further gain of weight. Experiments have shown that oxytocin does significantly affect the capacity of acquisition and retention of two-way avoidance conditional response. These data conform to those obtained by some other authors. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Two-way avoidance, oxytocin, hypoxia, antenatal development, postnatal development, rats.

Human and Animal Physiology

G. Todua

Neocortical Input to Antidromically Identified Efferent Neurons of Lateral Nucleus of the Amygdaloid Complex

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Oniani, November 29, 2004

Abstract. In cats, anesthetized with nembutal the responses of output units of lateral nucleus (LN) of the amigdaliod complex to orbital (OG) and posterior sylvian (PSG) giri stimulations were studied. Efferent units were identified by their antidromic response to ventral amygdalofugal tract (VAF) stimulation. Among 78 units 38 responded to OG stimulation and 41 to PSG stimulation. Our results show that neocortical areas are a principal source of efferents of LN neurons. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: lateral nucleus, efferent unit, synaptic response, latency, collision test.


T. Burjanadze, E. Kiziria, K. Ninidze

The Influence of Separate Triplets of the Triplehelix on Collagen Denaturation Enthalpy

Presented by Member of the Academy M. Zaalishvili, February 8, 2005

Abstract. On the grounds of calorimetric results of the enthalpy of denaturation an attempt to explain hyperbolic dependence of thermostability on hydroxyproline is made. Mathematical model of the process is offered. The computed numerical results have shown that type of triplets (GPH) may cause hyperbolic character of change of collagen thermostability. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: collagens, triplet, phylogenesis, enthalpy, minimal residue method.


T. Vardiashvili, N. Tsinadze, R. Machavariani, K. Menabde, N. Koshoridze,

Corr. Member of the Academy N.Aleksidze

The Lectins of the Human Thyroid Gland

Presented October 5, 2004

ABSTRACT. The protein fractions were isolated from the normal and pathological human thyroid gland tissue. Molecular weights and homogeneity of these fractions were determined.

In the above fractions the presence of the proteins with the erythrocyte agglutination capacity, e.g. lectins, has been shown. In different pathologies of the gland, the principal property of the lectines i.e. the carbohydrate-specificity changes.

Simultaneously, the value of the lectins' distribution in the cellular structures was studied. It was found that the lectins isolated from the cellular structures of the gland differ both qualitatively and quantitatively. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: lectins, thyroid gland, adenoma, goiter, human.


T. Kutateladze, M. Karseladze, G. Zaalishvili,

Corr. Member of the Academy T. Zaalishvili, N. Datukishvili

PCR Amplification of DNA from Agricultural Plants and Genetically Modified Soybean

Presented November, 30, 2004

ABSTRACT. Genomic DNA was extracted from wheat, maize, soybean, barley, oat, French bean, and genetically modified (GM) soybean seeds by two different methods. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) product of 415 bp size was amplified for each analyzed plant species, including GMO after PCR using 18S ribosomal RNA gene conserved primer sequences and extracted genomic DNA as a template. The obtained results indicate, that the both methods are suitable for preparation of amplifiable genomic DNA from the studied plant species and the developed PCR system is suitable for testing amplifiability of plant genomic DNA. Therefore, it is suggested that the obtained genomic DNA samples might be used successfully as templates in PCRbased analysis for species or cultivars identification and certification as well as GMO detection. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: PCR amplification, plant species, genomic DNA extraction, genetically modified organisms (GMO).


N. Shengelia

Application of Vicia faba during Bread Baking

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Kvesitadze, November 22, 2004

Abstract. The possibility of adding of bean meal, especially Vicia faba during bread baking has been studied. It was stated that the use of additive ingredient within the limits of 5-20% enriches the final product by full value proteins and improves its technological characteristics. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: bean, protein, wheat paste, bread baking.


M. Elizbarashvili, M. Darsavelidze, Member of the Academy T. Chanishvili,

T. Suladze, M. Dvalishvili

Characterization of Klebsiella strains

Presented November 16, 2004

ABSTRACT. During 1999 2003, 160 clinical samples obtained from various towns of Georgia were studied. 42 Klebsiella strains were isolated. Morpho-cultural and biochemical properties of abovementioned strains were studied and divided into 2 groups: K. pneumoniae 30 strains; K. oxytoca 12 strains. All strains are polyresistant to antibiotics and appeared to be resistant to phages (Salmonela, Shigella, Pseudomonas, E. coli, Staphylococcus, Y. enterocolitica). None of strains contained phage. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Klebsiella, infection, antibiotics, sensitivity, phage.


Z. Lomtatidze, T. Shiukashvili, K. Mamulashvili, N. Ramishvili, I. Buliskeria

Distribution of Antagonistic Actinomycetes in Brown-Carbonate Soils of Kvemo Kartli Region

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy M. Gordeziani, July 13, 2004

ABSTRACT. The quantitative and qualitative composition of microflora of 4 different locations (Amlevi, Gvevi, Orbeti, and Golovani) of Kvemo Kartli region has been investigated. Different physiological groups of microorganisms were isolated, among which 6 strains belonged to Actinomycetes. According to the morpho-physiological peculiarities and mutual antagonism of Actinomycetes, the pure cultures of these microorganisms have been isolated and the antagonistic characteristics were studied. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: oligonitrophyls, Actinomycetes, fungi, cellulose destructing bacteria, nitrificators, denitrificators, Azotobacter, antagonism.

Experimental Medicine

A. Kotovski, O. Primasyuk, S. Grashtchenko, V. Ramishvili, G. Ursumtseva

Application of the Original Balloon Catheter, Combined with Dormia Basket at the Endoscopic Interventions on the Papilla of Vater and Ducts of Liver

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Bakhutashvili, May 25, 2004

Abstract. The original balloon catheter combined with basket was made on our order by firm "Olympus" (Japan) and submitted in the City Clinical Hospital ¹7 for approbation and clinical tests. Diameter of the filled with air balloon can be up to 12 mm. The balloon catheter was used on 31 patients of 63 years middle age with choledocholithiasis. In 12 cases choledocholithiasis was combined with papillostenosis. The balloon catheter was used for extraction of small stones (up to 8 mm) or for the control of papillotomy adequacy. Simultaneously there were used balloon and basket. In some cases more than two stones were extracted at once. The indications for application of the instrument have been worked out. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: choledocholithiasis, papillostenosis, endoscopy, stenosis.

Experimental Medicine

Member of the Academy N. Kipshidze, G. Katsitadze, L. Khosroshvili, G. Apkhadze

Effect of Metabolic Syndrome upon Electrophysiological Parameters of the Heart Conductance System in Cases of Paroxysmal and Permanent Atrial Fibrillation and Atypical

Atrial Flutter

Presented March 8, 2005

Abstract. The goal of this work was to study the effect of MS on the electrophysiological parameters of the heart conductance system; in particular, on the frequency of occurrence of such heart rhythm disturbances as paroxysmal and permanent atrial fibrillation (AF) and atypical atrial flutter (AFl).

The research involved 52 cases (31 females, 21 males, and average age 54.3 ± 15.5) of paroxysmal and permanent AF and atypical AFl. They were classified into 2 groups. Group I included 24 (46.2 %) patients (14 women and 10 men, average age 51.2 ±9.1) suffering from paroxysmal and permanent AF and atypical AFl and signs of MS. The I group patients were subdivided into two subgroups one of 15 (62.5 %) cases without diabetes mellitus, the other of 9 (37.5 %) cases with II type diabetes mellitus. Group ii consisted of 28 (53.8 %) patients (17 women and 11 men, average age 56.8 ±10.7) suffering from arrihythmia, though without any MS sign. The research results have proved the direct effect of metabolic disturbanses upon electrophysiology of the heart conductance system: the MS-indused refractery dispersion between the RA and LA in an immediate factor causing AF and atypical AFl. The Results have evidenced that catheter RFA of the AV node is a highly effective method for radical treatment of patients suffering from the MS and paroxysmal and permanent AF, as well as atypical AFl. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Metabolic Syndrome, Atrial Fibrillation, Atrial Flutter, Catheter Radiofrequency Ablation, Electrophysiological Investigation.

Experimental Medicine

L. Sikharulia, M. Gergedava, L. Zurabashvili, I. Amniashvili

To the Interaction of Nervous, Endocrine and Immune Systems in the Organism

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Chanishvili, December 28, 2004

ABSTRACT. Investigating functional abilities of nervous, endocrine and immune systems in the human organism, we can see certain correlation (interdependence) between them. It is conditioned by protective functions of the whole organism and finds the reflection in the evolutionary period of its development. Interaction of the named systems in the human organism is defined as single regulatory mechanism, directed to support homeostasis and its abilities. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: nervous system, endocrine system, immune system.

Experimental Medicine

E. Uchaneishvili, T. Gvamichava, D. Kutivadze

Morpho-Functional Peculiarities of Blood Vessels of Induced Colon Cancer

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Javakhishvili, Octomber 5, 2004

Abstract. The peculiarities of the microcirculation bed have been studied in large intestine cancer (histologically they represent adenomacarcinomas) induced by 1.2-dimethylhydrazine-dihydrochloride. It is shown that cancer microcirculation bed is represented by newly formed vessels of different structures.

According to their ultrastructure, they can be assembled into three groups: 1) newly formed blood vessels more or less analogous to the vessels of the normal tissue; 2) immature capillaries; 3) blood vessels of the sinusoidal type. An electron-radioautographic study displayed that some of the newly formed blood vessels reach the average level of differentiation. But they are unable to perfectly accomplish the regulation of transendothelial exchange between vessels and tissue. Morpho-functional heterogeneity of newly formed blood vessels, in our opinion, reflects the peculiarity of parenchymal-stromal interrelationships in each concrete tumor microregion. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: adenomacarcinoma, newly formed blood vessels, endotheliocyte.


N. Turava

Morphology of Placenta during Cytomegalovirus Infection

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Javakhishvili, October 19, 2004

ABSTRACT. In all samples of human placentas affected by cytomegalovirus infection obtained from full-term pregnancies the picture of focal productive inflammation is evident in both maternal and fetal components of the placenta, being expressed in syncitial trophoblast, amnyocytes, and vascular endothelium. The process is characterized by the presence of huge mononuclear cells in basal membrane, hyperchromic nucleus, surrounded with light circle, the so-called "owl's eye" and basophilic inclusions. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: placenta, cytomegalovirus, morphology.


L. Vasadze, I. Maisuradze, T. Soloshvili, G. Iordanishvili, M. Nikolaishvili,

Member of the Academy K. Nadareishvili

The Action of Mobile Phones Frequency (900/1800MHz) Electromagnetic Fields on Rat's Behavior in the "Open Field"

Presented November 30, 2004

Abstract. The exposure of cell phones frequency electromagnetic fields provokes significant decrement of emotional-motivational and locomotor activities in rats and increases the overcoming fear while leaving the central square. Decrease of emotionality is revealed in reduction of boluses and urination, as well as in increase of quantity and total duration of grooming. These changes are accordingly reflected on their behavior in the "open field". © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: cell phones, behavior, grooming, boluses.


E. Zurabashvili

Psychological Thought of Georgian Translators

Presented by Member of the Academy Sh.Nadirashvili, December 28, 2004

ABSTRACT. Ecclesiastic literature had great influence on the development of Georgian cultural heritage. The Bible was thoroughly translated into the Georgian language by the group of monks, Athonite fathers. Being highly educated, they developed the traditions of Georgian translation of hagiographic texts, writing commentaries to the texts, establishing the rules. Mind and deep philosophy was the basis of interpreting the texts. The commentaries included the explanations to texts taking into account traditional thinking of Georgian People. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: ecclesiastic literature, hagiography.


E. Kardava

The Role of Administrative Contractual Relationships in Georgian Administrative Activities

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Aleksidze, February 28, 2005

Abstract. "Administrative agreement" is a new institution for Georgian administrative law. The purpose of the present paper is to inform a reader about function of administrative agreement and multilateral legal relationships regulated by it. Useful recommendations for further development of administrative contractual relationships and refinement of this institution to the normative stage are offered. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: administrative agreement, administrative act, administration, actual relationships.


N. Daraselia

The Role of Interjections in Communication

(On the material of the English, Georgian and Russian languages)

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy M. Shanidze, February 8, 2005

Abstract. In the paper the role of interjection in communication is examined from the standpoint of ostensive-inferential model of communication introduced by D. Sperber and D. Wilson. The paper shows that in the process of communication interjections perform ostensive acts they direct the hearer's attention and thought toward relevant information. The interjection serves as a stimulus which provides the hearer with evidence from which the sender's communicative intention can be inferred. Hence, in discourse the main function of interjection

is metalinguistic. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: interjection, index, ostension, the principle of relevance, frame, metalinguistic.

History of Art

N. Gengiuri

Porches of Georgian Medieval Churches

Presented by Member of the Academy A. Apakidze, November 3, 2004

Abstract. The paper deals with the types of Georgian church porches. Attention is focused on the origin of stoa-porches, very popular in the developed Middle Ages (the 10th-15th cc.). The specimens of the porches of the transition period (the 8th-9th cc.) are analyzed. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: architecture, church, porch.


I. Baratashvili

O'Neill's Successful Attempt to Revive Drama as a Potent Symbol of Syncretic Art

Presented by Member of the Academy R.Gordeziani, May 19, 2005

Abstract. The article looks into impact of tendencies of revival of syncretic art and the spread of theories of arts synthesis (predominant in European drama) on the birth and evolution of the 20th century American drama. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: syncretism, drama.


T. Japaridze

The Genealogy of Postmodern Theory

Presented by Member of the Academy R. Gordeziani, May 24, 2005

Abstract. The article deals with the impact of different linguistic, philosophic and scientific trends on the formation of the postmodern theory during the second half of the 20th century. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: structuralism, semiology, poststructuralism, epistemology, phalocentrism, feminism.