Abstracts – “Moambe” 172, 3, 2005






A. Papukashvili, G. Manelidze


On Approximate Solution of One Singular Integral Equation Containing an Immovable Singularity

Presented by Corr.Member of the ppAcademy R.Bantsuri, October 11, 2004


ABSTRACT. A singular integral equation containing an immovable singularity is solved by collocation method. It is shown that the system of the corresponding algebraic equations is solvable for sufficiently big number of the interval division. Experimental convergence of aproximate solutions to the exact one is detected. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: singular integral equation, immovable singularity, pecularity, quadrature formula.





I. Pochkhua, N. Macharashvili


On Vallee-Poussin Integral on the Sk

Presented by Member of the Academy L.Zhizhiashvili, November 1, 2005


ABSTRACT. In the present work notions of continuity moduli of defined functions on the hypersphere are introduced and using these notions properties of the integral of de la Vallee-Poussin on the hypersphere Sk are proved. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: de la Vallee-Poussin, hypersphere, generalized Laplacian operator, continuity modulus, Lipschitz class.




I. Kikvadze


On the Limit Distribution of the Integral Quadratic Deviation of the Deheuvels Nonparametric Estimator of a Distribution Density

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy E. Nadaraya, July 16, 2005


ABSTRACT. In the present paper we have established the limit distribution law of the integral quadratic deviation of the Deheuvels nonparametric estimator of a distribution density. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Nonparametric estimator, empirical density, recursive estimator, limit distribution, convergence in distribution.




A. Kirtadze, G. Pantsulaia


Relation between Shy Sets and Haar Null-Sets in the Banach Space

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy E. Nadaraya, July 5, 2005


ABSTRACT. In Solovay’s model we study a relation between shy sets and Haar null-sets in the nonseparable Banach space  and demonstrate that an analogue of Maxwell B. Stinchombe’s result obtained for real topological vector spaces with a complete separable metrizable topology is not valid for . © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words:  Solovay’s model, translation-invariant Borel measure, shy set, Haar null-set.






D. Gordeziani, G. Avalishvili, M. Avalishvili


On Nonclassical Multi-Time Evolution Equation in Abstract Spaces

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy E. Nadaraya, October 18, 2005


ABSTRACT. In the present paper nonclassical first order evolution equation with several time variables is considered and abstract initial value problem in the Sobolev type spaces of vector-valued distributions is studied. The existence and uniqueness theorem for plurievolution problem is proved in suitable spaces and an application to pluriparabolic system of partial differential equations is considered. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: plurievolution equations, vector-valued distributions.





I. Skhirtladze


On Absolute Convergency of Fourier-Bessel Series

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Zhizhiashvili, October 4, 2005


Abstract. In this article there is studied the question of absolute convergency of Fourier-Bessel series, related for some classes of multivariable functions. For two variable functions Vitali and Tonnelli classes are considered. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: absolute convergence, finite variation.




A. Lashkhi, G. Metreveli


Cross Theorems in Modular D-Geometrical Lattices

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Prangishvili, October 11, 2005


Abstract. Six and three cross theorems in modular D-geometrical lattices are proved. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: configuration, geometrical lattice, collineation.





T. Bokelavadze


Lattice Isomorphisms of Free and Free Polynilpotent W-Power Groups

Presented by Member of the Academy H. Inasaridze, October 18, 2005


ABSTRACT. In the present work, the lattice isomorphisms of W-power groups are studied. It is proved that if G1 and G2 are free W-power groups over the binomial ring K, and , then . Similar theorems are proved for free polynilpotent groups and for nilpotent groups of class 2. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Lattice, W-group, Free group.





T. Kemoklidze


Full Transitivity of a Cotorsion Hull of Separable p-Groups

Presented by Member of the Academy A. Prangishvili, July 26, 2005


Abstract. A cotorsion hull of the separable p- group T is considered when T is a direct sum of torsion-complete groups. In the considered case its cotorsion hull is fully transitive if and only if T is a direct sum of cyclic groups or a torsion-complete group. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: cotorsion hull, torsion-complete group, full tran­sitivity of a group.





O. Lanchava


Separation and Evaluation of Simultaneous Heat-Mass Exchange in Binary Systems

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Iamanidze, July 26, 2005


ABSTRACT. A new criterion for separation and evaluation of simultaneous heat and mass exchange process obtained on the basis of tertiary boundary condition analysis is introduced using p-theory and L’Hospital’s rule. The numerical value of the criterion shows whether consideration of additional heat flow during simultaneous heat-mass exchange is necessary or not. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: heat mass exchange, air flow, mass emission, heat emission, exchange potential.




N. Nanobashvili, E. Shoshiashvili


The Model “Artificial Eye”

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chavchanidze, July 12, 2005


ABCTRACT. Among the great  number of the functional possiblities of the eye there is a unique property of high-level coding information which it receives from without. The specificity of the coding process inside the eye permits the brain to realize quickly and effectively (simply) such the highest forms of thinking as the wholeness of a form perception and pattern recognition. Wholeness of the form perception at multilevel (hierarchic) coding on the one model “Artificial eye” are considered. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: wholeness of form perception, gestalt, vision, “artificial eye”, data compression, artificial intelligence.





T. Sukhiashvili


Simulation of Life Cycles of Objects in Automated Control Systems

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Prangishvili, June 16, 2005


Abstract. Investigating dynamic behavior of objects in automated systems one can see that they have a certain lifetime. Many objects go through several stages during their life. It is the order of evolving of the objects by the stages that form the typical behavior relative to the sign of this object. In the article simulation of life cycles of objects using state chart diagrams is analyzed. It was the start of the study of dynamic aspects of objectives in the law-making system. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: system life cycles, object-oriented approach, transition rule, events.






N. Bokuchava, G. Mamasakhlisov


On One Method of Solution of  the Quick-Action Problem for Quantum Mechanical Processes

Presented by Member of the Academy  V. Chavchanidze, July  24, 2005


ABSTRACT. Using Pontryagin’s maximum principle, we develop an algorithm of finding an optimal control vector. The algorithm allows us to solve the quick-action problem for processes taking  place in quantum mechanical systems. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: equation, control, quick action, process, quantum system, pure states. 





V. Mdzinarishvili


General Solution of the System of Antagonistic Equations

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chavchanidze, June 2, 2005


Abstract. General solution of the system of antagonistic equations has been derived. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: antagonistic, differential, increasing, decreasing, ratio, equilibrium.





N. Archvadze


Expert Systems of Real Time

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chavchanidze, July 12, 2005


ABSTRACT. Artificial intelligence in general and, particularly, expert systems have passed a long road: from hobby to mass commercial applications during the decision of practical problems. It is shown, that expert systems provide a basis for commercial success and, first of all, expert systems of real time. They make possible for an artificial intelligence to pass from games and puzzles to mass application during the decision of practically significant problems. In the present paper, we have determined the requirements which the expert system of real time should satisfy. The structure and basic components of such system are described.  © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: programming theory, expert system, knowledge base.




M. Pkhovelishvili, L. Shetsiruli


Electronic Textbook and System of its Construction

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chavchanidze, July 12, 2005


ABSTRACT. The present paper discusses the problems of developing interactive and adaptive textbooks on WWW. The creation of electronic (computer) textbooks is one of the main aspects of rational application of Internet in educational system.   The automation of learning process is realized by means of computer educational programs and electronic textbooks. Some requirements, which must be satisfied by hyper-textbooks are presented. The system, which gives the possibility of computer textbook construction with minimal labor input has been described. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: programming, distance learning, hypertext, online course.





L. Arevadze


The Old Georgian Graphems Recognition

Presented by  Member of the Academy  M. Salukvadze, July 14, 2005


ABSTRACT. In this article we consider the constructions of Georgian graphem images in the connectivity theory approximation. Connectivity analysis permits the calculation of the amount of connectivity that exists between the rows and columns such as incidence matrix. In this theory each graphem is represented as a distribution of connectivity chains over the connectivity levels which contains the main information  about graphems geometry. The decision is given by compairing unknown graphems activities with the chains group on each level. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key word: connectivity theory.




T. Arevadze


The Application of Fuzzy Grade Statistics for Processing the Atmospheric Electric Field

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chavchanidze, July 7, 2005


ABSTRACT. In this paper we describe method, called fuzzy grade statistics, which makes it possible to use statistical samples if membership functions and fuzzy grades images are designed. This method has been verified with an example. We select ten-year data for middle and strong earthquakes. For each datum we have an electric field the day before earthquake and on earthquake day. For decision-making we have made a multi-factor linear synthesis between fuzzy weight and fuzzy frequency. Finally, we considered maximum principle and would have final decision. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Keywords: earthquake forecast, fuzzy grade, membership function, fuzzy frequency, fuzzy weight.




D. Gulua


Optimization of Priority Queuing Replacement System by Economical Criterion

Prezented by Corr. Member of the Academy R. Khurodze, October 25, 2005


ABSTRACT. The article considers closed queuing systems with absolute priority of replacement. Replacement time is a random value and is different from zero. The criterion of economic efficiency estimation of queuing system functioning is proposed. The formulas of criteria are given. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: closed queuing system, standby, replacement, renewal, efficiency criteria.





Member of the Academy M. Salukvadze, N. Kilasonia


On an Example of Using M-Programming in Multicriteria Optimization

Presented October 15, 2005


ABSTRACT. A new MatLab M-file is offered. The M-file solves the vector optimizati­on problem using DM (decision maker)-computer dialog. The interactive program is extremely simple to work with. All the results obtained at every iteration are available for the decision maker at any moment during the process. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: vector optimization, multicriteria solution, interactive method, MatLab M-programming, interactive M-file.





G. Chikoidze


Operational Means of “Morphological” Nets

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chichinadze, July 5, 2005


ABSTRACT. The “morphological” nets supply basis for representation of language (in first instance, morphologic) models. Their structure follows that of “traditional” net-like graphs. All peculiarities of the nets are concentrated in conditions, which underlie the choice of process trajectory and the corresponding operator system by means of which testing is realized. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: net, morphology, condition, operator, trajectory of process.





K. Akhobadze, T. Grigalashvili,  E. Ioramashvili,  A. Javrishvili,
E. Mailian, M. Nikoladze,  L. Shalamberidze


Some Characteristics of Production of K± Mesons in pA Interactions  with Large Transverse Momentum  at 40GeV

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Khelashvili, Iune  7,  2005


ABSTRACT. The A dependencies of average multiplicities and average inclusive characteristics of K± mesons in pA interactions have been studied for the processes with  at 40GeV energy. The experimental results were compared with the cases generated according to the model of quark-gluon strings.  © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: nucleon-nucleon and nucleon-nuclear collisions, K± mesons, inclusive characteristics, large transverse momentum .




S. Gotoshia,  L. Gotoshia


Laser Raman Spectroscopy of Plasmon-Phonon Interaction in GaP

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, April, 20, 2005


ABSTRACT. Plasmon-phonon interaction in semiconducting n- and p-GaP with indirect band gap has been studied by laser Raman spectroscopy. It turned out that with the increase of free carriers’ concentration in a crystal the characteristic peak of LO phonon shifts towards high frequencies and the peak’s halfwidth  broadens. At the same time the peak’s intensity decreases. We were the first to study Plasmon-phonon interaction by various exciting wavelengths. It has been revealed that the halfwidth of the peak characterizing this interaction decreases visibly at fulfillment of resonance conditions. In our opinion this is connected with the existence of depletion layers in GaP. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Raman-scattering, plasmon-phonon interaction, semiconductor.




G. Gordadze, A. Gordadze, P. Imnadze, K. Megrelishvili, T. Getsadze, V. Kintsurashvili


Study of Accumulation of Heavy Metals from Soil in Different Plants Using the Method of Neutron-Activation Analysis

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A.Khelashvili, July 26, 2005


ABSTRACT. In the present work we study accumulation of heavy metals in the mullberry and walnut woods from the same ground using the neutron activation analysis method. It is showed that different groups of elements of different amounts are accumulated in these trees. The results obtained will allow to determine biological function of heavy metals in various plants. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: neutron multiplier, accumulation, activation analysis, polycomparative method.






V. Berezhiani, D. Garuchava, N. Shatashvili


“Vacuum-Heating” and Absorption of Circularly Polarized Laser Light by Overdense Plasmas

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Tsintsadze, July  20, 2005


ABSTRACT. It is showed that the circularly polarized intense laser pulses normally impinging on the over-dense plasma can lead to the vacuum heating of the electrons at the sharp vacuum-plasma interface. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Keywords: vacuum, absorption, circularly polarized pulse, ponderomotive force, acceleration.





T. Khachidze, Corr. Member of the Academy A.Khelashvili


Manifestation the Hidden Symmetry of Coulomb Problem in the Relativistic Quantum Mechanics from Pauli to Dirac Electron

Presented July 25, 2005


ABSTRACT. On the basis of generalization of the theorem about the K-odd operators (K is the well-known Dirac operator) certain linear combination is found, which commutes with the Dirac Hamiltonian for Coulomb field. This operator coincides with the Johnson and Lippmann (J.-L.) operator and is intimately connected to the Laplace-Runge-Lenz (LRL) vector. Our approach guarantees not only derivation of the J.-L. operator but simultaneously commutativity with the Dirac Hamiltonian follows, which was considered usually as a longtime and tedious task. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Coulomb potential, hidden symmetry, accidental degeneracy.





M. Gochitashvili, R. Lomsadze, R. Kvizhinadze, T. Mtvralashvili, V. Gachechiladze


Excitation of La- Hydrogen Atomic Line in the Collisions of H3+ and H2+ Molecules with He, Ar, O2 Targets

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Khelashvili, November 1, 2005


Abstract. We have presented results of experimental measurement of the excitation function of hydrogen atomic line La (l=121.6nm), which was emitted during dissociative excitation processes of hydrogen molecules at collisions H2+, H3+ – He,Ar,O2 in the energy interval 3-9 keV of ion. It was determined that the intensity of radiation depends on internal (vibrational) excitation of H3+ molecular ion in the initial ground electronic state. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: dissotiation, excitation, molecules.




A. Bibilashvili, R. Kazarov, I. Lomidze, Z. Bokhochadze, T. Ratiani,
Z.Kushitashvili, M.Vepkhvadze


Redistribution of Impurities in Semiconductors Caused by Irradiation

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, July 12 , 2005


ABSTRACT. Photostimulated redistribution of initially evenly distributed impurity atoms in alloyed sample are confirmed by the experimental results obtained at irradiation of KEF-4.5 and KEF-0.5 n-type silicon plates with phosphorus impurities using pulse photon irradiation (DPPI) by halogen lamp light (HLL). The sheet resistance and its variations were controlled by tetra-probe method.  © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: photostimulated diffusion, photoexcited carriers.




G. Dzamukashvili, Vl. Labadze


Normal Instability of a Current in n-GaAs under
a Strong Magnetic Field

Presented by  Corr. Member of the Academy G. Japaridze, June 21, 2005


ABSTRACT. Possibility of creation of instability in the free electrons system of GaAs, when it is exposed to a strong magnetic (not quantizing) field directed perpendicularly to the constant electric field is showed. In particular, an area of negative slope appears in the field force dependences of transverse and resultant currents in the sample. The mechanism of existence of such dependence is established.

Key words: negative differential conductivity, nonlinear current-voltage characteristics.





V. Kortkhonjia


The Applicability of the Laws of Ideal Gas to the Products of Certain Chemical Reactions

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Tsintsadze, July 26, 2005


ABSTRACT. A chemical reaction of certain type, interaction of metal with water at explosion of a wire in it has been studied. At the same time the reaction products are created. It is showed that for calculation of pressure the generated by the reaction products the Clapeyron equation can be used. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: wire explosion, pulsed pressure, chemical reactions.





E. Khirseli, Member of the Academy N. Tsintsadze


Generation Vortices and Relativistic Particles by the Nonpotential  Ponderomotive Force in a Magnetoplasma

Presented July 26, 2005


Abstract. The generation of electron fluid vortex ring by a laser pulse and mechanism of acceleration of electrons up to relativistic velocities due to this vortex ring in a relativistic magnetized plasma is demonstrated. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: magnetized plasma, circularly polarized, vortex ring, ponderomotive force.




D. Aladashvili, Z. Adamia, A. Adamia, N. Gogoladze, T. Tzuladze


Dependence of the Threshold Field for the Onset of Current Oscillations from Aniaxial Stress in the Hopping Conductivity Region

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, October 18, 2005


Abstract. We have investigated the current instability in the hopping conductivity region at aniaxial pressure. Dependences of threshold field beginning of oscillations on temperature and uniaxal stress are determined. The model to explain the experimental results is presented. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: semiconductors, hopping transport.






R. Natsvlishvili


On Kinematics and Dynamics of the Universe

Presented by Member of the Academy J. Lominadze, October 25, 2005


Abstract. Critical considerations on the dynamics of past, present and future of the Universe are given. The character of instantaneous description of Metagalaxy using the Hubble’s law v=Hr has been considered. A conclusion is made that it does not reflect the change of Metagalaxy in time or its kinematics. an opinion on the unnecessity of L-member is expressed. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Hubble’s law, Universe, kinematics, dynamics, L-member.





P. Mindeli, G. Jashi, G. Gvantseladze, S. Ghongadze


On Geologic-Geophysical Structure of Sedimentary Series in Depression Zone of the Eastern Georgian Territory

Presented by the Member of the Academy B. Balavadze, July 5, 2005


Abstract. Multilayer structure of sedimentary complex of the depressive zone of the eastern Georgia has been studied. A precise physico-mathematical model for Tbilisi-Mingechauri profile was designed. Correlation between gravitational, magnetic and electric fields has been shown. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: direct problem, sediment layer, anomalic field, refractive waves, correlation





J. Gachechiladze, T. Gachechiladze, I. Amanatashvili


On One Algorithm of Digital Seismological Recordings Discrimination Analysis

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Chelidze, July 12, 2005


ABSTRACT. The main task involved in this article is to create the algorithm for automatic processing of digital seismological data in a problem of  separation of earthquakes and noise. As for expertly estimated primary data contain possibilistic uncertainty, for algorithm construction one of the fuzzy analysis methods -the generalized discrimination analysis method is suggested. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: fuzzy analysis, discrimination analysis, fuzzy frequencies, compatibility (membership) function.





A. Amiranashvili, A. Nodia, T. Khurodze, L. Kartvelishvili, Z, Chumburidze,
I. Mkurnalidze, N. Chikhradze


Variability of Number of Hail and Thunderstorm Days in the Regions of Georgia with Active influence on Atmospheric Processes

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Chelidze, July 12, 2005


ABSTRACT. Investigation has been conducted on variability of number of hail and thunderstorm days on those territories of Georgia where the works for prevention of hail hit (Kakheti and Southern Georgia) have been conducted. It is established that during the experimental works against  hail hit on the mentioned territory in comparison with those of controlled ones the variability of number of thunderstorm days has not been observed practically, while the number of hail days has been increased. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: variability, number, hail, thunder, atmosphericl processes.



Organic Chemistry


T. Khuchua,  J. Gurjia,  T.  Doksopulo, Corr. Member of the Academy Sh. Samsoniya


Obtaining of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons by Ultrasonic Machining of Oil- Fraction and Synthesis of some Surface Anion-Active Compounds on their Basis

Presented July 12,  2005


Abstract. The ultrasound cracking of oil fraction and synthesis of surface anion-active substances on the basis of the obtained unsaturated hydrocarbons have been performed. Foaming capacity of the obtained surface anion-active substances exceeds 4.5-times the foaming capacity of standard solution of the same concentration. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: oil fraction,ultrasound frequency,surface anion-active substance.




G. Razmadze, Z. Sarishvili, Z. Tabukashvili, R. Tsiskarishvili


Investigation and Application of Products of Oxidative Destruction of Vitraine from Tkibuli (West Georgia)

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Andronikashvili, October 25, 2005


ABSTRACT. Products of oxidation of Vitraine from Tkibuli mining pit,  in particular humic acids, have been investigated. Stimulative effect of humates on plant growth, development and yield was studied at the application of 0.004% aqueous solutions of humates to legumes. Treatment of legumes with humates has been shown to increase the yield by 28-30%. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Vitraine, humic acids, oxidative destruction.




G. Buachidze, G. Iashvili, I. Iashvili


Geological Engineering Problems Related to Urbanized Coastal Areas of Batumi and Poti

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I. Buachidze, July 12, 2005


Abstract. The paper deals with the problem of geological environment of the urbanized coastal areas in the vicinity of the towns Poti and Batumi.

Calculations of the beach forming deposit deficit were made to estimate Batumi – Kobuleti areas, and some recommendations are given for the protection of the coastal zone. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: sea, geological engineering, coastal zone, beach.



Chemical technology


G. Agladze, G. Tsurtsumia, I. Kakhniashvili, N. Koiava, V. Kveselava, A. Benashvili 


The Leaching of Madneuli Chalcopyrite Concentrate by Nitric Acid

Presented by Member of the Academy  J. Japaridze, July 12, 2005  


Abstract. For the elaboration of the technology of Madneuli chalcopyrite concentrate processing, the effect of nitric acid concentration, temperature  and experiment duration on the degree of copper, iron and sulphur (as S and  SO42-) extraction on the amount of released NO and NO2 gases and on their molar ratio has been studied. The optimum conditions of the process during  which extraction degree of copper comprises  98% and iron – 99% have been established.  © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Madneuli chalcopyrite concentrate, hydrometallurgical processing, leaching by nitric acid, extraction degree of copper, iron and sulphur.         





D. Kereselidze, V. Trapaidze, T. Tsintsadze, G. Bregvadze


Model of Functioning of Water-Management System with One Reservoir of Complex Function

Presented by Corr.  Member of the Academy Z.Tatashidze, May 15, 2005


Abstract. The model of calculation for the balance of water-management beneath a reservoir has been created. The model enables calculation of water balance not only in  the separate river sites, but also on the whole territory of water-management system. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: water-management, balance.



Hydraulic Engineering


R. Ksovreli, G. Javakhishvili


Push-Pull Electromagnetic Vibrating Submersible Pump

Presented by Member of the Academy O. Natishvili, July 12, 2005


Abstract. Push-pull electromagnetic vibrating submersible pump with improved productivity and performance index is developed. Precise description of the scheme is given. The pump is reliable and easy to operate. Its moving parts never strike each other, what increases operating stability and reliability of the pump. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: submersible pump, vibration, electromagnetic field.





N. Mirianashvili


Decentralized Heating and Cooling Systems Based on Thermal Pumps

Presented by Member of the Academy M. Salukvadze, July 5, 2005


ABSTRACT. In this paper heating system for individual buildings with automated heat source based on heat pumps and heat reductor is offered. Optimal distributions of loading between HPS (heat pump system) and heat reductor for each case are found by calculations. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: heat pump system, rating conditions, panel system, radiator system, air system, heat source.





R. Chagalidze


Landscape Composizions of Green Constructions of the Black Sea Shore in Ajara

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy V.Papunidze, November 25, 2005


ABSTRACT. In the work it is considered to-day’s situation of green establishments of the Black Sea shore in Ajara. In order to eradicate shortcomings in green constructions some egzotic plants are recommended for planting. The project of planting based on general principles of the constructing parks and gardens is presented. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: landscape, composition, landscape architecture, decoration.





M. Meladze, G. Meladze


Propagation of Deserving Plants in Mountain Agroecological Conditions of Georgia Considering the Soil Productivity

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy P. Naskidashvili, July 26, 2005


ABSTRACT. Ecologically pure and rich yield of grain-crops (barley), vegetables (garden beets) and seasonings (trigonella) was gained in the mountain zone of Georgia (2200m ASL, Ninotsminda district) after taking into account the soil characteristics (2002-2004). Agroclimatic map by air temperatures (accumulated temperatures above 10°C) and atmospheric precipitations has been charted for purposes of cultivation of promising cultures in high-mountain conditions of Georgia. Two agroclimatic zones are marked out and possibility of cultivation of the corresponding plants is noted. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: mountain region, soil fertility, agriculture plants, agroclimate map.





F. Chaidze, N. Khalvashi


Peculiarities of Flowering of Magnolia L a Sort of Magnolia Family Introduced in Ajara Coastline

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Papunidze, October 4, 2005


Abstract. In this work, proants and metants in therophyllous sorts of magnolias are revealed. Florification phases of each sort, differences between these phases related to morphological peculiarities, existence of several generations during one vegetation period and prolongation of this period for a month and even more in comparison with their native land are defined. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: decorative plants, Magnolia L, flowering phases, morphological peculiarities.





N. Dzotsenidze


Germination of Abies nordmanniana (Stev.) Spach in Various Conditions of Illumination

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G.Nakhutsrishvili, November 15, 2005


ABSTRACT. We have measured the overground and underground parts of one-year shoots of Abies nordmanniana and total weight obtained from the seeds of different age generations at the end of vegetation. Shoots obtained from the second age generation are characterized with the largest weight and height, whereas those ones obtained from the seeds of third age generation have the worst results. As to the shoots of the first age generation due to the declining age they are characterized by average qualitative indices of seeds and shoots, correspondingly. The best conditions for growth and development of Abies nordmanniana shoots are produced at medium  illumination and the worst conditions – at full illumination when numerous shoots die because of solar radiation.  © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: seed, growth, illumination, shoot, root.



Plant Physiology


M. Khurtsidze, N. Keburia, M. Gaidamashvili, G. Alexidze


Antibacterial Activity of European Mistletoe (Viscum Album L.) Extracts

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Aleksidze, July 26, 2005


ABSTRACT. The ethanol and buffer extracts of Viscum album L. were tested for antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis and Staphylococcus aureus. To evaluate antibacterial activity the disc-diffusion assay was used. Ethanolic extracts showed to be most effective against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacterial species. Affinity purified galactose-specific mistletoe lectin agglutinated bacteria at 1 µgml-1 concentration. The possible contribution of galactose-specific lectin to antibacterial effects of V. album is presumed. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: antibacterial activity, bacterial agglutination, galactose-binding lectin, Viscum album L.



Plant Physiology


L. Simonishvili


Adaptation Problems of some Evergreen Broad-Leaved Woody Plants of Colchis Flora Introduced in Tbilisi Botanical Gardens.

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Tumanishvili, July 19, 2005


Abstract. The studies carried out in Tbilisi Botanical Gardens revealed relatively low transpiration in arbutus, box-tree, ilex, mock-privet, and cherry-laurel. Therefore, they are more resistant to drought characteristic to east Georgia (according to data on their electrical resistance), high temperatures and moderate frosts (according to data on their viscosity). These species are characterized by phytoncidic activity. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: transpiration, drought resistance, warm-endurance, frost resistance, phytoncidity, succulence, electrical resistance, viscosity.





N. Kacharava, E. Chkhubianishvili, G. Badridze, L. Kobakhidze, Sh. Chanishvili


Altitudinal Gradient and Structural and Functional Characteristics of some Herbaceous Plants

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Nutsubidze, May 5, 2005


ABSTRACT. Leaf structure, photosynthetic activity and content of plastid pigments of herbaceous plants: clover - Trifolium medium L., dandelion - Taraxacum officinale Wgg., knotweed - Poligonum avicularia L., and plantain - Plantago major L., growing at different altitudes, has been studied. It was revealed that changing of leaf structural organization caused adaptation of the photosynthetic apparatus to different ecological conditions. On the one hand, with the thickening of leaf intensification of photosynthetic activity, chlorophyll and carotenoids synthesis take place. On the other hand, thinning of the leaf blade, with the altitude, is accompanied by increasing of carotenoids synthesis. This is the indication to the protective role of carotenoids, as one of the features of adaptation.  © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: altitudinal gradient, leaf structure, photosynthesis, plastid pigments, herbaceous plants.



Genetics and Selection


T. Zarandia


On Study of the Inheritance of Rows Number in Corn-cobs 

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy P. Naskidashvili, July 19, 2005


Abstract. It has been established that polymeric genes are located in different couples of chromosomes and  in some cases they make simultaneous action on the development of quantitative traits. It has been found that during genetic combination the conjunction of polymeric genes with additive action proceeds in separate genotype and polymeric genes act in a specific way on the manifestation of the phenotype of quantitative traits. During the crossing of multi-row and little-row maize forms in the first generation the heredity of this sign is of medium character whereas in the second generation the dissociation is of dihybride character and uniform constant forms of multi-row parent’s form are obtained in dissociated forms in a great amount. By the crossing of little-row and multi-row forms it is possible to obtain new selection material. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: polymeric genes, allele couples, recessional forms, homozygous, albinos, gametophyte, self-sterility, haploid seed plants.



Genetics and selection


L. Mosiashvili, L. Vashakidze


Palinomorphology of Ta-Jang-Tsao – the Sort of Jujube

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy P. Naskidashvili, July 10, 2005


Abstract. The results of palinomorphological investigation of pollen grain of Ta-jang-tsao – the large-fruiter sort of jujube are discussed.

It is established, that the length of pollen grain in dry-air condition is equal to 29.8±0.3 mm, width – 18.7±0.3 mm, diameter (in acetocarmine) – 25.8±0.7 mm. It has elliptical form. In case of falling on nutrient medium or getting wet it takes spherical form. Pollen grain on the whole – is three-porous, their amount is 68.9±2.1 %.

Pollen grain is high-fertile (79.6±1.4%), that indicates its high fecundity ability. The parameters of pollen grain (the length, the width, the diameter) attribute it to high-constant and low-variable properties group and it can be successfully used for pomologic and selection purposes, identification of the sort and according discriptions of International Plant Genetic Resources Institute (IPGRI) for description and passport composition. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: jujube, flowering, pollen grain, palinomorphology, fertility, sterility.


Human and Animal Physiology


N. Tsiklauri, D. Kiteishvili, M. Tsagareli


Examination of Ketorolac Antinociception in Rats

 Presented by Member of the Academy T.N. Oniani, July 11, 2005


ABSTRACT. The investigation of non-opioid, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) analgesic effects on the latency of tail-flick (TF) reflex in rats have shown that intraperitoneal (i.p.) injection of Ketorolac Tromethamine (12 mg/kg) resulted in significant antinociception as compared with the control group of rats with saline. Repeated administration of this drug revealed tolerance to ketorolac and cross-tolerance to morphine. Intraperitoneal injection of naloxon did not significantly decrease morphine analgesic effect in ketorolac-tolerance rats, whereas in saline-treated animals morphine analgesic effect was reverted. Presented data support the hypothesis on close interaction between NSAID tolerance and endogenous opioid system. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: ketorolac tolerance, morphine cross-tolerance, non-opioid analgesics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, tail-flick reflex.




V. Aplakov, E. Kirtadze, R. Aplakov


Biochemical Role of Glycerine in the Secondary Alcoholic Fermentation

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Kvesitadze,  October 27, 2005


ABSTRACT. Using labelled glycerine, the main products of its conversion in the process of secondary alcoholic fermentation were revealed in the yeast and wine. It has been established that during champagnization the whole carbon skeleton of glycerine is assimilated and converted by yeasts. The major part of 14C-glycerine radioactivity assimilated by yeasts is found in the fraction of organic acids identified in wine. At the same time carbon atoms of glycerine are not virtually oxidized to CO2 and it participates in the cellular metabolic processes mainly in the form of triose. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: glycerine, secondary alcoholic fermentation, yeast, organic acids, amino acids.





M. Simonidze, J. Gogorishvili, R. Kupatadze, M. Dolidze, L. Edilashvili


The Iinfluence of Ionic Strength on some Physico-Chemical Characteristics of Bovine Brain Myosin

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Zaalishvili, July 5, 2005


Abstract. Using the electron-microscophy and method of dinitrophenylation the influence of ionic strength on some physico-chemical properties of bovine brain myosin has been studied.

It has been established that under the influence of ionic strength the conformation of bovine brain myosin and exposition of free functional groups change. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: dinitrophenylation, bovine brain myosin, electromicroscopic method.





K. Moistrapishvili, A. Egoyan, R. Salukvadze, M. Mirtskhulava,  M. Tugushi,
E. Kandelaki, L. Kakiashvili, G. Piranashvili, T. Meshvildishvili, T. Kotorashvili


Biomechanical Analysis of Certain Sport Movements by Means of Video-Computer Modelling

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Zaalishvili, November 1, 2005


Abstract. The article deals with hardware and software features of an up-to-date method of the video-computer modeling developed in the Georgian State Academy of Physical Education and Sport to be applied to sports. In particular, we have performed biomechanical analysis of long jumps: the kinematical parameters of 2D movement of a sportsman during a competition were obtained when the optical markers could not be attached to the sportsman’s body. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: biomechanical analysis, video-computer modelling, long jumps.





G. Majagaladze, D. Khachidze, Sh. Barbakadze, B. Birkaia,
T. Meskhi, M. Chkhaidze, J. Monaselidze


Microcalorimetric Study of poly[d(A-T) d(A-T)] at Very Low Concentrations of Peptide Bioregulator Prostomax

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Beridze, July 26, 2005


Abstract. The thermodynamic parameters (DHmelt, Tmelt) of high polymeric poly[d(A-T) d(A-T)] in the presence of the lowest concentrations of peptide Prostomax have been determined. It was shown that the increase of Tmelt by 6.1 0C and DTmelt by more than 100% without significant change of DHmelt was observed in the range of R from 2.4x10-3 to 7.2x10-3 mole peptide per mole AT b.p. It was supposed that the increase of Tmelt and DTmelt broadening for poly[d(A-T) d(A-T)] was attributed to the melting of circle like structures of the polymer. These circles were formed due to the binding of peptides with ends of poly[d(A-T) d(A-T)]. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: bioregulator, prostomax, microcalorimetry, melting, melting enthalpy, melting entropy.





N. Leonidze


Japanese Wax Pseudoscales (Ceroplastes japonicus Green) on Decorative Plants in Ajara

Presented by Cor. Member of the Academy I. Papunidze, July 19, 2005


Abstract. The results of the study of Ceroplastes japonicus Green being spread on decorative plants the bin Ajara, are presented Ceroplastes japonicus Green is an adventive species, first revealed in 1933 in Sukhumi. Nowadays Ceroplastes japonicus Green is widly spread on the terrirtory of the Black Sea shore of Ajara. Different speices of entomophages have been also found, such as Chilocorus bijugus sp. Infermalis Muels, Chilocorus renipustulatus Scriba, Chilocorus bipustulatus, Scutellista cyanea Motsch. and Microteris clauseni Comp., which regulate population quantity of Ceroplastes japonicus Green on decorative plants in Ajara. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: coccids, flora and fauna.




N. Buachidze, L. Intskirveli, G. Kuchava, L. Bachiashvili, M. Tabatadze, M. Khatiashvili


Estimation of Risk Factor of the Rock-Processing Enterprise on the Ecological Conditions of the Small Rivers (Kazretula and Mashavera)

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Tsintsadze, May 24, 2005


Abstract. The influence of the rock-processing plant Bolnisi ,,Madneuli” on a modern hydrochemical condition of the rivers Kazretula and Mashavera is investigated. The concentrations of chemical compounds (water pH, biogenic elements and heavy metals) in a background section and in points of anthropogenic influence are determined. Dynamics of the water pH and concentration of heavy metals for the river Mashavera for the last 30 years are shown. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: water pH, heavy metals, biogenic elements, rock-processing plant, river pollution.





N. Vashakmadze, N. Naskidashvili, T. Chavchanidze, K. Lataria


The Effects of Atmospheric Pollution on Human Health

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Andronikashvili, May 10, 2005


Abstract. Atmospheric pollution in Tbilisi city by fumes with such harmful ingredients as lead and nitric oxide has been studied. Based on statistical data the correlation between harmful substances polluting the atmosphere and population’s diseases is established. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: pollution, atmosphere, lead, nitric oxide.





Ts. Chikhladze, N. Khvitia, B. Arziani


Effect of Different Doses of 4-Nitrophenol on Structural Indexes of Erythrocytes

Presented by Member of the Academy, T. Chanishvili, October 25, 2005


Abstract. The effect of different doses of 4-nitrophenol on red formed elements of blood (erythrocytes of experimental animals taken from unbred white rats) has been studied. It is shown that erythrocytes’ reaction on introduction of different doses of nitrophenol in all the groups of the test is heterogeneous. High doses of nitrophenol lead to the growth of acanthocytes, decrease of normocytes quantity and increase of macro and, particularly microcytes. Low doses of 4-nitrophenol lead to not significant increase of acanthocytes quantity, insignificant decrease of normocytes quantity and also to the growth of microcytes quantity. Adhesion and adsorption abilities of erythrocytes on introduction of 4-nitrophenol have been considered. Significance of homeostasis on response of the action of chemical agent is shown. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: 4-nitrophenol, erythrocytes, adhesion, adsorption.



Experimental Morphology


S. Uchaneishvili, Zig. Zurabashvili, G. Nemsadze, T. Tevdoradze, N. Kotrikadze


Alterations of some Structural Indices of Erythrocytes in Women  with Breast Tumors

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Oniani, July 26, 2005


Abstract. The structural indices of erythrocytes in blood of women with breast tumors  have been investigated. It has been established the number and ratio of normo-, macro-, microcytes and ghost- cells.  The pathological erythrocytes and acanthocytes have been fixed. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: breast cancer, erythrocytes, normocytes, macrocytes, acanthocytes, ghost-cells.



Experimental Medicine


K. Kiknavelidze, L. Trojan*, D. Friedrich*, P. Alken*,
Corr. Member of the Academy L. Managadze, M. Stephan Michel*


Immunohistochemical Staining of Prostate Cancer Tissue with Different Endothelial Markers

Presented October 25, 2005


Abstract. Asessment of angiogenesis is often performed by counting of microvessel density (MVD) after IHC staining of the tissue. The aim of this study was to compare three most commonly used endothelial markers CD31, CD34 and vWF for the evaluation of microvessels in prostatic cancer tissue. Thirty prostate cancer specimens were immunohistochemically stained for CD31/CD34/vWF. The MVD obtained by each marker was quantified by a vessel count in standardized grids within the area of maximum angiogenesis. We found that CD34 expressed highest number of blood vessels and vWF was less sensitive angiogenic marker for PCa tissue. CD34 is a suitable marker for the immunohistochemical visualization of microvessels in prostatic adenocarcinoma. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words:  prostate cancer, angiogenesis, endothelial marker, CD34, CD31, vWF.





L. Gabunia, N. Tkhilava, E. Ekaladze, L. Ratiani, V. Janiashvili, T. Changelia


Influence of Carvedilole and Nebivalole on Blood Biochemical Indices of Experimental Rabbits under Electricalal Stress

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Kipshidze, June 28, 2005


ABSTRACT. The present work deals with effect of b-adrenoblockers of the 3rd generation, Carvedilole and Nebivalole, on blood biochemical indices of experimental rabbits under electrical stress. In particular, the influence of the above mentioned medications on carbohydrate and lipid spectra of an organism and percentage ratio of haemoglobin derivatives (oxyhaemoglobin, desoxyhaemoglobin and methaemoglobin) in erythrocytes have been investigated.

The studied b-adrenoblockers - Carvedilole and Nebivalole - have been shown to reduce the processes of glycogenesis, lypolysis and glycolysis developed due to electrical stress in the heart and skeletal muscles. Animals treated with these preparations overcame the stress more easily. Carvedilole caused especially sharp decrease of anticipated stress alterations in carbohydrate and lipids metabolism. Due to the wide pharmacological spectrum of the preparation methaemoglobin content in blood nearly disappeared.

Thus, positive effect of Carvedilole and Nebivalole on carbohydrate and lipids spectrum of rabbits organism under conditions of experimental stress proves high efficacy of these preparations for treatment of diseases of cardiovascular system. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: b-adrenoblockers, Carvedilole, Nebivalole, glucose, triacylglycerols, cholesterol, oxyhaemoglobin, desoxyhaemoglobin, methaemoglobin.



EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE                                                                  


Member of  the  Academy N. Kipshidze, T. Zubiashvili


Efficacy of the Combined Hypotensive Therapy at Isolated Systolic Arterial Hypertension (ISAH) in Elderly

Presented, September 27, 2005                                                  


ABSTRACT. Systolic arterial pressure rises simultanuosly with age and  appears as strong independent risk-factor of  the cardiovascular, cerebral and renal complications. That is why estimation of  the increase of systolic arterial pressure as aging normal variation is a serious mistake. The aim of the work is to evaluate the efficacy of the combined hypotensive therapy with  the help of drugs of prolonged action calcium antagonist  “Norvasc” and beta-blocker  “Egilok-retard” prescribed with the daily doses 10 mg and 100 mg accordingly in old (60-74years) and senile(75-89years) patients with  Isolated Systolic Arterial Hypertension (ISAH).The results received after the examination and treatment of 63 patients, both men and women, who were under stationary and dispensary treatment at the Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Therapy for 12 months has been the material for the given work.  The combined use of “Norvasc” and “Egilok-retard” gives stable hypotensive effect in 96% of patients, provides the regression of the left ventricular hypertrophy in 76.7% of cases with improvement of the parameters and diastolic function, which is especially important for the researched contingent of the patients. The combined use of the drugs restricts arising of side effects in the geriatric patients. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: old and senile patients, isolated systolic arterial hypertension, combined hypotensive therapy, norvasc, egilok-retard.






M. Kiknadze


Metaphysics as Problem of Absurdity

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Tevzadze, July 12, 2005


ABSTRACT. In the article conception of Alber Camus about existence of contemporary Man as absurdity has been analyzed. By Camus, rebellion is the only possible philosophical position of Man over absurdity fate.

Comparing considerations by Camus with those by Nietzsche and other metaphysicists, the author makes conclusion, that Man is not capable to overcome the sense of absurdity of his existence only by refusing to succumb to his fate and being perpetually rebellious. To begin with, not everyone can be a rebel and constantly so at that. Man is a finite and weak creature. Secondly, this eternal defiance fails to defeat the sense of absurdity of his existence. Therefore,  the model that Camus offers is not applicable for overcoming Man’s experience of the Absurd.  © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Absurd, metaphysics, existence, rebel.





R. Mitaishvili


Econometric Model with the Force Majeur  Factor

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy V. Papava, October 4, 2005


ABSTRACT. Force Majeur quantitative factor is defined in econometric model. The value of the factor changes if the event (decision making) occurs and leaping replacement of dependent variable arises. The author estimates the value of factor. Adequacy of real process with model is estimated according to statistic characteristics. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: Force majeur factor, econometric model.





S. Mujiri


Focal Dominant and Communicative Dynamism of theText

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy E. Khintibidze, October 18, 2005


Abstract. The paper presents such intonation phenomenon as focal dominant, which creates and expresses communicative dynamism of the text. Its role in structuring of such aspects of communicative dynamism, as theme of the text, reme chain and its intonation pattern are shown. The focal dominant in text is always presented with its own pausal group which is selected as an analyzed unit of spontaneously produced text. Focal dominant consists of grammatically and semantically homogenous members and it is characterized with maximal indices of prosodic parameters: very strong stress, long pause and specific melodic contures. Focal dominant expresses certain semantics and is necessary guarantee of linear extension of communicative dynamism and text cohesion fulfilling the role of indicator of addressee’s intention. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key word: text, focus, pause, dominant.         






L. Gugunava


New Comprehension of Tariel in Rustvelology

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy E.Khintibidze, October 25, 2005


ABSTRACT. In the present work there is discussed Tariel’s character, the main hero of Shota Rustaveli’s poem of XII-XIII centuries’ - “Vepkhistkaosani” ("The Man in the Panther’s Skin"), according to Nestan Sulava’s researches. The author remarks that as “Vepkhistkaosani” is an allegoric-metaphorical poem, the investigator with the help of conjecture perceives the essence of character. The character of Tariel is depicted with the biblical interpretation and in his acts the  investigator forsees the premeditation of the God’s providence. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: providence, conjecture, allusive, divine, celestial, premeditate.





M. Tevzadze


Forming of Political Image in Georgian Media

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Sharadze, October 18, 2005


Abstract. Coming into the century of information technologies and transformation of political power caused and sensibly increased the role of mass media in politics. In the conditions of actively acting political parties media turned for politicians into an effective means of influence over the voters, raised a number of political programs. Art of creating a politician’s image by means of media has perfected so greatly that already leader’s television image is considered as a principal driving force of politics. © 2005 Bull. Georg. Acad. Sci.

Key words: political image, election campaign, media campaign, political rating, ‘Television hero’.