volume 160 number 2 September-October



Z. Khechinashvili

Mean Square Optimal Hedging Strategies for Currency Option

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N.Vakhania, February 8, 1999

Abstract. In this paper we consider the currency market where the foreign savings account process expressed in domestic currency and discount by domestic savings account represent a martingale with respect to the initial measure. We find hedging strategies for the European contingent claim to be optimal in the sense of square criterion.


Corr. Member of the Academy V. Kokilashvili

On the Compactness of Weak Singular Integral Operators on Regular Curves

Presented July 5, 1999

Abstract. The compactness criterion for a weak singular integral operator on curves is derived.


Corr. Member of the Academy N. Vakhania, V. Kvaratskhelia

Absolute and Unconditional Convergence in l1

Presented May 12, 1999

Abstract. One of the consequences of the famous Dvoretzky-Rogers theorem (1950) is the existence of an unconditionally convergent series in l1 that fails to converge absolutely. The first direct proof of this fact was given by M. S. Macphail (1947). We give a simple and elementary example for this kind of series.


K. Gelashvili

On One Randomized Method of Directional Derivative

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Kharatishvili, July 20, 1998

Abstract. We present one method of directional derivative computation, which does not use the operation of multiplication of vector and scalar on the domain of values of functions and which is applicable to large class of functions by its randomized nature.


E. Khmaladze

A Non-Abelian Tensor Product Modulo q of Lie Algebras

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Kh. Inassaridze, August 10, 1998

Abstract. The notion of tensor product modulo q of two P-crossed modules, where q is a positive integer and P is a Lie algebra, is introduced and some properties are given.


Z. Rostomashvili

Remark to the Projective Geometry over Rings and
Corresponding Lattices

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Kh. Inassaridze, May 24, 1999

Abstract. For the projective geometries over ring we construct the correspondence of these geometries and modular lattices with certain condition.

Mathematical Physics

Member of the Academy T.Burchuladze, R.Rukhadze, Yu.Bezhuashvili

On the Fundamental Solutions of the System of Equations for Oscillation of Hemitropic Micropolar for Two-Dimensional Case

Presented November 30, 1998

Abstract. The matrix of fundamental (singular) solutions of a homogeneous system of equations for oscillation of hemitropic micropolar medium in two-dimensional Euclidean space R2 is effectively constructed.


G.Karumidze, G.Giorgadze, D.Goshadze, E. Kordzaia, T.Tsitlidze

On One Parametric Method for Mathematical Programming
Problems Solving

Presented by Member of the Academy M. Salukvadze, August 10, 1998

Abstract. This paper presents a parametric method for mathematical programming problems. The minimization problem has been transformed into the solution of inequalities set by this method.


L. Kadagishvili

Recognition of Images by Quadtree Method

Presented by Member of the Academy I. Prangishvili, June 8, 1998

Abstract. The coding of images recognition by quadtree deals with the transfer of unconscious informative parameters to machine language that makes possible to use the mentioned algorithm, as a system of recognition. The algorithm is significant, because all the information presented in numerical codes in the form of matrices can be input for recognition.


O.Tavdishvili, T.Sulaberidze

Statistical Approach to Image Segmentation

Presented by Member of the Academy I. Prangishvili, May 17, 1999

Abstract. The paper describes an algorithm for a non-parametric segmentation of image in multidimensional feature space and determines a procedure for such a segmentation. The procedure is based on Parzen statistical estimation of the probability density function. A strict definition of cluster and the segment corresponding to it is given.


N.Archvadze, E.Dekanosidze, J.Vakhtangadze, M.Nizharadze, N.Papunashvili, M.Pkhovelishvili, M.Tsuladze

System of Tutorial Courses Building

Presented by Member of the Academy V.Chavchanidze, December 21, 1998

Abstract. One problem of tutorial system referring to the construction of current educational courses of particular purpose and structure is considered. Tutorial system is proposed to be a combination of subsystems of building and functioning.


T. Ebralidze, N. Ebralidze

The Self-Excited Oscillation Hydraulic System
(The Hydraulic Motor)

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chavchanidze, June 29, 1998

Abstract. The article studies self-excited oscillations of a new hydraulic system. The system characterized by all indications of non-linear system is established. The oscillation form, almost sinusoidal oscillation period and conditions of obtaining such oscillations are determined.


A.Bichinashvili, M.Zviadadze, T.Mkhatrishvili, V.Achelashvili, I.Bendiashvili

The Formation of the Thermosensitive Equipment on the Basis of g-Mn Alloy

Presented by Member of the Academy R. Salukvadze, November 12, 1998

Abstract. The following work outlines the opportunity of usage of g-Mn alloy in the thermal automatics. It is mentioned that the manganese consistence, deformation, thermal treatment within the g-Mn alloy are the main factors increasing the thermosensitiveness of this material. The alloyage of the g-Mn binar alloys increases the degree of form restoration and thermosensitiveness respectively.


S. Gotoshia, L. Gotoshia

Laser Raman Spectroscopy of A3B5 Amorphous Binary and Ternary Semiconductors Synthesized by Ion Implantation

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, December 21, 1998

Abstract. Thin films of A3B5 binary and ternary amorphous semiconductors synthesized by proper ion implantation in targets have been identified by laser Raman spectroscopy. The analysis of phonon density of state of proper compounds has been obtained on the basis of RS.


V. Jakeli, Z. Kachlishvili, E. Khizanishvili

Electrothermal Ionization Mechanism and Impurity Breakdown

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, June 8, 1998

Abstract. The existence of the electrothermal (ET) mechanism of ionization of neutral centers is shown. The corresponding ionization coefficient is calculated and the conditions under which this mechanism can be predominant in the process of ionization are established.


N.Margiani, T.Medoidze, J.Nakaidze, T.Nakaidze, G.Nakashidze, G.Tsintsadze

Fabrication and Investigation of the High-Temperature
Superconducting Wires and Electromagnetic Solenoids

Presented by Member of the Academy R. Salukvadze, June 9, 1998

Abstract. The technological principles of moulding of the high-temperature superconducting cylindrical non-hollow and tubular hollow as well as the planar band wires are described. Energetic and critical parameters of the obtained wires have been studied. The planar spirals and laboratory working models of the single-layer multiturn (having 12-15 turns) electromagnetic solenoids were fabricated on the basis of the obtained wires.


M.Dzhibladze, Z.Melikishvili, V.Bykov, Corr. Member of the Academy T.Sanadze

The Interaction of Photon Clusters with Matter

Presented April 5, 1999

Abstract. Analyzing the results obtained with high-power laser radiation, we revealed that the process of multiquantum absorption of atoms could be explained by interaction of photon cluster with matter. We expect that laser radiation consists of multiquantum spikes, the intensity of which is described by small numbers law. Experimental results are described in the supposition that multiphoton spikes can be simultaneously absorbed by atoms.


M. Elizbarashvili, N. Kekelidze, M. Metskhvarishvili, Y. Metskhvarishvili

Investigation of the Internal Conversion Electrons spectrum for the 154 Gd 123.07 keV g-Transition

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Amaglobeli, July 27, 1999

Abstract. The conversion spectrum for the 154Gd 123,07 keV g-transition was investigated. It was found out that K, LI, LII, LIII conversion lines have various half-width for this transition. On the basis of comparison of the experimental and theoretical internal conversion coefficients it was established that experiment is in good agreement with theory on the L11 and LIII subshell. The differences on the LI subshell are observed.


J.Mebonia, M.Abusaini, P.Saralidze, K.Sulakadze, G.Skhirtladze

Mechanism of Nucleon-Deuteron Elastic Scattering

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Khelashvili, December 30, 1998

Abstract. Nucleon-deuteron elastic scattering is investigated using unitary method, taking into account only single scattering .The comparatively simple offered approach gives the ability to explain wide range of experimental data, which make possible to use it for more complex nuclear processes.


Z. Kereselidze, I. Gabisonia

On the Specificity of a Large-Scale Electric Field Modelling on the Boundary of the Dayside of the Earth’s Magnetosphere

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Chelidze, July 27, 1998

Abstract. Dayside of the magnetosphere is represented as a sphere whose centre coincides with the Earth. In the spherical system of coordinates we estimated the difference of electric potentials in any equatorial or meridian sections of the magnetosphere. The obtained values are in good agreement with the energy spectrum of the solar wind particles near the boundary of magnetosphere.


Z.Khvedelidze, A.Topchishvili

Calculations of Radiation Balance in View of a Landscape

Presented by Member of the Academy B.Balavadze, November 9, 1998

Abstract. The dependence of the radiation balance and its components on the surface albedo for Georgian territory has been studied. Concurrence of experimental data with theoretical calculations (difference ~6%) is shown.


I. Shengelia

A Model of the Spectral Diffuse Radiation Field for Georgia

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Svanidze, September 2, 1998

Abstract. Patterns of the spatial and temporal variation of the spectral diffuse radiation for Georgia in the clear sky conditions are investigated and a model of the spectral diffuse radiation field is constructed.

Analytical Chemistry


High Performance Liquid Chromatography for Determination of Phenol Carboxylic Acids in Wine Materials

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Andronikashvili, September 28, 1998

Abstract. We determined the composition of phenol carboxylic acids in wine materials of "Kakheti" and "Rkatsiteli" using high performance chromatography. Calculation of both samples main components change is given according to the duration of thermal treatment and temperature regime, in order to compare with the final typical wine.

Analytical Chemistry

R.Revia, G.Makharadze, G.Supatashvili

Preconcentration of Fulvic Acid from Aqueous Media Using Nonionic Surfactants

Presented by corr. member of the Academy D.Ugrekhelidze, September 14, 1998

Abstract. The cloud-point extraction technique was used to concentrate river water fulvic acid. Triton X-100 was utilized in this work as nonionic surfactant. The results of study of the water sample acidity, temperature, equilibration time and surfactant concentration effect on the extraction efficiency are presented. Optimal scheme of concentration of fulvic acid by Triton X-100 is suggested. The recovery of fulvic acid achieved under optimized conditions was 82 %.

Organic Chemistry

I.Chikvaidze, Sh.Samsoniya, T.Narindoshvili

Azocoupling Reactions of 2-(diphenylmethane -4-yl)indole and

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Ugrekhelidze, September 28, 1998

Abstract. The azocoupling reactions of some arylindoles have been carried out. Electronic absorption spectra data of the obtained azoproducts have been studied.

Organic Chemistry

M.Trapaidze, E.Chkhaidze, Sh.Samsoniya

Convertion of 2,7-naphthilendihydrazine

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy L.Khananashvili, June 22, 1998

Abstract. By the converting of 2,7-naphthilendihydrazine corresponding tetramethylsubstituted indolo[4,5-e]indole and octahydrocarbazolo[3,4-d]carbazole were obtained. The reactions of their N, N- benzylation were studied.

Physical Chemistry

G. Chakhtauri, M. Gverdtsiteli, N. Tsetsadze, E. Gelashvili

Graph "Asymmetric Star" and its Application for
Algebraic-Chemical Study of Reactions of Coordination

Presented by Member of the Academy K. Japaridze, May 18, 1998.

Abstract. Graph "symmetric star" and "asymmetric star" can be used for description of coordination compounds. It was proved that the determinant of pseudocontiguity matrix of "asymmertric star" is equal to zero.

Physical Chemistry

G. Makharadze, G. Sidamonidze, T. Khoperia, M. Gudavadze, N. Goliadze

The Infrared Spectrum of Humin Acids Isolated from Sediments

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Tsintsadze, June 6, 1998

Abstract. Humin acids isolated from sediments of lake Kvedrula and Indian Ocean were studied by infrared spectroscopy method. Comparison of IR spectra of humin acids isolated from fresh water and ocean water have shown that there are mainly similar absorption bands in both spectra. Hereby, inessential difference in intensities of absorption bands must be noted.


R. Kvaratskhelia, E. Kvaratskhelia

Voltammetry of Oxalic Acid at the Solid Electrodes in Aqueous Solutions and Mixed Media

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy J. Japaridze, June 29, 1998

Abstract. Voltammetry of oxalic acid at the Cu, Cd, Ni, Sn-Cd and Cd-Cu rotating disk electrodes in aqueous solutions and mixtures of water with acetonitrile, ethanol, dimethylformamide and pyridine has been studied. The kinetic parameters of the hydrogen ions discharge process proceeding in the solutions of oxalic acid and second dissociation constants of this acid in aqueous and mixed solutions have been determined.


G. Agladze, G. Gordadze, N. Koiava, N. Nioradze

Experimental Study of Current and Potential Distribution on Bipolar Electrode

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy J. Japaridze June, 29, 1998

Abstract. The method of simultaneous measurement of current and potential at different sites of bipolar electrode surface consisted of vertically displaced current feeder sectors is offered. It is shown that the correlation of the current and potential distributions of this method is distinguished from those ones established by the other methods. In order to explain this discrepancy some considerations are advanced.


D. Shengelia

Again about the Atsgara Tectonic Wedge

Presented by Member of the Academy I.Gamkrelidze, July 6, 1998

Abstract. As a result of critical consideration of a number of geologic-petrological diagnostic features the Pre-Jurassic age of the Atsgara tectonic wedge (ATW) was established. The granitoids of the ATW attributed to the potassium series and like the Late Hercynian granites of the Dzirula crystalline massif represent the products of melting of sialic crust.


Machine Building Science


Influence of Electromagnetic Disturbing Force on Dynamic Stability of Vibration

Presented by Member of the Academy R. Adamia, May 25, 1998

Abstract. In the present paper, on the basis of theoretical analysis and solution of differential equation of magnetic flow describing the disturbing electromagnetic force of vibration machine main harmonics causing nonlinear resonance regimes have been revealed.



V. Kashakashvili

On the Optimal Structure of Georgian Power System

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Chichinadze, February 1, 1999

Abstract. Electric power original cost mostly depends on power system structure, or on the ratio of hydropower output to thermal power output. With the structural index 0.6 for Georgia the change-over of the thermal power plant from imported fuel-firing to captively produced fuel would cut down electric power original cost by 17.1%, whereas the change-over from thermal power plant to nuclear power plant would make 56% electric power original cost reduction.

Plant Growing

N. Lomtatidze

Biological Peculiarities of Seeds Germination of Japanese Medlar Turkish varieties in Humid Subtropical Zone of Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy P. Naskidashvili, January 29, 1999

Abstract. The following Turkish varieties of Japanese medlar: Armut, AKKO XIII and Taza were described biomorphologically. Germinating capacity of seeds, growth dynamics and biometric indices of seedlings have been studied at the first and second years of vegetation in humid subtropical zone of Georgia.


I. Grigolia, A. Tsitsvidze

Some Peculiarities of Pine Growth, Development and Cultivation in Eastern Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G.Nakhutsrishvili, March 8, 1999

Abstract. It was revealed that water deficiency is the main limiting factor for growth and development of pine species introduced in Eastern Georgia. Specimens of three pine species are numerous here. Five species propagate by fallen seeds.


M. Iashvili, N. Melia, L. Gabedava, L. Zhgenti

On Ultrastructural Study of Somatic and Generative Cells in Some Subnival Belt Plants of Kazbegi

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Nakhutsrishvili, August 10, 1998

Abstract. Ultrastructure of the embryo sac (before and after fertilization ), nucellar cells, pollen grain and anther wall layers in the following subnival belt (3100 m.a.s.l.) plants of the Central Caucasus: Saxifraga flagellaris Wild, Potentilla gelida C.A.May, Cerastium polymorphum Wild. and Veronica telephiifolia Vahl. have been investigated. The complex of ultrastructural indexes ensures adaptability of plants to the severe alpine climate conditions due to the manoeuvring metabolism.

Human and Animal Physiology

Member of the Academy T. Oniani, N. Darchia, I. Gvilia, N. Lortkipanidze,

L. Maisuradze, L. Oniani, M. Eliava, V. Moliadze

The Effect of Food Deprivation on the Sleep-Wakefulness Cycle in Rodents

presented October 12, 1998

Abstract. The effect of food deprivation on the sleep-wakefulness (S/W) cycle was studied by 24h polygraphic recording in rodents (rat, guinea pig). It has been demonstrated that food motivation cannot exert a specific influence on the need for sleep and the S/W cycle deranged by hunger recovers to its normal pattern still during food deprivation.


G. Mikadze, M. Melikishvili, Member of the Academy M. Zaalishvili

The Tropomyosin Molecule Domain Potentiating Actomyosin


Presented June 15, 1998

Abstract. The investigation of the influence of rabbit skeletal muscle tropomyosin and rabbit antibodies against the chicken gizzard muscle tropomyosin on the contractile properties of rabbit skeletal muscle actomyosin has shown that antigene and antibodies act identically- they both potentiate contraction, that means that they must have sites of similar construction.

Considering this fact and literary data about the antigene sites of rabbit skeletal muscle, chicken breast, cardiac and gizzard muscles tropomyosins we supposed the localization of domain of tropomyosin molecule which is responsible over the potentiation of actomyosin contraction. It corresponds to fragment of tropomyosin molecule which can be obtained by cleavaging the tropomyosin molecule using the cyanogenbromide - CNBr-1 and contains the part of tropomyosin molecule from 11 to 126 amino acid residues inclusively.


I. Pagava, G. Grigorashvili

Study of Biological Value of a Protein Concentrate from Grape Pomace

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Ugrekhelidze, December 14, 1998

Abstract. Using chemical and biological methods (experiments on rats), the biological value of proteinaceous concentrate has been evaluated. The relative biological value of proteinaceous concentrate of grape pomace is 83.4%.


B. Arziani

On Some Regularities of Phenol-Peptide Conjugates Formation

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Kvesitadze, August 3, 1998

Abstract. The mechanism of phenol-peptide conjugates formation has been studied. Phenol, incubated with low-molecular total fraction in the presence of enzymatic preparations, forms phenol-peptide conjugates. By the method of selective inhibition it was found, that the synthesis of the indicated compounds is accomplished by metalloenzymes with copper and iron active sites. To localize the process of detoxication the distribution of 1-14C phenol radioactive carbon in cellular organelles has been studied. It was stated that intact plastids possess phenol-peptide conjugates forming ability.

BIOCHEMISTRY I. Abdushelishvili, V. Phiriashvili, B. Arziani, V. UgrekhelidzeInfluence of copper on the hydroxylation of exogenous benzoic acid in pea seedlingsPresented by Member of the Academy G. Kvesitadze, August 3, 1998ABSTRACT. Transformation of 114C-benzoic acid in sterile pea seedlings grown in nutrient solution with (40 mg ion/l) copper has been studied. The formation of labelled p-hydroxybenzoic acid in its free and conjugated form is found to be higher in plants, grown in copper-containing medium.Enzyme preparation obtained from plants grown in copper-containing medium shows high diphenoloxidase (substrate – pyrocatechol) and monophenoloxidase (substrate p-cresol) activities. It is suggested, that the primary hydroxylation of exogenous compounds in higher plants is catalyzed mainly by copper-containing enzymes.BiochemistryN. Moseshvili, Corr. Member of the Academy N. AleksidzeDistribution of Soluble Proteins with Lectin Activity in Different Organs of Mentha pulegium and Biological CharacteristicsPresented May 3, 1999Abstract. Soluble proteins with lectin activity have been revealed in Mentha pulegium. Their quantitative distribution in different parts of the plant was established according to the season. Two lectins sensitive to D-galacturonic acid and D-trehalose are found to be mainly present in Mentha pulegium. Both of these lectins display their maximum activity on nontrypsin treated rabbit erythrocytes, which indicates to the specific dependence of erythrocytes membrane in relation to glycoprotein-glycolipid structures.MICROBIOLOGY AND VIROLOGYA. Gujabidze, T. Macharashvili, N. GabashviliEcologo-physiologic Groups of Bacteria Formed on the Coatings of Certain MaterialsPresented by Member of the Academy N. Aleksidze, April 27, 1999Abstract. The specific bacterial composition of coverings of different materials, exposed on the open and closed areas was studied in the region of Colchida Scientific - research center of Georgia (Ozurgeti region, vil. Shekvetili). It appeared that on the open area most of them (88 strains) were gramm-positive baccilli and cocci of the families of Arthrobacter, Corynebacterium, Rhodococcus, Bacillus, Micrococcus and Staphilococcus. At the same time, specific composition of coverings of materials on the closed stands was presented by equal amount of gramm-positive and gramm-negative bacilli probably connected with comparatively higher stability of gramm-positive bacteria to the external environmental factors.MICROBIOLOGY AND VIROLOGYD. Pataraya, L. Basilashvili, M. Bagalishvili, M. Kikvidze, M. Betsiashvili,Corr. Member of the Academy N. NutsubidzeInfluence of Nodule Bacteria and Different Microorganisms on Soybean GrowthPresented June 22, 1998Abstract. The influence of nitrogen fixing microorganisms and actinomycetes on various sorts of soybean plant has been studied. It was revealed, that nodule bacteria mixed cultures of Azospyrillium and Actinomycetes in comparison with monocultures affected the growth of soybean sorts and protein content better.MICROBIOLOGY AND VIROLOGYN. TsilosaniThe Use of a Biological Object, Bacteriophage in TrassingPresented by Member of the Academy T. Chanishvili, June 7, 1999ABSTRACT. The ways to model the epidemic process of spreading the infection agents causing intestinal diseases are considered. The data on improving selective methods for biological trasser-bacteriophages are presented. It has been shown, that standard nonspecific bacteriophages may be tested on their fitness for trassing by plating them on the mixture of permissive and nonpermissive bacterial strains. The method is expected to be convenient in terms of its simplicity.

Microbiology and Virology

N. Goginashvili

The Increase of Insectine effectiveness by Weakening Insects Chitinous Barriers

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Gigauri, June 22,1998

Abstract. Bacterial formulation - Insectine mixed with subletal doses of Dymiline has been tested on the main leaf-gnawing pest of forest - Ocneria dispar L. It appears that the application of Dymiline in advance weakens the pest and then Bt, in this case Insectine, reaches maximal effect in biological control. Substantial decrease of Insectine concentration does not change the results.

ZOOLOGYN. Jimsheleishvili, N. Bagaturia, Corr. member of the Academy I. EliavaTwo Species of Dorylaimida (Nematoda) New for Georgian FaunaPresented February 23, 1999ABSTRACT. Two new species of the number of dorylaimida nematodes for Georgian fauna are described. Their sizes are given and compared with the first description.

CYTOLOGYA. MamardashviliOn the Problem of Metabolic Correlation between Nucleus and Cytoplasm in Neutrophils of Alcoholic PatientsPresented by Member of the Academy T.Chanishvili, February 22, 1999Abstract. The obtained structural data on neutrophils of alcoholic patients indicate to the existence of discoordination in metabolism between nucleus and cytoplasm.CYTOLOGY M. Gagua, D. Dzidziguri, E. Mikadze, Corr. Member of the Academy V. BakhutashviliStudy of Plaferon LB Influence on White Rat Hepatocytes Morphofunctional ActivityPresented October 26, 1998Abstract. The present paper provides for the study of the influence of Plaferon LB on the morphofunctional activity and in particular on the transcriptional activity of hepatocytes in white rats. It has been demonstrated, that Plaferon LB induces intensification of the RNA synthesis activity in hepatocyte nuclei in vivo and in vitro systems. Activation of the liver tissue due to the Plaferon LB influence was also observed by morphological studies. Our results led to the conclusion, that Plaferon LB, a composition obtained from the amniotic covering of placenta, has the ability to stimulate functional activity of liver cells, which first of all is expressed through intensification of their RNA-synthesis activity.HYDROBIOLOGYJ. Oniani, A. Kudriashov, E. Esebua, Kh. MeboniaBiological Monitoring of Ecological Danger of Sewage Waters of Various Production ActivitiesPresented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Aleksidze, December 17, 1998Abstract. Using the Chlorella vulgaris breed A cells an integral evaluation of ecologico-genetical danger of sewage waters of two plants prior and after purification has been carried out. In both cases a significant decrease in mutagenic activity of the water after passing through the system of purifying equipment was observed. The evaluation of the residual genotoxicity is necessary for establishing minimum multiplicity of dilution of sewage waters at the places of waste water discharge in water bodies.HYDROBIOLOGYV. Yurin, J. Oniani, L. Abadovskaia, E. Esebua, G. ErmolenkoComparison of Electroalgological Testing Results with the Data of other Testing Procedures Using HydrobionatesPresented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Aleksidze, December 30, 1998Abstract. Analysis of our own data, as well as the ones available in literature shows, that bioelectric reaction on kharo-algae cells by their sensitivity is not inferior to other testing procedures carried out on hydrobionates, and by its expressiveness, simplicity and fitness for automated gathering and processing of information exceeds them by far.EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINES. MgebrishviliDenture Functional Efficiency during Orthopedic Treatment of Secondary Complete AdentyPresented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Dekanosidze, June 25, 1998Abstract. The artificial teeth displacing was carried out with account of individual motions of the lower jaw particularly by the individual occlusion curves which are formed by means of plaster blocks fixed in the wax occlusion rollers. The sagittal articulation path angle was measured by means of the angle measuring instrument designed by us and the artificial teeth were placed in the articulator constructed by us. To study the efficiency of ready dentures we used I. S. Rubinov’s physiological masticatory method of testing.EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINET. Shatilova, M. BeraiaGlaucoma with Normal Pressure and Blood Circulation Disorders in Carotid ArteryPresented by corr. member of the Academy P. Todua, July 19, 1999Abstract. Patient with normal tension glaucoma of the left eye was examined by dopplerography and magnetic resonance imaging. The study showed that extracranially in the left carotid signal intensity was decreased; MRI examination showed diffuse atrophy of the brain and multiple infarction. Inspite of stable normal intraocular pressure the hydrodynamics of the eye was pathologic.EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE.K. Gogilashvili, M. IverieliEvaluation of Decompensated Caries Reoccurrence RiskPresented by Corr. member of the Academy T. Dekanosidze, November 16, 1998Abstract. We present the tables of reoccurrence risk used for prognosis of disease of a next child in family on the basis of clinical research of ethnic Georgian individuals aged 16 - 25 with decompensated caries, and of probands of the same age group and their relatives, with application of mathematical analysis method.EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE L. Danelishvili, E. ShilakadzeDrug-Resistance of M.tuberculosis and the Future Challenges of Bacteriological Service in GeorgiaPresented by Member of the Academy T. Chanishvili, June 22, 1998 Abstract: The object of our consideration is resistance to drugs of cultures isolated from the patients suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis. On the basis of material existing from 1981 to 1991, total of 3574 strains isolated from the patients with pulmonary form were examined for resistance. 2023 of them appeared to be resistant, i.e. 56.5%. From year to year resistance is varied from 38% to 75%. 182 strains were isolated from the patients with pulmonary tuberculosis in 1992-97. 120 of them (66%), appeared to be resistant, 91 strains (76%), appeared polyresistant thus increasing in years.EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE M. JebashviliThe Importance of Psychoadaptational and Personality Peculiarities in Development of Early MenopausePresented by Member of the Academy N. Kipshidze, September 30, 1998Abstract. In present paper we investigate the influence of psychosocial factors and the importance of personality peculiarities in early menopause development. For this a complex psychological study was conducted on 44 women with early menopause aged 30-40 and 35 practically healthy women, of the same age, without menopause. Thus, women with psychoadaptation disorders are predisposed to early menopause, especially when they are stressed at this age. We think that it is necessary to study psychological factors in women with early menopause. The obtained data received from such a study will help to identify high risk in women and take preventive measures.PALAEOBIOLOGYMember of the Academy L. Gabunia, O. BendukidzeOn the First Find of the Land Mammal Remains in the Paleogene Deposits of Tbilisi EnvironsPresented July 6, 1998Abstract. The find of the Rhinocerotoidea remains from the Paleogene deposits of Tbilisi is described. This find is supposed to be the representative of the genus Rhonzotherium characteristic for the early Oligocene epoch of Eurasia. ECOLOGYM. MurvanidzeTo the Study of Quantitative Dynamics of Oribatid Mites (Acari, Oribatei) in Urban ConditionsPresented by Corr. Member of the Academy I. Eliava, November 16, 1998Abstract. The quantitative dynamics of oribatid mites in the ravine of the Vere river (within Tbilisi city boundaries ) is discussed. Seasonal distribution of Punctoribates punctum (Koch), Eupelops acromios (Herm) and Galumna tarsipennata (Oudemans) is given. Spring and autumn quantitative maxima and summer and winter minima are fixed.ECOLOGYK. Tabagari, M. Tsitskishvili, N. LomsadzeStrontium-90 and Cesium-137 Content in Food Products of GeorgiaPresented by Member of the Academy K. Nadareishvili, May 28, 1999Abstract. The material on artificial radionuclides content in various food products for many years is gathered and generalized. The ratio pollution of food for urban and rural population before and after Chernobyl has been studied.PHILOLOGYG. TevzadzeThe Calculation Rule of Real Rhythm Variants of Various Rhythmic StructuresPresented by Member of the Academy G. Tsitsishvili, August 10, 1998Abstract. We have calculated the real rhythm for N-variants of rhythmic structure. A detailed analysis of N-variants of metric scheme for all permissible rhythmic modifications is given. The classification of various structures allows the author to suggest the method for calculation of real rhythm. PHILOLOGYO. PetriashviliDistinctive Features of Literary Grotesquepresented by Member of the Academy G. Tsitsishvili, June 11, 1998ABSTRACT. The paper defines literary grotesque as a satirical phantasmagoria. As a result of the investigation of a great number of literary studies of the last decade twenty most important different specifications have been stated. Applied to a literary work they make it possible to characterize it as grotesque or non-grotesque.PHILOLOGY M. Khukhunaishvili-TsiklauriOn Genetic Roots of Tamar According to Folklore MaterialsPresented by Member of the Academy G. Tsitsishvili, June 14, 1999Abstract. This work contains an attempt to study genetic roots of Tamar presenting materials from Georgian and British folklore. In author's opinion Tamar etymologically is connected with the water world.HISTORY T. EvdoshviliArmenian Historical Source of Tamerlan’s First Invasionsof Georgia Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Z. Aleksidze, June 28, 1998ABSTRACT: The article represents the Armenian chronicle written at the end of the 14th century. This historical source is contemporary to the Tamerlan’s first invasions of Georgia and includes important information about the events in 1386-1387.LINGUISTICSV. LekiashviliOn the Semantics of Linguistic UnitsPresented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Gvakharia, July 27, 1998Abstract. Having defined the compatibility of individual linguistic units within the level of one degree higher, we get the most formalized description of their meanings. The data obtained in the result of such a procedure allows to construct admissible unit combinations not referring to any extralinguistic (semantic) information.HISTORY OF ARTA. ArveladzeTo the Problem of Correlation of the Pianist’s Hearing and Moving System Presented by Member of the Academy V. Beridze, May 31, 1999abstract. Hearing and moving systems work simultaneously in the process of music performing. Both of these systems have hierarchical structure: from the lowest phonic to the highest cortical level where intonational performative anticipation is leading. Correlation of hearing and moving systems and artificial continuity of a performance are discussed.