volume 153 number 1 January-February



On the Solvability of the One Multipoint Boundary Value Problem for a System of Generalized Ordinary Differential Equations

Presented by I.Kiguradze, Academician, February 15, 1996

Abstract. The sufficient conditions are reported of existence and uniqueness of solution of the problem,

dx(t) = dA(t)? f(t, x(t)),

xi(ti) = j i(x) (i = 1, ..., n),

where t1, ..., tnI [a,b], A: [a,b] ® Rn? n is a matrix-function with bounded variation components, f: [a,b]? Rn® Rn is a vector-function belonging to the Caratheodory class corresponding of A, and j i (i = 1, ..., n) are the continuous functionals from the space of vector-functions of bounded variation into R.




On Convergence Subsystems of Block Orthonormal Systems.

Presented by L.Zhizhiashvili, Academician October 25, 1994

Abstract. System of functions I normed in is called block-orthonormal, in case there exists an increasing sequence Nk such that (j i,j j)=0 for Nk<i<j? Nk+1, k? 1. The results presented in this paper argue that every block-orthonormal system with lim sup(Nk+1-Nk)=? contains convergence subsystem.



N.Berikashvili, Corr. Member of the Academy

On the Obstruction Functor 1 2

Presented December 29, 1994

Abstract. For a pair of abelain groups p p , p q , p < q, the obstruction functor DOp,q is constructed, the place for the secondary obstruction to lay. It gives the criterion for existence of cross sections and provides an algebraic version of the obvious geometric link between cross sections and the homotopies of mappings.




Two-Weight Inequalities for Singular Integrals on Heisenburg Groups

Presented by I.Kiguradze, Academician, Juni 13, 1995

Abstract. Some sufficient conditions are found for a pair of weight functions, providing the validity of two-weight inequalities of strong and weak types, for singular integrals defined on Heisenberg groups.




About Multiply Analogias of One Result by S.B.Stechkin

Presented by L. Zhizhiashvili, Academician, February 12.1996

Abstract. This paper represents the result which in some way is the generalisation of one result by S.B.Stechkin for functions of several variables.




On Mesocompact Spaces

Presented by N. Berikashvili, Corr. Member of the Academy, January 16, 1995

Abstract. The notions of mesocompleteness and srongly mesocompactness are presented in the paper. The class of mesocomplete (strongly mesocompact) spaces contains (contained in) the class of mesocompact spaces.

It is established that X is mesocomplete iff the space of all compact subsets of X in the Vietoris topology is mesocomplete.




On Approximate Solution of one First Kind Integral Equation by Regularization Method

Presented by N.Vakhania, Corr. Member of the Academy, February 22, 1996

Abstract. A concrete scheme of approximate solution of an integral equation with logarithmic singularity of one contact problem of the theory of elasticity is considered.




Isolated Hypersurface Singularities of the Transversal Type A1

Presented by G.Chogoshvili, Academician December 27, 1993.

Abstract. A new class of non-isolated singularites called hyperservice singularites, is introdused. Topology of the Milnor fibre is completely studied.




Trigonometrical Series With Special Coefficients

Presented by L.Zhizhiashvili, Academician, May 17, 1995

Abstract. Reduce theorems of convergence and strong summability of Fourier "cos" and "sin" partial sums, by norm of C and L spaces are presented in the article. The question of the Loo's [3] function limitation by Bellman [2] transformation has been studied.



G.Machabeli, G.Mchedlishvili, D.Shapakidze

The Possible Mechanisms of Generation of Sychrotron Radiation from the Crab Nebula

Presented by J.Lominadze, April 18, 1996

Abstract. A new mechanism of the generation of the radiation from the Crab Nebula is offered without recourse to the shock wave. It is based on the processes of the certain types of plasma hydrodynamic instabilities taking place beyond the light cylinder. The toroidal model of the relativistic component of the plasma is considered. The absence of the observed radiation at the distancies less than 1017 cm is explained. The influence of the hose and screw instabilities upon the observed synchrotron radiation of the Nebula is carefully investigated. The impossibility of formation of the shock wave is shown and the decisive part of hose type in the pitch-angles appearance is explained.



M.Alania, R.Aslamazashvili, T.Bochorishvili, G.Vanishvili, Z.Lomtadze, K.Iskra

The Mechanism of 11-years Cosmic Rays Modulation and Large Scale Structure of the Solar Wind

Presented by B.Balavadze Academician, September 16, 1993

Abstract. It has been shown that the temporal changes (from year to year) of the exponent g of the energy spectrum dD(R)/D(R)=A·R-g of the isotropic intensity variations of the cosmic rays is a significant key in understanding of the mechanismof the 11-year modulation of galactic cosmic rays (in the moderate energy range 2 Έ 35 Gev) and of the structural changes of large-scale fluctuations of the Solar Wind for the different periods pf solar activity.


Analitical Chemistry

Z.Svanidze, L.Svanidze, Academician G.Tsintsadze

Group Concentrations of Microelements in the Analysis of Soils Using Khelatforming Sorbent

Presented February 25,1996

Abstract. SorMonal method of group concentrations and athmic- absorktional determination of Cadmium, Zincum, Copper and Lead In the soils is worked out.


Organic Chemistry

L.Khananashvili, Corr. Member of the Academy, M.Beroshvili, N.Tsomaia, V.Achelashvili, L.Mtskvetadze, R.Chedia

Trimethylsilation of Natural Silicates

Presented November 1, 1996

Abstract. The possibility of obtaining organosilicon compounds from natural silicates of Georgian formation (diatomite, gumbrin, perlite, obsidian, askangel) has been studied. Hexamethyldisiloxan and Trimethylchlorsilan have been used as siliconizing agents. Siliconizing has been carried out in different polar solvents (dioxan, dimethylphormamid, dimethylsulphideoxid, acetone and their mixtures) in the presence of isopropanol and hydrochloric acid.


Organic Chemistry

N.Kobakhidze, M.Gverdtsiteli

Algebraic Study of Cycloalkanes

Presented by D.Ugrekhelidze, Corr. Member of Academy, March 20, 1996

Abstract. The value of determinant of ANB matrix was considered as the topologic index for "structure-property" correlation in homologous series of cycloalkanes.




Postglacial Transgression of the Black Sea and Paleogeography of the Kobuleti Lowland in Late Pleistocene and Holocene

Presented by E.Gamkrelidze, Academician February 15, 1996

Abstract. Basing on complex study of Late Pleistocene and Holocene sediments of the Kobuleti lowland (southern part of Kolkheti coastal lowland) transgressive and regressive phases of postglacial glacio-eustatic transgression of the Black Sea were distinguished. It turned out that Late Pleistocene and Holocene paleogeography was fully determined by sea oscillation, neotectonic movements of the land, volumes of river alluvions falling into sea and dynamics of the coastal line.



N.Tatrishvili, G.Zaridze, Corr. Member of the Academy

Three Problems _ Three Stereotypes

Presented March 18, 1996

Abstract. Three problems, accepted in geology and petrology according to confidently established stereotype have been considered in the article. The first one is the relation of magmatic processes with tectonics, i.e. caused by the tectonics following them, so the primacy is attributed to tectonics, while in reality the vice-versa processes take place. The second problem, considered in the article is the relation of orogenic volcanism with the process of compression, i.e. with the phase of tectogenesis. The material given in the article proves that in orogenic areas volcanism is related with a short term (from the geologic point of view) pause of tension during the process of continuous-discontinuous phases (compression).

The third problem concerns the classification of magmatic rocks which comprise a number of allometamorphic rocks. In this relation a unique classification of all the rocks of orogenic origin is suggested.The first attempts have been made by the authors and suggest such a classification that needs to be overworked and completed.



Machine Building Science


Longitudinal Oscillation of Aerial Rope Way Car Cabin with the Taking into Account Suspend Point

Presented by A.Dzidziguri, Corr. Member of the Academy, February 8, 1996

Abstract. Stationer regimes of movement are investigated. In particular, stationer solutions of the parametric resonance equation by the method of Van der Pol and their stability are investigated, terms of provoked oscillations and amplitude dependence from the system's parameters are defined.


Automatic Control and Computer Engineering

D.Khelashvili, D.Tsiskaridze, D.Maskharashvili

Task for Computerized Recognition of the Typed and Printed Characters in Accordance with Language Peculiarities

Presented by V.Chavchanidze, Academician, February 20, 1996

Abstract. The size, the contour thickness and the outline of characters have no importance for the presented method of recognizing the typed and printed characters. The search of the entered graphic character in this procedure is performed according to the classification of patterns and different characteristics. If we choose alphabetic symbols of any language and begin to study and describe the peculiar characteristics for each symbol, we shall see that there is a group of parameters characteristic of the given symbol only. It has to be mentioned that before studying the entered symbols, it is necessary to carry out the activities for recovering and perfecting the damaged contour of symbols due to hardware defects.


Soil Science

T.Urushadze, Corr. Member of the Academy, N.Mosidze, A.Urushadze.

Iron in Alluvial Soils of the Mtkvari River Basin

Presented January 25, 1996

Abstract. The following forms of iron were identified in alluvial soils of the Mtkvari river Basin (East Georgia): nonsilicate by Mehra-Jackson, amorphous by Tamm, crystallized by difference between nonsilicate and amorphous iron and silicate by difference between total and nonsilicate iron. The individual characteristics cannot be used as reliable indicators of soil compositions.


Plant Growing

T.G.Andronikashvili Academician, I.Shatirishvili, M.Dokhturishvili, T.Oglishvili

Specificity of the Influence of Natural Zeolites on Germination of Cereal Seeds and of the Attendant Weeds

Presented April 19, 1995

Abstract. Under the influence of clinoptilolite tuff in the case of winter wheat and barley an increase of seed vigour time natural zeolites wholly repressed this process for weeds.




On Karyology and Taxonomy of Tulipa lipskyi Grossh.

Presented by G.Nakhutsrishvili, Corr. Member of the Academy, March 4, 1996

Abstract. The results of cytological and taxonomical studies of the local endemic species of the Northern Caucasus Tulipa lipskyi are presented. The chromosome number and karyotype are given for the first time. Tulipa lipskyi was found to be diploid (2n = 24). The main morphological types of chromosomes were determined. By the literature data the status and position of this critical taxon was clarified wihin the genus Tulipa. Critical comparison of T. lipskyi with Irano-Turkish T. humilis showed that the first is an independent species belonging to section Eriostemones.




The Vegetation of Colchis Nature Reserves

Presented by G.Nakhutsrishvili, Corr. Member of the Academy, March 4, 1996

Abstract. The main vegetation types characteristic to Colchis Nature Reserves (Ajameti, Sataplia, Kolkheti) are described. Ajameti State Nature Reserve is characterized by the following types of vegetation: 1) Quercus Imeretina forest, 2) mixed Quercus-Carpinus and Carpinus forests, 3) Alnus forest, 4) scrub, 5) ruderal plant communities, 6) vegetation of r. Kvirila’s bottom-land. Characteristic to Sataplia Nature Reserve are forests, as dominant phytolandscapes, vegetation restricted to the limestone rocks, vegetation of the deforested area and anthropogenous plant communities. Following plant communities are distinguishable in the Nature Reserve of Kolkheti - 1) forests, 2) wet meadow communities, 3) aquatic vegetation.


Genetics and Selection

N.Nickabadze, A.Shatirishvili

The Study of Mutagenic and Lethal Effects of Ultraviolet Light on the Strains of the Wine Yeast Local Populations with Different Copper Resistance

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D.Jokhadze, February 29, 1996

Abstract. In the strains of the local populations of the wine yeast Sacharomyces cerevisiae var. Vini characterized by the marked copper ion adapive polymorphism ultraviolet (UV) sensitivity was studied. Direct correlation found between the copper resistance level and radiation resistance is considered as a result of the selection for copper and UV increased resistance. UV-induced mutation frequencies of adenine requirement were determined among the resistant and relatively sensitive strains and mutants were subjected to the functional test on allelism.


Human and Animal Physiology

Z. Mchedlishvili, R. Solomonia, D. Mikeladze

Epileptic Seizures and [3H] Muscirnol Binding in Different Brain Regions of Krouishinsky-Molodkina Rats

Presented by Con. Member of the Academy V. Mrkiidm, Fcllrllllfy 19.199.1

Abstract. Changes In illstioclatlon chllstant (Kd) anil illaxlmal nllmher of available binding sites (Bmax) of [3H] muscimol bintling were studied ill hippocampus, neocortex and Inferior collicull structures of Kromlhlnskl- Molodkina (KM) and Wistar rats 30 seconds, 7 days and 30 days after tile alldiogenic stimulation. The deficit of [3H] muscimol binding sites in hippocampus and neocortex of KM rats were observed. Audlogenic stimulation caused speclOc, time-dependent alterations of Bmax values of KM rats. The affinity of [3H] muscimol binding was not different between these two rat strains and It remained unchanged after audiogenic stimulation.


Human and Animal Physiology


Transmembrane Transport Classification Principles

Presented by T.Ioseliani, Academician, January 22, 1996

Abstract. We present the new classification of transmembrane transport where the basic principle of classification is the shape of kinetical transmembrane curve and type of transport mechanism. In consequence we have got three main classes: 1) Straightforward transport 2) Curvilinear transport 3) Discreate transport



I.Gverdtsiteli Academician, Z.Jibuti, M.Pkhakadze

Photons and Living Cells

Presented January 10, 1996

Abstract. It has been shown that in covalent crystals at a fixed temperature of a sample one can induce processes corresponding to higher temperatures than that of the sample. To achieve the foregoing it is sufficient to have bonding and antibonding orbitals in system, and methods of producing external actions which make electrons change their quantium state. The last requrments are carried out in organic materials too. This gives reasonable hope that by means of photon actions it is possible to remove malignant cells from organic matters.




Dynamic Model of Living Organisms' Contractil Systems

Presented by V.Chavchanidze, Academician, January 30, 1996

Abstract. In this work there made an attempt to construct the dynamic model of the functioning of contractil systems. Combination of such properties as elasticity and conforming mobility with polarizability in external field determines the ability of functioning of these systems.



V.Tabidze, T.Beridze, Academician

Fine Structural Features of Allium porrum Chloroplast DNA tRNA-Gly, tRNA-Arg and CF1 ATPase a -subunit Genes: Comparision with Corresponding DNA Sequence from Monocot and Dycot Plants

Presented September 3, 1993

Abstract. The nucleotide sequence of a 1.1 Kbp BamHI fragment of the Leek chloroplast DNA (Allium porrum., fam. Liliacease) has been determined. The fragment contains the 3' part of the tRNA-Gly gene and the tRNA-Arg gene on the same strand and the 3' end of the atpA gene enconding the CF1 ATPase a -subunit which is located on the opposite strand. Comparison of this fragment with corresponding DNA sequences from monocot and dycot plants revealed that gene arrangement and nucleotide sequence of leek chloroplast DNA fragment is identical to tobacco-like gene order, but differ significantly from that of other monocots, wheat and rice, in which the region containing these genes has undergone intensive recombination processews.




R.Akhalkatsi, T.Bolotashvili, N.Aleksidze Academician

The Sounding of Rat Brain Cellular Nuclei Membrane Terminal Monosacharides by Concanavalin A

Presented February 29, 1996

Abstract. Concanavalin A (Con A) connecting areas in the rat brain cellular nuclei outer membrane has been indicated. The agglutination activity of Con A was inhibited by N-acetyl-D-glucosamine. Unlike Con A the wheat germ aggkutinin (WGA) does not influence on the isolated cellular nuclei agglutination. Hence, a hypothesis arises that a protein, having a specific sensitivity towards N-acetyl-D-glucosamine can be regulated in the rat brain nuclei by Con A like protein.



E.Davitashvili, K.Menabde, G.Alexidze, N.Alexidze, Academician

Isolation and Purification of Proteins with Lectin Activity from Coriandrum Sativum

Presented February 12, 1996

Abstract. The D-glucoside-(CS-Glu-1 and CS-Glu-2) and D-galactoside specific lectins has been isolated from Coriandrum sativum using gel- and affinity chromatography methods. Their molecular weights are in the intervals from 50 to 80 kD.


Microbiology and Virology

T.Buachidze, L.Topuria

Immobilisation of Invertase Produced from Fusant onto Inorganic Carrier

Presented by G.Kvesitadze, February 29, 1996

Abstract. The immobilisation process of b -fructofuranosidase extracted from Fusant produced by micromycets' aggregation onto inorganic carrier, particulary onto amination silica gel (Mark MCA -750) by the use of glutaraldehyde was studied. The optimum conditions for binding were detected- from 60-70 mg of enzymatic preparation utilised for immobilisation 10 mg protein is subjected to binding with 1g carrier, at the immobilisation area pH 4.5-4.7, contact time 80 min. and temperature 5-6° . The activity of the extracted immobilised preparation is equal to 324-360 unit/g per carrier.



E.Kvavatlm, M.Bukhsianidze

Genus Dendrodrilus (Oligochaeta, Lumbricidae) in the Fauna of the Caucasus

Presented by l.Eliava. Coir. Member of the Academy, September 15,1995

Abstract. The shape of the genital setae of Dr. rubidus tenuis and Dd. rubidus subrubicunda have been studied by scanning electron microscopy. The diagnosis of the given taxon is broaden in a new way.

An illustrated of Dr. rubidus tenuis and Dd. rubidus subrubicundais given as well.




Neuroendocrine Regulation of Flight Activity in European Spruce Beetle, Dendroctonus Micans Kug. (Coleoptera, Ipidae)

Presented by I.Eliava, Corr. Member of the Academy June 14, 1993

Abstract. The intercommunication of flight muscle condition and neuroendocrine system activity in females of European spruse beetle during their imaginal life, taking into account density, egg composition and physiological condition of trees in the localites of beetle distribution have been studied.


Parasitology and Helminthology

B.Kurashvili (Corr. Member of the Academy)

Systematical Review of Registrated Trematodes of Wild and Domestic Poultry of Georgia

Presented April 1, 1996

Abstract. Each datum about parasites ("Hosts", "Place of discovery", "Authors") is given within the boundaries of Georgia. Registrated species are represented according to zoological systematisation, showing parasite classes and families.


Experimental Medicine

A.Aburjania, T.Museliani, S.Tsitskhvaia

A New Phenomenon of Electric Conductivity and Its Use

Presented by V.Mosidze, Academician March 25, 1996

Abstract. Electrical conductivity of Non Newtonic liquids and consequently the viscosity anisotropy is homogeneous in the direction of flow. This is characteristic for Newtonic liquid too. It's necessary to consider it for Navie Stockes movement equation. The differential scheems of gains are worked out according to speed movement, content and temperature.


Experimental Medicine


Peculiarities of Changes of Interstitial Tissue of Cortical and Medullar Layers of Kidney in Correllation with Age and Sex

Presented by A.Asatiani, Corr. Member of the Academy, February 20,1996

Abstract. Kidneys of 89 actually healthy humans aged 21-74 obtained via autopsy, as well as kindneys of 37 intact white rats (9,5-26 months old correspondingly) using the morphometric methods of investigation have been studied. The original data on change regularities of interstitial tissue of renal cortical and medullar layers due to age and sex have been obtained.


Experimental Medicine

J.Kristesashvili, M.Dokhturishvili

The Main Diagnostic Principles of Mullerian Malformations

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L\Bakhutashvili, May 6, 1996

Abstract. Our investigations show, that complex clinical and instrumental examinations is useful for correct diagnosis of genital malformations. Defects of uterine and vaginal cavities can be exposed by metrosalpingography and hysteroscopy. Pathological changes of uterine surfase, form size and location are identified by laparoscopy. Separate utilization of this methods is not sufficient. Their combination has great diagnostic significance.




Anatomical terminology and methods of determonation of snake vertebrae

Presented by L.Gabunia Academician 03.11.1995

Abstract. This paper includes the anatomical terminology of snake vertebrae in Georgian and also international (English) abbreviations for vertenra elements with proper Georgian terms. Leaning on the publications of world famous authors [1-3], methods of determination of snake vertebrae are considered. In Georgia such kind of work is done for the first time.



I.Shatilova, N.Mchedlishvili

Representative of the Family Eupteleaceae Hayata in the Neogene Deposits of Western Georgia

Presented by L.K.Gabunia, Academician, February 13 1996

AbstrAct. The brief characteristic of pollen grains of genus Eupteleapollis Kr. from Neogene deposits of Western Georgia is given. This is the first data about the existence of representative of family Eupteleaceae in Cenozoic paleofloras of Georgia


History of Science

M.Andronikashvili, Corr. Member of theAcademy, G.Chogoshvili, Academician

On Babylonian Mathematical Terms

Presented February 22, 1996

Abstract. The Summerian stratum of Babylonian mathematical terms is discussed from the viewpoint of Georgian and its cognate Kartvelian languages.


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