volume 153 number 2 March-April



On the Summability of Multiple Trigonometric Series by the Bochner-Riesz Method

Presented by Academician L.Zhizhiashvili, November 11, 1994

Abstract. The problem conserning the unimporovement of the author's early statement (Theorem A) on the uniform convergence of Bochner-Riesz spherical means of multiple trigonometric series is studied.



Corr. Member of the Academy N.Berikashvili, T.Kadeishvili, S.Khazhomia, D.Makalatia, M.Mikiashvili, S.Saneblidze

On the Obstruction Functor

Presented December 29, 1994

Abstract. The Obstruction Functor, which contains higher obstructions for the existence of a cross section of a fibration, was defined and constructed earlier by the first author for the particular case, when just two homotopy groups of the fiber are nontrivial. In this article we present the construction of obstruction functor in general case in terms of Moore-Postnikov towers.



G.Berikelashvili, M.Chkhartishvili

On the Convergence of the Difference Schemes on for One Mixed Boundary Value Problem of Theory of Elasticity

Presented by Academician T.Burchuladze, July 14, 1995

Abstract. The paper deals with the mixed boundary value problem for the system of Lame's equations with variable coefficients. It is proved that the difference approximation convergence in the discrete norm to the exact solution u(x)Î (W ) with the rate O(|h|S_1), sÎ [2, 3].




About Minimax Problem and Mapping Coincidence Theorem

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Kh.Inasaridze February 5, 1995

Abstract. The theorems which strengthen K.Fan's, M.Sion's and Ha's appropriate results about Minimax problem are discussed in the article. The mapping coincidence theorem is considered which generalizes A.Gurnevich's and G.Skordev's results.




On the Formal Groups of the Type

Presented by N.A.Berikashvili, Corr.Member of the Academy, February 19, 1996

Abstract. It is proved, for the foronal groups to 0f thr type be reduced to the type F(X, Y) = . Coefficients' description is known.




Obstructions in a Fibration with a Weak Formal Base

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy N.A.Berikashvili, December 26, 1994

Abstract. Computable obstructions of any order are defined to the section problem in a class of Serre fibrations.




Some Properties of Hw Class Functions Coefficients

Presented by Academician L.Zhizhiashvili, February 19, 1996

Abstract. In this article, Lorentz's and Pak's results are generated for functions of class Hw .




To the Plane Theory of Dynamic Problems of Generalized Couple-Stress Thermoelasticity

Presented by Academician T.Burchuladze, January 29, 1996

Abstract. Generalized Betti formulae are derived for non-stationary and stationary systems of partial differential equations of generalized Green-Lindsay couple-stress thermoelasticity. These formulays have an essential application in the theory of boundary-value problems.




An Algorithm for Reduction of the Feasible Solution Set for the Generalized Scheduling Problem

Presented by Academician G.Kharatishvili, May 2, 1996

Abstract. An extension of the Job Shop Scheduling Problem with non-identical parallel processors and with arbitrary precedence relations is considered. Stage-by-stage reduction of this problem to some hypothetical problem (without parallel processors) is accomplished: at each stage of task allocation all processors are ignored except the one specially determined. This yields an efficient contraction of the set of feasible solutions. The modification of the standard graphical approach (with the so-called disjunctive graph) which meets the requirements of the extended model is described.


Mathematical Phisics

Academician T.V.Burchuladze

To the Theory of Mathematical Problems of Generalized Elastothermodiffusion

Presented June 7, 1996

Abstract. In the present paper the Lord-Shulman theory is generalized to the dynamical problems of elastothermodiffusion.


Theory of Elasticity

Z. Abashidze

On one problem of elasticity and plasticity of the plane theory of elasticity

Presented by Academician T.Burchuladze, April 18, 1996.

Abstract. We consider a problem of elasticity and plasticity for a plate with a shape of rectilinear n-angle which is weakened by n cyclic symmetric holes and a region of plasticity contains only contours of holes and doesn't spread inside of the plate. We construct the I solutions and get the equation of unknown contours of holes, when the normal displacement is constant on outer boundary of the plate and a constant normal force (power) acts on unknown contours of holes.




Monitoring of Technoevolution Processes

Presented by Academician V.Chavchanidze, May 20, 1996.

Abstract. The technoevolution concept is elaborated and its motive causes are discovered. The selforganization processes in patent information collection are revealed and the instrumentality of technoevolution processes investigation is developed. The principles of the picked out technical direction development monitoring and technology objects generation change optimization are formulated.



G.Dzamukashvili, N.Metreveli, Z.Kachlishvili

On the Possibility of Creation High-Temperature Maser in the Submillimeter Range of Spectrum

Presented by Academician L.Buishvili, May 13, 1996

Abstract. It has been investigated and set the possibility of realization of submillimeter dynamic negative differential conductivity (DNDC) at the cyclotron frequency in strong transverse electric and magnetic fields (^ ) in materials of n - Ga1-xAlxAs under conditions of ballistic (dynamic) intervalley transition of electrons. The influence of solid solution composition and quantities and fields on creation of DNDC have been studied. Systems of such kind can be applied for creation of solid-state masers, working in submillimeter-range of electromagnetic spectrum (l < 1 mm) at liquid nitrogenous temperature.



A.I.Guldamashvili, R.N.Kutelia, V.S.Kulikauskas

Phase Transition During Low-Fluence Ion Irradiation

Presented by Academician R.Salukvadze, May 13, 1996

Abstract. The effect of the ion irradiation conditions on the formation and growth of new phase in the layers of molybdenum, bombarded with carbon and argon ions was studied. Polycrystalline 60 nm thick films, produced by electron evaporation in vacuum were bombarded. The cristalline structure was studied by high-resolution microdiffraction and electron microscopy methods. The only phase, detected experimentally, was high-temperature molybdenum carbide corresponding to the first phase of the equilibrium state diagram. Nucleation and growth of the new phase in concentrations (1 at.%) and temperature (300K) range, in which no nucleation can be observed without bombardment, occur due to the radiation-induced segregation of the dissolved implanted carbon atoms and energy released by the ion during elastic collisions, the energy being much higher than that of the molybdenum carbide formation.



L.G.Midodashvili, P.G.Midodashvili, A.L.Tugushi

The Polarization Vector Relaxation of Neutron Beam Passing through Polarized Nuclear Target

Presented by Academician L.Buishvili, March, 18, 1996

Abstract. In this paper we consider the polarization vector relaxation of the neutron beam passing through orientated nuclear target. The longitudinal and transverse relaxation times are found.



V.Kashia, P.Kervalishvili, Academician R.Salukvadze

Prospectives of High-Temperature Thermoemission

Abstrarct. The paper deals with the problems of modern state and prospectives of the hightemperature thermoemission. The results of the work show that the high-temperature thermionic reactor-converter has no alternative in solving the problem of the electricity supply of the space vehicles.


General and Inorganic Chemistry

A.Shvelashvili, M.Churadze, L.Metreveli

Synthesis and Studies of Trimecaine-Containing Mixed Acidoligand Coordination Compounds of Transition Metals

Presented by Academician G.Tsintsadze, May 2, 1996

Abstract. The procedure of the synthesis of coordination compounds of M(TmH)2 X2 Y2 - type has been developed, where M-Cd2+, Cu2+, Zn2+; X and
Y =Cl-, Br-, I-, NCS-.

The composition and identity of the synthesized compounds are determined by an elementary analysis and measuring of the melting points.

Studies of IR absorption spectra of the synthesized compounds show the coordination of metals with acidoligands, while trimecaine as protonated cation is in inter coordination sphere, thus the structure of these compounds can be expressed by the corresponding formula.


Inorganic Chemistry

G.Chachava, M.Gverdtsiteli

Algebraic Characterization of Arsenic (III) Halogenides

Presented by Academician T.Andronikashvili, March 14, 1996

Abstract. It was established, that the values of determinants of ANB - and EP - matrices change in parallel with the values of some physico-chemical properties of arsenic (III) halogenides.


Physical Chemistry

V.Tsitsishvili. L.Kvantaliani, Corr.Member of the Academy G.Chivadze, N.Gogodze, D.Chipashvili, A.Maglaperidze, M.Kantaria, M.Alelishvili, N.Mirdzveli, G.Sturua

Researach of Physico-Chemical Properties of Cu-, Ni, and Cr-Containing Faujasites

Presented March 4, 1996

Abstract. Physico-chemical properties of Cu-, Ni-, and Cr-containing faujasites obtained by direct synthesis, have been investigated in the present work. Researches proved that Cu-, Ni-, and Cr-containing faujasite samples reveal porous structure, which is typical for zeolites; the low pressure water adsorption capacity grows in the following sequence: NaCrY < NaCuY < NaNiY. Ni-containing form is characterized by high adsorption properties, while Cu- and Cr- containing forms reveal comparatively low adsorption properties. The thermostability of Cu-, Ni-, and Cr- containing faujasites is proved by spectral. X-ray and DTA data.


Chemical Technology

G.N.Nabachtiani, I.V.Pisarevski, L.G.Chachkhiani, I.S.Giorgadze

Basic Acousto-Optical Properties of LAP Crystals

Presented by Academician G.Tsintsadze March 26, 1996

Abstract. LAP crystals were the object of our investigation. The aim of our work was to determine primarily basic acousto-optical characteristics of LAP and the possibility of using these crystals in technology. We had determined magnitudes of P11, P13, P21, P22, P23, P33 photoelastic constants. The results of our work show, that further research of LAP acousto-optical properties has got scientific interest and can be also used as acousto-optical resonators.




Zonal Division of Lower Jurassic-Aalenian Depozits of Georgia according to Ammonites

Presented by Academician I.Gamkrelidze, May 14, 1996

Abstract. Ammonites from Lower Jurassic and Aalenian deposits of Georgia have been distinguished with great variety in composition. Significant part of species have been collected from Sinemurian, upper Pliensbachian, Toarchian and lower Aalenian deposits. The presence of archisrtatigraphic genera and species, with index species among them, enables us to distinguish standard zones of general stratigraphic scale. In case, if stratigraphic range of index-ammonites in Georgia differs from East European analogues, the provincial zone - (Lona) is being distinguished.


Structural Mechanics

Sh.Burchuladze. l.Pantskhava, S.Pantskhava

Concrete Frost Resistance of Engineering Structures in Georgia

The work is dedicated to the memory of the Corresponding Member

of the Georgian Academy of Sciences Z.Tsilosani

Preserved by academ`ician T.Loladze, May 30, 1996

Abstract. On tile hasts of research of the climate comlltions of Georgia and the investigation of the internal stresses effect In the concrete structure caused by them the new approach to the establishment of the frost-resistance mark of concrete for the being-built engineer constructions In the humid climate subclass Is developed. The frost-resistance mark ofconcreteofthe engineering structures are developed for two exploitation regimes: for the zone surrounded by a fresh water (capillary suction) and the conditions of the hiumidification of an air.


Structural Mechanics


The Energy Dissipation "Negative" Hysteresis Effect un the Modified Heavy and Light-weight Concretes under the Cyckic Loading

(Preserved by academ`ician A.Dzidziguri, May, 27, 1996)

Abstract. The wirk deals with the conditions of the "negative" hysteresis loop display in the melted sulphur impregnated concretes as well as in the fine-grain and latex added light-weight concretes.

It is noted, that in the concretes mentioned above the aggregate or the zone in the form of internal nucleus is in the compressed state.

It is concluded, that the "negative" hysteresis effect in the concretes under cyclic loading from the breaking of the structural connections in the part of the material which compresses the aggregate or the nucleus of the concrete.


 Development of Deposits and Concentration


L.Japaridze, T.Gochitashvili, V.Gamkrelidze

Production of the High Concentrated Watercoal Suspension

Presented by Academician A.Dzidziguri March 14, 1996

Abstract. Theoretical base of production process of the high concentrated suspension is presented. The ability of increasing of limited concentration suspension and its influence on the rheological characteristics of system are investigated. The method of increasing of limited concentration on the base of selection rational, polymodal fractional content of solid phase is recommended.



Yu.M.Kartvelishvili, V.I.Garibashvili

The Preparation Processes of Composite Powders with
Nickel-Cromium Base

Presented by Academician G.Gvelesiani, May 17, 1996

Abstract. The structure and the phase content of the composite powders with a pack of nickel-chromium alloy and with reinforced solid phase of carbids of chromium and titanium are investigated. Powders are prepared by joint magnesium-thermal reduction of nickel and chromium chlorides in the presense of particles of corresponding carbides. The mechanism of composite powder structure formation is discussed.




Mathematical Modelling of the Aquatic Erosion on the Slopes

Presented by Academician G.Svanidze, May 20, 1996

Abstract. Taking into account the intensity of the rain the mathematical model is constructed. The initial-boundary problem for forecasting of the aquatic erosion on the slopes is solved.


Soil Science


Of the Correlative Classification of the High-Mountain Soils and the Vegetation.

Presented by Corr. member of the Academy T.Urushadze, April 25, 1996

Abstract. The article deals with interrelation between classificational units of vegetation and soils in the Central Caucasus highland area.


Soil Science

Corr. Member of the Academy T.Urushadze, K.Kiladze

The Comparative Characteristic of the High-Mountain Soils.

Presented April 11, 1996

Abstract. Comparative characteristic of the Caucasian High-Mountain soils (mountain-meadow turf, mountain-meadow humus-illuvial, mountain-meadow secondary, mountain-forest-meadow peat, mountain-meadow dark and mountain-meadow steeps) is described in the paper.


Human and Animal Physiology

R.Solomonia, Z.Mchedlishvili, N.Dalakishvili

Anticonvulsant Effect of Water Extract of Aquilegia Vulgaris on Audiogenically Evoked Seizures in Kroushinsky-Molodkina Epileptic Rats.

Presented by Corr. Memeber of the Academy V.Mosidze, February 12, 1996.

Abstract. Water extract of Aquilegia Vulgaris was shown to displace completely rat brain membranes-bound [H] muscimol and increase binding of [H] flunitrazepam. The activity is associated with low molecular weight fraction of the water extract. Either single or multiple injections of both whole extract and the low molecular weight fraction result in significant decrease of absolute duration of secondary, generalized tonic-clonic convulsions in Kroushinsky-Molodkina strain of rats. It is suggested that antiepileptic effect of the substances is mediated by their action on GABAa-ergic neurotransmission.



M.Ebralidze, R.Kotaria, G.Davitaia

Influence of Prostaglandins on the Composition of Phospolipids and Lipid Peroxidation in the Microsomal Membranes of the Tumour Cells Irradiated by X-ray

Presented by Academician N.Nutsubidze, May 27, 1996

Abstract. This work investigates the influence of prostaglandins on the peroxidate oxidation in the microsomal membrane of the cells from the mice tumour-bearing liver and Ehrlich ascyte carcinome effected by X-ray irradiation. It has been shown that, ionizing radiation at the doze of two grey, causes the intensification of peroxidate oxidation, both in tumour-bearing liver and in Ehrlich ascyte carcinome in comparing with intact tests. The insertion of the PGE2 and PGF2a 10-9 M in mice and five minutes of incubation with them causes the decrease of peroxidate oxidation in comparison with irradiated tests. It is suggested that stabilization of the peroxidate oxidation with prostaglandins is the early adaptive reaction of organism to irradiation.



R.Akhalkatsi,T.Bolotashvili,G.Aleksidze, Corr Member of the Academy N.Aleksidze

The Phosphate Buffer and Triton X-100 Solution Soluble Lectin-Binding Proteins from Rat Brain Isolated Cellular Nuclei

Presented February 29, 1996

Abstract. The exictence of lectinbinding glycoconjugates, soluble in PBS and extractable by triton X-100, in rat brain cellular nuclei have been indicated. They show galactose and mannose-(glucose-) specific lectin-binding capacity. The triton X-100 extractable proteins, compared to the PBS soluble proteins, have a lower lectin-binding activity. The lectins with specificity may be disposed in the following order: PVA>SNA>PNA>STA>PSL>SBA> Con A> RCA (PBS soluble protein) and PVA> Cjn A > SNA = PNA>SBA>PSL>RCA>WGA>STA (tritone
X-100 extractable proteins).



I.Kitiashvili, R.Goglidze, G.Gigolashvili

Blue-Green Algae Spirulina Platentis and its Influence Upon the Growth and the Development of Chickens

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D.Jokhadze, March 21, 1996

Abstract. Optimal conditions for the growth and development of blue-green algae Spirulina platensis have been determined. The optimal temperature of its growth is 25-28 C; pH of nourishing area-8,0. Period for maximum growth of culture was 8-10 days. Due to halfindustrial experiments, carried out by us, we can conclude that addition of Spirulina in chicken's diet might be one of the most effective means of increasement of their productivity.



T.Sh.Iashvili, L.L.Kvachadze

Spontaneous and Induced Changes of Chaetomium Thermophile

Presented by Academician G.Kvesitadze, April 28, 1996

Abstract. Microorganisms of various taxonomic groups possess the ability to cellulose biosynthesis. Among them, microscopic fungi are the most active cellulose producers. Recently, a large amount of strains of microorganisms - cellulose producers have been chosen by the selection methods, and the strains providing high level of biosynthesis of these enzimes have been obtained.


Microbiology and Virology

M.Tsereteli, M.Baramidze, A.Tsereteli

Selection of Optimum Nutrient Medium for B-Galactosidase Biosynthesis by Bacterium Thermoanaerobacter sp. 2905

Presented by Academician G.Kvesitadze, May 27, 1996

Abstract. From the hot springs of Kamchatka was isolated extrathermophilic strain Thermoanaerobacter sp. 2905. Bacterium is growing well at 70-72 C and at pH 7,0 assimilates well various sugars and generates intracellular B-galactosidase.

By means of through the modification of nutrient medium content
B-galactosidase synthesis was increased by 100 %.




Redescription and Areal of the Earthworm Eisenia lagodechiensis Michaelson, 1910 (Oligochaeta: Lumbricidae)

Presented by I.Eliava, Corr.Member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences

Abstract. Redescription of E.lagodechiensis endemic for the Great Caucasus is illustated. The areal of above mentioned worm is specified and described.


Parasitology and Helminthology

B.Kurashvili Corr. Member of the Georgian Academy, A.Kvesitadze, N.Ramazashvili

Study of Microelements Content in Animals Invased with Parasitic Worms and in Animals Abiding in Soil

Abstract. The study of microelements content showed that manganese (Mn) and zinc (Zn) are microelements involved in redox processes; the first - with trichinellosis, while the second - with echinococcosis.

The content of zinc ions in the body of earthworms of Kvareli Region was found to be three times the content of that in the earthworms of Tbilisi neighbourhood.



T.Todria, N.Papiashvili, E.Kharadze

Age-Dependent Influence of the Hematopoietic Microenvironment on the Proliferation and Differentiation of Early and Late Clonogenic Hematopoietic Precursors

Presented by Corr. Member of Academy, G.Tumanishvili, July 2, 1996

Abstract. To study the effect of hematopoietic microenvironmental age on regulation of CFU differentiation the experiment was carried out on heterotopic transplantation of bone marrow specifically bone marrow of (2 month) young and (2 years) old mice were injected into different young mice recipients separately under their kidney capsule. Using the spleen colony assay it has been ascertained that CFU in control as well as in experimental mice groups gives all the types of histological colonies. Thus it was concluded, that the age of hemopoietic microenvironment doesn't change CFU differentiation direction. Furthermore morphological study indicated that quantitative regulation of CFU differentiation is age-dependent and after co-operation of CFU-s with old hematopoietic microenvironment, produced mixed and megakaryocytic progenitor cells, have more proliferative capacity than in control.


Experimental Medicine

Z.Svznidze, U.Zviadadze, N.Chabukiani, L.Svanidze

Toxical Influence of Cadmium on Human Body and Original Methodics of its Determination in Biological Objects

Presented by Corr.Member the Academy V.Backutashvili, March 14, 1996

Abstract. The toxical influence of Cadmium on human body and original method of determination the mentioned element in biological systems, based on the literary sources are considered in the present paper.


Experimental Medicine


V.A.Mikaberidze, V.G.Gondzhilashvili, A.A.Mikaberidze

Experimental Study of Laser Welding in Liver Surgery

Presented by Corr. Member N.Tatishvili, July 4, 1996

Abstract. The possibilities of laser welding on liver tissues have been studied in acute experiments on rabbits. Welding of incized wounds was performed by contact and noncontact methods, with power setting at 1 to 10 watts. The strength of the welded suture was determined by the dinamometric method, measuring the tensile strain of suture, at which the suture was destroyed. The most stable suture was obtained at 1,5-3,0 watts, though hemostasis was perfect and reliable in all cases.


Experimental Medicine


Morphological and Morphometric Peculiarities of Compensatory Hyperplasion Rat's Kidney after Unilateral Nephrectomy

Presented by Academician N.Javakhishvili, May 13, 1996

Abstract. Morphofunctional phenotypes of regenerative, energogenerative, detoxifying, absorptive, secretive nephrocytes have been singled out. Their relations determine pathogenesis and nephropathy prognosis. The latest stages of observations reveal the signs of exhaustion of functional potential and growth of senile involution of all intracellular organelles. Only single peroxysomes and lipofuscine granules retain electrodensity and integrity in nephrocytes. This support the hypothesis of lipofuscine granules being involutional form of peroxysomes. The inner structure of peroxysomes of a cross section is also described. The second hypothesis has been formulated that peroxysomes are the seat of formation, storage and excretion of highly toxic oxidants being well-known harmful factors of phagocytes and killer lymphocytes.


N.Okudjava, .Sci V.Bakhutashvili, B.Korsantia

The Interferon System in Patients with Destructive Lung Tuberculosis


Abstract. Significant decrease in the activity of interferon synthesis in patients with destructive lung tuberculosis was revealed. The relationship between the clinical form of lung tuberculosis, the degree of intoxication and the interferon values were demonstrated. The rise of a- and g- interferon activity was correlated with efficient therapy. The lack or absence of positive dynamics of above mentioned indices correlated with unfavourable course of the process and indicated that the use of immunomodulators along with antituberculous therapy was advisable.




Morphological Factors Determining Fixed Accent Placement

Presented by Academician Th.Gamkrelidze, April 18, 1996

Abstract. In recent literature, determining word accent assigment more attention is paid to phonetic and phonological factors: syllable weight, syllable closure and etc. This paper deals with morphological factors determining accent placement in the fixed accent languages. In these languages distribution of lexical morpheme in a word seems sensitive to accent assignment.


History of Science

N.Bolkvadze, M.Ukleba

Definition of "Chemistry" According to David Bagrationi

Presented by Academician G.Tsintsadze, February 13, 1996

Abstract. Two original definitions of the subject chemistry are given in D.Bagrationi's (1766-1819) "Short Physics". On the ground of these definitions a conclusion is made that the author of the manuscript regards "Chemistry" as a science with theoretical trend, the main goal of which is to explore the properties of the substances.


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