volume 153 number 3 May-June



On the Question of Strong Differentiability of Integrals Along Different Directions

Presented by Academician L.Zhizhiashvili, November 25, 1994.

Abstract. The theorem referring to the question of strong differentiation of integrals in various directions is given.



G.Oniani, G.Lepsveridze

On the Differentiability of Integrals with Respect to Differential Bases Formed of Rectangles

Presented by Academician L.Zhizhiashvili, October 26, 1994

Abstract. Functions with integrals having various differential properties with respect to different bases B2(q ) (B2(q ) denotes basis formed of all rectangles having frame q ) are constructed. Moreover for constructing functions of mentioned types it is enough to take any function fÎ L\Lln+L(I2) and rearrange its meanings respectively.




On Closeness of Kernels of Potential Type Integral Equation

Presented by the Corr.-Member of the Academy N.Vakhania, May 2, 1996

ABSTRACT. The integral equations corresponding to potentials of double layer are considered along the boundaries of e -close (in a certain sense), simply connected domains, belonging to a concrete Liapunov class.

The order of closeness of kernels of the corresponding integral equations are established in respect to e .





On Approximate Representation of One Integral Operator and its Application

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N.Vakhania, March 14, 1996

Abstract. An approximate scheme for solution of the integral equation (2) based on the certain approximation of the integral operator is considered. The question of the error estimation is studied.




Generalized Derivatives and Boundary Properties of Differentiated Poisson Integrals for a Disk and a Half-Plane

Presented by Academician L.Zhizhiashvili, January 30, 1996

ABSTRACT. Generalized derivatives and boundary properties of differentiated Poisson integrals for a disk and a half-plane are studied in this paper.





On the Extension of Selfadjoint Operators from Hilbert Spaces to Frechet-Hilbert Spaces

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N.Vakhania, July 18, 1996

Abstract. The paper deals with symmetric and selfadjoint operators in Hilbert and Frechet-Hilbert spaces. A sufficient condition for such operators defined on Hilbert spaces to be extendible as operators of the same kind to Frechet-Hilbert spaces is given.Moreover, the domains of definition of operators are extended essentially and in some cases the obtained operators are continuous although they were unbounded in the initial Hilbert spaces.




Szsz', Hardy's and Littlewood's Classes and Trigonometric Fourier Series

Presented by Academician L.Zhizhiashvili, April 5, 1995

Abstract. The paper deals with the theorems which establish some new properties of (c, a ) (-1 < a £ 0) means of trigonometric Fourier series of functions from the Hardy's and Littlewood's and Szsz classes



T.Kadeishvili, S.Saneblidze

On a Multiplicative Model of a Fibration

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N.Berikashvili, February 1, 1996

ABSTRACT. The paper reports the general algebraic situation when in a twisted tensor product strictly associative multiplication appears.




On the Boundedness and Convergence of Partial Sums of Fourier Series in the Weighted Orlicz Classes

Presented by Academician L.Zhizhiashvili, August 22, 1996

Abstract. The necessary and sufficient condition is derived in order that a strong type weighted inequality be fulfilled in Orlicz classes for partial sums of trigonometrical Fourier series. Problems of covergense of Fourier series in Orlicz classes are also concidered.


Mathematical Physics

Academician T.Burchuladze, R.Rukhadze

Fourier Method in Three-Dimensional Boundary-Contact Dynamic Problems of Moment Elasticity Theory

Presented June 7, 1996

Abstract. The basic boundary-contact dynamic problems are considered for a three-dimensional piecewise-homogeneous isotropic medium with the central symmetry. Combining Fourier method with that of Laplace transform the posed problems are proved to be solvable in the classical sense under sufficiently general assumptions.


Theory of Elasticity


Problem of Elasticity and Plasticity for the Square Plate Weakened by the Hole with Partially Unknown Boundary

Presented by Academician T.Burchuladze, April 18, 1996

Abstract. We consider a problem of elasticity and plasticity for the square plate which is weakened by square hole with rounded off vertexes. Region of plasticity contains only unknown rounded part of the hole contour and isn't spread inside the plate. We contract solutions and get equation of unknown part of the hole contour when the normal displacement is constant on the linear parts of the boundary and there is no normal stress on unknown part of the hole contour.


Theory of Elasticity

E.Puladze, Z.Abashidze

Problem of Elasticity and Plasticity for the Plate Weakened by Two Holes

Presented by Academician T.Burchuladze, June 17,1996

Abstract. We consider the problem of elasticity and plasticity for inifinite plate weakened by two identical holes, when the region of plasticity envolves only contours of holes. We construct the solutions and get the equation of unknown contours of the holes when the plate is stretched by the main stresses effecting infinity and a constant normal force effects unknown contours of the holes.



T.Adeishvili, L.Kopaliani, M.Gogiashvili, G.Tevdoradze

Research of the Process of Gradual Increase and Decrease of the Glow Intensity of the Line l = 6300 under the Influence of the High-Power Radiowave on the Earth Ionosphere

Presented by Academician J.Lominadze, March 19, 1996

Abstract. The investigation of processes of decrease and increase of glow intensity of wave lenght of oxygen atom l = 6300 wave under the influence of high-power radiowaves on the Earth ionosphere are reported.

The mechanisms of this radiation are presented, corresponding physical and mathematical models are worked out.



G.Dzamukashvili, N.Metreveli, Z.Kachlishvili

On the Possibility of Static Negative Differential Conductivity Suppression in Order to Observe High -Frequency Radiation in Triple Compounds such as GaAs

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T.Sanadze, May 20, 1996.

Abstract. We investigate current-voltage characteristic (CVC) of hot electrons under intervalley transition in materials such as Ga1-xAlxAs in strong cross fields ^ . For the first time it has been studied the simultaneous influence of magnetic field and smooth change of energy gap (D E ) between central (low) and upper valleys of conductivity zone both on the quantity of static negative differential conductivity (NDC) and critical field of NDC appearing. It has been illustrated that along with the increasing of magnetic field and decreasing of D E the module NDC decreases. As a result of summary action of these effects the maximum on CVC decreases and moves towards large electric fields.



V.Kashia, P.Kervalishvili, Academician R.Salukvadze

Study of High-Temperature Thermo-Emissive Converter Characteristics Dependence on Collector's Material

Presented May 30, 1996

ABSTRACT. This paper presents the experimental results of the cylindrical cesium-plasma thermo-emissive converter (TEC) heat-power characteristics. The tungsten layer served as an emitter with preferable orientation (110)."Oxygen-containing" niobium or polycrystalline tungsten performed collector functions. The emitter and collector temperatures during TEC functioning in a converting regime were TE = 2000-2200 K and TC = 1000-1300 K correspondingly. In comparison with the "oxygen-containing" niobium the use of the polycrystalline tungsten plated layer as collector in the TEC with tungsten emitter is more prospective because of simplification of device producing technology. Converter parameters and resource remain immutable on high level.



Academician B.Balavadze, L.Latynina, R.Karmaleeva, V.Abashidze

Results on Harmonic Analysis of Tidal Deformations for Inguri Region

Presented June 17, 1996

Abstract. Harmonic analysis of tidal deformations has been carried out on the basis of data obtained in Inguri region. Length of the material comparatively exceeds length of series used in the previous works. The analysis confirmed conclusion inferred earlier that the massif on which the dam lies, is not weakened and easily deformable zone. It appears that the massif experiences general contraction. The same was noted by means of geodetic measurements



G.Gvaladze, M.Akhalkatsi

Comparative Embryology of Some Astragalus Species

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G.Nakhutsrishvili, May, 2, 1996.

ABSTRACT. The embriology of two species of Astragalus A.microcephalus and A.denudatus is investigated for the first time. The general embriological characteristics and species specific peculiarities are determined for A.caucasicus A.microcephalus and A.denudatus on the basis of comparison of the obtained embryological data.


Organic Chemistry

M.Gverdtsiteli, R.Chikvinidze, I.Gverdtsiteli

Algebraic Investigation of Radical Elimination Reactions

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L.Khananashvili, February 4, 1996

Abstract. Correlation between the energies of perturbations for the radical elimination reactions and the determinants of ANB - matrices for chloralkanes, components of these processes, was investigated.


Organic Chemistry

E.Usharauli, L.Kortava, I.Edilashvili

Mass-Spectral Studies of Aromatic Fragments of Tar-Asphaltene Compounds of Oil

Presented by Academician T.Andronikashvili, April 8, 1996

Abstract. Hydropyrolizates of tar-asphaltene compounds of Norio, Supsa and Samgori oils obtained by the authors' method previously studied due to mass-spectral analysis. As a result aromatic fragments of molecules of the compounds were determined.

Phenanthrene, pyrene and chrysene structures were identified together with the trace amounts of more high-condensed aromatic structures.


Physical Chemistry

V.Tsitsishvili, V.Chivadze

Study of Several Metal-Containing Applied Catalysts by Hydrogen Adsorption Method

Presented by Academician T.Andronikashvili, June 13, 1996

Abstract. Hydrogen adsorption-desorption processes on Pt-, Pd-, Ni-, Ni-Cu, and Ni-Cr-containing applied catalysts with gumbrin supporter have been studied.

For Ni-, Ni-Cu, and Ni-Cr- containing samples hydrogen desorption takes place at low temperature with low activation energy (region I) and with high activation energy at high temperature (II). Two forms on bonded hydrogen with comparatively weak (I) and strong (II) coupling with the surface of the catalyst are created during adsorption. Differences in hydrogen desorption rate and Ni cristallite sizes (assessed by XPS method) explain the different activity of mentioned catalysts in hydration of citronellal.

Only strong-coupled hydrogen presents on the supface of Pt- and Pd- containing catalysts.


Organic Chemistry

J.Kereselidze, N.Raevski

Quantum-Chemical Study of Conformation of Phenylhidrazone Ethylpyruvate

Presented by Corr. Memb. of the Academy D.Ugrekhelidze, May 23, 1996

Abstract. In the MNDO AM1 quantum - chemical method the enthalpy (D H) for conformers of phenylhydrazone ethylpyruvate were calculated. It was shown that initial state Fischer's indolization of phenylhydrazone ethylpyruvate has anti - S - trans - cis - trans conformation.




PharmacEUTICAL chemistry

G.Mikaia, D.Turabelidze, N.Vulfson, Academician E.Kemertelidze

Deterpene Labden Diole from Shoots of Juniperus Oblonga

Presented July 18,1996

Abstract. Diterpene diole is extracted from Juniperus oblonga identified as (13E)-labd-13en-8x-15 diole and lignine lactone (-) Khibalactone.




Collector and Petroleum-Gas Accumulation Zones of the Eastern Georgia

Presented by Academician I.Gamkrelidze, June 3, 1996

ABSTRACT. Taking as a basis new criteria in particular petrophysical and petrochemical investigations the petroleum containing units and collector zones in Mesozoic - Cainozoic sediments of Eastern Georgia have been separated and suitable recommendations have been given.




The First Data of Gas Chromatographic Research in Hercynian Granitoids of the Great Caucasus

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G.Zaridze August 3,1996

Abstract. Gas chromatographic research, carried out in the hercynian granitoid of the Great Caucasus shows that all genetic types of granitoids contain gases of different quality and composition. Their main contents are represented by H2O, CO, CO2, CH4 and N2. According to N/C parameter the rocks of gabbro-plagiogranite series belong to oceanic crust formations, but plagiogranite-granite and granitoid alaskite - to continental. Granitoids of gabbro-adamellite series represent both oceanic and continental crust formations.



B.Tutberidze, R.Akhvlediani

Composition Features and Thermodynamic Conditions of Amphibole Formation of Some Young (Neogen-Quaternary) Volcanites of the Caucasian Transversal Uplift (in the Georgian Boundaries)

Presented by Academician N.Skhirtladze, May 27, 1996

Abstract. For the first time new data are given on amphiboles from neogen-quarternary age volcanites of the Caucasian transversal uplift in the Georgian boundaries.

Chemical and minal content, crystal-chemistry of mineral individuals are studied. On this base several isomorphic types of amphiboles are distinguished. The main distribution of it has pargasite-hastingsite. Thermodynamic parameters of mineral formation are calculated by the content.



Yu.Kartvelishvili, V.Garibashvili

Study of Composite Antirust and Wear Resistant Coatings

Presented by Academician G.Gvelesiani May 27, 1996

ABSTRACT. The plasmatic and detonation coatings from the composite powders NiCr + Cr3C2 and from the mechanical mixture of powders of the same composition have been investigated. The structures of coatings from the composite powders are more dense, with regular distribution of carbide particles, which cause their higher strength of adhesion and higher wear resistance




Parameters of Oscillating Aerial Rope-Way Carrier Ropes and Dynamic Influence on the Draught Rope

Presented by Academician A.Dzidziguri, May 10, 1996

Abstract. Oscillating aerial rope-way carrier ropes with the stretching load is presented by the equivalent spring. While calculating bringing rigidity and mass of a rope the load magnitude as well as the place of its activity are taken into account. The bringing rigidity and mass calculation formula and draught rope generalized reaction calculation methodology during the car oscillation are proposed.


Hydraulic Engineering

D.Namgaladze, W.Nanitashvili, A.Gogoladze

Definition of Parameters of Non-Stationary Pressure-Flow Movement by the Method of Stochastic Approximation

Presented by Academician O.Natishvili, May 17, 1996

Abstract. The work is devoted to the solution of inverse problems under the conditions of unstable head movement parameters: hydraulic resistance coefficient, shock wave propagation velocity in the given liquid and inner diameter of the pipeline.

The method of stochastic approximation (method of Robbins-Monro) is used in this work.




A.Aburjania, T.Museliani

Connection Groups of Transformers

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Z.Kruashvili, July 1, 1996

ABSTRACT. It is shown that standard rule of definition of groups is based on the inadequate interpretation of electromagnetic inertia law. It does not exclude errors and needs the correction. Faraday experiment and the unambiguous mathematical models of transformers are composed.




The Influence of Steel Property, Mass Deflaction and Magnetic Conductor Core Length on DC Traction Motor Characteristics

Presented by Academician M.Salukvadze, June 13, 1996

Abstract. In the present study we investigated the influence of electro-technical steels composition, technological processes of cores assembling, their mass and length on output characteristics of DC traction motors. It has been shown that deflactions of core mass under constant length make less influence on change of motor characteristics than the deflactions of length under constant mass.




On Calculation Scheme of DC Machines Magnetic Circuit
under Automatic Design

Presented by Academician M.Salukvadze, June 13, 1996

Abstract. Brief analysis of some works on computer calculation of direct current machines magnetic circuit has been reviewed. The method of magnetic circuit which is easily formalized and gives satisfying accuracy is suggested. For small meanings of cogged layer armature, magnetic tension is chosen from the magnetic table tabulated in computer memory. As to the high meanings of induction magnetic tension is calculated from linearized magnetization curve.


Human and animal Physiology

Z.Kometiani, G.Chkadua

Power Parameters of General Equation of Enzyme and Transport Velocity

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V.Mosidze, May 17, 1996

Abstract. General equation of the transport and enzyme velocity is considered and the physical meaning of the minimal and the maximal degrees of its numerator and denominator are deciphered in the rapid and steady-state equilibrium. The minimal degree (n) of numerator is the sum of sites for the substates and essential activators. The maximal degree of numerator is (n + p),
p = l + q, where l is number of modifiers with the partial effect. The value q depends on the complexity of molecular mechanism therefore it is defined as parameter of "complexity". q = 0 under the rapid equilibrium conditions. The maximal degree of the denominator is expressed by the following sum s = n + m + l + q, where m is the number of sites of complete inhibition (dead-end and product inhibition ). The physical meaning of the power parameters of the general velocity equation requires modern interpretation in the transport case in contrast to the enzyme system and their meaning has special sense in the different transport mechanism case.



R.Akhalkatsi, T.Bolotashvili, G.Alexidze, Corr. Member of the Academy N.Aleksidze

The Lectin-Binding Proteins from Rat Brain Cellular Nuclei

Presented March 5, 1996

Abstract. An attempt has been made to separate the plant lectin-binding proteins soluble in phosphate buffered saline (PBS) and extractable by triton X-100 from rat brain cellular nuclei. It was determined, that the PBS soluble protein fractions (F1 - 602 kD, F2 - 104 kD, F3 - 38 kD) display lower lectin-binding activity, than proteins (F1 ³ 660 kD, F2 - 52 kD, F3 - 18kD), extractable by triton X-100. It is notable, that these protein fractions (F1, F2, F3) have a high affinity to lectins SNA (D Lac, D Gal) and Con A and PSL (a D Man >a D Glc > D GlcNAc). The tracing relationship between the lectins RCA and SBA and protein fractions

soluble in PBS and extractable by triton X-100 was observed. The affinity of PNA, WGA and STA to separate protein fractions in above mentioned conditions were not observed either.



E.Davitashvili, Corr. Member of the Academy N.Aleksidze, N.Porakishvili, M.Tevzadze, N.Lomishvili

The Influence of CS-Gal-Lectin on the Immunoregulatory Cells Function in Various Immunopathological Models

Presented March 14, 1996.

Abstract. The influence of galactose _ specific CS-Gal-lectin isolated from Coriandrum sativum has been studied on functional state of lymphocyte proliferation in insulindependent diabetes model. The lymphocyte migration index calculation indicates to dual action in respect to pathological state. In the model with systemic lupus erithematosus and Alzheimer disease the strengthenation of lymphocyte migration inhibition factor synthesis has been observed. As to acute streptococcal glomerulonephritis model the lymphocyte migration activation factor synthesis is increasing. It seems to be perspective to use CS-Gal-lectin as immunocorrector in the mentioned diseases.



M.Gagua, L.Rusia, R.Kupatadze, M.Simonidze, Corr. Member of the Academy V.Bakhutashvili

Investigation of Polypeptide Contents of Plaferon LB

Presented April 18,1996

Abstract. Using the methods of the SDS-gel-electrophoresis and bidimensional thin-layer chromatography it was determined that Plaferon LB contains polypeptide fractions with molecular weights 66, 45, 36, 29, 25, 18, 14, 12, 9 kDa and free amino-acids: Ser, Thr, Gly, Pro, Ala, Phe, Val, Ile, Asp, O-Tyr.



R.Gakhokidze, L.Beriashvili

Metabolism of Deoxyaldonic Acids in Plants

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Nutsubidze, May 23, 1996

ABSTRACT. It has been shown that deoxyaldonic acids formed in plants at photosynthesis, actively participate in respiration process and during their conversion different compounds are formed.



T.Shavlakadze, D.Dzidziguri, P.Chelidze

The Influence of Partial Hepatectomy on Morphofunctional Activity of Nephrocyte Nuclei in White Rats

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G.Tumanishvili, July 25, 1996

ABSTRACT. The influence of partial hepatectomy on transcription activity of nephrocyte nuclei in white rats has been studied. Also, morphofunctional changes of nucleoli in epitheliocytes of nephron proximal tubuli have been investigated. It has been shown that 6 hours after partial hepatectomy, transcription level in nephrocyte nuclei increases. At the same time in kidney cortex proximal tubuli the number of epitheliocytes containing active nucleoli has been demonstrated to increase. However 22 hours after the operation decrease of RNA synthesis in nephrocyte nuclei coincided with the reduction of the number of epitheliocytes containing active nucleoli in proximal tubuli. The obvious correlation between functional activity of ribosomal genes and nucleolar polymorphism has been established.


Microbiology and Virology

N.Kvatadze, L.Kvachadze, T.Aleksidze

Searching of Micromycetes-Cellulase Produce

Presented by Academician G.Kvesitadze, April 28, 1996

Abstract. Microorganisms of different taxonomic groups have the ability to synthesize. Among microorganisms cellulases produce micromycetes most actively. The investigation of cellulases of this group of microorganisms, showed that Trichoderma, Aspergillus, Penicillium, Geotrichum, Fusarium, Sporotrichum and many other representations of species produce various components of extracellular cellulases. Thermophilic micromycetes produceres of cellulase cause a great interest as the enzymes produced by these micromycetes are as a rule thermostable.


Microbiology and Virology

T.Labadze, G.Sukhiashvili, L.Ramishvili, G.Rukhadze, Corr. Member of the Academy V.Bakhutashvili

The Isolation and Serial Passage of Cattle Coronavirus in Cell Culture in Vitro

Presented April 28, 1996

Abstract. The work is devoted to isolation and serial passage of cattle coronavirus in cell culture.

This article analyses the following optimum conditions for accumulation of cattle coronavirus in cell culture: preliminary treatment of the virus inoculum with trypsin (50 mcg/ml), trypsin maintenance in the culture media (10 mcg/ml) and incubation in roller culture at a temperature of 37 C for 24-36h.


Parasitology and Helminthology

Corr. Member of the Academy B.Kurashvili

The Part of Wild Birds in Spread of Infections and Invasive Diseases in Georgia

Presented June 6, 1996

Abstract. Wild birds play a considerable part as carried and disseminators of contagious diseases, parasites and vermin.

It is known that birds make ecological contacts with representatives of various groups of disease excitants among humans and farm animals. Among excitants there are virus, spirochates, rickettsiae, fungi, chlamydiae, mycoplasma, spirelli, cocci, bacilli, bacteria, protozoa, heiminths. They cause various diseases in humans and farm animals.

A man contacts birds and is exposed to attacks of mosquitoes and mites - carriers of virus. Being the reservoir of infection excitant in the nature, birds transport the excitants from one area to the other, especially during the migration.

During the migration birds can easily spread helminths invasion from one place to another and from one type of birds to others. They play a considerable part in spread of helminths invasions.

This should be taken into consideration while forming new poultry farms and taking measures to prevent helminths among poultry.



G.Bekaia, D.Kochiashvili

Laser Beam Treatment of Chronic Prostatites

Presented by Academician T.Ioseliani, July 18, 1996

Abstract. The patients with a severe form of chronic prostatites and those who had been treated with no success were subjected to laserotherapy with a complex of traditional methods of treatment that in 96% it gave a complete recovery. Infra-red impulse laser beam radiation was carried out by means of laser stimulator "TCP Georgia". The results were estimated by statistical treating of a special diagnostic parameters.



V.Mikaberidze, V.Gondzhilashvili, Z.Topuria, A.Mikaberidze

The Morphologic Aspects of Regeneration of Liver Wounds Operated by Laser Welding

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N.Tatishvili, August 5, 1996


ABSTRACT. The possibilities of laser welding on liver tissues have been studied in acute experiments on rabbits. Welding of incised wounds was performed by contact and noncontact methods. Most stable suture was obtained at 1.5-3.0 watts.

In chronic experiments the course of reparation process of the welded wounds of the liver has been studied by morphologic research and also the hemostasis, biliostasis and adhesions in peritoneal cavity have been observed.




The Main Results and Prospective of Study of the Caucasian Fossil Snakes

Presented by Academician L. Gabunia 03.05.1995

Abstract. The paper sums up the study of fossil snakes of the Caucasus. No- wadays only 11 localities are known.There are 14 species (5 genera of 3 families) from the Neogene and Pleistocene strata.





Rustaveli's Poem "The Knight in the Panther's Skin"
within the Context of Comparative Studies


Presented by Academician G.Tsitsishvili July 18, 1996


ABSTRACT: According to the principles of comparative studies on the basis of analysing scientific literature it has been concluded that "The Knight in the Panther's Skin" belongs to the West European type of literature. The most important in solving the problem is the conception of the woman in Rustaveli's poem.

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