volume 156 number 2 September-October



S. Topuria

Generalized Spherical Derivatives and Boundary Value Problems

Presented by Academician L.Zhizhiashvili, January 28, 1997

Abstract. The notion of a generalized spherical derivative of a function of many variables is introduced and the Fatou type theorem on the boundary properties of the Poisson integral for a half-space, when density of the integral possesses a generalized spherical derivative, is proved.



Corr. Member of the Academy H.Inassaridze

Universal Property of Kasparov Bivariant K-theory

Presented February 17, 1997

Abstract. It will be proved that Kasparovís bivariant K-theory is the theory of satellites of the Grothendieck functor of homotopy classes of homomorphisms with respect to pre(co)sheaves of semi-split extensions of separable C*-algebras.



I. Khasaia

About Sufficient Conditions of Convergency of Spectral

Presented by Academician L. Zhizhiashvili, March 6, 1997

Abstract. For differential polynomial pencil with nonregular disintegration boundary conditions, sufficient conditions of uniform convergence of spectral expansions on segment are accepted.



O. Maisaia, R. Gachechiladze

On an Extremal Problem of the Elasticity Theory

Presented by Academician T.Burchuladze, March 4, 1997

ABSTRACT. The first and the second boundary value problems of statics are considered. The dependence of solutions and corresponding eigen frequences of these problems on elastic constants and density is investigated. The same dependence is studied for the total deformation energy and Green operators.




Conjugated Functions of Multiple Variables and Deformation of H(w; L(Tm)) Classes

Presented by L.Zhizhiashvili, July 4, 1997

ABSTRACT. Conjugated functions of two variables were first considered by L.Cesari in 1938. The problem of deformation of H(w; C(Tm)) classes with respect to fB operator effecting on these classes was studied by M.Lekishvili. The problem of deformation of H(w; C(Tm)) classes, caused by the action of fB operator, has not been studied yet. We have solved the problem.



Z. Natsvlishvili

On Some Estimation of Accuracy of Approximation of Singular Integrals by Approximation of their Densities

Presented by Academician I.Kiguradze, May 20, 1997

ABSTRACT. Certain estimations are obtained for singular integral with Cauchy kernel, when the contour of integration is a closed rectifiable line. By means of these estimations it is possible to establish the convergence of some concrete approximating processes for integrals of indicated type.




A Counter Example in a Theorem of the Intersection of Imbedded Closed Sets

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N.Vakhania, June 23, 1997

ABSTRACT. The example constructed in the present paper shows that the intersection of bounded closed sets F1 Ê F2 Ê ... in a Banach space X may be empty for the case ś = lim sup ś(Fn) = , where ś(F) = .




On One Question, Conserning Dimension Theory of Tychonoff Spaces

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N.Berikashvili, August 25, 1997

ABSTRACT. It is proved that on the class of all Tychonoff spaces there does not exist topologically invariant and normed integer-valued function which has Gd enlargement property.




The Algorithms of Control Programs for the Manipulation Robots (Conceptual Approach)

Presented by Academician V.Chavchanidze, May 14, 1997

Abstract. There discussed the approach to the construction of the control program for the manipulating robots based on the theory of artificial conceptional intelligence for the project of creation of "intelligence robot" (intellectual robot).



M. Kviria

Liquid Metal Ion Sources for the Elements Difficult to Melt

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, May 14, 1997.

Abstract. The mechanism of ion formation in liquid metal ion sources have been studied. Itís established that the main ion source is the anodic plasma near emitter. Slightly changed liquid metal sources have been made for the elements difficult to melt.



T. Berberashvili, C. Vazagashvili, L. Chachkhiani, Academician G. Tsintsadze

Magnetic Properties of Some Uranium Monochalcogenides

Presented January 24, 1997

Abstract. The magnetic properties of monochalcogenides have been analyzed in terms of molecular field theory including the crystalfield interaction. The structure of the lowest part of the spectrum in uranium monochalcogenides was determined. For each compound the value of the energy level and magnetic moment per ion was received.



V.Jakeli, Z.Kachlishvili, N.Mateshvili, I.Tutberidze

Role of Photoelectrons Capture on Neutral Centers in the Formation of Distribution Function

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T.Sanadze, June 19, 1997

ABSTRACT. We report here an investigation of a type of distribution (DF) of hot photoelectrons while captured on neutral centers and the influence of inverse distribution function on behaviour of kinetic coefficients. It has been obtained that inversity of DF is determined by energetic dependence of lifetime (tcn(e)) for the indicated p mechanism of capture. It is shown that <tcn> is increasing function of fotoelectrons (e0) excitation energy and at big e0 it goes out to saturation.



R.Alania, L.Vekua, D.Kakushadze, N.Kekelidze, V.Kuchava,
M.Lordkipanidze, R.Charmakadze

The Experimental Proof of the Photoinduced Diffusion Model

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T.Sanadze, May 28, 1997

ABSTRACT. In the present paper the mechanism of photoinduced diffusion of interstitial atoms of the main doping impurity caused by radiation generated in the p-n junction is experimentally tested. A comparison of the electroluminescence spectra and current-voltage characteristics before and after diode degradation prove the correctness of the mechanism proposed. Technological recommendations for production of non-degradation radiation sources are given.



G.Gugunava, D.Kiknadze, M.Perelíman, G.Rubinstein, N.Gugunava

On Problems of Genesis and Localisation of Oil-Gas Fields
(Role of Thermoelastic Stresses in the Subduction Zones)

Presented by Academician B.Balavadze, September 19, 1996

ABSTRACT. The genesis of oil-gas fields with the thermoelastic stresses, being arised in the subduction zones is investigated. The effects, which may lead to migration and condensation of fluids are considered.



N.Robakidze, N.Gigauri, R.Gigauri, M.Rusia

Synthesis and Study of Bis[dialkyl(aryl)methylarsonium]-1,4-
-Dihydronaphthalene Dinitrates and Diperchlorates

Presented by Academician T.Andronikashvili, March 4, 1997

ABSTRACT. The interaction of bis[dialkyl(aryl)methilarsonium]-1,4-dihydronaphtelenes dinitrates on magnesium perchlorate in water solutions was studied.


General and Inorganic Chemistry

G. Khelashvili, M. Indjia, Rusudan Gigauri, Roman Gigauri

Synthesis and Research of Monothioarsenates(V) of 3d-Metals

Presented by Academician G. Tsintsadze, April 19, 1997

Abstract. Monothioarsenic acid salts by composition M3(AsO3S)2×nH2O, where M=Mn, Fe, Co, Ni; n=8 and 6 (when M=Fe), in hydrochemical conditions were synthesized. The composition, constitution, reaction of dehydration and thermal shock resistance in 20-10000C interval by chemical analysis, IR spectroscopy, X-ray crystal determination and derivatographic research were studied.



N. Samsonia, M. Gverdtsiteli

Algebraic Characterization of the Reaction of 1.4-Diketones Synthesis from Silil Ethers of Enols

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy L. Khananashvili, June 16, 1997

Abstract. The algebraic method of organic compounds notation in the form of ANB-matrices is considered; their diagonal elements represent the atomic number of chemical elements, whereas nondiagonal ones - the multiplicities of chemical bonds. Algebraic characterization of the reaction of 1.4-diketones synthesis from silil ethers of enols is given in terms of this method. The enthalpy of reaction and entropy of information are calculated.


Physical Chemistry

D.Tsagareishvili, Academician G.Gvelesiani, K.Ukleba, I.Baratashvili, I.Omiadze, A.Nadiradze

A New Method of Standard Increment Calculation of Double Oxides Enthalpy within the Interval of 0-298. 15K

Presented July 9, 1997

Abstract. A new equation is deduced for the calculation of standard increment (H298-H0) of double oxides within the interval 0-298.15K. By means of the received equation the program of the work of a computer is elaborated. It allows on the basis of experimental data concerning (H298-H0) different classes of double oxides to calculate sougth values of this function for the investigated matter. The exactness of calculation makes Ī20 cal/g.atom


Physical chemistry

D. Lortkipanidze, G. Bezarashvili

The Effect of Solid Additives on Flame Propagation in Combustible Gas Mixtures

Presented by Academician K. Japaridze, May 15, 1997

Abstract. An increase of the rate of flame travelling in combustible gas mixtures under the action of added solid particles, when vertical tube technique is used, has been investigated and certain correlation between mentioned effect and kinematic viscosity of gas mixture has been shown.



G. Chikhradze, N. Gagnidze

Some Questions of Stratification of Upper Jurassic-Cretaceous Carbonate Flysch of the Georgian Military Road

Presented by Academician N.Skhirtladze, April 14, 1997.

Abstract. The Upper Jurassic-Cretaceous carbonate sediments are spread along the Georgian Military Road and form the main watershed of the Greater Caucasus and the adjacent areas. These sediments are known as a flysch and are presented by background, episodic and cyclic sediments. The stratification conditions of background cyclites are disguised in the flysch, which is described by the old method.




Determination of Deformation Parameters of Flat Rolling Process in the Oval-Oval Passes System

Presented by Academician I. Jordania, March 31, 1997

Abstract. Expressions for determination of shifted square of stripís cross-section, relative reduction and effectiveness of deformation for the case of flat rolling of a vertical oval strip in a oval pass are received. Effectiveness of using of an oval - vertical oval roll grooving system together with oval - circle system during rolling in continuos section mills is demonstrated.


Machine building Science


Hard Alloys Wear Resistance of TiB2-Ti, TiB2-Cn.45 Systems

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy G.Tsagareishvili, June 3, 1997

ABSTRACT. Hard alloys of TiB2-Ti and TiB2-Cn.45 systems are considered. Itís shown that they can be used for a wear resistant tools with operating temperature of <800įC and <900įC.


machine building science


Computation of Sags of Stay Cableway with Slanted Cables

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy K.Betaneli, June 30, 1997

ABSTRACT. The article presents a suggestion for stay cableway operation perfection, the essence of which is distributing the load focusing on the carrier cable by means of slanted hangers. It also presents an original and quick method of such cable system sags computation, the practical realization of which is implemented by formulae computing sags caused by the wagon weight in different points of the riding cable.


Machine Building Science

M. Chelidze

On the Solution of Electromagnetic Exciter Oscillations
of Differential Equations

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I. Jebashvili, January 29, 1997

Abstract. On the basis of certain assumption the solution of differential equations describing the electromagnetic tractive force under influence of semiconductor diode is studied.


Plant physiology

I.Matitashvili, E.Ketskhoveli

Determination of the Content of Chlorophyll, Intensity of Photo-Synthesis and the Respiration in Spontaneous Wheat - Rye

Presented by Academician N.N.Nutsubidze, July 16, 1997

ABSTRACT. The study of pigments content of spontaneous wheat-rye amphidiploids and their parent forms have shown that some investigated Triticale exceed parent forms in the content of pigments in a flag , awns and earscales in all phenological phases .The intensity of photosynthesis in wheat-rye amphidiploids at phase of milk stage ripeness, several times as much as that in the parent forms. While the intensity of the respiration all phenological phases of amphidiploids is less than in parent forms. Therefore in amphidiploids parallel with the increase of photosynthesis intensity the reduction of expenditure on respiration allowing to use these forms for subsequent selection.



N.Nickabadze, A.Shatirishvili

The Study of Relationship to Copper Ions in Wine Yeast Populations of Kakheti

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D.Jokhadze, April 30, 1997

ABSTRACT. Wine yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. vini populations from 8 different regions of Kakheti have been analysed on the resistance to copper ion toxicity. Intrapopulation genetic polymorphism was detected. It was found that copper-resistance is determined by one or two dominant genes.


Human and Animal Physiology

M.Butskhrikidze, E.Moniava

Morpho-Functional State of Hypothalamo-Hypophysial Neurosecretory System at Early Stage of Development of Conditioned Reflexes of Two-Way Avoidance on the Background of Exogenous Vasopressin

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V.Mosidze, January 27, 1997

ABSTRACT. Microphysiological observation has shown that on the background of vasopressin injection at initial stage of development of conditioned reflexes two-way avoidance the decrease of functional activity of HHNS takes place.

On the basis of data obtained it is possible to assume, that exogenous vasopressin plays an important role in the process of formation of long-term memory and, especially in formation of conditioned reflexes of two-way active avoidance.



M.Tsagareli, K.Gegeshidze, Z.Zurabashvili

Emotional Words Influence on Human Recognition Learning

Presented by Academician T.Oniani, May 13, 1997

ABSTRACT. To investigate the number of correct responses (NCR), the reaction time (RT), the effects of positive and negative verbal reinforcement on the visuo-spatial recognition learning of geometric figures in condition of backward masking were studied in healthy subjects and patients with chronic alcoholism. It has been found that in performance of mentally constructing geometric figures negative verbal reinforcement unlike positive reinforcement, produce an emotion reaction which may cause the worsening in recognition learning in alcoholics. The verbal feedback mechanisms of reinforcement play an important role in the dynamic changes in the hemispheric lateralization of the human brain.



V. Talakvadze, N.Gubeladze, I.Tsuleiskiri, M.Tsulaia, M.Meladze

Generation in Healthy and AHO Human Blood Neutrophils

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G.Tumanishvili, March 13, 1997

ABSTRACT. The level of generation in norm and pathology by neutrophils from peripheral human blood was determined. It is shown that in the case of acute hematogenic osteomyelitis (AHO) generation is greatly reduced. Neutrophil's incubation in ozone solution, as well as inflamed area treatment with ozone solution results in rising of neutrophil's functional activity.



G. Managadze, M. Pirtskhalava , Academician M. Zaalishvili

Distribution of Acidic and Basic Amino Acids in Two-Stranded Coiled-Coil Sequences

Presented March 25, 1997

Abstract. Considering the hypothesis of randomity distributions of charged amino acids in two stranded coiled-coil sequences have been studied. The normality of distributions was evaluated by Pirsonís c2 criterion. It has been found that, distributions of charged amino acid's in coiled-coil sequences are normal. Exceptions are Glu distribution in type II keratin and Glu and Lys distributions in S2 myosins.Thus we can say that the phenomenon of existing only in S2 myosins sequences of short, rich with negatively charged amino acid fragments is the result of ubnormality of the Glu and Lys distributions. Hence this phenomenon must be considered as the result of naturally determined process.



J. Oniani, V. Yurin, M. Chokhonelidze, A. Kudriashov

Evalution of the Mechanisms of Water Samples' Membranotropic Effects as Evidenced by the Electroplasmographic Analysis

Presented by Academician T. Oniani, May 6, 1997

Abstract. In a framework of the model, which describes potential-dependency of the velocity of cellular cyclosis in the characeae algae, the evaluation of the action character of the tested water samples was performed. It was found that, according to their action on the cyclosis, tested water samples clearly differ from each other. They exert direct action through the changes of the resting potential and indirect - through the shifts, which are due to the structures responsible for the cyclosis. According to the obtained regularities it seems feasible to recommend the use of elaborated procedures in the system of biological testing of the water environment quality.



G.Chkadua, Z.Kometiani

Definition of Main Power Parameters of Enzyme Velocity Equation by Method of Kinetic Curve Form Analysis

Presented by Academician T.Oniani, January 27,1997

ABSTRACT: Definition methods of the essential activators and complete inhibitors number which are based on the geometrical form of the curves obtained as a result of the degree trasformation of variables are analyzed. The analysis of the curve forms have shown that the following transformations of enzyme velocity (V) and concentration of ligand (C): y = (V)-1/r and t = 1/C, have the advantage.



N. Koshoridze, M. Balavadze, Corr. Member of the Academy N. Aleksidze,
T. Lekishvili

Henís Brain Lectins at Different Stages of Embryo Development

Presented March 6,1997

Abstract. In the henís brain embryo some lectins specific to lactose and galactose have been discovered. We have studied the quantitative distribution at embryo development. It is shown that the activity of the lectins is higher at earlier stages of embryo development, in particular, on the 5-8th days, on the next stages its activity decreases. The lectin shows the maximum of the activity in the range pH 7.4-8.0. The lectin can be dissected from the brain homogenate when it is saturated with amonium sulphate at 80-40%. It keeps its activity in the non-frozen state until the 14-15th day.



C. Chkhubianishvili, M. Andronikashvili

Virus Infection of the Indian Meal Moth, Plodia Interpunctella (Hb.) (Lepidopthera: Pyralidae) in Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I.Eliava, February 20, 1997

Abstract. The Indian meal moth, Plodia interpunctella (Hb.) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) is widely recognized as a serious pest of stored product. The preliminary data carried out on the pathology of larvae of Indian meal moth have been presented. In the laboratory population of insect in the prepupae stage of larvae the granulosis virus (GV) disease, Baculovirus ( Granulovirus) interpunctella Arnot, Smith, 1968 has been established for the first time in Georgia.

GV isolated from the Indian meal moth is a potential biological agent for the microbial protection of stored product.




The Morpho-Aerodynamic Characteristics of Some Birds (Woodpeckers) Flying Apparatus

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I.Eliava, March 31, 1997

ABSTRACT. The comparative morpho-aerodynamic analysis allows us to reveal the link between the definite peculiarity of wing structure and the definite peculiarity of flight, i.e. to find out morphological structure causing the definite flying effects. The investigation of the details of bird flying organ structure and the ascertainment of the effects of those details formed during the flight under direct observation in the nature present the purpose of this work. This determines the adaptive character of flight.


Parasitology and Helminthology

Corr. Member of the Academy B.Kurashvili, E.Kvavadze

Distribution of Thelazia Rodhesi (Desmarest, 1827) in Georgia and Study Results Received by SEM

Presented June 16, 1997

Abstract. Th.rodhesi has been found to be a widespread parasite. By means of the SEM the morphology of Th.rodhesi has been studied. From the head capsule up to the tail the female cuticle consists of flat cross rings, separated by sulculuses where thin tubular convolutions are located. The tail of the male has thin parallel convolutions only on its ventral side.


Experimental medicine

B.Sirbiladze, A.Aleksidze, R.Gambashidze

Immune Alterations in the Presence of Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma and their Correction with Plasmapheresis

Presented by Academician T.Oniani, February 7, 1997

ABSRTACT. The new method of treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma was introduced into practice. The authors tried to evaluate the immune status and the importance of its alteration in the presence of this disease and used extracorporeal exchange plasmapheresis method for its correction. The findings are reassuring.



T. Topuria, G. Rukhadze, M. Dekanozishvili, Corr. Member of the Academy

Rotaimmunolakton: Evaluation of Specific Activity in vivo

Presented February 24, 1997

Abstract. At the first stage colostrum-deprived piglets were investigated for prophylactic efficiency evaluation of rotaimmunolakton based on hyperimmunized cowís colostrum. Therapeutic efficiency of rotaimmunolakton was evaluated at the second stage.


Experimental Medicine

Z.Zurabashvili, K.Vacharadze

Structural Peculiarities of Red Formed Elements of Blood in Patients with Pneumonic Tuberculosis Undergone Complex
Method of Treatment

Presented by Academician T.Chanishvili, May 27, 1997

Abstract. In the present study, we investigated formed elements of blood in patients with tuberculosis before treatment and after it by means of traditional chemotherapy in combination with intravenous laser.


Experimental Medicine

G.Bakradze, D.Chitanava, L.Aladashvili, I.Taboridze

Postnatal Asphyxia and Genetic Markers of Blood

Presented by Academician T.Oniani, June 12, 1997

ABSTRACT. On the basis of clinical data of 602 newborns from the contingent of Tbilisi Railway Department Maternity Hospital the frequency of asphyxia among children being born in immunoconflict on ABO isoantigens have been set. Considerable increase of postnatal asphyxia under ABO conflict between mother and fetus has been revealed. Pregnants suspected on immunoconflict according to ABO system are referred to the group of high risk.


Experimental Medicine

A.Sikharulidze, Kh. Khorava, G. Kereselidze, L. Gomelauri, L. Begeladze,
N. Kochlavashvili

The Influence of Monoaminergetic Structures of Mediodorsal Thalamus Nucleus on Heart Function in the Case of Arterial Hypertension

Presented by Academician T. Oniani, June 14, 1997

Abstract. Heart function while hypertension caused by the monoaminergetic structures of mediodorsal thalamus nucleus is studied.



G. Rtskhiladze, M. Kandelaki, I. Mamatsashvili

Dynamics of Clinical, Biochemical and Immunologic Parameters of Chronic Alcohol Hepatitis and Liver Cirrhosis Patients
Treated with Colchicine

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Tatishvili, July 14, 1997

ABSTRACT. The authors studied the results of 6 year colchicine therapy (1mg 5 days a week) of 40 patients with chronic alcohol hepatitis and liver cirrhosis. Colchicine produced an early improvement in liver function, immunology levels and survival. The clinical data revealed that colchicine is effective and may be recommended for a long term treatment of patients with chronic alcohol hepatitis and liver cirrhosis.


Experimental medicine

R.Rukhadze, V.Kipiani, T.Sanikidze, O.Kevlishvili

Lipid Peroxidation Processes in Liver and Spleen in Crush Syndrome

Presented by Academician T. Dekanosidze, June 26, 1997.

ABSTRACT. The intensity of lipid peroxidation process and its influence on the cellular metabolism in crush syndrome was studied by electrone paramagnetic resonanse (EPR) method.

Obtained data provide us with an opportunity to conclude, that at the early stages of crush syndrome (1.5 hr) in the organism of animals occurs activation of lipid peroxidation, destruction of membrane structures, which then results in disturbance of electrone transport in mitochondria in NAD.H:ubiquinone-oxido-reductaze section, destruction and inactivation of enzyme complexes(cytochrome P-450 and ribonucleotid reductaze) and marked decrease in intensity of proliferative processes.



K.Pitskhelauri, E.Kvavadze

Important Archaeological Discovery in Kakhetia (East Georgia) in Connection with Palaeobiological Data

Presented by Academician L.Gabunia, February 24, 1997

ABSTRACT. The joint archaeological and palynological study of the cultural layer of the settlement in Shiraki dated back to VII and VI c.B.C.showed that vegetation and climate of that time differed strongly not only from the modern ones but also from those of ancient and Rome time. In the VII c.B.C. there was a spread of forest - steppe landscapes to the Shiraki valley, while the climate was characterized by higher humidity than nowadays. Hydronetwork was also well developed.




Archil Jorjadze about the Form and Content in National Art

(Dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Archil Jorjadzeís birth)

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy O.Jioev, July 21, 1997

ABSTRACT. The famous Georgian philosopher and publicist of the early 20th century Archil Jorjadze treated the problem of the form and content correlation in art in a peculiar way. Some of his ideas are considered in the paper.



N.Abesadze, M.Abesadze

To the Statistical Study of Prices on Trade Market

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L.Chikava, October 2, 1997

ABSTRACT. The essence of price and its role in the commodity market has been investigated in the present paper. Classification of prices is given according to the turnover of commodities, forms of selling, stages of selling, quality of regulation and fixed quality of time.




On the Formation of One Type of the Participle in the Georgian and English Languages

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Gvakharia, July 3, 1997

Abstract. The article deals with Past Participles of Georgian and English vowel alternating verbs having the same stem in the Infinitive, Present and Future forms, but not in the Past.

These data seem to have a certain importance from the point of view of typological research of the two above mentioned languages.




Lexical Borrowings Meaning Evil Spirit in Georgian and Russian Translations of the Bible

Presented by Corr. Member R.Gordeziani, July 17, 1997

ABSTRACT. Narration about struggle against evil spirits is an integral part of the Bible texts. But types of segmentation of this lexical sphere for Russian and Georgian languages are different.

The investigation shows that this divergence is explained by the peculiarities of religious thinking of Georgian and Russian peoples, their previous experience of life, fixed in their languages.




The Ritual of Sacrifice in the "Odyssey"

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy R.Gordeziani, July 16, 1997

ABSTRACT. For a long time attention has been paid in Homerology to the "Kingdom of Souls" of the "Odyssey". Not less important than the textual questions is actual the ritual described in Nekyia. According to the text, in the scene of the kingdom of souls of the "Odyssey" we can distinguish four stages. We are interested, which considerations are connected with progressing through particular stages: 1)drawing blood from a victim and 2)burning the skin of the victim. We hypothesize that it is necessary to carry out these two stages in order for a soul to have partial communion with the power of life. In our opinion blood is the power of earthly life; skin has fur or hair or feathers, in which according to ancient peoples, there should be the power of life.




The Conception of Woman in the Aspect of the Grail Symbolics
(Georgian Parallels for the Problem)

Presented by Academician G.Tsitsishvili, February 28,1997

ABSTRACT. The subject of the paper is the conception of woman in connection with the idea of Grail in romances of Chrťtien de Troyes, Shota Rustaveli and Wolfram von Ecshenbach. In West European romance the main figure is the queen who is intermidiary between man and God; in Rustaveliís poem the main figure is the lady-monarch, who is intermidiary between nation and God.


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