volume 157 number 1 Jenuary-February



Academician L. Zhizhiashvili

Everywhere Divergent Trigonometric Series

Dedicated to the memory of famous Russian mathematician S. B. techkin Presented November 6, 1997

Abstract. New class of everywhere divergent trigonometric series with coefficient tending to zero is considered.



M. Shubladze

Isolated Hypersurface Singularities of Transversal Ak-1 Type

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Berikashvili, July 17, 1997

Abstract. Transversal hypersurface singularity of type Ak-1 is studied. Special deformations which preserve topology structure of Milnor fibre are constructed. The number of Morse points is calculated and homotopy type of the Milnor fibre is described.



S. Saneblidze

On the Homotopy Classification of Spaces with a Fixed
Pontrjagin Algebra

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Berikashvili, June 30, 1997

Abstract. A homotopy classification of spaces with a fixed Pontrjagin algebra of their loop spaces beyond the rational category is given.



V. Kirvalidze

The Neumann Problem for Stokes Equation in a Domain
Exterior to an Open Surface

Presented by Academician T. Burchuladze, June 2, 1997

ABSTRACT. The paper deals with a screen type boundary value problem, specifically, with the Neumann problem for the Stokes linear equation in a domain exterior to an open surface. With the help of the theory of boundary integral (pseudodifferential) equations the uniqueness and existence theorems are proved in the Bessel-potential and Besov spaces and Ca-smoothness (with a < 1/2) of solution is established in a neighbourhood of the boundary of the open surface.


Mathematical Physics

Academician T. Burchuladze, R. Rukhadze

Asymptotic Distribution of Eigenfunctions and Eigenvalues of the Basic Boundary-Contact Oscillation Problems of Couplestress Ela sticity Theory

Presented August 11, 1997

Abstract. The basic three- and two-dimensional boundary-contact oscillation problems of the couplestress elasticity theory are considered for a piecewise homogeneous media in eigenvalues. Formulas of asymptotic distribution of eigenfunctions and eigenvalues are established.



G. Jabauri

Solution of Some Special Boundary Problems of the Elasticity Theory in Cylindrical Coordinates

Presented by Academician T. Burchuladze, December 13, 1997

ABSTRACT. Elastic equilibrium of a body bounded by the surfaces of the coordinates of the cylindrical system r, a, z (0 £ r < ¥, 0 £ a < 2p, < z < ¥) in the area W = {r0 £ r < r1, 0 < a < p, 0 < z < z1} is considered. It is proved that special conditions given on cylindrical surfaces of the body admit continuous extension of the solution from the cylindrical boundary surface along its normal (along the radial coordinate) at the appropriate perturbation of the surfaces z = 0 and z = z1, when the conditions of antisymmetry are given on the surface a = 0, and the conditions of symmetry on the surface a = p.




Pinning of Abrikosov Vortices in High Temperature Superconductor Granules

Presented by Academician V. Chavchanidze, July 23, 1997

Abstract. In the present paper, pinning of Abrikosov vortices within high temperature superconductor granules by Meisner current induced by external magnetic field is discussed.



Ph. Chumburidze

Transverse Escape of Hot Electrons in Approximation of Electron Temperature

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, July 7, 1997

ABSTRACT. The paper reports on galvanomagnetic effects in approximation of electron temperature under transverse escape. Galvanomagnetic characteristics are obtained in explicit way.



D. Bakradze, G. Kevanishvili, R. Kevanishvili, F. Bogdanov

Diffraction of a Plane Electromagnetic Wave by the Edges of Parallel Infinite Slot

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, April 17, 1997

Abstract. Based on the rigorous mathematical approach, the approximate solution is obtained for the problem of diffraction of the plane oblique incident electromagnetic wave by the edges of the parallel infinitive slot. This solution tends to the exact one with the increase of transaction factor of obtained infinitive system of algebraic equations.

The function j(a0, a) characterizing the directional pattern of the slot is computed. It is shown that this function satisfies the arrangement condition j(a, a0) = = j(-a0, a) and boundary conditions j(a0, Ī1)=0 and j(Ī1, a) = 0, where a0 = siny0, a = siny, y0 is the incidence angle and y is the observation point polar angle.



J.Gogiashvili, K.Dalakishvili, O.Namicheishvili

Threshold Redundancy of Binary Channels

Presented by Academician N. Amaglobeli, September 25, 1997

ABSTRACT. Threshold redundancy of binary channels is scrutinized. Probability of an error of restoration of a signal is defined. Algorithm of computing procedure realization is offered.



V. Gersamia, A. Mirtskhulava, G. Mirianashvili, Sh. Mirianashvili, S. Stasenko

The Investigation of Electrophysical Properties in InGaAs/InP Epitaxial Layers and Based on them Heterostructures for Photodiodes

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, June 9, 1997

Abstract. The electrical properties of pure and grown with sulphur, silicium, gadolinium and etc. alloyed In0.53Ga0.47As epitaxial layers and based on them heterostructures in 4.2¸5000K temperature interval had been studied. On the base of experiments energetical spectrum of centres determining conductivity was established, compensation degree of layers was determined. Convincing data were also obtained, that gadolinium plays the role of heter for admixtures in alloyage and doesnít create acceptor centres.



L.Bichkova, O.Davarashvili, M.Enukashvili, N.Kekelidze, E.Stepanov, A.Shotov

Middle IR Range Multifunctional Laser Spectrometer

Presented by Academician T. Sanadze, July 17, 1997

Abstract. The scheme of multifunctional infrared spectrometer which permits to carry out the tasks of lasers and photodetectors testing, high resolution spectroscopy and supersensitive gas analyses is presented.The high selectivity and sensitivity are reached by using semiconductor lasers based on AIV BVI quarternary solid solutions.



G. Gunia, Z. Svanidze, L. Svanidze

Changes in Chemical Composition of the Atmosphere under Anthropogenic Influence

Presented by Academician G. Svanidze, April 4, 1997

Abstract. Changes of the atmosphere chemical composition under anthropogenic influence are given in the work. Their analysis enable us to make the conclusion on formation of new global balance of substances which will compose the atmosphere during next decades and make necessary the formation of new climate and ecological regimes of the earth.



J. Kharchilava, K. Tavartkiladze, M. Lokapishvili, V. Amiranashvili

The Variability and Distribution of the Total Atmospheric Ozone in Georgia

Presented by Academician B. Balavadze, May 30, 1997

Abstract. The paper examines the peculiarities of the total atmospheric ozone variability in 1973 - 1995 from three observational points: Georgian (Abastumani, Tbilisi) and Russian (Kuibishev). It has been concluded that at the mentioned points a tendency towards decreasing of the total atmospheric ozone is present and the decrease in Tbilisi has amounted to 5% for the last 20 years, 3.8% in Abastumani and 5.2% in Kuibishev. It is noteworthy that a similar decrease in the total atmospheric ozone of higher or lower intensity is observed throughout the world. The decrease of the total ozone is caused mainly by the anthropogenic environmental pollution. Using the obtained data, maps of the mean annual and mean seasonal distribution of the total ozone have been composed.


General and Inorganic Chemistry

I. Didbaridze, G. Khelashvili, A. Chubinidze, R. Gigauri

Synthesis and Study of Tetrathioarsenates of d10-Metals

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy J. Japaridze, April 21, 1997

ABSTRACT. For the first time in hydrochemical conditions tetrathioarsenates of d10 metals by composition Ag3AsS4 and M3(AsS4)2∑H2O, where M=Zn, Cd or Hg and X= 4 (Zn) or 2(Cd, Hg), were synthesized . their composition, constitution, reaction of dehydration and thermal shock resistance in 20-1000 interval were studied by means of chemical analysis, UR spectroscopy, X-ray crystal determination and derivatographic research.


General and inorganic Chemistry

N. Robakidze, M. Abashmadze, R. Gigauri

X-Ray Crystal Determination and Derivatographic Research of Bis[Trialkyl(aryl)arsonium]-1.4 -Dihydronaphthalene of Diisothiocyancuprate(I)

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L. Khananashvili, May 7, 1997

Abstract. The composition and structure of the bis[trialkyl(aryl)arsonium]-1.4-dihydronaphthalene of diisothiocyancuprate(I) has been presented by X-ray crystal determination and derivatographic research. A probable thermolysis scheme is offered.


Organic Chemistry

T. Narindoshvili, I. Chikvaidze, Sh. Samsoniya

Synthesis of 2-(diphenylmethane-4-yl) Indole and
2-(diphenylethane-4-yl) Indole

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L. Khananashvili, March 13, 1997

ABstarct. We have synthesized arilindoles: 2-(diphenylmethane-4-yl) indole and (diphenylethane-4-yl) indole. Their structure is proved on the basis of spectra data.


Organic Chemistry

I. Chikvaidze, Sh. Samsoniya, N. Narimanidze

Study of 2-Ethoxycarbonyl-3-(P-Nitrophenyl)-5-Acetylindole Interaction with Nitrogen Containing Compounds

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L. Khananashvili, June 5, 1997

Abstract. The reactions of 2-ethoxycarbonyl-3-(p-nitrophenyl)-5-acetylindole with some amines and hydrazines were studied. Corresponding azomethines, hydrazones and hydrazyde were obtained. The structures of synthesized compounds were established by means of spectral methods.


Physical chemistry

S. Gedevanishvili, Z. A. Munir, Corr. Member of the Academy G. Tsagareishvili

The Field-Activated Combustion Synthesis in W-Si System

Presented May 12, 1997

Abstract. Tungsten silicides have been investigated using the activation of the self-propagating high-temperature synthesis (SHS) process through the application of an electric field for compositions ranging from 6 to 30wt% Si. It was shown that initiation of the propagation process of a combustion wave could be fulfilled through the threshold value of the electric field strength. The value of applied field strength may influence the mechanism of silicide formation. The silicide W5Si3 is believed to be synthesized under the influence of a high field only. The silicide WSi2, however, can be synthesized with field activation both at low and high field values.


Physical ChemIstRy

H.Engelhardt, N.Shakulashvili

Separation of Catecholamines Using MECC with Ultra-Violet Detection for their Qualitative and Quantitative Analyses

Presented by Academician V. Okujava, July 21, 1997

ABSTRACT. The common survey of the new analytical technique, capillary electrophoresis, in particular capillary zone electrophoresis and micellar electrokinetic capillary chromatography, is given in this paper. The work demonstrates the advantage of separation and analysis with capillary electrophoresis of such compounds as catecholamines that have an important biological function in comparison with HPLC.


Physical Chemistry

Academician T.Andronikashvili, L. Eprikashvili


Gas Chromatographic Determination of Fractions Adsorption of Surface-Layer Sorbents over the Active Agent and Solid Support

Presented September 1, 1997

Abstract. On the grounds of gas chromatographic data of separation of hydrocarbons: C2H6, C2H4, C3H8 and C3H6 over surface-layer sorbents, the fractions of sorption were calculated over the zeolite and solid support. It was shown, that contribution of absorption in the retention of a sorbate over the active agent at the increase of its content is rather essential compared with that of the adsorption over solid support.



Academician I.Gamkrelidze, T.Giorgobiani, S.Kuloshvili, G.Lobzhanidze,

Active Deep Faultís Map and Catalogue for the Territory of Georgia

Presented December 29,1997

ABSTRACT. Active deep faults of the territory of Georgia, representing principal seismogenerating structures, are studied. On the basis of different geological and geophysical data the map of these faults is composed. Important parameters of active faults adduced in the compiled catalogue allow to receive a numerical expression of trustworthiness of ones and of their importance for seismic hazard assessment.



V. Alpaidze

Kolkheti Suite and its Stratigraphic Position

Presented by Academician L. Gabunia, June 20, 1997

Abstract. On the north-eastern coast-line of the Black Sea the section of Alpine molassic complex is finished by the strata of porphyritic conglomerates named by the author as "Kolkheti suite". It is stated that stratigraphic range of the suite is placed between the Kimmerian-Chaudian stages, but from the north to the south it is characterized by the age sliding and gradual rejuvenation of its base (lower limit). The suite follows its underlying sediments with conformity being the ending part of the regressive series everywhere.



Corr. Member of the Academy M. Topchishvili, G. Lobzhanidze

On Atsgara Granitoids

Presented July 16, 1997

ABSTRACT. In the article the new data are given about the interrelation of the granitoid dyke-shaped body, located on the southern slope of the Abkhazian part of the Greater Caucasus, namely at the head of Atsgara river, with the Middle-Upper Liassic country rocks. From the two existing opinions about the age and occurrence of the granitoids: the Middle Jurassic sintectogenic intrusion or a tectonic wedge of the Pre-Alpine basement - the first one is considered to be justified. The formation of the intrusion is explained by squeezing mechanism of the Hercynian crystalline basementís eutetic melting.



Corr. Member of the Academy M. Topchishvili, G. Lobzhanidze

On Atsgara Granitoids

Presented July 16, 1997

ABSTRACT. In the article the new data are given about the interrelation of the granitoid dyke-shaped body, located on the southern slope of the Abkhazian part of the Greater Caucasus, namely at the head of Atsgara river, with the Middle-Upper Liassic country rocks. From the two existing opinions about the age and occurrence of the granitoids: the Middle Jurassic sintectogenic intrusion or a tectonic wedge of the Pre-Alpine basement - the first one is considered to be justified. The formation of the intrusion is explained by squeezing mechanism of the Hercynian crystalline basementís eutetic melting.



M. Kimeridze

Original Type of Halophilous Vegetation in Georgia Summit

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Nakhutsrishvili, June 10, 1997

Abstract. Geobotanical description of halophilous vegetation is given in the article. Original type of halophilous vegetation, which is spread over 500-1500 m above sea level, is rare in Georgia summit. It is developed on badlands, on various slopes of almost all exposition, alumina and gypsum bares.



M. Akhalkatsi, G. Gvaladze, N. Taralashvili

Embryology of Primula algida and Primula amoena (Primulaceae)

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Nakhutsrishvili, May 8, 1997

Abstract. The development of ovule and seed is described in two species -Primula algida and P. amoena.



M. Tatarishvili

Bioecology and Introduction of some Representatives of Amaryllidaceae Family on the Black Sea Coast of Adjara

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Nakhutsrishvili, June 19, 1997

Abstract. Biomorphological and ontogenetic peculiarities of 13 species of 7 genera from family Amaryllis (Amaryllidaceae) have been studied in the Batumi Botanical Gardens. Some species are recommended for floriferous decoration of green plantations of the Black Sea coast in Adjara. They are: Crinum amabile, C.zeilanicum, Hippeastrum eqwester, Nerine undulata, Zephyranthes atramasco.


Plant physiology

T. Barblishvili, M. Dolidze, Sh. Chanishvili

The Effect of Phytohormones on Photosynthetic Intensity and Stomatal Conductivity in Grapevine

Presented by Academician G. Sanadze, June 17, 1997

Abstract. The effect of indoleacetic acid (IAA), benzylaminopurine (BAP), and abscisic acid (ABA) on photosynthetic intensity of grapevine leaf and relationship between the plant organs in different phases of vegetation was studied. The influence of phytohormones on stomatal conductivity was investigated. Application of all growth regulatores on leaves Pi=5-6 or clusters of Vitis vinifera L., Variety Rkatsiteli, intensifies the photosynthetic activity of leaves, especially in the case of cluster treatment which causes more essential alteration in source-sink relations. BAP and IAA considerably increased stomatal conductivity, while ABA decreased it.


Genetics and Selection

M. Kacharava

The Influence of the Excess Content of Heavy Metals on the Pollen Grains

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Jokhadze, June 25, 1997

Abstract. We measured the content of heavy metals (Cu, Mn, Zn, Fe) in pollen grains of some plants causing allergy. Itís proved that the amount of these metals in pollen grains has increased greatly recently, which in its turn decreased the fertility of pollen grains.


Human and animal physiology

G. Todua

Neuronal Activity Evoked in Amygdaloid Complex after Stimulation of the Orbital Gyrus

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V. Mosidze, April 30, 1997

Abstract. Unitary responses, evoked in the amygdaloid complex after stimulation of the orbital gyrus were studied in the anesthetized cats. Over 50% of the units in the basolateral part of amygdala were responded to stimulation. Predominant type of responses in amygdala was polyphasic. The possibility of mono- and polysynaptic connections from orbital gyrus to amygdaloid complex was discussed.


Human and Animal Physiology

A. Kezeli, K. Anjaparidze, N. Lomashvili

Colour Constancy in Cats

Presented by Academician T. Oniani, June 16, 1997

Abstract. Besides the ability of colour discrimination cats have the ability of constant perception of colours. This means, that cats have a perfect colour system which is able to accomplish the essential biological task - to recognize the objects by their colours.


Human and animal physiology

T. Kipiani, D. Kipiani, M. Gogoberidze

Dynamics of Systolic Arterial Pressure and Heart Rhythms at Modelling of Informational Pathology

Presented by Academician T. Oniani, June 11, 1997

ABSTRACT. Comparative study of blood circulation at modelling of informational pathology by various methods were provided. Different changes of pulse and pressure dynamics of experimental animals (white rats) were observed. In case of testing of animals by a direct method of deferred reactions of short-term memory, dynamics of pressure and pulse changes was not altered. At testing the animals by indirect methods, regulation of the named parameters were altered, that was manifested in their periodic deviations from stable levels (either increasing or decreasing). At informational overloading of defense conditional reflex memory similar changes of pulse and pressure were observed, but in this case limits of change of pressure and the frequencies of pulse were much wider.



K. Adeishvili, D. Khoshtariya, G. Getashvili, M. Makharadze,
Academician M. Zaalishvili

Calorimetric Study of a-Chymotrypsin Heat Denaturation at Various pH and KCl Concentration

Presented August 11, 1997

ABSTRACT. Heat denaturation of a-chymotrypsin has been studied in solutions with different pH and KCl concentration using scanning microcalorimetry method. According to our data heat denaturation of a-chymotrypsin may be approximated by a simple two-state model only at definite conditions. It seems that in most cases unfolding of protein passes through distinct intermediate states.



D. Chubinidze, V. Chubinidze, T. Beriashvili, L. Beradze

Metabolism of Volatile Oil in Ocimum Gratissimum

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Nutsubidze, March 20, 1997

Abstract. It has been shown that major components of volatile oil of evgenol and nonphenolic fraction formed at photosynthesis, actively participate in plant turnover.



G. Chkadua, Z. Kometiani

Definition of Number of Essential Activators by Means of Kinetic Curve Form Analysis

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V. Mosidze, February 20, 1997

ABSTRACT. On the basis of form analysis of curves obtained as a result of the power transformation of enzyme velocity and ligand concentration, it is possible to determine the number of the essential activators (n). The essential conditions of the correct choice of the working interval and the calculation stages through which n is defined (by the evaluation of the mean, its error and validity) are given.



G. Naskidashvili, Z. Sikharulidze

Sources of Wheat Resistance to the Leaf Rust Population in Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy B. Kurashvili, April 19, 1997

ABSTRACT. The wheat cultivars and isogenic lines with genes Lr9, Lr19, Lr24, Lr29, Lr1, Lr27+31, Lr32 revealed resistant reactions to wheat leaf rust Georgian population in both seedlings and adult stages. The seedlings of cultivars (lines) carrying Lr12, Lr13, Lr15, Lr18, Lr22a, Lr23, Lr25, Lr23+10, Lr27+31 are characterized by the suspectible reactions, but adult plants of the ones exhibit the resistant reactions.



V.Yasnosh, G.Japoshvili

Japanese Wax Scale and Natural Enemies in Tbilisi

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy I.Eliava, November 6, 1997

ABSTRACT. Japanese wax scale Ceroplastes japonicus Green (Homoptera, Coccoidea) and later its parazitoid Microterys clauseni Compere (Hymenoptera, Encyrtidae) have been recently spread and acclimatized in the plantations of Tbilisi city, far away from their primary areal and in different climatic conditions.

The results of observations of the process of uncontrolled distribution of entomophagous insect together with the host (ecesis), which is very important for the theory and practice of biological control, are discussed.


Parasytology and Helminthology

N. Mikaia

To the Study of Lamellicorn Beetles in Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I. Eliava, October 20, 1997

Abstract. Among six species of lamellicorn beetles (Insecta Scarabaeidae) twenty-five forms of parasite nematodes are registered. Twenty of them are defined as species. The similarity according to the hosts is established. Invasion intensity and the variation index of invasion of the beetles are calculated.



M.Gabrichidze, M.Zarandia, E.Tcherkezia, P.Chelidze,
Corr. Member of the Academy G.Tumanishvili

Localization and Spatial Distribution of Ribosomal-Genes Transcription Sites in Certain Tissue Cells Nucleoli in situ

Presented October 2, 1997

Abstract. Spatial arrangement of the localization and transcription sites of ribosomal RNA-genes have been studied in ring-shaped nucleoli of liver capillary endotheliocytes and reticular nucleoli of kidney proximal tubules epitheliocytes of the guinea-pig. It has been shown that active sites of r-genes are not equally distributed even within one fibrillar centre and the areas of their localization design the topography of dense fibrillar component. Inactive sites of r-genes are mainly localized in intranucleolar condensed chromatin on the surface of adjoining fibrillar centres. In a moderately active reticular nucleolus active sites of r-genes are simultaneously activated with the fragmentation of the fibrillar centres, being distributed over the surfaces of the fibrillar centres and dense fibrillar component strands.



E. Kvavadze, I. Gabashvili

Reflection of Anthropogenic Activity in Pollen Spectra of Bottom Sediments of Lake Shavi (East Georgia)

Presented by Academician L.Gabunia, June 19, 1997

ABSTRACT. Main regularities of reflection of human activity in pollen spectra of bottom and soil sediments are revealed on the basis of palynological analysis. Pollen of anthropogenic indicators is classified. The block-diagram showing clearly the proportion of pascual, segetal and ruderal spectrum elements is constructed.

The data obtained indicate that stock-raising as a main form of human economic activity in this region is fully represented in the pollen spectra by predominance of pascual elements.



Academician K. Nadareishvili, M. Nikolaishvili, G. Jordanishvili

Modification of Aggressiveness, Behaviour in "Open Field" and Monoaminergic System Activity in X-Irradiated Rats

Presented June 16, 1997

ABSTRACT. The effects of ionizing radiation on aggressive and non-aggressive rats behaviour in open field and on the distribution of biogenic amines and serotonin receptors in different brain areas (anterior and posterior parts of the cerebral hemispheres, hippocampus, colliculus) have been studied.



M.Gabunia, R.Tutberidze

Effect of Technogene Pollution on Anatomical Structure of Some Species of Woody Plants Leaves in Western Georgia

Presented by Academician G.Gigauri, October 2, 1997

ABSTRACT. The paper presents the results of morphological examinations of changes occurred in leaves of the four species of woody plants caused by technogene factors. Due to technogene pollution plant leaves take the properties characteristic to xerophytes having xeromorphous structure. In conditions of the Western Georgia ash Iraxinus excelsior Z. is considered to be the most stable against harmful industrial by-products.


experiMental medicine

V. Chikvaidze

What Mechanisms Should Underlie the Development of Alcohol Addiction

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V. Mosidze, June 11, 1997

Abstract. We aimed to find out what biological basis has alcohol addiction and then the development of alcoholism. It was found out that from 20 rats placed in individual cages 5-6 of them preferred 15% alcohol to water. The investigation shows that alcohol addiction should be developed in the organism in the result of elaboration of pathological reflexes; the latter was induced by chronic alcohol intake.


Experimental medicine


Immunologic Status of Patients with Chronic Staphyloderma

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N.Tatishvili, October 2, 1997

ABSTRACT. The paper reports the results of examinations on patients infected by chronic staphyloderma. T-lymphocytes and their subpopulations B-lymphocytes, G, M and A class immunoglobulins are studied. It is established that immunodeficiency while chronic staphyloderma is caused by the increase of T-lymphocytes and decrease of T-helpers.


Experimental Medicine

K.Kavtiashvili, T.Machavariani, E.Uchaneishvili

The Results of Treatment of Acute Liver Failure According to Autoradiographic Data

Presented by Academician N. Javakhishvili, May 23, 1997

Abstract. The interconnection of morpho-functional changes of liver and cellular capacity to synthesize RNA and DNA in condition of the acute liver failure (ALF) and after the administration of the newborn allogenic hepatocytes (NAH) was studied by the autoradiographic method.



N. Amiridze

Georgian Grammaticalized Body-Part Ďtav-í and the Economic Motivation of Language

Presented by Corr.-Member of the Academy A. Gvakharia, November 24, 1997

ABSTRACT: Analysing the distribution of the Georgian reflexive construction with a grammaticalized body-part noun as its head, the author tries to show that nouns undergoing grammaticalization retain the formal feature of nouns and act as third person entities. It is also shown that behind POSS + tav- there is an economic motivation.



M. Odzeli

Translation and Science of Translation

(An Attempt at Classification of Facts and Analysis)

Presented by Academician G. Tsitsishvili, September 25, 1997

Abstract. For the classification of the variety of translation, the branches of study of the problems of translation and the methods of research I have tried to develop the computer model which will be the basis of the systematization of the questions bound up with this problem.



A. Tvaradze

One Motif of "Parcifal" in "The Snakeskin"

Presented by Academician D. Muskhelishvili, June 27, 1997

Abstract. According to Wolfram von Eschenbach, the father and the son and the brothers are one entity. In "Parcifal" one encounters this idea in the tale of Gakhmuret-Parcifal-Fairefic. Grigol Robakidze picked up and expanded this idea in his work " The Snakeskin".



Z. Tsotniashvili

Roots of the Georgian Novel

Presented by Academician G. Tsitsishvili, December 2, 1997

Abstract. The aim of the present letter is to investigate the origin of the novel as genre. The idea is advanced that the Georgian novel takes its roots as far back as in the 7th century. The most ancient of the old Georgian collective stories "Limonari" by Ioane Moskhi has been analysed.


History of art

O. Giorgadze

The Problem of Art and Nature in Hegelís "Aesthetics"

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G.Sharadze, November 11, 1997

ABSTRACT. The problems of beauty and nature in a esthetics of Hegel are considered in the paper. New positions of understanding of the sense of ideal nature and social aim of art are given.



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