volume 157 number 3 May-June


G. Oniani

On Upper and Lower Derivatives of Lebesgue Integral

Presented by Academician L. Zhizhiashvili, October 6, 1997.

Abstract. In the paper the Guzman-Menarges’ theorem about possible meanings of upper and lower derivatives of Lebesgue integral is generalized. Herewith it’s shown that the established theorem does not extend on homothety invariant density bases formed of convex sets.


N. Tsalugelashvili

The Construction of the Bases of Some Eight Step Cusp Form Spaces

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Kh. Inassaridze, November 10, 1997

Abstract. The modular properties of general theta-functions with characteristics are used to build the basis of the cusp form spaces corresponding to some diagonal eight step quadratic forms. It gives the opportunity of obtaining formulae for the number of representations of positive integers by these forms.

M. Shubladze

On Finite Multiplicity of a Hypersurface Singularity

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N. Berikashvili, October 20, 1997.

Abstract. For hypersurface singularity of type Ak-1 the criterion of finite multiplicity is proved.

D. Gordeziani, N. Gordeziani, G. Avalishvili

Non-Local Boundary Value Problems for Some Partial
Differential Equations

Presented by Academician T. Burchuladze, November 3, 1997

ABSTRACT. The results of investigation of non-local boundary value problems for some type of elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic equations are presented. The non-local boundary value problems considered in this article comprise boundary conditions of the type of Bitsadze-Samarskii conditions or some versions of their generalization. In the case of rather wide class of elliptic and parabolic equations suggested iteration method allows not only to prove the existence and uniqueness of solution of the non-local problem, but also to construct an algorithm for numerical resolution. For some particular forms of hyperbolic equations a method of direct construction of solutions is given. The uniqueness for rather general type hyperbolic equations is proved using the properties of the solution on characteristics.



On Spectral Coshape Theory

Presented by Academician G.Chogoshvili, November 20, 1997

ABSTRACT. In this paper the spectral coshape category having all objects of an arbitrary category for objects is constructed. The internal categorical description of coshape category is also given .







On the Asymptotic Method of Solution of One Class of Nonlinear Mixed Problems of Mathematical Physics

Presented by Academician T.Burchuladze, February 5,1998

ABSTRACT. This work proposes an asymptotic method of solution for a system of nonlinear nonhomogeneous equations of one class of mixed problems with an unknown external boundary in the domain. The system of equations describes an adiabatic spherical and symmetrical motion of a gravitating gas, while a moving shock or detonation wave (a spherical surface where the solution undergoes the first kind of discontinuity) is the external boundary of the domain.

G. Tsuladze

Structuring Facilities in the Language "Ladis" for Designing Information Systems

Presented by Academician V. Chavchanidze, October 27, 1997

ABSTRACT. The language for aggregation and structurization of data in the information tasks is defined. Some operations of construction of complex data structures are considered. A corresponding example is also given.

Z. Kipshidze, G. Ananiashvili

Decision Making Informational Model for Ergative Systems

Presented by Academician V. Chavchanidze, July 31, 1997

Abstract. Experts knowledge based on computing consultant-system construction problem is considered. Using correcting codes theory mathematical apparatus, control and decision making general informational model for the ergative systems is suggested.

A. Gabelaia, V. Ivanenko

On the Use of Statistical Regularity Concept in Decision-Making

Presented by Academician V. Chichinadze, September 15, 1997

Abstract. The examples of statistically stable and unstable realizations of unknown parameter are given. The application of statistical regularity concept in decision making is shown.

V. Gersamia, M. Kvernadze, M. Mirianashvili, Sh.Mirianashvili, A.Mirtskhulava

The Investigation of Photoelectrical Characteristics of Silicon Semiconductor Structures by Dynamical Lattice Method

Presented by Academician N. Amaglobeli, June 27, 1997.

Abstract. By dynamical lattice method based on the phenomenon of light diffraction on light-inducted periodical structure (lattice) from non-balanced charge carriers the photoelectrical characteristics of semiconductor structures has been investigated on the basis of monocrystal silicon. It has been shown that the dynamical method sensibly expresses the quality of plate surface treatment through effective lives of non-balanced charge because of difference of surface recombination rates.



V. Kashia, P. Kervalishvili, I. Zhvania, Academician R. Salukvadze

Universal Method for Control of Heat Carrier Leakage from Various Contours

Presented November 3, 1997

Abstract. In the article the need for the elaboration express methods for the monitoring leak-proofness of the electric power generation and heat transfer systems in every kind of power units is substantiated. It is shown that one of the most promising directions in the leak-proofness control for the electric power generation and heat transfer contours of power units is the creation of a universal method of leakage monitoring.

The block-diagram of an electronic system based on personal computer enabling the registration with high precision of the starting moments of leakage of a working medium out of a circulation contour is represented.

Based on the electronic systems there may be developed automated remote control systems for the monitoring of the welding seams leak-proofness along fuel (oil, gas, mazot) pipelines, which would be capable and instantly registrate the starting moments of fuel leakage out of the pipelines, and also indicate the places where they occur and switch on alarm and protection systems.

A. Gerasimov, G. Chiradze, N. Kutivadze, A. Bibilashvili, Z. Bokhochadze

Influence of Isotropisation of Chemical Bonds on Anisotropy of Photomechanical Effect

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, November 20, 1997

Abstract. The anisotropy of photomechanical effect (PME) is experimentally studied on monocrystalline Si, illuminated by photons of various spectral composition. It is shown, that nonequilibrium charge carriers arising under influence of light, promote change of atoms positions not only owing to weakening of chemical bond strength, but also as a result of decrease of chemical bond anisotropy, that causes change of microhardness (MH) anisotropy.

I. Loria

Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves on the Periodic Thin Strip Lattice Located in Medium

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, December 25, 1997

Abstract. By strict mathematical approximation and using a method of iteration there has been solved a task of diffraction on flat electromagnetic wave on the lattice formed on thin infinitely long, completely conductive strips located in a matter medium. Analytical expression for the diffraction spectrum of scattered field was obtained.

Corr. Member of the Academy R.Kiladze, T.Kvernadze, M.Gikoshvili

Observation of Saturn Rings in Abastumani in 1995

Presented October 6, 1997

Abstract. During the Earth transition through the plane of Saturn’s rings in 1995 the observations of this phenomenon were fulfilled in Abastumani Astrophysical Observatory. The moment of one of these observations exactly coincides with the transition moment. The thickness of rings was estimated in 12 points. Their preliminary values vary in the bounds of 3-6 km.


O. Manjgaladze, F. Brouchek, N. Telia

Acid-Base Properties of Azo- and Oxiazo-Derivatives of Rodanine and their Application Ability in Chemical Analysis

Presented by Academician G. Tsintsadze, September 8, 1997

Abstract. It was established that azo- and oxiazo-derivatives of rodanine are perspective reagents for analytical chemistry and photometry.

V.Eristavi, V.Ivanov, D.Eristavi, N.Kutsiava

Atomic-Absorption Methods of Determining Molybdenum in Sulfuric Acid

Presented by Academician T.Andronikashvili, May 11, 1995

ABSTRACT. Atom absorption spectrophotometric method of determining molybdenum in sulfuric acid has been developed using it in technological processes of producing hydroxyl-amino sulfate in Rustavi Industrial Amalgamation "Azote". The essence of the method is to determine the value of selective absorption of emission of resonance lines by the atoms of the analyzing element by means of atomic-absorption spectrophotometer "Saturn".

I.Samadashvili, T.Macharadze

Synthesis of Mg-Zn Ferrites and their Properties

Presented by Academician G.Tsintsadze, December 22, 1997

ABSTRACT. Complex Mg-Zn ferrites were obtained by the ceramic method. Chemical and X-ray analysis were performed. Stoichiometry was found to be fairly well sustained and all the types had spinel structure. A linear dependence was noted between the elementary cell constant and composition.

G. Khelashvili, R.I.Gigauri, M. Indjia, L. Gurgenishvili, R.D.Gigauri

Coordination Compounds of d-Metals Monothioarsenates with Pyridine

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy J. Japaridze, July 10, 1997

ABSTRACT. Monothioarsenates pyridinates of d-metals of composition [MPy]3(AsO3S)2, where M=Ni, Co, Zn, Cd, Hg in hydrochemical conditions were synthesized. Their composition and constitution by chemical analysis, IR-spectroscopy, and X-ray crystal determination were studied.

D. Tsakadze, M. Gverdtsiteli

Algebraic Investigation of the Alkaloids from Plants of Cocculus Family

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Ugrekhelidze, October 3, 1997

Abstract. The alkaloids from plant of cocculus family - coculine, coculidine and coclaphine were studied by modernized ANB-matrices (quazi-). Diagonal elements of quazi--matrices represent atomic number of chemical elements (or molecular fragments), whereas nondiagonal ones - multiplicities of chemical bonds.



M.Rukhadze, Academician V. Okujava, M. Sebiskveradze, M. Rogava, S. Tsagareli

Determination and Evaluation of Solvent Strength Parameter in Conventional Reversed-Phase, Ion-Pair and Micellar

Presented July 31, 1997

Abstract. The influence of organic modifiers additives on the retention of barbiturates in reversed-phase, ion-pair and micellar chromatography have been studied. The values of solvent strength (S) parameters in the range of linear dependence between retention and organic modifier content were determined. The fluctuation of S parameter with increase of molecular mass of investigated compounds is negligible in the presence of micellar aggregates.

A.Nadiradze, K.Ukleba, Academician G.Gvelesiani , J.Baratashvili, D.Tsagareishvili, J.Omiadze

A New Method of the Calculation of Standard Enthalpy of Formation of Double Oxides

Presented September 15, 1997

ABSTRACT. The new equation for calculation the standard enthalpy formation of double oxides from simple oxides was derived on the basis of experimental data of DHo298 for various classes of double oxides and PC program.

E.Kachibaya, Corr. Member of the Academy L.Japaridze, R.Akhvlediani, Sh.Japaridze, T.Paykidze, R.Imnadze

Synthesis and Structure of Spinel Type Lithium- Manganese Composition

Presented July 14, 1997

Abstract. Solid state interaction reaction of MnO2 and Li2CO3 in the temperature range 20-10000C has been investigated. It has been found that phase composition of synthesis products depends on molar ratio of Mn:Li in source charge. Formation of pure-phase cubic spinel LiMn2O4 takes place when Mn:Li = 2:1 and synthesis temperature is 8500C. By regulation of acidic treatment of LiMn2O4 it is possible to obtain a series of spinel type structure composition as LixMn2O4, 0 < x < 1.


L. Baiadze, G. Gaprindashvili, O. Modebadze, J. Nakaidze, N. Papunashvili,
Academician G. Tsintsadze

Investigation of Some Physico-Chemical Properties of High-Manganese Boron Oxide Glassy Semiconductors

Presented August 4, 1997

Abstract. The intermediate reactions in the melt of glass during synthesis of high-manganese boron oxide glassy semiconductors (OGS) have been investigated. These reactions make possible to establish the technological cycle for melting of the glass with predetermined electrophysical parameters. We have shown that the stability of electrophysical parameters of OGS with composition of 2CaO×3B2O3×2MnO×2MnO2 depends on the coordinational environment of cations (B3+, Mn2+, Mn4+, Ca2+). On the basis of such glasses the switching electronic elements having stable threshold voltage can be produced.



Contemporary Tendencies of Demographic Processes Development in Kutaisi City

Presented by Academician G.Svanidze, February 2, 1998

ABSTRACT. A study of demographic processes in Kutaisi city in the nineties has demonstrated a decrease of population caused on the one hand by hard political and economic situation and on the the other hand by a decrease of birth and increase of death among the population being employed. Inappropriate demographic policy in Kutaisi is regarded as national crisis.


M. Tvalchrelidze

Geological History of the Sokhumi Peninsula in Late Pleistocene and Holocene

Presented by Academician I. Gamkrelidze, August 14, 1997

Abstract. Forming of the Sokhumi peninsula started in the Lower Holocene, at the terminative stage of the transgression of the Black Sea New Euxinic basin and at the end of the Upper Holocene it gained its recent form. Glacio-eustatic transgression of the Black Sea and world ocean, volumes of alluvions delivered by rivers into the coastal line and litho and morphodynamics of the coast-line are of determinative role in its formation.


Sh. Keleptrishvili

Stratigraphical Significance of the Early Cretaceous Belemnitida of Georgia

Presented by Academician I. Gamkrelidze, July 7, 1997

ABSTRACT. The Lower Cretaceous sediments of Georgia are well characterized by belemnites. The scheme of division of inclusive sediments is given on the basis of the development stages of these organisms.


Transfer Function of a Single Way Pendulum Rope Way Mechanical System

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy K.Betaneli, October 30, 1997

ABSTRACT. Longitudinal oscillations of rope way draught rope are considered on the basis of wave equations. Lumped masses on it are examined using d function. Transfer functions of the system are proposed for the case when perturbation acts upon the driving pulley or the car.


Self-regulation Coefficient of Welding Current

Presented by Academician R.Adamia, December 31, 1997

ABSTRACT. The effect of a machine impedance and a welding zone resistance on the spot welding joint strength is considered. Self-regulation coefficient of welding current is introduced.






Academician Ts. Mirtskhoulava

On the Assessment of Erosion Processes Effect on the Social Tension in the Society

Presented October 2, 1997

Abstract. The possibilities and perspectives of use of the modern theory of reliability for assessment of a quality of the environment condition, ecosystems, including erosion processes are described. Some aspects of the assessment of erosion processes effect on the social tension in the society are presented.


Estimation of Slope Reliability from the Point of View of Erosion Caused by Rain

Presented by Academician Ts.Mirtskhoulava, November 18, 1997

ABSTRACT. The method of estimation of slope stability in soil erosion is suggested with account of basic factors causing erosion and the danger of ravine formation on the slope.


The Influence of Hydrometeoroligic Factors on the Economy of Commercial Sea Passages

Presented by Academician G. Svanidze, May 5, 1998

Abstract. Economic benefit of the sea passage greatly depends on hydrometeorological factors. Simplified expression to calculate the total of aero and hydrodynamic resistance of the ship in unfavourable weather is suggested. To evaluate the economy of the commercial passage of the ship the expression profitable for sea practice is offered.


O. Labadze, M. Tsertsvadze, G. Kublashvili, P. Manjavidze

Mutual Inductance between Flat-Parallel Convex Contours
Having Conjugate Pieces

Presented by Academician M. Salukvadze, September 15, 1997

Abstract. The effect of the angular displacement on the mutual inductance between flat-parallel convex contours having conjugate pieces is considered. Appropriate characteristics are obtained on computer.

A. Chaduneli, A. Kurtishvili, G. Cheishvili, I. Lomtatidze

Digital Representation of a Continuous Process with a Wide Dynamic and Frequency Spectrum

Presented by Academician M. Salukvadze, August 14, 1997

Abstract. A principle and technical solution of transformation in a digital form of a continuous process with a wide dynamic range and frequency spectrum in the case of an analog-digital restricted efficiency transformer is given. The principle has been worked out particularly at processing seismic data.



R. Lortkipanidze

         Agroindustrial Characteristics of the Main Types of Soils of Imereti Region

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Urushadze, January 26, 1998

ABSTRACT. The characters and compositions of mountain meadow, brownforest, rendzina-carbonate, red, yellow, yellow-podzolic (subtropical-podzolic) and the meadow alluvial soils are investigated according to the agricultural development program of the region. Agroindustrial characteristics of the soils and measures for increasing of the soils productivity are given.


Systematic Structure of the Adjarian Adventive Flora

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Nakhutsrishvili, October 29, 1997

ABSTRACT. In the present letter systematic structure of the Adjarian adventive flora is proposed. Intensive process of antropogenic transformation of the Adjarian flora takes place during the last decades.

G. Todua

Electrophysiological investigation of the Descending Connections of the Posterior and Anterior Sylvian gyri with the Amygdaloid Complex

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V. Mosidze, July 17, 1997

Abstract. Studies have been made on the distribution of the evoked potentials in amygdala during stimulation of the posterior and anterior sylvian gyri in acute experiments on cats under nembutal anesthesia. Potentials with the largest amplitude arise in basolateral part of the amygdaloid complex and central nucleus. Evoked potentials in cortical and medial nuclei sharply differ from those, registered in basolateral amygdala. Responses with the shortest latency (4.6-10ms) were registered in dorsal part of lateral nucleus. This fact is accounted for by the existence of direct corticofugal pathways.

N. Archvadze

Active Avoidance Reactions (AAR) Dynamics in Rats with Dorsal Hippocampus Bilateral Coagulation

Presented by Academician V. Okudjava, June 17, 1997

Abstract. Dorsal hippocampus bilateral coagulation deteriorates reactions on the painful irritant and conditional warning. Coagulation causes decrease of fear and inqusitive reactions. It is supposed that operated rats' specific state with lower emotional-motivational conditions in “open field” - self relieve ability by grooming and fear decrease depending on low motor activity - causes deterioration of learning processes.

E.Chikvaidze, I.Kirikashvili, A.Lebanidze.

Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) of Copper Proteins and Some Model Systems

Presented by Academician M.Zaalishvili, February 12, 1998

ABSTRACT. Spectrum analysis of electronic spin resonances (ESR) has been carried out in order to find the correlation between the structure of Cu(II)-complexes of copper proteins and ferments and fermentative activity.The structure of Cu(II)-complexes and ligating atoms were examined in copper proteins and in some model systems. It was shown that in contrast to copper proteins and ferments the parameters of ESR typical for blue copper ions were not observed. The correlation between the chemical nature and coordinating number of ligating atoms with Cu(II) and spectrum parameters ESR was noted also.

M. Melikishvili, G. Mikadze, L.Visochec, Academician M. Zaalishvili

Thermal Denaturation of Rabbit Gastric Muscle Tropomyosin

Presented July 31, 1997

Abstract. By the microcalorimetry method the structural stability of rabbit gastric muscle tropomyosin has been studied. It has been established that while the physiological values of ionic strength the molecule of tropomyosin is on the verge of melting and that the unfolding of molecule is a multistepped process with three pronounced peaks, which indicates that there are at least three structural areas in the molecule of rabbit gastric muscle tropomyosin which differ from each other by thermostability and hence they are characterized by the different molecular structural particularities.

J.Gogorishvili, R.Sujashvili, Academician M.Zaalishvili

Some of the Physico-Chemical Properties of Proteins Extracted from the Kidney by 0.5M KCl Solution

Presented July 24, 1997

ABSTRACT. "pH 5.5 fraction" of proteins extracted from the rabbit kidney by 0.5M KCl solution has been studied by using superprecipitation, enzyme and viscometry methods. The fraction has not proved properties typical of myosin and actomyosin either in the presence or in the absence of skeletal muscle F-actin. The facts would be caused by the absence of calmodulin dependent light chain kinase in the fraction. The kinase is necessary for activation of thymus, platelet and some kinds of vertabrate smooth muscle myosin.

L.Shanshiashvili, Ch.Todadze, I.Chogovadze, N.Natsvlishvili, G.Lezhava, D.Mikeladze

The Influence of Toluene and Ethyl Alcohol on Opiate and Dopamine Receptor Activity in Rat Brain.

Presented by the Corr.Member of the Academy V.Mosidze, September 25,1997

ABSTRACT. It has been shown that chronic ethanol and toluene treatment of rats gave similar results on the activity of dopamine and opioid receptors. It was found that both substances reduce the density of D2-dopamine receptors in Nucleus accumbens and Globus pallidus. In addition, it was shown that both treatments upregulated k and m opioid receptors and downregulated d opioid receptors in hippocampus. These results suggested that toluene-like ethanol has addictive properties and may be used by abusers.

G. Gigolashvili, T. Dalalishvili, Corr.Member of the Academy D. Jokhadze

Comparative Study of Some Varieties of Mulberry Trees (Genera Morus) by the Method of Isoelectric Focusing

Presented September 15, 1997

Abstract. Interspecific difference between M. alba and M. nigra and between M. alba var. GrusNIISH-4 and M. nigra var. Hybrid-2 have been shown by the isoelectric focusing of mulberry bud proteins. However difference at least of three kinds of protein is same in both species. At least one variety-specific protein for each varieties of M.alba have been observed.

M. Jincharadze, G. Pruidze, N. Omiadze, N. Mchedlishvili.

Effect of Tea-Leaf Peptides on the Monophenol Monooxygenase and Catechol Oxydase Activities.

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Ugrekhelidze, August 25, 1997

Abstract. The influence of tea-leaf peptides on the monophenol monooxygenase and catechol oxidase activities has been studied. It has been shown that the peptides have a regulatory effect on the leaf monophenol monooxygenase and catechol oxidase activities and at the same time affect the monophenol monooxygenase and catechol oxidase activities differently.

M. Gomarteli, T. Janelidze

Usage of Thermostable Xylanase Preparation Obtained from Allescheria terresstris for Plant Waste Hydrolysis

Presented by Academician G. Kvesitadze, May 27, 1997

Abstract. In order to obtain sugar by nontraditional method, hydrolysis of vine cuttings has been carried out by means of enzyme preparation from microscopic fungi Allescheria terrestris. Maximum hydrolysis is reached after 24 hours. Deepness of hydrolysis was 18% of cellulose and 12% of hemicellulose. The obtained sugar mixture is used as alternative sugar source for preparing of sparkling wine by the process of secondary fermentation.

N. Manvelidze, E. Adeishvili, E. Kvesitadze

Selection of Antibiotic-Producing Basidiomycetes

Presented by Academician G. Kvesitadze, December 20, 1997

ABSTRACT. Basidiomycetes constitute a major class of higher fungi and have been used for medical purposes and as food since ancient times. Over 30 000 species of this group of fungi have been described. In order to get the maximum biosynthesis of antibiotics of basidiomycetes: Oudemansiella species, Oudemansiela mucida, Agaricus species, Pterula - 1 and 2 and Xerula chrysopepla - 1,2 and 3 the optimum conditions for their deep cultivation have been chosen.

E. Tavdishvili, P. Chelidze, D. Dzidziguri, E. Cherkezia, Academician G. Tumanishvili

The Study of Interdependency between the Changes of RNA Synthesis Intensity and the Morphological Transformation of White Rat Hepatocyte Nucleoli in Postnatal Period of Development

Presented September 15, 1997

Abstract. In the postnatal period of development of white rats there is a direct interdependency between the ultrastructural transformation of nucleoli and their transcriptional activity.

M. Zimmermann, T. Ebanoidze

The Treatment of the Postextraction Syndrome with Taurolin®

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Dekanosidze, September 1, 1997

Abstract. In a controlled clinical study with a total of 200 patients the broad spectrum agent and antitoxin taurolidine (Taurolin®) was clearly superior to conventional medication with the broad spectrum antibiotic chlortetracycline (Aureomycin) when applied topically to treat the postextraction syndrome (PS). Compared with the conventionally treated patient group, the clinical control parameters such as pain, swelling, secretion, tenderness to pressure and remission (secondary target criteria) in the Taurolin® group exhibited not only a markedly more rapid normalization of the score-data during the initial phase, but also an appreciably shorter interval until the patients were symptom-free. Age, gender, localization of the lesion or facultative systemic antibiotic or analgetic administration had no demonstrable effect in the course of the treatment, although the patients in the reference group required concomitant medication with antibiotics (p=0.007) and analgetics (p=0.01) considerably more often than those in the Taurolin group.

T.Shatilova, I.Oniani, M.Chikovani, Z. Zambakhidze

Organo-specific Stimulation as a Method of Treatment of the Pigmentary Dystrophy of the Retina

Presented by Academician T.Dekanosidze, October 20, 1997

ABSTRACT: 16 patients with retinitis pigmentosa underwent embryonal sclera transplantation. Positive results were received on the part of visual acuity and visual field. The authors explain it by the fact, that embryonal tissue causes stimulation of the regeneration process in recipient's eye. Functional improvement is connected with mitogenic radiation.

L. Gogichaishvili, M. Chikhladze, N. Meskhishvili

Spring Palynospectra of Tbilisi and Dynamics of Allergic Diseases in Children in 1997

Presented by Academician T. Oniani, January 1, 1998

Abstract. Content of pollen grains of allergenic plants in aerospectra was studied in various districts of Tbilisi. Material was obtained from 13 districts in the second and third decades of March and in April. In March the alder, willow, hazelnut and elm pollen grains were mostly observed. In April walnut, platan, maple, mulberry, vine, lilac, timothy-grass, nettle, milfoil pollen grains added to their number. Pollen amount greatly increased in April, in accordance with it the number of people with pollinosis increased as well.


The Metaphor of Torturer and Victim as the Basis of World Perception

Presented by Academician G.Tsitsishvili, December 31, 1997

ABSTRACT. The metaphor of torture and victim as a model of world new outlook reveals new properties, filling the knowledge and imagination with fresh meanings. By the united model of opposites those intentions of cultural values consciously or unconsciously born by the artistic image will be restored .


Terminology of Old Georgian Professional Music according to Old Tropologion

Presented by Academician V.Beridze, February 11, 1988

ABSTRACT. Old Tropologion is the first independent hymnographic collection of Middle Ages for musical terminology. Earlier synonymic terms of chant and data on the forms of chanting performance have been analyzed.