volume 158 number 1 Jule-August



R.Gachechiladze, O.Maisaia

Signorini's Problem in the Couple-Stress Elasticity and its Reduction to the Boundary Variational Inequalities

Presented by Academician T.Burchuladze, October 23, 1997

Abstract. The first part of the present paper is the realization of the general theory of abstract, one-sided problems for systems of equations of statics of the couple-stress elasticity for inhomogeneous, anisotropic elastic media. In the second part by using the method of boundary variational inequalities we study Signorini's problem, which allows one to investigate these problems for outer regions in the case of homogeneous anisotropic media.



Uniform Convergence and Summability of Multiple
Trigonometric Series

Presented by Academician L.Zhizhiashvili, May 5, 1998

Abstract. The paper presents the results on the uniform convergence and summability of the negative order of special trigonometric series by the method of Cesaro.




Convergence and Summability of Multiple Fourier-Walsh Series in LP([0,1]N), PÎ [1, +¥ ] Metrics

Presented by Academician L.Zhizhiashvili, September 15, 1997

Abstract. In this paper we study the convergence and summability of N-multiple Fourier-Walsh series in LP([0,1]N), PÎ [1, +¥ ] metrics. In case P = ¥ by LP, we mean Cr to be the collection of uniformly r - continuous function endowed with the supremum norm and the convergence is defined in Pringsheim sense.


S.Kemkhadze, Z.Rostomashvili

General Geometric Lattices

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy H.Inassaridze, November 30, 1997

Abstract. According to J.von Neumann one of the main problems of the lattice theory is the axiomatic description of PG(K, X) - the lattice of submodules of the torsion free K-module X. A.A.Lashkhi solved this problem for the principal ideal domain. These ideas are developed and generalised in the present paper.



K. von Staudt's Theorem over Ore Domains

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy H.Inassaridze, December 15,1997

Abstract. Cross-ration, harmonic quadruple and K.von Staudt's theorem for free modules over left Ore domains are studied.





On the Symmetrically Continuity of Two Variables Functions

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V. Kokilashvili, January 5, 1998

ABSTRACT. We introduce the notions of symmetrically continuity, separately symmetrically continuity in the strong and in the angular senses for functions of two variables. The relation between them is established. Some of the known properties equivalent to continuity with respect to each of the variables are not preserved to symmetrically continuity. We also introduce one more notion of symmetrically continuity that is non-comparable to symmetrically continuity.



On the Integrability of Strong Maximal Functions

Presented by Academician L.Zhizhiashvili, March 5, 1998

Abstract. In the present paper it is studied if it's possible for the given set of frames E to construct the function f such that 1) Mq ( f ) is non-integrable on (0,1)2 for every q Î E, and 2) Mq ( f ) is integrable on {Mq ( f ) > 1} for every q Ï E, where Mq denotes the strong maximal operator corresponding to the frame q .



On the Order of Decrease of Fourier Coefficients

Presented by Academician L.Zhizhiashvili, November 3, 1997

Abstract. It is proved that there exists complete double orthonormal system ONS at which Fourier coefficients of functions from Lp(p ³ 1, l ¥ º C) by this system converge to zero faster than Fourier-Haar coefficients.



Realization of Optimal Elastic Connections in Contact Zone by Selection of Destructing Instrument Parameters

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy K.Betaneli, June 4, 1998

Abstract. Destructing instrument parameters for realization of optimal elastic connections in contact zone are considered in the paper.


L.Mgaloblishvili, A.Tsomaia

New Mathematical Basis for General Theory of Electromechanical System Needed

Presented by Academician R.Salukvadze, December 31, 1997

Abstract. New types of electric machines with forward and back forward motion of machine working elements put the question of necessity of development of general theory of electromechanical systems, adding it with new more general methods.



L.Akhvlediani, N.Kekelidze, V.Gogiashvili, N.Macharadze, C.Laitadze

Studies of Some Electrical Properties of Homogenous and Uniform InP-InAs Systems Solid Solutions

Presented by Academician R.Salukvadze, October 6, 1997

Abstract. Electrical properties of pure and doped InP-InAs systems solid solutions in the temperature interval 4.2-300 K were considered.

For definition impurity atoms concentration by theoretical calculation of mobility foreign atoms concentration caused by components were calculated.


G.Gamtsemlidze, K.Gamkrelidze, M.Mirzoeva, G.Shonia

High Temperature Superconductor Ceramic YBa2Cu3O7-x Magnetisation at Rising Magnetic Field

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T.Sanadze, October 30, 1997

Abstract. High temperature superconductor (HTSC) YBa2Cu3O7-x ceramic sample was made using the solid state reaction method. Magnetization dependence on the rising outer magnetic field was established by the ballistic method.

Based on the modified Bean critical model, the analytical expressions for the along-field directed HTSC sample magnetization was obtained within different field ranges.

The quantitative comparison between experimental and theoretical data was made. On the basis of a good coincidence within the error limits it was concluded that the Bean critical state model may be used for HTSC magnetic investigations.



A.Akhalkatsi, G.Mamniashvili

Investigation of NMR Signal Nature in Lithium Ferrite by the Method of Low-Frequency Excitation

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T.Sanadze, October 6, 1997

Abstract. The low-frequency magnetic field excitation method using a modulation of the spin-echo decay envelope as a result of the domain walls oscillation at the sample remagnetization was applied for the multicomponent 57Fe spectrum identification in lithium ferrite. It was experimentally shown that the observed NMR spectrum in lithium ferrite was stipulated by the nuclei located in different magnetically non-equivalent sites.


Academician N.Amaglobeli, L.Abesalashvili, B.Chiladze, V.Kartvelishvili, M.Kopadze, R.Kvatadze, N.Lomidze, G.Nikobadze, T.Pitskhelauri, R.Shanidze

Study of Interference Correlations in Neutron-Carbon Interactions

Presented June 18, 1998

Abstract. Bose-Einstein correlations in pairs have been studied in neutron-carbon interactions measured with the EXCHARM detector. The measured values for the strength of the correlations and the radius of the emitting source are: l =1.13 ± 0.34 ± 0.34 and R =1.01 ± 0.13 ± 0.18 fm.


N.Dolidze, G.Eristavi, Z.Jibuti, G.Narsia, K.Kasparyan, L.Koptonashvili

Investigation of Small Dose Radiation Stimulated Processes in Semiconductor Materials and Structures

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T.Sanadze, February 16, 1998

Abstract. The paper presents the results of investigations of influence of radiation-thermal treatment (RTT) on the properties of semiconductors and structures based on them (Si, GaAs, GaAlAs, GaP). After RTT the crystal is cleaned of native (² genetic² ) defects, the degree of homogeneity of lattice increases and electrophysical and optical properties of the semiconductor materials and structures improve (² small dose effect² ). The processes taking place during the RTT are discussed and the perspectivity of the method in practice is shown.


G.Erkomaishvili, I.Shatberashvili, M.Tsitskishvili

Dynamics of the Annual Changes of Atmosphere's Self - Rectification

Presented by Academician B.Balavadze, March 11, 1998

Abstract. The results of lasting experimental investigations of geoecological, integral parameter, velocities of self-rectification of the lower atmosphere, which were defined as the ratio of the density of the admixture's stream of the ground surface to the pre-ground concentration of the same admixture are considered in the article.

The analysis of annual changes for 7 different regions with different climatic conditions is given. Annual changes connected with the characteristic of atmosphere's sediments are analysed. The climatic stability of the parameter is presented.



E.Sakvarelidze, N.Mamulia, A.Goderdzishvili

Estimation of the Radiogenetic Heat Flow for the Trans-Caucasian Territory

Presented by Academician B.Balavadze, October 1, 1997

Abstract. Radiogenetic heat flow has been calculated for the Trans-Caucasian territory. The maps of radiogenetic heat flow distribution have been drawn up for sedimentary cover, granite and basalt layers and for the whole crust as well (for the given territory).



One Inequality of Elastokinetics and its Application in Seismology

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T.Chelidze, October 10, 1997

ABSTRACT. There is obtained an inequality that can connect the parameters of the motion of the earth surface with the energy released at the earthquake focus. On the basis of the obtained inequality a possibility application of special experimental-analytical technique is being discussed.


T.Toroshelidze, S.Chilingarashvili, M.Chichikoshvili

Monitoring the Content of Nitrogen Dioxide in the Stratosphere According to Observation of Fluorescence in the Twilight in 1957-1990

Presented by Academician E.Kharadze, October 27, 1997

Abstract. The daily, seasonal and long-term behaviour of NO2 in the stratosphere has been examined according to regular spectrographic observation of the twilight sky in the 500-700 nm spectral region at the Abastumani Observatory (41.8° N; 42.8° E) in 1957-1990. The mechanism of predissociation of nitrogen dioxide by the solar radiation at 400 nm has been proposed for explanation of the NO2 emission at 602 nm. Positive trend has been revealed for the annual average content of NO2, especially discernible in 1960-1970.



Analytical Chemistry

I.Shatirishvili, Sh.Shatirishvili, N.Chkhartishvili

Gas Chromatography and Qualimetric Models of Wine-Making Products Evaluation

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A.Shvelashvili, September 15, 1997.

Abstract. On the example of Georgian wines by reactive gas chromatographic method, which enables to state the effect of individual factors on wine-making product quality, the qualimetric models have been developed.


R.Gakhokidze, N.Sidamonidze, N.Okujava, N.Itriashvili, L.Tabatadze, L.Topuria

Study of Acidic Isomerization of some Disaccharides by Gas-Liquid Chromatography

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy L.Khananashvili, May 27, 1998

ABSTRACT. Products of acidic isomerization of disaccharides (lactose, maltose, cellobiose) have been studied by gas-liquid chromatography. It was established that during reaction the break of glycosidic bonds didn't take place and from the given disaccharides 4-O-(b -D-galactopyranosyl]-a -D-glucosaccharinic, 4-O-(a -D-glucopyranosyl]-a -D-glucosaccharinic and 4-O-[b -D-glucopyranosyl]-a -D-glucosaccharinic acids were obtained.


Organic Chemistry

M.Gverdtsiteli, N.Kobakhidze

Algebraic Investigation of Monohalogenmethanes in Terms of MBL-Matrices Method

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L. Khananashvili, September 20, 1997

Abstract. Algebraic investigation of monohalogenmethanes was carried out in terms of MBL-matrices method. Their diagonal elements represent mass numbers of chemical elements, whereas nondiagonal ones _ the lengths of the chemical bonds. Some correlation equations were constructed.

Organic chemistry

N.Kobakhidze, M.Gverdtsiteli

Algebraic Investigation of the Reactions of Halogenation of Alkanes

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D.Ugrekhelidze, October 20, 1997

Abstract. The reactions of radical halogenation of alkanes were investigated in terms of ANB matrices method. Diagonal elements of ANB matrices represent atomic number of chemical elements, whereas nondiagonal ones multiplicities of chemical bonds.


Organic Chemistry

M.Karchkhadze, N.Mukbaniani, A.Samsonia, R.Tkeshelashvili, N.Kvelashvili, T.Chogovadze, Corr. Member of the Academy L.Khananashvili

Carbosiloxane Copolymers with Cyclopentasiloxane Fragments in the Chain

Presented October 20,1997

Abstract. The reaction of hydrid polyaddition of a , w dihydriddimethylsiloxanes to 1,5-divinyl-1,5-dimethylhexaphenylcyclopentasiloxane in the presence of platinium chlorhydric acid as a catalyst has been studied and carbosiloxane copolymers with regular arrangement of cyclopentasiloxane fragments in dimethylsiloxane chain have been obtained. The reaction order, activation energies and hydrid polyaddition rate constants have been found. Thermogravimetric, thermomechanical and roentgenographic investigations are carried out.

ORGANIC Chemistry

G.Kvartskhava, M.Gverdtsiteli, T.Kovziridze, A.Dolidze

Theoretical Study of Bioactivity Using Algebraic Chemistry

Presented by Academician T.Andronikashvili, October 13,1997

ABSTRACT. Phenoxycarb and bioactive theoretical prognosis of its analogs has been studied using topological indices i.e. contiguity matrices of molecular graphs.

Physical Chemistry

T.Butkhuzi, T.Khulordava, N.Kekelidze, M.Sharvashidze, G.Natsvlishvili, E.Kekelidze

The Inversion of Conductivity Type in Wide Band-Gap Compounds A2B6 by Quasi-Epitaxy Method

Presented by Academician R.Salukvadze, November 18, 1997

Abstract. The possibilities of the control of the self defects concentration in wide band-gap compounds A2B6 by quasi-epitaxy method are presented.

Physical chemistry

N.Kekelidze, I.Davituliani, L.Akhalbedashvili, M.Alapishvili, R.Tabidze, Ts.Sarishvili, G.Karchava

Carbon Dioxide Effect on Y-Ba-Cu-O and Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Ceramics

Presented by Academician T.Andronikashvili, May 15, 1998

Abstract. The effect of CO2 on ceramics of Y-Ba-Cu-O(I) and Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O(II) types at different temperatures with constant content of carbon dioxide in air phase at microflow system has been studied. It was shown that II samples are more stable to CO2 to compare with I, but an increase in temperature causes a decrease in the time of full loss of superconductivity. Their degradation may be caused by interaction of migrating over surface alkaline-earth Ca2+, Sr2+ and Ba2+ cations with water and carbon dioxide. This degradation is of irreversible nature.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

N.Jlantiashvili, A.Turuta

Secondary Products of 21-Hydroxylation of 16a , 17a -Epoxy-5a -H-Pregnan-3b -ol-20-one

Presented by Academician E.Kemertelidze, January 20, 1998

ABSTRACT. In order to get the synthesis scheme of corticosteroid preparations on the basis of local raw material tigogenin the reaction of 21-hydroxylation was carried out. The reaction of 21-hydroxylation of 16a, 17a-epoxy-5a-H-pregnan-3b-ol-20-one by means of diacetoxyiodbenzole and secondary products of this process has been performed.


G.Metreveli, Sh.Kunchulia

Current Cycle of Climate Change and its Influence on the Coastal Zone of Georgia

Presented by Academician Ts.Mirtskhoulava, July 16, 1998

ABSTRACT. Climatic cycle of the Black Sea seaside zone caused cooling of the sea upper layer by 0.5-1.0° C and rise of its level – eustasy, which is the highest (D H = 30-50 cm) in the Poti-Supsa submerging region of Georgia. Sea cooling by the acceleration of its vertical circulation caused the reduction of recreation and vegetation seasons by 6-11 days. In the nearest future activation of the process is expected.


Academician I.Gamkrelidze, D.Shengelia

New Data on the Interrelation and Age of the Dzirula Crystalline Massif Constituting Rocks

Presented December 29, 1997

ABSTRACT. Dzirula crystalline massif is built up of Precambrian and Paleozoic metamorphic rocks and of Precambrian and Early and Late Herzynian granitoids. New data about the interrelation and age of Dzirula massif pre-Jurassic rocks indicate polycyclical character of regional metamorphism and existence of its three stages: Precambrian and pre-Hercynian (Caledonian?) progressive and Late Hercynian regressive.


Structural Mechanics

T.Batsikadze, V.Tarkhnishvili, D.Tabatadze

Reduction of a Plane Problem to the Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations for the Analysis of Plates Weakened by Holes

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I.Ghudushauri, March 16, 1996

ABSTRACT. An orthogonal analytical method of solving the title problem is proposed which has been developed by using the elasticity theory in differential equations together with the theory of complex variable functions. Unlike the analogous method developed by the authors earlier instead of numerical method of finite elements the elasticity theory in ordinary differential equations has been used.


A.Bichinashvili, M.Zviadadze, T.Mkhatrishvili, V.Achelashvili.

The Peculiarities of Premartensite Structure Unstability on g -Mn Basis.

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Tsagareishvili, December 22, 1998

ABSTRACT. In the following work the phenomenon of premartensite structure is theoretically studied, particularly, the abnormal behavior of the average importance of the atom substitution, microtensions and Ioung's module are indicated.

It is supposed that the abnormal behavior of the above-mentioned parameters is caused by the structural and magnetic interaction.


D.Jishiashvili, E.Kutelia, B.Eristavi, V.Gobronidze, K.Tskhovrebashvili

Auger Electron Spectroscopy Study of the Amorphous GeOx Film Structure

Presented by the Academician G.Gvelesiani, October 30, 1997

ABSTRACT. Ge LMM Auger peak shows relatively large change in chemical shift with change in oxidation state and there are 4 oxidation states observed corresponding to Ge-GeyO4-y, y = 1, 2, 3, 4 tetrahedra. A computer analysis was used for curve fitting and finding the constituents of the experimental Ge LMM Auger peaks. Despite the chemical composition the AES results presented in this study yield additional information relative to the homogeneity, local atomic environment and chemical bonding in the germanium suboxides.


Z.Mushkudiani, J.Jaliashvili, N.Gvamberia, A.Gabisiani

Gases and Non-Metal Inclusions in Steel Treated by Nitrogen and Hard Slag-Making Mixture

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I.Baratashvili, October 20, 1997

Abstract. It is ascertained that simultaneous treatment of liquid metal in ladle by hard slag-making mixture and gaseous nitrogen blowing through provides a decrease in general quantity of oxygen and non-metal inclusions and a slight increase in nitrogen. The difference between variants of steel treatment by phase analysis of non-metal inclusions is not observed.

Automatic Control and Computer Engineering

A.Lashkhi, I.Badagadze

Some Aspects of System Analysis for Informative Processes

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A.Prangishvili, December 23, 1997

Abstract. Aspects of influence of the depreciation factor of information on control process giving function of message price approximation and randomization are studied. Volterra's integral equation of coil type is constructed and solved as a mathematical model of random walk of concrete message.

Automatic Control and Computer Engineering

I.Badagadze, R.Kakubava

On the Economic Criterion of Service Effectiveness

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A.Prangishvili, March 16, 1998

Abstract. Economic index of the quality of functioning of the informative system as ranged function of system losses is introduced. The problem of system synthesis is stated as indicated function's minimization problem.

Soil science


Estimation of Climatic Factor of Potential Erosion Danger of the Lands in Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T.Urushadze, January 13, 1998

Abstract. For estimation of climatic factor of potential erosion danger the erosion index of precipitation (E.I.P.) was used. In West Georgia E.I.P. changes from 20 to 120 units, in East Georgia it changes from 3.2 to 36.85. Most part of the territory of Georgia is located between 5 - 20 unit isoerodents of E.I.P.

As a result of specification of lands according to the volumes of E.I.P. 37 erosion regions were grouped.



M.Jibladze, S.Uchaneishvili, M.Tsartsidze

Lasertherapy by E Light Field of Radiation

Presented by Academician G.Sanadze, November 28, 1997

Abstract. It is known that low-intensity laser radiation in orange-red and near infrared area of spectrum leads to activation of biological system of a body.

In submitted work it is shown, that during therapeutic treatment of patients the laser irradiation may be replaced by non-coherent emission with the respective spectrum of emission, which markedly decreases the cost of treatment and in many cases simplifies the process of treatment.


O.Khomeriki, T.Paatashvili, L.Gheonjian, N.Kapanadze, N.Invia

The Influence of 7-day Variations of Interplanetary Magnetic Field on the Frequency of Myocardial Infarctions

Presented by Academician V.Okujava, April 13, 1998

ABSTRACT. This paper is dedicated to the study of the influence of solar activity on human being. On the basis of statistical investigation of the frequency of myocardial infarctions we discover the 7-day variations and the dependence of their intensity on 11-year solar cycle. We confirm the hypothesis that 7-day variations of interplanetary magnetic field caused by its sector structure synchronize endogenous 7-day rhythms of human beings during the stage of maximum of solar activity, and hypothesize that the probability of infarction is higher on a certain stage of the endogenous rhythm.


R.Akhalkatsi, T.Bolotashvili, Corr. Member of the Academy N.Aleksidze

The Nonhistone Proteins of Chromatin as Lectin-Binding Glycoconjugates

Presented October 20, 1997

Abstract. Rat brain isolated cell nuclei chromatin has affinity to Concanavalin A. The nonhistone proteins display mannoso-(glucoso-), fucoso and galactoso specific lectin-binding ability, which indicates their glycoprotein nature.


L.Shanshiashvili, D.Mikeladze

Peptide from Myelin Basic Protein as an Inhibitor of the [3H]Diltiazem Binding Sites in Brain

Presented by Academician T.Oniani, October 12, 1997

ABSTRACT. After the tryptic digestion of myelin basic protein (MBP) a peptide fragment, inhibiting [3H]diltiazem binding to synaptic membranes, has been obtained. The analysis of amino acid composition of this peptide has revealed its similarity to the sequence MBP 95-135. The peptide fragment inhibited [3H]diltiazem binding in a concentration-dependent manner, decreased Bmax, but did not act on Kd. The inhibition of MBP calcium channels by peptide fragments is supposed to play an important role in the regulation of the activity of nervous cells as well as immune cells.


N.Koshoridze, Corr. Member of the Academy N.Aleksidze, T.Garishvili, T.Lekishvili

Quantitative Alteration of Galactose and Lactose Specific Lectins at Different Stages of Hen Brain Embryonic Development

Presented October 28,1997

Abstract. By means of high pressure liquid chromatography membrane protein fractions dissolvable in EDTA-solution have been purified from hen brain embryos of different ages. It has been observed that protein fractions of mol. weight -12000-19000 Daltons and 24000-45000 Daltons are characterised with lectin activity.

It is assumed that the protein fraction of 12000-19000 Daltons contains the so-called D-lactose-specific lectin. As for the protein fraction of comparatively high molecular weight that is inhibited also by D-lactose and D-galactose, it is assumed that it belongs to the so-called galaptine-group.

The quantitative changes of the given lectins are studied in the process of the hen brain embryonic development.


M.Saatashvili, N.Tevzadze, Corr. Member of the Academy D.Jokhadze

The Effect of Biostimulators on Cultivation of Strain Spirulina platensis in Laboratory Conditions

Presented October 30, 1997

Abstract. Cultivation conditions of blue-green algae strain Spirulina Platensis on Zaruk media, the effect of phytohormones (Gibberellin A3, kinetin) and I-ions (KI) on growth of algae culture were studied. Experimental data confirm the presence of biostimulators in strain cultural liquid.


F.Kalandarishvili, K.T.Wheeler

Influence of Proliferation on dna Repair Rates in Regenerating Rat Liver

Presented by Academician T.Oniani, April 2, 1998

ABSTRACT. This work investigates the influence of cell proliferation on DNA repair rates in regenerating rat liver. We determined the posthepatectomy proliferation kinetics for hepatocytes of the liver. The suspension of cells reacted with both FITC-labeled anti-BrdUrd antibody and propidium iodide, and the particles were analysed by flow cytometry. Liver cells were irradiated with 15.5 Gy g -rays at various times, from 2 to 144 h after hepatectomy, and their DNA repair kinetics measured by alkaline elution to determine when the faster rate of DNA repair begins and ends relatively to the proliferation kinetics.

Microbiology and Virology

E.Kirtadze, K.Markozashvili

14C-Proline Assimilation by Yeasts in Secondary Alcoholic Fermentation

Presented by Academician G.Kvesitadze, February 10, 1998

Abstract. Proline conversion products in yeast and wine were studied. It has been found that the proline carbon skeleton available in fermentation medium is involved in biosynthesis of wine organic acids and amino acids. The proline transformation products are identified in the fractions of yeast proteins and freeamino acids. In the process of secondary alcoholic fermentation proline is partially oxidized to carbon dioxide.


N.Beltadze, M.Ukleba

Ultrastructural Changes of Rabbit Eye with Mechanical Damage of Sclera and Posterior Intrascleral Filling

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I.Eliava, October 6,1997

Abstract. The ultrastructural changes of pigment epithelium and photoreceptors of rabbit eye with mechanical damage and posterior intrascleral filling were studied. The close connection between the terminal appendices of pigment cells and outer photoreceptor segments is disturbed on the 4th day after the operation. Mitochondrions are swollen, crysts are disrupted and the phagocytosis of the rejected parts of outer segments are default.

These changes become normal the month after the operation. Such operations on sclera do not provoke destructive changes in retina.


M.Zodelava, Z.Zurabashvili, S.Chuadze, E.Kldiashvili

Peculiarities of Action of Some Leucosis Plasma in Experiment

Presented by Academician T.Chanishvili, December 31, 1997

Abstract. Formed elements of blood are studied while leucosis. The defence mechanisms of erythrocytes, neutrophils and lymphocytes are described. The material is examined by means of light, luminescent and interference microscopy. Statistical treatment is done.



Z.Kanchaveli, R.Keshelava

The Role of Phenolic Compounds in the Resistance to Fruit Dryness

Presented by Academician G.Gigauri, April 13, 1998

ABSTRACT. Different sorts of fruit contain various amounts of phenolic compounds. While infected by fungi causing fruit dryness the amount of phenolic compounds increases in every sort but most of all in resistant sorts. One of the representatives of phenolic compounds hydroquinone inhibits the dryness causing fungi.


G.Esartia, M.Gergedava

To the Study of Tortricids (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) of Svaneti Fauna

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy I.Eliava, April 13, 1998

Abstract. We present the results of the expedition in Svaneti region made in 1990-1991. A certain amount of Lepidoptera, Tortricidae have been collected and processed at St. Petersburg Institute of Zoology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. There were obtained 5 species from 10 families. Four species (Aethes rubidana Tr., Chephasia vargeuriana Tr., Hedya ochroleucana Fröl., Hedya atropunctanaca) have not been yet registered in Georgian fauna.


Experimental morphology

Zig.Zurabashvili, E.Kldiashvili

Peculiarities of Action of Leukaemic Patients' Blood Serum Upon the CNS of Experimental Animals

Presented by Academician N.Javakhishvili, October 27, 1997

Abstract. The permeability of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) for blood formed elements under the influence of leukaemic patient serum upon the CNS of experimental animals was studied. The raising of permeability of the brain capillary walls and lymphocytes penetration in the brain tissue is shown. Such phenomena weren’t observed in the control group of animals, where donor serum was used.

Experimental Medicine


Diabetes Mellitus and Prediabetes Among the Georgian Jews in Tbilisi

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Dekanosidze, March 2, 1998

Abstract. According to the obtained data 100 Georgian Jewish families from 700 questioned ones appeared to have diabetes mellitus. Not a single case of its juvenile form of manifestation at the age under 28, and insulin-dependent patients at the moment of manifestation was registered.

Practically healthy relatives in the families with the hereditary burden of diabetes mellitus must be examined by glucose tolerance test in order to reveal prediabetes or diabete mellitus and take preventive measures in time.



Reasons of the Underground Economy in Georgia

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L.Chikava, March 12, 1998

Abstract. The underground economy emerges as one of the major problems in Georgia today. The constituent parts of underground economy are discussed. The necessity of a special organised system against underground economy is offered.


G.Molinié, I.Pkhakadze, N.Tsotadze

Verbal Expression of Emotions or Emotion in the Text

Presented by Academician A.Gvakharia, September 15, 1997

Abstract. Slogans of the advertisement amuse, irritate, frequently obsess us. But, where do the most successful slogans find the power of seduction that makes them insidious? Linguistic resources used by authors stimulate attention, desire, ability to memorise. Establishing formal regularities such as sound repetition, ambiguous terms, different structures and so on we tried to show that slogans obey powerful laws of language.




To the Etymology of Achilles' Name

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy R.Gordeziani, September 8, 1997

ABSTRACT. The definition of the etymology of Achilles' name is one of the most problematic questions in scientific literature. We review numerous variants of its origin in our work and at last come to the conclusion that etymology of Achilles name must be generally explained on the background of onomastic principles and it can be regarded as the name of pre-Greek, Pelazgic origin.

History of Art


On Musical-Rhetorical Figures in Ockeghem's Creative Works

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy P. Zakaraia, May 4, 1998

Abstract. The paper reports on Franco-Flemish composer Johannes Ockeghem, who appears to be one of the pioneers of using musical-rhetorical figures in his creative works.



The Dated Inscription-Graffiti from Mravaltskaro of Gareji

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy Z.Aleksidze, August 11, 1998

Abstract. The dated inscription-graffiti executed in ancient Georgian script asomtavruli, found in the recently discovered monastery Mravaltskaro of Gareji is analysed. The text was scratched over the plastered wall of a small church in 851, September 8th on the occasion of the Nativity of Virgin Mary.