volume 159 number 1 Jenuary-February


G. Chelidze

On the Intersection of Imbedded Sets in Normed Spaces

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy N.Vakhania, July 23, 1998

Abstract. In this work we define the parameter æ–(F) of a bounded set F that is similar to æ(F), which was introduced earlier. Several statements in terms of the new parameter æ– are formulated. The meaning of the critical æ for the spaces lp(1£p£8) is found as well.


M. Okropiridze

Radial Limits of the Partial Derivatives of the Poisson Spherical Integral

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V. Kokilashvili, November 7, 1998

Abstract. In the present paper we investigate the question of existence of radial limits of the partial derivatives of the Poisson spherical integral.


I. Gabisonija

Two-weight Inequalities for Discrete Hilbert Transform

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy V. Kokilashvili, February 9, 1998

Abstract. The optimal sufficient conditions under the pairs of decreasing weight sequences for the fulfillment of two weight strong (weak) type inequalities for discrete Hilbert transform are derived.


Corr. Member of the Academy V. Kokilashvili, V. Paatashvili

Riemann – Hilbert Problem in the Domains with Piecewise Smooth Boundaries

Presented March 9, 1998

Abstract. Riemann - Hilbert problem in Smirnov class Ep(D) for the domains with piecewise boundaries is investigated. The solvability conditions are derived and explicit formulas for solutions are presented.



On the Spherical Divergence of Double Fourier-Haar Series

Presented by Member of the Academy L.Zhizhiashvili, July 15, 1998

Abstract. The theorem about spherical divergence of double Fourier-Haar series is stated.


A. Lashkhi, D. Chkhatarashvili

On the Fundamental Theorem of Affine Geometry Over Ring

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy H. Inassaridze, August 31, 1998

Abstract. For free modules over the rings with invariant basis property the fundamental theorem of affine geometry is proved.



Galois Theory in a Category of Modules over an Elementary Topos

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy H. Inassaridze, February 11, 1998

Abstract. The present paper reports that in the case of module categories over an elementary topos the Galois theory of Chase and Sweedler and the Galois theory of Ligon are equivalent .


O.Chkadua, R.Duduchava

Asymptotics of Potential-Type Functions

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Burchuladze, July 13, 1998

Abstract. A complete asymptotics of solutions represented by potentials is investigated when the density asymptotics is known. Here the potentials are taken from a general matrix elliptic differential operator with constant coefficients. Relation between the first coefficients of the asymptotic expansion of potential-type functions, and the first coefficient of the density asymptotics are established.



On the Approximation Property of Cesaro Transformations of Multiple Conjugate Trigonometric Series

Presented by Member of the Academy L.Zhizhiashvili, May 25, 1998

Abstract. In the theory of functions of real variables there are many works, related to the approximation properties of Cesaro transformations of s[f] and its conjugate series for one as well as multi variables. Approximation state of Cesaro transformations of positive degrees of conjugate trigonometric series of a function of the class H(w, C(Tm)) is considered.

Mathematical Physics

Member of the Academy T. Burchuladze, R. Rukhadze, Yu. Bezhuashvili

On the Matrix of Fundamental Solutions of the System of
Equations for Oscillation of Hemitropic Micropolar Medium

Presented February 12, 1998

Abstract. The matrix of fundamental (singular) solutions of a homogeneous system of equations for oscillation of hemitropic micropolar medium in three-dimensional Euclidean R3 is effectively constructed.


G. Kashmadze

Entropy of Function Linear Approximation

Presented by Member of the Academy V.Chavchanidze, June 15, 1998

Abstract. The graph of function is represented as a fuzzy set. The measure of proximity of broken line to the graph of function is considered.


N.Archvadze, M.PkhovelishviliQuestions of Representing the Syntax of the Programming
Languages through Semantic Networks

Presented by Member of the Academy V.Chavchanidze,February 24,1998

Abstract. The syntax of the programming languages has been represented through semantic networks of a certain type. These constructions permit to establish correctness of the program or a part of it made by the students.


N.Archvadze, M.Pkhovelishvili

Questions of Representing the Syntax of the Programming
Languages through Semantic Networks

Presented by Member of the Academy V.Chavchanidze,February 24,1998

Abstract. The syntax of the programming languages has been represented through semantic networks of a certain type. These constructions permit to establish correctness of the program or a part of it made by the students.


N.Kekelidze, V.Gogiashvili, L.Kvinikadze, Z.Davitaya, L.Milovanova, G.Chikhradze, Z.Chubinishvili

The Analysis of the Electron Mobility and the Determination of the Impurity Concentration in n-type Gallium Arsenide

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy T. Sanadze, January 29, 1998

Abstract. In the present work the method of determination of electrically active impurity concentration in n-type gallium arsenide is given. The method is based on the analysis of the experimentally measured free carrier mobility taking into account all major scattering mechanisms. The corresponding practical recommendations are worked out on the basis of the obtained results.


G. Devidze, L. Slepchenko

Neutrino Masses in the MSSM

Presented by Member of the Academy N. Amaglobeli, December 12, 1997.

Abstract. On the basis of direct experimental, cosmological and astrophysical bounds the neutrino one photon radiative decays are studied. The possible values of neutrinos masses are considered.


A.Lomidze, Sh.Tsiklauri

Modified Hyperspherical Function Method for Inverse Square Potential

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A.Khelashvili, January 16, 1998

Abstract. The method of modified hyperspherical function has been applied for nonmodel representation of the solution of three particles problem for the potential. Finite quantity of ground-state energy has been obtained.


I. Loria, V. Kevanishvili, F. Bogdanov

Diffraction of Flat Electromagnetic Wave on the Lattice Formed of Cylinders Located in Semi-Infinite Medium

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Khelashvili, February 10, 1998

Abstract. A problem discussed in the paper describes a situation when E- polarized flat electromagnetic wave is incidented from free space on a flat semi-infinite dielectric, while inside the dielectric there is located a lattice formed of infinitely long completely admitting circular cylinders, a distance from the inner surface of the dielectric being the specific one.

There have been determined diffraction and multipolar spectra of the scattered field. Numerical results were obtained and appropriate physical interpretations were made.


T. Nadareishvili

Relations Between Relativistic and Non Relativistic Equations Eigenvalues by Using Comparison Theorem

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Khelashvili, February, 23, 1998

Abstract. In the paper quasipotential model relativistic equation is compared with Schrödinger equation using comparison theorem. We received theorems, which show that for potentials having only negative relativistic levels, level’s spacing (splitting) increase in the relativistic case compared with Schrödinger equation. For the potentials, which have only positive relativistic levels, level’s spacing (splitting) decrease in the relativistic case is expected.


T. Toroshelidze, S. Chilingarashvili, M. Chichikoshvili

The 11-year Variation of the Solar Radiation in 130-175 nm Spectral Region on the Basis of 630 nm Emission Observation in Twilight

Presented by Member of the Academy E. Kharadze, February 2, 1998

Abstract. Regular observations in the thermosphere emission 630 nm of the atomic oxygen in twilight in 1962-1992 at the Abastumani Observatory (410.48N,420.48E) enabled to determine the 11-years variation cycle with the average max/min ratio of 2.85. From the observed emission photodissociation mechanism the hard UV emission variation in the 130-175 nm spectral region is estimated. Mean annual data on the 630 nm emission are compared with the characteristic values of the solar radioemission and other indices of activity. It is discovered that on the growing phase of the solar 11-year cycle the radioemission increase exceeds that of 630 nm radiation, while at the fall phase the UV prevails. All these may perhaps denote on the different heights of the formation of UV and radioemission in the solar atmosphere. The numerical relation between absolute intensity of 630 nm emission


E. Elizbarashvili, T. Aladashvili

On Circulation Factors of Climate Centennial Fluctuation
(Tbilisi Case)

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Svanidze, February 19, 1998

Abstract. Investigation of atmospheric circulation influence on climate fluctuation is based on the observation of meteorological elements in Tbilisi for 150 years and 100 years data on frequency of the main types of atmospheric circulation in the North hemisphere. The correlation coefficients between climatic annual elements and frequency of the main types of atmospheric circulation have been found. Regression equations, which make possible to predict development of climate in the nearest future in Tbilisi are obtained.

Analytical Chemistry

N.Chkhartishvili, Sh.Shatirishvili, F.Machavariani

Packed Column High Performance Chromatography Analysis of Pesticides in Wine Materials

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Andronikashvili, March 9, 1998

Abstract. Pesticide content has been studied by means of high performance packed and micropacked columns in “Gorouli Mtsvane”, “Chinouri” and “Tavkveri” grape juices and corresponding new wines.

General and Inorganic Chemistry

M.Samkharadze, R.I.Gigauri, M.Ugulava, R.D.Gigauri

Synthesis and Study of Tetrathioantimonates of Argentum (I), Cadmium and Mercury (II)

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Andronikashvili, July 16, 1998

Abstract. Tetrathioantimonates Ag3SbS4 and M3(SbS4)2×2H2O with M=Cd and M=Hg were first synthesized under hydrochemical conditions. Their composition, structure, dehydration and thermal resistance within the 20-100°C temperature range have been studied by the method of IR-spectroscopy, and roentgenophase, chemical and thermal analyses.

Organic Chemistry

L. Tevzadze, M. Sikharulidze, L. Kurkovskaya, T. Khoshtariya

Some Electrophilic Substitution Reactions of 1H-Pyrrolo-[3,2-b]- and 3H-Pyrrolo-[2,3-c]-phenoxathiines

Presented by Member of the Academy K. Japaridze, February 17, 1998

Abstract. The reactivity of 1H-pyrrolo-[3,2-b]- and 3H-pyrrolo-[2,3-c]-phenoxathiines characteristic of indole electrophilic substitution reactions (Mannich reaction, acylation, azocoupling) was investigated. It is shown that in case of Mannich and azocoupling reactions electrophilic substitution occurs according to the b-position of pyrrolic nucleus of pyrrollo-phenoxathiines. However, the reaction of acetylation by acetic anhydride leads to an N-acetylderivative.The structure of all the synthesized substances was verified by UV, IR and PMR spectral methods.

Organic Chemistry

L. Asatiani, M. Gverdtsiteli

Algebraic-Chemical Study of Some Ferrocene- and Germanium- Containing Acetylenic Compounds and the Reaction of their Synthesis

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Ugrekhelidze, February 16, 1998

Abstract. Algebraic-chemical investigation of some ferrocene- and germanium-containing acetylenic compounds and the reaction of their synthesis were carried out within the limits of quasi -ANB-matrices method.

Physical Chemistry

V.Tsitsishvili, N.Dolaberidze, M.Alelishvili, G.Tsintskaladze, G.Sturua, N.Khazaradze, D.Gogoladze

Zeolitic Rocks from Newly Investigated Plots of Georgia

Presented by Member of the Academy T. Andronikashvili, February 12, 1998

Abstract. Several physical and chemical properties of zeolite-containing rocks from newly investigated plots of Georgian zeolite deposits (Tedzami, Dzegvi, Guria region and Gelati) have been studied by X-ray, IR-spectroscopy and adsorption methods.

physical Chemistry

R.Revia, G.Makharadze, G.Supatashvili

Investigation of river water fulvic acid by HPLC

Presented by corr. member of the Academy D.Ugrekhelidze, April 27, 1998

Abstract. The ion-pair reversed phase HPLC has been used for the investigation of fulvic acid isolated from river water. The influence of mobile phase pH on the chromatographic separation of fulvic acid ingredients has been established. The existence of equilibrium between separated components of fulvic acid sample was also elucidated by means of their preparative collection and reinjection. It was supposed, that the separated ingredients represent the aggregates of different mass which probably are their existence form in aqueous solutions. The variation of system pH presumably results in the redistribution of molecular masses of these aggregates.

Physical Chemistry

Member of the Academy K.Japaridze, Z.Elashvili, L.Devadze, N.Sepashvili, M.Metonidze

Liquid Crystal Phase with High Coefficient of Bragg Reflection

Presented July 2, 1998

Abstract. While studying smectogenic cholesteric liquid crystal mixtures a new phase St, which is characterized by effective Bragg reflection of any polarized light, has been found. On the basis of experimental data a proposition is made that in the formation of St phase geometrical characteristics of molecules of liquid crystal system components have a decisive role.

Physical Chemistry

P.Janjgava, V.Bakhtadze, V.Mosidze

Porous Structure and Phase Composition of Alumocalcium Carriers of CoMn Catalyst of Methane Conversion

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy L.Japaridze, July 6, 1998

Abstract. The action of porous structure and phase composition of alumocalcium carriers on CoMn catalyst activity in the conversion process of methane with water steam is regarded in the present paper. The interrelation between the content of calcium oxide, heat treatment temperature and activity in the carrier, is established.

Physical Chemistry

I.Sarukhanishvili, N.Kurshubadze, V.Makhviladze, A.Sarukhanishvili

Physical and Chemical Processes Conducted in Trachyte
Containing Quarternal System

Presented by Member of the Academy G. Tsintsadze, May 25, 1998

Abstract. We present experimental results which confirm the possibility of predicting some physical and chemical processes proceeding in the mixtures based on feldspar containing raw materials. The processes in the mentioned mixtures proceed more rapidly and are completed at lower temperature than it is known from literature data.

Physical Chemistry

S. Gedevanishvili, Z. A. Munir, Member of the Academy I. Baratashvili

Formation of Titanium Based Composites through Electric Field Activated Combustion

Presented September 21, 1998

Abstract. The synthesis of TiB2-TiAl3 composites with TiB2/TiAl3 = x molar ratios from x = 1.0 to x = 5.0 were investigated by electric field-activated combustion using elemental powders as reactants. Using amorphous boron powders, composites with x £ 2 .0 can be synthesized in the absence of a field. Those with 3.0 £ x £ 5.0 can only be formed in the presence of a field. For all cases, the product contained the desired phases with minor amounts of Ti5Al11. Higher values of x, resulted in relatively higher amounts of this phase. The effect of the use of crystalline boron and the influence of its particle size were also investigated. In the absence of a field, no self-sustaining combustion wave could be initiated even when the smallest particles
mm) were used. Under the influence of 18Vcm-1 field, combustion waves were initiated and the products were virtually identical to those obtained with the amorphous boron powders.


G.Agladze, V.Kveselava, L.Gotiashvili

Electrosynthesis of Lithium Permanganate and Study of its Physico-Chemical Properties

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy J. Japaridze, February 3, 1998

Abstract. By anodic oxidation of metallic manganese and ferromanganese in saturated solution of lithium hydroxide the suspension has been produced. After filtration and drying it was treated by acetone for dissolution of lithium permanganate and its further separation.

Chemical Technology

V. Gaprindashvili, L. Bagaturia, R. Chagelishvili, L. Gogichadze

Joint Chemical Processing of Pyrite and Manganese Oxidized Concentrates

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L. Japaridze, February 2, 1998.

Abstract. In this paper it is suggested to use the process of the mixture mechano-chemical activation for receiving the main components (Mn, Fe) from pyrite and manganese concentrates. The process excludes the usage of high temperatures and concentrated acids and ensures the possibility of obtaining the manganese and iron sulphates with high rates (Fe – 80% and Mn – 90%) from the initial raw material.

Chemical Technology


Study of Bentonites Application Possibility in Boiling of Fabrics from Natural Silk

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy L.Khananashvili, November 9, 1998

Abstract. The action of bentonite application in boiling process is studied. The dependence of sericin transition into solution on the concentration of boiling solution temperature, pH, and duration of treatment was researched.



To the Petrology of Volcanogenic Formations of North-Eastern Slope of Akhaltsikhe-Imereti (Meskheti) Ridge

Presented by Member of the Academy N.Skhirtladze, July 22, 1998

Abstract. Middle Eocene volcanic slopes of north-east part of Akhaltsikhe-Imereti ridge are researched. Mineralogic paragenesises of rocks and petrochemical peculiarities indicate that as a result of magma differentiation the formation of two formative series occurred: dominating (olivian basalt trachybasalt-trachyte) and subor- dinate (basalt-andesite-dellenite).


Member of the Academy I.Gamkrelidze, D.Shengelia

Petrogenetic Model of the Dzirula Crystalline Massif Magmatites in the Light of Tectonic Layering of the Earth’s Crust

Presented October 13, 1998

Abstract. It is shown that the Earth’s crust of the Dzirula crystalline massif is tectonically layered.The presence of such horizontal layering allows to consider genesis of Dzirula massif magmatites in the new light. In particular, it is supposed that the character of various magmatic rocks is stipulated by its formation in diverse conditions in different layers of the Earth’s crust.

Automatic control and computer engineering

V. Mdzinarishvili

The New System of the Orthonormal Functions

Presented by Member of the Academy V.Chichinadze, March 4, 1998

Abstract. The new system of the orthonormal functions is received. The illustrative example is given. Stochastical nature of the received system is noted


Automatic Control and Computer Engineering

N. Jibladze

On One Method of Solving the Optimal Control Problems

Presented by Member of the Academy V.Chichinadze, May, 4, 1998

Abstract. The possibility of solving, to an acceptable accuracy and with insignificant computer time consumption, the optimal control problems through y-transformation is shown on the example of fuel consumption minimization proble


M. Akhalkatsi, G. Gvaladze

The Ultrastructure of Ovule Sterile Tissues of Peperomia caperata (Piperaceae)

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Nakhutsrishvili, February 19, 1998

Abstract. The submicroscopic peculiarities of cells of nucellus integument of Peperomia caperata Yunker was revealed.

Genetics and selection

A. Shatirishvili, N. Baratashvili, Kh. Gogaladze

Induction of Mitotic Recombinations by Pesticides
(Zinebi and Acartan)

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Jokhadze, February 23, 1998

Abstract. Genetic activity of pesticides -Zinebi and Acartan applied in viticulture has been studied in different yeast test systems. Intergene mitotic segregation induced by these preparations is more frequent than intragene. Zinebi are found to be genetically more active than Acartan.


A. Gvritishvili, N. Butkhuzi, K. Adeishvili, E. B. Boot,
Member of the Academy M. Zaalishvili

The Effect of Ionic Force and Temperature on Troponin I

Presented February 10, 1998

Abstract. The effect of ionic force and temperature on troponin I molecule has been studied using an intrinsic fluorescence method. It has been shown that in the buffer of 20mM tris-acetate 0.2M KCl, pH 8.8 a complete renaturation of troponin I molecule does not occur. An increase in KCl molarity from 0.2M to 1M has no considerable effect on the conformational state of troponin I molecule. Within 10-6-10-5M concentration ranges of the protein that corresponds to 0.0025-0.1mg/ml area, fluorescence intensity and spectrum position at lexc=296nm are strong concentration dependent.


A. Belokobilsky, N. Tsibakhashvili, A. Rcheulishvili, L. Mosulishvili

Accumulation of Cd(II) in c-Phycocyanin from Spirulina platensis

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy D. Jokhadze, February 3, 1998.

Abstract. High-purity c-Phycocyanin preparations have been obtained from the cells of microalga Spirulina plantensis. For estimation of the purity degree the spectrophotometric and chromatograpic methods were used. It was established that c-Phycocyanin has the ability to accumulate the toxic element -Cd.

Microbiology and Virology

R.Mdivani, B.Khurcia

Phytopathogenic Bacteria Effect on Tomato Free Amino Acids and Amids Composition

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Chanishvili, November 3, 1998

Abstract. We observed that during bacterial infections important changes occured in the plant free amino acids and amids composition, which negatively affected physiologic-biochemical condition of plant.

We examined the phytopathogenic effect on several free amino acids in tomato tissue.



Tortricids (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) Fauna of Apotomis Hbn. and Hedya Hbn. genera in Western Georgia

Presented by Member of the Academy I.Eliava, June 1, 1998

Abstract. The paper reports on two representatives (Apotomis Hbn. and Hedya Hbn.) from lepidopterous Tortricidae family in the fauna of Western Georgia. From Apotomis Hbn. family 7 species are revealed and from Hedya Gbn. – 5 species.

Experimental medicine

M. Jebashvili, Member of the Academy N. Kipshidze, N. Kakauridze

Characteristics of Lipid Metabolism in Menopausal Women

Presented July 6, 1998

Abstract. We have studied lipid metabolism characteristics (total cholesterol, high density lipoprotein cholesterol) in pre- and postmenopausal women. The results of the investigation have shown that dyslipidemia begins in the premenopausal period and becomes deeper during menopause which is a great risk for the development of coronary heart disease. Hence, it is more advisable to begin preventive activities during menopause before the process becomes deeper and irreversible.

Experimental Medicine


The Effect of Cobalt Coordinate Compounds on Bile Secretion Function of Liver in Experimental Heliotrin Hepatitis

Presented by Member of the Academy T.Oniani, November 9, 1998

Abstract. Cobavit, phytat-cobalt, preparation VUC and silibor effect on the bile secretion in animals with experimental hepatitis was studied. Rats were infected with toxic hepatitis by alkaloid heliotrin. It was marked that preparations stimulated bile secretion in rats with hepatitis. Chemical composition of the bile was normalized.



E. Kharabadze

Trunk Vertebra of the Worm Snake (Typhlops vermicularis) from Tsurtavi (South-Eastern Georgia; Holocene)

Presented by Member of the Academy L. Gabunia, February 20, 1998

Abstract. In the present paper single trunk vertebra of worm snake Typhlops vermicularis (Reptilia:Serpentes:Typhlopidae) is described. It has been discovered in Tsurtavi locality (South-Eastern Georgia; Holocene). This is a very first finding of fossil Typhlops for the whole territory of the former USSR and particularly for the Caucasus.


Corr. Member of the Academy G.Nakhutsrishvili

To the Study of Biotopes Diversity in Kazbegi Region

Presented November 9, 1998

Abstract. Some regularities of biotopes diversity have been studied in Kazbegi region.



The Influence of Technogenic Factors on the Content of Plastid Pigments in Woody Plant Leaves

Presented by Member of the Academy G.Gigauri, July 8, 1998

Abstract. The action of technogenic factors on the leaves of woody plants (Quercus Hartwissiana stev., Fraxinus excelsior L., Ulmus minor Mill, Robinia pseudoacacia L.) has been studied. The analysis of anatomic structure of woody plant leaves testify that Fraxinus excelsior L. appears to be the most stable.


A. Saralidze, G. Saralidze

Ecologically Safe Technology of Vegetable Growing on the Poor and Inarable Lands

Presented by Member of the Academy P. Naskidashvili, July 13, 1998.

Abstract. We offer a method of gutter ecotechnology, which guarantees intensive cultivation of vegetables and other cultured plants in all kinds of soils and provides double yield of ecologically pure production without environment pollution.


M. Rusieshvili

Toward the Binary Oppositional Archetypal Structure of a

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy A. Gvakharia, February 24, 1998

Abstract. The author proposes that the distinctive feature of a proverb differentiating it from other forms is the existence of an archetype in its semantic structure.


T. Sikharulidze

The Languages of National Minorities and Diasporas

Presented by Member of the Academy K.Lomtatidze, February 14, 1998

Abstract. We tried to distinguish the notions of the language of the National Minority and the language of Diaspora and their extralinguistic features.


M. Iamanidze

The Role of Accompanying Persons in the Activity of French Travellers

Presented by Corr. Member of the Academy G. Sharadze, December 30, 1998

Abstract. We report on the role of accompanying persons in estimations of French travellers of XIII-XVIII centuries.

History of Art


Analysis of Creative Works of Franco-Flemish Composers from the View-point of the Renaissance World Outlook

Presented by Corr.Member of the Academy P.Zakaraia, May 11, 1998

Abstract. The present paper explores the creative works of the leading composers of the Franco-Flemish school. The analysis is done from the viewpoint of the Renaissance world outlook, which leads to the philosophic category of identity.

History of Art

N. Iamanidze

Importance of Landscape and Architectural Background in the Altar Screen Reliefs of the 11th Century

Presented by Member of the Academy V. Beridze, October 26, 1998

Abstract. Landscape and architectural background in the medieval altar screen reliefs is described on the example of Sapara, Urtkhva, and Shiomghvime churches (eleventh century, the Renaissance of Georgian plastics).