Meeting of the Center for Innovation and High Technology

Meeting of the Center for Innovation and High Technology

  • December 24, 2021

On 21 December, 2021, the report of Giorgi Abramishvili, the Chairman of the Board of the Georgian Renewable Energy Development Association, “Georgia’s Renewable Energy Potential and the Issues of its Utilization” was discussed at the regular meeting of the Centre for innovation and High Technology.

It was emphasized that with the development of Georgia’s economy, the electricity consumption is growing, which results in an increase of the dependence on energy resources of neighboring countries and in addition to financial risks, poses risks to the country’s political independence. All this happens when Georgia has sufficient renewable energy resources to ensure the country’s own consumption and become a net exporter in this sector.

The final part of the presentation was devoted to one of the most important challenges in the direction of the use of renewable energy sources in Georgia – social problems and organized public resistance, which for years purposefully impedes the use of energy resources of our country and energy independence. This section discusses the architecture and working methods of the mentioned organized resistance. The results of a public opinion poll conducted by the Georgian Renewable Energy Development Association were also presented.

In the end, solutions were proposed that, in the opinion of the speaker, should be developed in order for the country to overcome the challenges facing the development of the sector and achieve real electricity independence.