About us

The National Academy of Sciences of Georgia is a successor of the ancient Georgian academies of Gelati and Iqalto, an institution of high level intellectual development of the state, a scientific advisor to Georgia’s government and an Association of distinguished scholars who have scientific achievements of international importance and enjoy the highest intellectual and civic prestige.

The National Academy of Sciences of Georgia, as an organized learned society uniting Georgian scholars, was established in February 1941 and it is a continuer of those rich scientific traditions that have been formed in Georgia over the centuries. Since January 2006 the Georgian Academy of Sciences is called “Georgian National Academy of Sciences”.

The Georgian National Academy of Sciences coordinates scientific researches in Georgia, establishes contacts with the academies and scientific centers of foreign countries, evaluates all scholarly researches carried out in different areas of science; also, awards prominent scientists for the best scholarly works published over the past five years in various fields, rewards the young scientists, offers material incentives, etc..

The Georgian National Academy of Sciences is a collective member of a number of international academic associations, including: “The All-Europe Association of Academies”, ” Association of the Academies of Asia and Africa” and others. Many members of our Academy are simultaneously Foreign Honorary Members of the most prestigious European and American Academies and Universities. On the other hand, many outstanding foreign scientists and scholars are Foreign Members of the «Georgian National Academy of Sciences», which they appreciate as a great honor.