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of the
«Georgian National Academy of Sciences»
Academician Tamaz (Thomas V.) Gamkrelidze

(From June 19, 2013 - Honorary President of the
«Georgian National Academy of Sciences»)
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Professor Tamaz (Thomas V.) Gamkrelidze:

Born in the city of Kutaisi, Georgia, October 23, 1929;

Education: Graduated from the Tbilisi State University (the Oriental Department) as a Linguist, Orientalist, Culture Historian;


1953 – 1960:

Research worker, Institute of Linguistics, Georgian Academy of  Sciences;


Director of the Tsereteli Institute of Oriental Studies, Georgian Academy of Sciences;


Honorary Director, Scientific Advisor and Head of the Learned Council, Tsereteli Institute of Oriental  Studies;

1960 1999:

Head of the Chair for Structural & Applied Linguistics, Tbilisi State University;

1999: Head of the Chair for General & Applied Linguistics, Tbilisi State University;
2003 2005: Academician-Secretary of the Department for Language & Literature, Georgian Academy of  Sciences;
2005: President, «Georgian National Academy of Sciences»:


                  52 Rustaveli ave.
                  0108 Tbilisi, Georgia.
                  Tel./Fax: (+995 32) 99-88-91 
                  E.mail: t.gamkrelidze@science.org.ge

1971 – Honorary Member of the «Linguistic Society of America», Washington, D.C.;

1974 – Member of the Georgian Academy of Sciences (Academician), Tbilisi;

1979 – Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Boston;

1980 – Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy, London;

1983 – Korrespondierendes Mitglied der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Wien;

1984 – Member of the USSR (now Russian) Academy of Sciences (Academician), Moscow;
1986  – President  of the
«Societas Linguistica Europaea»;  

1988 – Auswärtiges Mitglied der Sächsischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Leipzig;

2006 – Foreign Associate of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C.;

2006 – Member of the Academia Europaea, London;

2006 Fellow of the World Academy of Art & Science (WAAS);

2007 Honorary Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest;

2008 –  Foreign Member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Riga;

2009 Ordinary Member, Academia Scientiarum et Artium Europaea, Salzburg;

2009 Honorary Member,
«Académie Internationale de Philosophie des Sciences» (AIPS), Bruxelles.

2013 Honorary President of the Georgian National Academy of Sciences.

            Honorary Member of the
«Indogermanische Gesellschaft», Federal Republic of  Germany.

Professor Thomas V. Gamkrelidze is Doctor honoris causa (Dr.h.c.) – Universities of Bonn (1994)
and Chicago (1995):

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Prizes & Awards:

Prize (USSR, 1988), Alexander von Humboldt-Prize (Federal Republic of Germany, 1989),

Iv. Javakhishvili-Prize (Tbilisi State University, 1990):


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Professor Thomas V. Gamkrelidze was Collitz Professor at the Ohio State University Summer Institute of Linguistics of the Linguistic Society of America. He held a number of visiting professorships in Europe, Asia, and the United States;

Prof. Thomas V.Gamkrelidze was President of the «11th International  Congress of Phonetic Sciences» (Tallinn, Estonia, 1-7 August, 1987), Editor-in-Chief  of the USSR Academy of Sciences Journal “Voprosy Jazykoznanija” (1988-1994).
As a world-wide recognition of Prof. Thomas V. Gamkrelidze's achievements in science & scholarship is considered his election as Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (2006)
; Election to membership of NAS is "one of the highest honors that can be accorded to a scientist and recognizes his distinguished and continuing achievements in original research"

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Professor Thomas V.Gamkrelidze was Member of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (1985 – 1990),
of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia
– 1991), and Member of the Georgian Parliament (1992 – 1995, 1995 – 1998; 1998 – 2003);
Tbilisi Honorary Citizen (2000).

On October 23, 2009, GNAS has celebrated the 80th Birthday of its President – Academician Thomas V. Gamkrelidze.



At the Cross Monastery, Jerusalem, 2012.

 Major Publications:

Thomas V. Gamkrelidze, “The Akkado-Hittite Syllabary  and  the Problem of  the Origin of  the Hittite Script” («Archiv Orientální», 1961, 29/3);

 Thomas V. Gamkrelidze, Sibilant Correspondences and the Problem of the Ancient Structure of the Kartvelian Languages, Tbilisi 1961: «Tbilisi University Press» (in Georgian);

Thomas V. Gamkrelidze, A typology of Common Kartvelian ● «LANGUAGE» 42, 1966;


Т.В. Гамкрелидзе,  Современная диахрони-
ческая лингвистика и картвельские языки






 Т.В.Гамкрелидзе, Лингвистическая типология и реконструкция системы индоевропейских смычных (соавтор: Вяч. Вс. Иванов): «Конференция по Сравнительно-Исторической
Грамматике Индоевропейских Языков». Предварительные Материалы, Москва 1972;


Thomas V. Gamkrelidze, Sprachtypologie und die indoeuro­päischen Verschlüsse
(co-author: Vjacheslav V.  Ivanov): «PHONETICA» 1973;

Thomas V. Gamkrelidze, "The Problem of “l’arbitraire du signe"  ● «LANGUAGE» 50, 1974;

Thomas V. Gamkrelidze, Phonological typology and the hierarchical relations among phonemic units («UNIVERSALS of HUMAN LANGUAGE», II: Phonology, ed. by J.H.Greenberg – C.A.Ferguson – E.A.Moravcsik, Stanford 1978); cf. «LINGUA» 35, 1975;


 Thomas V. Gamkrelidze, Sonantensystem und Ablaut in den Kartvelsprachen” («Günter Narr-Verlag», Tübingen, 1982): co-authorGivi Machavariani;

Т.В. Гамкрелидзе, Индоевропейский язык и индоевропейцы”. Реконструкция и историко-типологический анализ праязыка и протокультуры, тт. I/II, с предисловием Р.О. Якобсона, Тбилиси 1984 (в соавторстве с Вяч. Вс. Ивановым);

Thomas V. Gamkrelidze & V.V. Ivanov,
«The Early History of Indo-European Languages»



March 1990


«Indo-European and the Indo-Europeans». A Reconstruction and Historical Analysis of a Proto-Language and a Proto-Culture, 2 vols. English version by Johanna Nichols, with a Preface by Roman Jakobson (Mouton de Gruyter, Berlin - New York, 1994/95): co-author – Vjacheslav V. Ivanov;


Thomas V. Gamkrelidze, Alphabetic Writing and the Old Georgian Script. A Typology and Provenience   of Alphabetic Writing Systems” («Caravan Books», Delmar, New York, 1994);

Thomas  V. Gamkrelidze, Selected Writings in Kartvelology, Tbilisi 2000: «Tbilisi University Press» (with a Bibliography and an Introductory Article  about the Author);


Thomas V. Gamkrelidze, Selected Writings: Linguistic Sign, Typology, and Language Reconstruction («Innsbrucker Beiträge zur Sprachwissenschaft», Innsbruck 2006), with Selected Bibliography and an Introductory Article by Rüdiger Schmitt;

Thomas V. Gamkrelidze et al., «A Course in Theoretical Linguistics» (in Georgian), Tbilisi 2003: («Tbilisi University Press»); 2nd ed., Tbilisi 2008: «Tbilisi University Press»;


Thomas V. Gamkrelidze, Language and the Linguistic Sign (in Georgian). Tbilisi 2008: «Georgian National Academy Press»;

Thomas V. Gamkrelidze,
Language Typology & Linguistic Reconstruction: A new Paradigm in Historical Comparative Linguistics («Indogermanistik und Linguistik im Dialog». Akten der XIII Fachtagung der Indogermanischen Gesellschaft vom 21. bis 27. September 2008 in Salzburg, WIESBADEN 2011).

*   *   *

On the Ecology of Culture («Bulletin of the Georgian National Academy of  Sciences» «BNAS», 2007, №1, pp. 153-155);

 Typology of Writing and the Origin of Alphabetic Script («BNAS», 2007, №2, pp. 152-162);

            The “Principle of Complementarity” and the Nature of Linguistic Sign   («BNAS», 2007, №3, pp. 153-160);

            The Indo-European Glottalic Theory: A New Paradigm in Indo-European Comparative Linguistics («BNAS», 2008, №1, pp. 140-143);   

            Kartvelian and Indo-European: A Typological Comparison of Reconstructed Linguistic Systems («BNAS», 2008, №2, pp. 154-160);

The Problem of the Origin of the Hittite Cuneiform («
BNAS», 2008, №3, pp. 169 – 174);

«Paradigms» in Linguistics and the Problem of the Isomorphism between the Genetic Code & Semiotic Systems
(«BNAS», 2009, №2, pp. 194-197) Dedicated to the 80th Birthday of my
                                                                                      friend & colleague Vyacheslav V. Ivanov,
                                                                                      an eminent scholar of our time – Linguist,

                                                                                     Semiotician, Culture Historian.
             (s. also: «Исследования по Лингвистике и
                                                                                     Семиотике». Сборник статей к юбилею
                                                                                     Вяч. Вс. Иванова. Российская Академия Наук.
                                                                                     Институт Славяноведения,
                                                                                     Москва 2010, pp
. 11-15).


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